Send the top of a kitchen range to turn wrap around Sa [dizi manufactures]

Send the top of a kitchen range to turn wrap around Sa [Dizi manufactures]
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Today birthday of the top of a kitchen range, do not have time by day, did this to wrap around tonight Sa, wish her birthday is happy, forever happy.

Cake embryo raw material:
Tall muscle flour 150 grams, bai Sha candy 20 grams, salt 2 grams, milk 30 grams, water 50 grams, butter 15 grams

Approve Sa sauce raw material:
Pork is rotten 2 spoon, onion is broken 1 spoon, garlic Chengdu 1 teaspoon, the grass that approve Sa 1 teaspoon (can avoid) , black pepper 1 teaspoon, white sugar 2 teaspoon, salt, ketchup 2 teaspoon, right amount water, corn is amylaceous 1 teaspoon

Exterior stuffing expects: Onion Green pepper Carrot Red bowel Crab sufficient club Cheese

Cake embryo practice: Milk and water mix heat reach 40 degrees, after putting yeast quiet place ten minutes, mix all material together. Knead to dough smooth, put to warm place to ferment to double big.
Approve the making method of Sa sauce: Cold oil of? of auspicious  of bad Gu of  Shen to bang explodes sweet garlic Chengdu, onion is broken. Put fleshy rotten stir-fry before stewing to fry
Put salt, white sugar, ketchup, black pepper, water, small fire turns after big baked wheaten cake leaves, boil to water wash-and-wear when put amylaceous water to tick off Gorgon euryale, scatter the grass that approve Sa finally. Onion Green pepper Carrot cuts a group, put oven in roast, one part water divides take out.
Approve Sa dish on an olive oil, the dough that has sent makes cake body. Among thin, all around slightly a few thicker, on the fork with have dinner even fork a few alveolus, on besmear one makes the good sauce that approve Sa. Sprinkle a cheese again, without the horse Su Li pulls Zhi person, I used bright cheese.
Catch a shop to go up red bowel, crab sufficient club, again the roast on the shop is vegetable. In cake all round an egg fluid. After oven warm-up puts middle-level 220 degrees to bake 15 minutes, take out. A cheese is spread on the face, continue to bake in replace oven make 3-5 minute can.

Finished product

Without the horse Su Li is pulled, cannot pull silk, regretful

The top of a kitchen range turns today birthday, send now, can too late

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