Piscine sweet shredded meat

This is a classical dish, but become successive however failure a few times recently, not be to forget put candy to forget to tick off Gorgon euryale namely, or else is shredded meat was not cut good, after all makes a person is not very satisfactory.
Delimit process brushstroke today draw up come, stick in smoke lampblack machine to go up. Method although benzene, but custodial fault not. It is the piscine sweet shredded meat that made blunder of it doesn’t matter at long last
The practice is:
The 1st pace: Match dish to choose: Agaric, carrot, green is fresh season is vegetable, had cut with a few hot oil fries carrot to be sent slightly soft can with. This green vegetable can choose the vegetable such as celery
The 2nd pace: Pig tenderloin flesh cuts into shreds with cooking wine, ginger pink, pepper, unripe smoke, starch bloats 20 minutes, slip into lukewarm oily boiler fry appearance to become angry fill piece reserve
The 3rd pace: Ginger garlic cuts man, join two tablespoon to be born smoke, one spoon the Zhenjiang sweet vinegar of half, one tablespoon of half saccharic mix together to be moved into flavour juice. Additional preparation half bowls of small water is amylaceous.
The 4th pace: One spoon oil is put to burn heat in boiler, the thick broad-bean sauce that joins one spoon fries divide evenly, issue shredded meat to break up first fry moment, fall after match dish to fry divide evenly, the juice that add flavor and water starch break up fry fragrance 4 excessive, when whole course presents the feeling that Shang Zhihu breathes out finishing. This dish holds out go with rice. House of pardonable very much Chinese food likes to regard MENU as medium entree with it.

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