Orange peel of French of face

The flour that Italian face uses and our China do used flour to differ,
What it uses is a kind ” hard Du Lin is wheaten ” , so long boil not burnt,
The face has trueborn Italy very much bite interest, boil namely rawness, bite rise the condition that feels a bit hard

Suggest how you take broach to take Italian side here:
Will dish medium noodle is dialed medicinal powder, good the dip that makes noodle even is in sauce makings. First a few noodle since hold up are put in dish edge, leave trifling space to turn broach, it is to use broach to furl noodle of course next, in still must sending the entry noodle with happy mood.

But beautiful cake (French: Cr ê Pe)
It is the thin pancake made of millet flour that a kind of pan decoct makes two sides and becomes, can use as dish of bottom of the desert, also can become a cate beautiful food oneself.
The most general composition includes the breast of flour, egg, ox, butter, salt with a handful,
Main component is two kinds of taste, sweet but what beautiful cake uses is wheat flour, and Xian Keli cake uses buckwheat or rye pink is made.

But the Buliedani that beautiful cake comes from French northwest ministry area (French: Bretagne) , because local soil is barren, quite adverse to growing wheatenly, to live thin pancake of consummate of loath put up with, match with other edibles edible, and on the tradition, this area edible but beautiful cake still can deserve to go up cider together boil is boiled.

Orange peel but beautiful cake, hall of general Western-style food is preferred use as dessert.
This is very traditional method: Cut into shreds orange skin, orange juice adds candy and alcoholic drink firing flavor juice. Be in cake dip next flavor the edible in juice.


1) in putting noodle the water that boils olive oil of a few that add salt, when fish out comes, bite do not have hard heart but mouthfeel is small hard better, cross water issueing ice, accuse water, add olive oil to mix divide evenly is cooling, can refrigerate.
2) on the west orchid, shrimp enters briny scald ripe
3) olive oil fries sweet garlic piece, onion man, join the tomato of flay, pork end, salt candy cheese black pepper ketchup soup-stock (or milk) boil ripe, bit of potted DE tuna flesh is added to mix when giving boiler divide evenly.
4) is placed dish optional, irrigate juice.

Ah, this also should say to be done in disorder in disorder. . . Because I am in 3 inferior, western-style food moves burden here very few, butter is connected in the biggest supermarket, earth up a root ah of and so on east east must not sell. Specializing in inn also is to offer what the hotel uses the sort of exceeding pack greatly, I do not have method to buy really. . . Can make do with only. . .

My practice:
1) flour milk salt rock candy pink the egg hits divide evenly twice, place a hour;
2) orange flesh is detached. Lemonade a few of a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum orange peel orange flesh infusion of rock candy pink leaves;
3) do not have with pan slow fire panbroil ripe but beautiful cake, place dish. Do not have other burden really, adorned some of Huang Tao piece with tomato juice, some more beautiful: )
4) French bun is bought Dali garden, taste is good still.

Ah, because there are the bright Mu wine of inventory and butter in my home, butter,
Replace with a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum and olive oil, the individual feels pretty good still. . .

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