On banquet of home of contest cantaloup Spring Festival most get authority gay dish

[Wen Yi] contest cantaloup—-On banquet of Spring Festival home, most get authority gay dish

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Sent sweet-and-sour yellow croaker, add dish to be breathed out together today.

I assure with my head, this cold dish that does not pass again simply, will be you on banquet of Spring Festival home, most get authority gay dish, might as well do more a bit, look at everybody to grab eat, achievement feeling explodes absolutely canopy.

Contest cantaloup

Raw material: Cucumber 1 Pear 1 Golden cake 1 (also call haw jelly) saline 1/4 teaspoon (salt) honey 1 spoon (15ml)


1) cucumber abluent dissect silk, pear flay cuts filament, golden cake cuts filament. Put cucumber silk and pear silk into big bowl, transfer into salt and honey, change on last velar souse 20 minutes.

2) fill dish in, scatter on golden cake silk can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** cantaloup, delicious, but winter is wood has drop, but do you know? The silk that use pear and cucumber silk are put together, add condiment again souse a little while, these two kinds of olfactory are shirt-sleeve, the fragrance that comes out finally, with cantaloup very elephant. Original cucumber should of flay, but I feel to have bit of green, the meeting is more good-looking.

** gold cake also makes the thing of haw jelly, it is acerbity acid is sweet, namely appetizing solve be bored with again. I dare pat chest to say, this dish, can saying is a anteprandial appetizing dish, also be a postprandial tastily sweetmeats.

The haw jelly that ** my individual likes most, paddy sweet village sells, probably 4 money control a packet, can eat very long very long, and, the cold dish that still can give you does the ornament on colour. You call this dish grand to carry pawn also has not been been ha.

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