Originality cold and dressed with sause, cool and refreshing one summer

“Bare day sorching is like baked wheaten cake, paddy of open field standing grain half withered anxious. Boil like soup inside farmer heart, childe offspring of the nobility shakes fan ” this Song Daishi song famous, because,be bright able to read aloud fluently, because class expression is trenchant,also be, be used to educational child. Look now pretty is comical, harvest is bad inside this cropland, when the landlord also should be anxious, perhaps be him only self-restraint is better, chi Riyan is anxious but unable to do anything phlogisticly trashy also, shake shake fan falls a fire, this are dry dry go, do a dish of cold and dressed with sause to eat for example.

Balsam pear has the effect of clear fire, people often uses summer cold and dressed with sause. Go to balsam pear flesh section, put into roll the quick-boil in water half minutes, filter goes water, a bit cool hind, the group that use a hand squeezes balsam pear again go water, put small dish. Next ginger, green, garlic is fourth, put bright soy, sweet vinegar, sesame oil, exquisite catchs a ripe sesame seed to scatter next good mixing, happy event is hot put Chi of hot beans of old dry Mom, became the path is cool and refreshing sweet emerald green cole, next congee are best. Those who want an attention is time of water of balsam pear quick-boil must short, otherwise ripe soft lose brittleness. When balsam pear tastes the first special suffering, leng Buding wants frown, however its charm wants more painstakingly to eat more namely, suffering becomes to later enjoyed.

Listen to a friend to introduce romantically, my of old hot days specially runs to Pudong a wineshop eats Xue Bi balsam pear. Originality is really pretty good, balsam pear goes seed goes core flay, dig of the dig that use melon becomes flimsy state, use lid of soda water of snow green jade to bloat completely next be soiled, put freezer 3-4 the outfit after the hour dish. Because flesh is of a shape, caboodle becomes pinecone model, green jade-like stone jade-like stone transparent a special beauty. Eat go up balsam pear is very fragile, sweet in the belt is bitter, put cool mouth on the ice. The time of this originality, occasionally everybody meets what to eat to be absent really, one hurries off to the pretext over there, savor remembers deep cooked food, worthy trip.

Dish of Korea cold and dressed with sause is very famous, they see in the TV series the thing that Everyman home often uses model of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, put hot Chinese cabbage, will blend with the hand, mix at the same time at the same time on the side the person that see too impatient to wait extends nose come over to hear, grab even will eat. And ” grow greatly today ” the palace inside mixes course is a lot of more careful, cucumber, bean sprouts, ripe shredded meat, Xianggu mushroom waits ten type thing a moment fine fine-cut good, brightly colored puts a good-sized recipient, add broken sesame seed, caraway the leaf is patted with the back of a knife blade with a few valve broken twist sodden garlic head. Additional bowl does a condiment, put fine salt, gourmet powder, sesame oil, white vinegar, candy, white pepper, filament is entered after agitate inside, mix carefully divide evenly, change the salver that fills shallow opening, go up desk.

Go Yunnan travels, often take course of accident cold and dressed with sause, beyond cold and dressed with sause of all sorts of bacterium stay of proceedings, eat mangrove to spend cold and dressed with sause once, also knowing is what thing, eat sanded in the mouth, dare not eat the 2nd chopsticks again. Cold and dressed with sause of the tuber of elevated gastrodia also is to eat for the first time. Scarcely of so thick the tuber of elevated gastrodia is feral, cut an account, flavour is a bit thicker than Bai Luobo, pliable but strong a bit, carry bit of tart flavor. Eating when dish also is unimaginably queer. Make fold ear root again as to cordate houttuynia, put hot money cold and dressed with sause to eat. Take a lot of people to say faint scent is tangy in Guizhou, eat extremely, but be in Shanghai, some people disrelish strange flavour to get bazoo, spit have not enough time.

My home has spinach, of cold and dressed with sause be in the majority, chop of the deeply after ordinary boiled water is hot, the sesame oil that use sauce mixes. Spinach sells very expensively in Japan, japanese sound is ” quickly all alone ” , residing wine house to sell a guest is after be being ironed with boiled water, cut 15 centimeter to control a paragraph, arrange orderly hold with the hand close, columnar shape vertical stroke rises stand it is in the center of salver, in skin of fish of a bonito is scattered above spinach, the paring that resembles wood namely like thing. When eating from above irrigate circuit to be born well smoke soy, overturned eat. This kind has a way very delicate, fine fine article, the raw ingredient as if of spinach is like a girl.

Rich is collected numerous the cate cook experience that growing is me, I develop salty egg of egg of black agaric of cold and dressed with sause, skin to mix in succession later bean curd, evergreen mixes earthnut, fingered citron melon mixes carrot, silk of gram bud green pepper, crowndaisy chrysanthemum dish mixes sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch, yam word plum, young of field mint taro, pumpkin lily, caraway bean curd works, shrimp roe mixes bean curd…

Originality cold and dressed with sause, cool and refreshing one summer.

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