Soup of willow of fish of agaric dragon benefit

The edge sees the way that a simple and easy soup writes by the side of TV: )

Practice: 1) willow of dragon benefit fish two, cut the place with proper size (the follows mahjong piece about size that I cut is about the same) , bloat a little with salt and pepper. Black agaric uses bleb to send ahead of schedule, wash clean. Chopped green onion Jiang Mo has had.

2) a few sesame-seed oil pours in boiler, put in slices of fish meat two sides a little decoct, add Jiang Mo, boil oatmeal quickly a small, add clear water two bowls, boil together.

3) enter agaric, after adding salt and pepper to flavor, boil a little again, the flower that scatter green, give boiler can.

Note: When I do boiling water recently, like to add bit fast the oatmeal that boil is boiled together, feel to boil the boiling water that give so, it is OK also to need not tick off Gorgon euryale relatively embellish is stiff, and some more healthy than ticking off Gorgon euryale with water starch. Of course, if do not like to use the word of oatmeal so like me, starch of usable also water ticks off Gorgon euryale.

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