Salad 4 (newest dedication)

Follow cameraman to take his work today, choose a few paste to stick. The practice was not told more, see what meet. Tuna salad. This bowl of girl giving girl was eaten off later, she says, put sauce of so much salad to work ah! Fruit salad Cheng Zaibai among orchid melon. This dish becomes n/COL the head of a family salad in dining-room of a tea unexpectedly, 22 yuan price, go after sth like a flock of ducks of young young person, be laughed at dead by me.

Also be fruit salad, trade a place, in filling mango. Very big mango was not bought in haste yesterday, only a bit smaller, dug that nucleus to expend setbacks one time. There is pineapple, apple, banana, Gou to lose in the fruit (the word cannot be found) , mango… be to be put in windowsill arsis

This also is tuna salad, sauce of mixture salad of dolly of tuna of coal tub outfit piles above, when eating, mix

This is my workbench, this morning but tired bad me, driving even go going to work.

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