Raise hand of Xiao Xiang pig

The first process goes first fishy. Iron bowl is worn case, bai Shui is burned, boiler of pig at hand, boil. At this moment fire wants flourishing water to want to iron, this program is to want purify not merely fishy, it is to tighten up the flesh of pig hand more, obtain the mouthfeel that muscle.

After half hours, pig hand from the fish out in boiling water, right now feel is quite rich already stretch, at this moment, must take sharp, throw pig hand chop agglomerate, the hand that chop a pig has the tricks of the trade of the hand that chop a pig oneself, before the horizontal stroke is chopped, be sure to keep in mind to want to stand first break off, the one knife that vertical stroke breaks off should be chopped between bone of two old hands, the ace of hearsay in the bookshops can be broken off after all! Such cleavaging that the pig hand of bisection is using fine knife to be broken off a few times along skeletal structure horizontal stroke, very solve a problem easily. What to do to have his knowledge, actually the war doctrine where of hand of pig of this kind of behead can be not used.

After the knife is broken off, of pig hand boil waterborne have not finish. Finishing knife work while, on furnace wear early removed new one boiler Bai Shui, while provision of cleft pig hand is good, inside boiler also already scram, already will lose boiler into lumpish pig hand inside, continue to burn boil, with purify blood water.

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