Simple not be bad to eat: Silk of chicken of hemp of any of several hot spice plants

Had read Feng Xiaogang ” I give youth you ” , remember having so a paragraph: “That evening we the dinner that 3 people ate me to do in all, have two food I still remember. ? ? ? It is together, sauce pig hoof two, mincing, cook again, with cooking of fire of flourishing of silk of green of gourmet powder of soy white sugar; It is silk of chicken of hemp of any of several hot spice plants together. The practice is: The first pace, thoroughly cook whole chicken Bai Shui first, drench Gan Liang is cool. The 2nd pace, rip the gallinaceous silk of toothpick degree of finish down the handiwork skinning texture of chicken. This process is very time-consuming, can not entertain a guest by accident in the operation when chatting. The 3rd pace, need to give birth to Chinese prickly ash about 9, with rolling pole pulverize, join gourmet powder of balm of salt white sugar, with gallinaceous silk cold and dressed with sause. Hand of fourth red handgrip gives the predecessor wife that this dish is Xiao Long in person, after duplicating, praise by the friend. But I know far the taste that makes as her is pure, the reason is her used Chinese prickly ash is brought from Sichuan, my Chinese prickly ash is Beijing. Thenceforth begins, I and king new moon become a friend. I and king new moon become a friend..
I was learning to do, did not make a whole chicken, used meat of breast of a chicken. Simple really, delicious really also. Think the food that put Chinese prickly ash is about to put chili so, discover itself of Chinese prickly ash is the thing of special render palatable now. Did not put chili, the flavour of gallinaceous silk is very clear also mouth, as a small cold dish, it is very good choice really.

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