Of the fish that make ” remove raw meat or fish ” clever way

Carbonado: What Jiang Wei puts when putting ginger not early to do a fish is the fishy smell of purify fish. When to put Jiang Qu after all is effect of raw meat or fish best? The experiment makes clear, when the PH value of fluid of piscine body soak is 5~6, put Jiang Qu effect of raw meat or fish is best. If put ginger prematurely, of the ginger of protein meeting block up in fluid of piscine body soak go action of raw meat or fish. So, when doing a fish, had better heat to be boiled a little while a bit first, when piscine protein is caky, put ginger again, can achieve the goal that removes raw meat or fish.

Flour: Eliminate oily fishy smell

Put the oil that scamper spends a fish inside boiler to burn heat, green of devoted a few paragraph, ginger and blast of Chinese prickly ash are anxious, leave boiler end anger next, catch a face to be scattered into hot oil, the gelatinization after flour be heated is deposit, a few more adsorptive dissolve is in the 3 armour amine inside oil, but the major fishy smell of eliminate oil.

Wet starch: Eliminate oily fishy smell

Burn the oil that scamper spends a fish hot, classics green, ginger, Chinese prickly ash goes after fishy smell, drench again a few smooth stiff wet amylaceous oars. Sink because of blowout of wet amylaceous be heated inside oil, amylaceous bubble is OK drop the fishy smell adsorption in oil, cast aside subsequently go the amylaceous bubble that float wears can.

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