Stay of proceedings of green wild celestial being

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Stay of proceedings of green wild celestial being

” footprint of green wild celestial being ” it is story of a fairy tale.
Feel this name is very beautiful all the time, even if cannot thoroughly repeat gives story clue, right ” footprint of green wild celestial being ” these 4 words however bear in mind constantly: )

Embed this good name of pure and fresh health Lenten in, enjoy delicate, review the romance of fairy tale again: )


On the west orchid, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings a certain number of, crab flavour stay of proceedings a certain number of


1, abluent drop does orchid on the west, cut small; Stay of proceedings kind abluent drop works
2, bowl of clear water most, add touch salt, unripe smoke, dawdle essence, add spoonful starch again, agitate divide evenly is become owe juice, reserve
3, heat one boiler water, a bit salt and a few unboiled oil are added inside, orchid puts in scald on the west ripe, about one minute can
4, stay of proceedings kind also put in scald ripe, scoop drop to do moisture

5, hot pot, put oil, will a moment ago of mix up owe juice to fall to be boiled
6, stay of proceedings kind put bag divide evenly (stay of proceedings is original already scald is ripe, do not need to fry so long, should wrap up divide evenly with juice only can; For match colors good-looking, I still put in bit of carrot silk, did not put)
7, good scald orchid is placed on the west dish
8, the stay of proceedings that has fried kind put among, will owe juice to be irrigated toward dishes of whole dish again on

Go up desk

Dish tastes characteristic

Pure and fresh tastily, delicate nutrition, visual effect is beautiful: )

Delicate clew

1, scald green vegetables when bit of salt and unboiled oil are added in water, can make green vegetables keeps emerald green
2, flavor juice adds spoonful starch to be moved into owe juice, can make the mouthfeel of dish more slippery, the colour and lustre of dish is brighter

Nutrient introduction(originate network)

Zinc is contained in stay of proceedings of ☆ acupuncture needle the volume is higher, have development of stimulative children intelligence and the effect of be good at head, be known as in a lot of countries such as Japan ” beneficial wisdom stay of proceedings ” and ” add wisdom stay of proceedings ” . Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings enhances the life active of airframe effectively, the metabolism inside stimulative body, the absorption of all sorts of nutriment in be helpful for food and use, opposite grows development to also have profit greatly.

Often stay of proceedings of edible acupuncture needle, can prevent not only and treat ulcer of path of hepatic disease and stomach, bowel, and also suit hypertension patient, fat person edible of the old people in mixing, because it is food of low natrium of a kind of tall Potassium,this basically is.

Acupuncture needle stay of proceedings can restrain hematic fat to lift, reduce cholesterol, disease of blood-vessel of head of heart of prevention and cure.
Stay of proceedings of edible acupuncture needle has the counteractive exhaustion, diminish inflammation that fight bacterium, eliminate heavy metal salt kind the material, action that fights tumor.

Stay of proceedings of ☆ crab flavour renown jade gill fungus, get a name because of distinct crab fragrance. Have in Japan ” sweet in Song Rong, flavour is in jade ” . Crab flavour stay of proceedings contains a lot ofacid of ammonia of lysine, essence, , Pu gets together candy, have stimulative adolescent intellectual growth, fight cancer, reduce cholesterol, heighten the effect such as force of human body immunity. The mouthfeel of its peculiar marble record streak and fragile tender Hua Shuang, it is distinction at seafood stay of proceedings idiosyncratic. Can fry, rinse, decoct, blast, stew, Bao, gather up etc, local color is distinctive, it is the cate that has grade extremely.

☆ orchid is the vegetable with very high value of a kind of nutrition on the west, all sorts of nutrition elements that contain human body place to need almost, contain protein, candy, adipose, mineral, vitamin and carotene to wait, be known as ” vegetable imperial crown ” .

☆ clicks a picture to enter ☆ of guest of delicate concern rich

The preexistence this life of an egg

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Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Birthday of classmate of small Guo Guo is happy oh ~~~ Ye ~~

Guo Guo caught a cold, have a headache, voice is painful, n&v snuffle, limply. . . So this birthday, the luck to eat sth delicious is hit fold, recreation is hit fold, hit completely fold ~~~ to cannot eat hot, cannot taste cool, come a sweetmeats, sweetness celebrates birthday. . .

As long as small an egg, can alternate the sweetmeats that gives two kinds of different senses oh ~~~ lets us witness the preexistence of an egg and this life together today. Preexistence. . . It is the most ordinary in myriad egg only. In favour is carried by piscine hand. Unreal changes an amorous feelings each different, this life of sweet encounter. . .

Come along next. . . . Read material first:

1. egg 15-20g of candy of a.QQ. Pure milk 300ml.

2. detached egg white and yoke.

Egg ox suckles flummery. . .

The yoke that 3-4. comes out depart joins QQ candy after break up.

5-6. joins 100ml milk mix.

7-8. lies between water to heat to melt completely to QQ candy, what do not think yolk is too raw is OK heat for some time again, but should master good temperature not to want too tall oh.

Filter yoke milk fluid, in loading flummery model. Freezer is put to refrigerate 3 two hours after cooling a little with respect to OK.

Slip slippery flummery, taste, labial tine leaves sweet ~~~

Still remain an egg white, guo giving Guo stews a double skin grandma, flummery is I cool eat, he the grandma that stew is hot eats.

The practice photograph that suckles with double skin controls the process of skin on boiled milk lesser than here, so I call the milk that stew, actually flavour mouthfeel is same, why so troublesome. I am all the time so do, very save trouble ~~~

The grandma that stew. . .

Break up of 9. egg white, but do not make too much foam, a few bubble must be cast aside come out to throw away.

10. mixes egg white and 200ml milk, the outfit after filtering takes flummery cup.

Surface of 11. patch cup cheats to last film.

Boiler evaporate goes up 8 minutes to be become namely after 12. water leaves.

The specified number does not want when doing adscititious and saccharic, the ~~ of can good be bored with conserve deserves to eat after been stew. No matter the pineapple sauce of acerbity acid still is sweet strawberry sauce, very beautiful very beautiful drop. . .

You know piscine fish word:

1.100ml milk matchs 15-20gQQ candy the most appropriate. too much flummery will be thick slip not quite. The QQ candy of the supermarket has 25g a packet, when doing, conveniently twists a few are eaten off first, those who remain is firm just.

No matter 2. is to do flummery to still stew a grandma not lazy drop elliptically filter this one pace. Feel true meeting is different.

When 3. does the grandma that stew, do not want again the forehead is adscititious and saccharic. True meeting very of be bored with. Match conserve to eat instead very delicious.


Did boiling water of laborious blood of small bee duck

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Still be in after seeing image, begin to review the homework prepares manual panification, thought one night dough continuously unexpectedly insomnia . Got up partly at 6 o’clock in the morning stealthily walk along a kitchen to prepare to knead dough to be afraid of again laugh laugh noisy wake, prepare love breakfast for husband with respect to preparation then, do a virtuous son’s wife , the small report ass that riding me then goes out buy breakfast. Be in previously small when the duck blood soup that often goes eating roadside, but very authentic now already very few, change direction go food market bought him blood of duck bowel, duck to do duck blood boiling water.


Flower of blood of bowel of duck soup, duck, duck, garlic and dressing


1, duck bowel is washed clean with salt leave a little again water is hot below mincing

2, duck blood is washed clean put in boiler to had built duck blood with cold water, small fire heats water slowly, water is about to involve fire immediately or duck blood will be old

3, put condiment (but occasionally people the home did not boil duck boiling water, use mixed oil to replace duck oil)

4, boiled water is irruptive the soup bowl that put condiment, mount duck blood can

Simple and delicious, deserve to go up again some of deep-fried twisted dough sticks simply delicate to the utmost

Doorway of transient food market sees the flower is more beautiful, bought a few flowers again occasionally


[Bask in the bowl NO.1] that basks in me to take an active part in will bask in a bowl

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The activity basking in a bowl that takes an active part in kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances!
These are the bowls that prefer in small kitchen, see a Han Shi first 4.5 inches of straight mouth bowls, bone porcelain is lighter, exquisite, design quietly elegant. Drink soup, congee to perhaps eat rice to use:

This peony bowl, have a lid, also call face of what Han type the bowl, when appropriate when to use:

Rose face bowl, the mouth is bigger, fill wonton likely, can much soup drinks:

Look come out: Before big hind small? 4.5 inches mix 5 inches, like the design and color of its simple but elegant, look very clean

Bowls the apple is small, 10 deserve to have spoon, still have two exactly like big guy

Come from the wooden bowl of Taiwan: More careful

Contain a lot ofthe bowl of a group of glass of ice crystal cool meaning:
Big, a lot of have in the home, the get rid of that took a fancy to it appears:

Small: Mix fruit salad, did not mask fruity left and right sides of multicolored ~~ fluctuation is shown completely, ah

Oneself do yoghurt of big fruit bead to be filled with it, the humor is good:

Besides wooden bowl, completely microwave is applicable, ah</b>

Sample oneself picked small pumpkin [sweet pig is close child eat 79]

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Sample oneself picked small pumpkin [sweet pig is close child eat 79]

Graph / article author: Little little sweet pig

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** opens a language ****

Kitchen of sweet pig of <a Href= Http://>

Tell the truth, going before setose thiste county, I still do not know pumpkin still can be fried really eat, I estimate me to see such pumpkin on food market namely, also won’t think of to be bought fry, in my brain, pumpkin can evaporate is worn eat, too ignorant ha, self-abased.

Be in what eat in farmhouse courtyard to fry pumpkin is too delicate really, when plucking that day, see the long small green squash in the ground, I with respect to ground of too impatient to wait glom on to.

This pumpkin, look familiar, it is fabaceous treasure experienced booth that.

Abluent, sliver, take out flesh and seed.

Section, prepare little garlic piece

A few oil is put inside boiler, explode sweet chopped green onion, put pumpkin piece break up fry

Need pumpkin piece submit translucent form, mix garlic piece, salt and pink of a few chicken, break up fry even, water starch ticks off thin Gorgon euryale to give boiler.

Bean curd of the daily life of a family

Box bean curd cuts chip

A few oil is put in boiler, reach bean curd simmer in water two sides is golden

Section of ripe, flesh, carrot cuts scald of agaric bubble hair lozenge piece uses oil a bit stir-fry before stewing, Chinese cabbage cuts the bean curd with lozenge piece, good decoct

Oil is put inside boiler, explode sweet chopped green onion, put cutlet to fry to become angry, join a few soy.

Put Chinese cabbage to break up fry

Join the bean curd with good decoct

Join agaric and carrot finally, add salt, starch of a few water ticks off Gorgon euryale

Recipe: Candy of one small spoon is added before giving boiler! Flavour is absolutely different.

Come again a bowl of tomato soup.

I ask a beans treasure: Is this mixed be in in farmhouse courtyard like eating taste? Fabaceous treasure says: Those who compare farmhouse courtyard is delicious! Good son!


The big-leaf hydrangea bean curd that I do

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Graph / article author: Qd sea Hqs
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****

Welcome to my kitchen sees ~ ~

Next today coming home some earlier, considering on board go back do the ~ ~ with delicious what, eat some time ago ” evaporate of China bean curd ” gave me inspiration, hum, do a big-leaf hydrangea bean curd.

Allegedly: If compare soja,do the flower of the nutrition in food crops, so bean curd criterion but as the chief in the flower.

Common saying says, “Green vegetables bean curd is protected restful ” , eat some of bean curd cooked food appropriately beneficial healthy.

Purchased bean curd to the market 1 jin, the drumstick that bake 1, come home find out other burden condiment the kitchen on Lima.

Advocate makings: Bean curd 500 grams, pork 250 grams, shelled fresh shrimps makes an appointment with 50 grams

Burden: Ripe chicken silk, carrot silk.
Condiment: Juice of essence of green ginger rice, refined salt, chicken, pepper, abalone, wet starch, balm.

1, grab bean curd hand Cheng Rong, pork chop becomes stuffing, shelled fresh shrimps becomes fine and soft with chop of the back of a knife blade, green ginger cuts end.

2, flavor with condiment, mix divide evenly, I added dot abalone juice.

3, rip the drumstick that bake into silk, carrot cuts silk stand-by.

3, a round mass of food that group of bean curd stuffing makes an appointment with 50 millimeter into the diameter, roll gallinaceous silk, carrot silk, drawer evaporate goes up inside v/arc sale at reduced prices.

4, boil about ten minutes namely ripe. The former juice decant that takes out an evaporate to go out is being fried burn inside boiler, sesame oil of Gorgon euryale spot irrigates Gou Liu to be become namely on big-leaf hydrangea.

Characteristic: Colour and lustre is beautiful mouthfeel is soft tender flavour is delicious </b>

The soup of ear of snow of lily of the seed of Job’s tears of solution autumn dry

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh!

Before paragraph time it may be said is to talk about grandma color to change, the stream of people before the ark of supermarket milk products also decreases apparently a lot of, sticking above the goods shelves of milk products as far as possible hit variously fold sales promotion pictorial. Look milk fear should be in everybody disappears completely in the heart, was to return need for some time really!
Do not cross bird or to homebred milk products be very confident, ah! Went to a supermarket buying red jujube sour milk of Meng Niu yesterday, this is the mouthfeel that bird likes very much all the time, buy send one, such favourable strength, be in ” milk door ” it is unlikely before incident.
These days oral cavity ulcer, a few grew on the face seldom long young red born of the same parents, looking is suffer from excessive internal heat, the skin also becomes a little dry, autumn dry causes look, need is recuperated.
Show what this soup that go up uses to feed capable person for everybody today special method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood is raised colour, soup of ear of snow of Yi benevolence lily, raise hematic embellish lung, the disappear that discharge poison is planted, suit us very much these JM people edible oh!

The net of Yi benevolence is picked related –
Yi benevolence (name of English of Latin Semen Coicis Coix Seed) name corn of rice of Job’s tears benevolence, Yi, Yi benevolence, earth, the seed of Job’s tears, remove bead of solid, Yi, answer a rice, Mi Ren, 6 millet. It is commonly used Chinese traditional medicine. It is general, the food that often eats, sexual flavour Gan Danwei is cold, advantageous water detumescence, be good at lienal go muscle of wet, easy heats up the effect such as a pus except pain or numbness caused by cold, Qing Dynasty, for commonly used benefit waterlogging wet medicine. Yi benevolence is food of a kind of hairdressing, often feed can maintain burnish of human body skin exquisite, eliminate sparrow of acne, spot, senile plaque, gravid spot, butterfly speck, coarse to taking off bits, acne, chap, skin wait to have favorable curative effect.
The seed of Job’s tears is officinal beautiful tastes filling body. According to analysis of medical branch assay, the seed of Job’s tears contains protein 16.2% , adipose 4.6% , carbohydrate 79.2% . Stew pig foot, chop and chicken with the seed of Job’s tears in the winter, it is a kind of nourishing food. Summer boils congee with the seed of Job’s tears or make cold drink put the seed of Job’s tears on the ice, it is the clear filling agent of very good disappear heat fitness. Kind of Ren Hegen of the seed of Job’s tears can be used as medicine again treat a disease. Li Shizhen is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” in account: The seed of Job’s tears can be good at lienal beneficial stomach, filling lung Qing Dynasty is hot, go wind is gotten the better of wet. Cook a meal is dietary, treat air conditioning. Decoct drink, benefit pee heat drenchs. In recent years, much scientific research and clinical practice prove, the seed of Job’s tears still is a kind of anticarcinogen content, preliminary appraisal, it can amount to 35% above to the rate treating curb of cancer. Pardonable Guilin area has a balladry to sing so: “The seed of Job’s tears surpasses glossy ganoderma grass, officinal nutrition value is high, it is OK to often eat Yan Nianshou, fatigue of rejuvenescent make contributions. Fatigue of rejuvenescent make contributions..

[raw material]
** Yi benevolence 50 grams, tremella is 30 grams, dry lily is 10 grams, red jujube 20 bead, apples 1.
** rock candy is right amount.

Graph 1: Yi benevolence, dry lily immerses 1 hour or so into clear water.
Graph 2: Tremella immerses into Wenshui to soft hair shape.
Graph 3: Enter half boiler water, it is good to join bubble with what had sent Yi benevolence, lily, tremella, join rock candy and red jujube conflagration to be burned, in turning, small fire stews 1 hour or so.
Graph 4: The apple is abluent cut small.
Graph 5: Wait for the apple is joined when stewing the left and right sides, boil again 10 minutes or so can.

[experience and recall with emotion]
** Yi benevolence immersing process is the process that wakes up the seed of Job’s tears, can let Yi benevolence absorb more moisture, after heating, compare can even gelatinization, and expand a few more greatly, and fire also is saved when boiling some.
** water quantity wants all immersion to feed capable person 1 centimeter or so, water is not too much, soup is boiled thick a bit stiffer have mouthfeel quite.

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

Traitorous angel of AK of small plait of fried dough twist

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National Day came home to be done really some goluptious fastfood, want to do fried dough twist a long time ago actually, just making Chinese style snack to oneself all the time is not to have hope very much, the prescription that this does not see flying Jj does fried dough twist returns pretty simple, resolved tried. The result is right really still what ~ regrets a bit nevertheless is to make the fried dough twist that come be inferior to outside those who sell is so fragile, did not know to add the account of honey because of me, a bit crisp crisp feeling, and age is old after mom says her bite immobile moment to suit to eat this kind of food most. Alas, the person has a old day after all, still indulge in pleasures immediately ~ after all People Could Live Only Once, life also does not leave regretful ability good ~

1, flour 250g, egg 2, 2g of a few of candy 30g, honey, salt, mix together

2, the dough that kneads a softness (the accretion with OK and proper midway flour, if the egg compares old saying)

3, take a small dough, rub becomes strip, 50% discount again 50% discount, the figure that became fried dough twist ~ plait of each small fried dough twist, it is very lovely ~^_^

4, it is OK to should put the bomb in oily boiler only next, remember must using small internal heat, very easy flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is otherwise anxious

5, did abdomen become hungry? Not hesitant, pick It Up, and Enjoy Yourself ^_^

Speak of the word of fried dough twist, the picture that is afraid brain is medium piece now is famous Tianjin marijuana flower, had become the stage property that presents relatives and friends, among them the famousest when tens of 8 streets, 18 streets fried dough twist and dog pay no attention to cake of blast of steamed stuffed bun, auditive eye to call ferry door provision 3 absolutely 18 streets fried dough twist and dog pay no attention to cake of blast of steamed stuffed bun, auditive eye to call ferry door provision 3 absolutely. (small complement one, check on the net: The dog pays no attention to steamed stuffed bun to have his exclusive English, ah, go Believe, see had been famous in the whole world)

Nevertheless that fried dough twist is the Huge that comparative really, my suspicion can be used make homicide lethal weapon ~ does not know why, always defy the food with large volume from the bottom of the heart, feel in that way the appetite that the thing accost of Large does not have me, glance, the courage that takes repeatedly also was done not have, the likelihood is do not enjoy in eating course ” I eliminate it eventually ” achievement feels ~ is breathed out. Baidu is a good thing really, have even this detailed process that make unexpectedly, share ~ with everybody

Flour 25 kilograms of plants are oily candy of 12.25 kilograms of Bai Sha 6.75 kilograms of Jiang Pian 250 grams alkaline face is 175 grams black hair, red a sweet-scented osmanthus of each 110 grams 275 grams sesame seed benevolence 750 grams saccharin 5 grams water 7.5 litres

The method that make 1. Make fried dough twist in scamper before today, join 500 grams old fertilizer with 3.5 kilograms of flour, with 4 warm up water air mix is even, ferment make old fertilizer, in order to have morrow is used.

2. uses 2 premium 3.5 kilograms of white sugar, 135 grams alkaline face and 5 grams saccharin change syrup to reserve with slow fire.

3. is used take 3.5 kilograms of flour, with 550 ~ 650 grams heat up oil to iron short range to reserve.

4. takes 750 grams Ma Ren, had ironed with boiled water, keep not wet, not dry degree, preparative rub hemp with.

5. uses the short range that has ironed, join white sugar 3.25 kilograms, green red silk each 110 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus 275 grams, jiang Pian 175 grams and alkaline face 25 grams, put divide evenly of agitate of milliliter of cold water 1 750 again, do surface wash one’s hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water with 500 grams, blend the face soft hard applicable to spend. In rub shop front is used in the process 1000 grams.

6. puts the dry face that remain 16 kilograms knead dough machine inside, enter the old fat mix into that has sent before today next, join the syrup that has changed, divide size according to the water of flour again, different and seasonal, enter right amount cold water, and reserve into bedding face.

7. is good bedding face Tang, cut big, send layering plane big again, press into vermicelli, next hold tight grows those who make an appointment with 35 centimeters is short, arrange consecution. One part serves as light, another part is kneaded on hemp of Ma Ren consummate. Again the short range consummate become reconciled is crisp. By light, hemp, crisp a 3 ∶ of 5 ∶ 1 match, the fried dough twist that rub becomes stringy state (hold good chew) .

8. enters oil boiler inside, come with article baked wheaten cake tepid when, put green compact of fried dough twist the bomb inside lukewarm oily boiler 20 minutes or so, show purplish red scene, body of fried dough twist is not bent continuously, be in after fish out with between add right amount rock candy broken bits, melon wait for little material can.

The norms of fried dough twist has 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams, 1500 grams to wait by every weight a variety of.

Product characteristic crisp is sweet, delicious and dainty, prolonged not continous, not degenerative. </b>

Butterfly 0810 cate challenge the duck’s gizzard of sweet hot cold and dressed with sause of cate

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****** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****** community cate

The spacefarer is in aerospace is best can take some delicious, facilitate carry, have the nutrition, food that returns satisfy one’s hunger, I think duck’s gizzard of this cold and dressed with sause is very appropriate.

Now is prices really shoot up, buying bittern duck’s gizzard to be written down last year is 12 yuan / jin, this year 22 yuan / jin, but our wages still did not rise, feel money is spent too quickly, look what domestic inflation has comparatived is serious. Bought 7 bittern duck’s gizzard midday, cost 6 yuan, be in of course restaurant is 6 yuan to cannot buy these.

Advocate makings: Valve of bittern duck’s gizzard, caraway, green Chinese onion, garlic

Burden: Red oil of vinegar of salt, white sugar, soy, rice, gourmet powder, chili, ripe sesame seed, balm


1, section of bittern duck’s gizzard.

2, caraway is cut off, valve of section of green Chinese onion, garlic cuts end.

3, duck’s gizzard piece, caraway paragraph, green Chinese onion piece, red oil of vinegar of garlic powder, salt, white sugar, soy, rice, gourmet powder, chili, ripe sesame seed, balm is put dish in, mix divide evenly can.

Click the picture below to enter ” butterfly “


The daily life of a family stews fish of water chestnut crucian carp

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Today is the last day of 11 long holidays. Will begin again tomorrow early 7 evening the rule of 10 lived, rise before 7 o’clock namely prepare a simple breakfast, the labor that ends one day after 10 o’clock in the evening sleeps become aware! I had had the history that a month got up at 7 o’clock in the morning, unlike resembles be being stuck on the bed before, rise not to come namely! Praise! Preparative breakfast also has the history of half many month, continue to cheer. Breakfast eats in the home, wholesome, nutrition returns economy! ~ holds to all good conventions, OH YEAH! ~ does not pass stealthily say, I seem to do not have what feeling to rising at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning, won’t become again super in that way before bilk a bed? !

Grow a holiday these days I get sense of it doesn’t matter too, watch TV namely, get online, eat, sleep, mobbish. Went seeing me yesterday young sister’s son. A very lovely little boy! Piquant still! Besides sleep, when doing not have simple minded. He still is held out with me close, see I laugh to me, too action person liked. ! Kiss! ~ this is small when darling plays very obedient, but want,compare tangled hard! His mom is holding him in the arms, sing an all sorts of hodgepodge cradlesong that took tone, this thinking that he was asleep, just wanted to put him in small bed, he begins to be troubled by, do not have method his mom still must continue to holding him in the arms his ~~~~~~ repeated take things easy 34 times so, just put what he succeeds in small bed! A word, the Mom of the world is bad to become ah ~~ does not have sufficient thought to prepare to be wanted easily child ah.

Issued rain last night, quite cool today. I am in the home cat a day, went out to buy with big treasure when 6 o’clock in the evening order dishes and fruit, showed a spirit. There is a place when 6 o’clock now black. The pear that buys today is very big, 4 have 4 jins, the juice of pear is sufficient, quite sweet still. Before going out to buy food, I still slept shut-eye. Weather is bad today, stay in the home to feel quite dull, but I am not willing to go out again. The meeting when I stay in the home now thinks, still had gone to work, won’t beyond the mark dull. The plan goes next week sweet hill. This is a few weeks of plans before originally. The red autumnal leaves of sweet hill should be returned very won’t red, the person also can be compared much. Nevertheless, if weather is good, still want to ramble!

Dinner wants to have a fish today, do not be willing to have fresh water fish really nevertheless. It is last when the home, I had a lot of fish, briny fish, in home town, we call it fish of water chestnut crucian carp. According to me old father says, this fish basically is produced be taken in Bohai Sea bay. . . Anyway we when that summer, always fish of many water chestnut crucian carp sells, we are bought always also, use the move that stew to eat. Its build is not very big normally, thorn is particularly much. Nevertheless, the flesh is qualitative particularly soft tender delicious! Special delicacy is sweet, have a kind of special sweet smell! It is last in the home, old father knows I do not have what sea fish in Beijing, bought fish of crucian carp of a lot of water chestnut, I also very not let sb down I am old pa is breathed out, every stew a fish, basic be eliminated by me! My belief is: Eat! Do not eat return Beijing not to eat! !

The daily life of a family stews fish of water chestnut crucian carp

This also is the hand that gives ego old Mom, way of very simple the daily life of a family. Return the home in, old Mom is the home in advocate hutch, I do not move easily, because I am old pa is unaccustomed he eats the dish ~ that eats me to do not be used to I put candy to still put vinegar in dish, and not salty still. Return the home so, we also can cross the garment a few days to stretch one’s hand the meal comes the happy time that dehisce still need not spend silver to buy rice! ! ~

Advocate makings: Fish of water chestnut crucian carp
Condiment: Garlic of ginger of aniseed chopped green onion piece caraway of pink of saline soy Chinese prickly ash (seem with respect to condiment of these the daily life of a family)

Seeing this is the fish of water chestnut crucian carp with sweet delicacy! This is very fat very big! Old father is bought later, either stew this this.

1.Sit boiler enters right amount oil, put an aniseed
2.Oily heat puts green ginger garlic, fry a fragrance to put the fish of water chestnut crucian carp that has washed
3.Gently flip through fish, enter right amount soy, put right amount salt, pink of Chinese prickly ash
4.Continue to flip through into soy fish, right amount water is entered after 35 minutes, just had done not have a fish can
5.Big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn medium baking temperature, when those who wait for soup to close is about the same, caraway of the chopped green onion that drop a point can give boiler

This fish is salty bright olfactory. Although the fish is not big, thorn much, matching rice to eat nevertheless, delicacy is sweet clinking!