Pink of meaning of banger eggplant sauce

Pink of meaning of banger eggplant sauce

Connecting lazy several days, come up today, do not know to say what temporarily.

Read infatuatedly a bit last week, look ” Ha Libo is special 7 ” , looked again ” my life in gorilla ” (”Mylife with The Chimpanzees” ) , still read afresh ” brief love ” , looked additionally ” bullion island ” begin a few chapters (”TreasureIsland” ) , and essay of a person of academic or artistic distinction a certain number of piece.

Expression is additionally very good last week, walk everyday above of 10 thousand paces. My pig says, if going according to this impetus, affirmative meeting is thin after a month. I ask, if not thin? He says then he takes office as me to hit. If thin? He says then he accompanies me to buy the clothes. Hum, so if saying, how to calculate, I am to earn firmly not compensate, so I should be on a month well with respect to the plan (nevertheless, inaccuracy can hold to solid travel surely, my this person does not like an activity too really) .

Saturday, weekday is mixed two days together with my pig all the time, did not get online how, main energy is put in think over to feel delicious thing to go up with Xue.

SO, did not renew rich a person engaged in some particular pursuit for nothing.

Today Zhou Yi, my person is in remnant, do not want to read a book, have nothing to do of at a loose end.

SO, come up again play. Laugh. . .

Was opposite, a few words want to say to cry to the name ” ideal ” that woman of hungry abdomen:

Average woman is daily need about2000The quantity of heat of card maintains existing weight, if wants to reduce weight, the proposal is daily decrease about500-600Card quantity of heat, do not reduce more. Because if daily absorb quantity of heat too low (under1200Card) if, wait for the body that encouraging you then to learn to store effectively actually adipose. The practice of this kind of hungry abdomen, even if decrease effectively in earlier meeting heavy, but once begin normal food in the future, affirmative meeting rebounds, even the weight with more chairman. Lift my own example to breath out to you: I am very serious this year the ground considered this statement, firm nevermore hungry abdomen reduces weight, result, also have only this year, I am decreased really come down a few jins of fat, in side with slowly100Jin the target draws close, the hungry abdomen that thinks I am executed before reduces weight law, be white hunger really, short-term get effective, look for a long time, a bit effect also is done not have.

The white of meaning of banger eggplant sauce that says my pig likes particularly breaths out:

Practice: 1) onion cuts man, banger cuts man, tomato cuts man (perhaps use tomato can) , garlic cuts end, chili broken spoonful, italy mixes sweetgrass spoonful (ItalianSeasoning) . If can buy the sort of unripe Italy banger, casing take out, take the chopped meat of within fry, in that way word, can omitItaly mixes sweetgrass.

2) boiler heats up olive oil, fry onion of sweet garlic powder, fry into banger, fry into tomato man, add chili to break, italy mixes sweetgrass, salt, black pepper, add bit of water, turn small fire is stewed slowly, stewed time is long bit irrespective, more tasty is delicious, when I see my neighbour do, often stew stew three hour.

Wait when wanting to have a meal, thoroughly cook meaning pink, the sauce that has stewed in, add a divide evenly of bright butter agitate (add bit this is very important, after was being added, that sauce is so sweet that that sauce drove sb. to his death) , mix with meaning pink next divide evenly, if liking, still can add a Zhi person pink.

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