Run inscribe- - ramble through shopwindow small town (below)

Still be that a moment ago inn, the course that discovering what the boss of this inn goes is guileless style (it is price only not guileless stopped) , look reaching the boss is returned is very manage attentively. Simple tableware is put very sweetly by him.

This is in Chinese city (the name of a dining-room, there can be Chinese city here) the household inn on the side, a lot of small ornament and dinner service sell inside. Price is very reasonable, regrettablly tableware is Ou Shi entirely, and it is very secondhand Europe type dinner service, feeling and Chinese dish do not take tone completely, had not bought so. But the shopwindow that I like them to be decorated newly recently very much, lovely duck and small bee, foiling with gules base fabric, very festival.

This one is the inn of a household at the back of our home, the Oriental household in European eye often sells articles for use inside, you look newest the Chinese wind of one season is such, do not cross what I feel strange to blame how?

This teapot is me below is beloved oh, I am round to this kind billow formative bowl cup always is special preference. Nevertheless I prepare to maintain it presence with the photograph in my heart,

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