Relaxed not fat zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal [millet bucket]

[millet bucket] relaxed not fat - - - [zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal]

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Zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal

The flashlight is redemptive the home exceeds half an year, the number that uses is counted with 5 隻 finger. . . . Still have surplus
Basically be to won’t be used. . . . How is the lamp hit, feel not right, exceed factitious
The service instruction storytelling that flashlight place adds. . . . . It is this a book from heaven that do not have a word simply to me
Look do not have me a few times mad gape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Drip. . . . Want to sleep
Can consult without elder more beside, be forced oneself are frowsty head fumbles (still do not feel give what east)
Before long. . . . Flashlight with respect to lay aside and neglect
This 週 wants to jump over not reconciled to more, the SB800 that does not become me hard is redemptive home tribute the move is good-looking
Still be a manual take reread. . . . . . . But oneself comprehension is real too poor


Take lemonade this to practice
Main light source still is given priority to with natural light, the flashlight fills with Wu Zheng face smooth
It is with left the wall is hit originally jump the lamp, but my wall is weak orange
The light that jumps out is orange, affect Bai Pingheng badly
(I do not want to order Bai Pingheng oneself, the hope maintains the atmosphere with original spot)
Change so jump the ceiling (be white fortunately)
Alas. . . Camera is patted continuously, the angle of the flashlight returns really difficult bridge
(Think rank from machine shined. . . . . . Can not know this where to have the wiring outside selling that. . . . Incomplete reads aloud. . . . . . . . ..

Xi. . . . . . Can very factitious? An useful flashlight that look?
Still will get great exercise henceforth, the limitation that need not be taken a picture later by the cloudy day
Ye. . . Cheer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Lord of the Mid-autumn Festival swam to Japanese Kyoto with me last year
Eat buffet among them once, 裡 head has the meal that 3 article fish mixes
I still ate at that time very big a bowl. . . .
Asperse the oriental cherry shrimp of crisp of one big spoon especially. . . . Wow wow. . . . . . . . Be too delicious really

This today zephyr 3 article fish mixes the meal is me the 3 article fish that dining-room has modular 擬 at that time mixes meal
Oriental cherry shrimp should add when suggesting everybody eats (for instance: Taiwan east the) of oriental cherry shrimp of harbor, eat to mix now now
Should be to cannot buy oriental cherry shrimp really, can changing those who put and so on of 3 islands sweet 鬆 also is pretty good eat ^^

※ the oriental cherry shrimp that I indicate It is city carry out is packed tear open namely edible the sort of
If cannot be bought really,can fry dried small shrimps sweet hind, mix also go into the meal

Zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal
Cookbook origin: Rice bucket chaos is done in disorder

Material: (Make an appointment with 3~4 person portion)
3 article fish. . . . .200g
Small cucumber. . . . .1/2 root
Egg. . . . .2
Plain cooked rice. . . . .1 1/2 bowl
Oriental cherry shrimp. . . . . Right amount (The Yi Ke of and so on of 3 islands sweet 鬆 )
White sesame seed. . . . .1 big spoon (beforehand with small fire male fried means is fried sweet)
Citric. . . . .1/3
Salt. . . . . Right amount

Sauce of 3 article fish:
Rice wine. . . . .2 big spoon
薑 piece. . . . .2 piece
Very light blue. . . . Paragraphs.1 is small
Salt. . . . . A few

Egg flavoring:
Rice wine. . . . .1 small spoon
Day type firm fish meal. . . . .1/4 small spoon (for instance: Of and so on of boil Great Master. . . Or replace with 塩 directly)

1. egg infiltrates flavoring agitate is joined to hit in the basin even hind, fry maturity to come loose into boiler shape, reserve
Scrub of 2. small cucumber male cut Xiaoding completely, the salt that adds 1/3 small spoon mixes divide evenly, quiet place after 5 minutes
With portion of salt of scour off of cold boiled water, squeeze again gently go water portion, reserve
3 article fish cuts 3. to make an appointment with 2 centimeter piece shape, join flavor with makings, into boiler after evaporate is ripe, flay smashs broken record
Again impact lemon juice mixes divide evenly, reserve

The close proposal of small millet bucket
What can replace 3 article fish fry in shallow oil is crisp the sweet man that earth up a root, ham man, or it is has flavorred ripe chicken man

4. general practice 1.2.3. fish of egg, small cucumber, 3 article and rice, white sesame seed, salt, mix even
Asperse at the surface before edible on right amount oriental cherry shrimp, can(If cannot be bought really,can fry dried small shrimps sweet hind, mix also go into the meal)

The close proposal of small millet bucket
The account that just puts before edible of oriental cherry shrimp, it is the mouthfeel that should maintain its crisp
If mix together with all burden beforehand, also be possible

Relaxed not fat delicate 3 article fish mixes meal. . . .

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