Stationmaster is recommended- - chicken of white behead of handed down from the older generations of the family

Introductive: This today dish is Maoanz and Yeshuilan(rank are not divided early or late, breathe out ah) hold a knife to make personally, literal part basically is finished by Yeshuilan, nevertheless prescription is the handed down from the older generations of the family of Maoanz. I and LG were honoured to eat the white behead chicken that they make very much. Tell candidly, even if is the look of white behead chicken that takes in home with me is compared, flavour also is to all without exception that pass is reached. Remember original Beijing ” town god’s temple is fastfood ” also sell white behead chicken, chicken is damp, wet, if dipping in,soy sesame oil eats, a very heavy fishy smell. But the white behead chicken that MAOANZ makes is completely different, what spice also does not add even if, chicken is eating very sweet also. Gallinaceous skin is fragile fragile, appreciably stands by the mouthfeel of jellyfish of cold and dressed with sause a bit. My literal strength is really finite, hard detailed the flavor that describes this food and the contented feeling after eating, suggest everybody is read carefully read this article, later oneself also start work be done. =======================================================

Should making the one step with white behead the most crucial chicken is to raise chicken, the sort of ” spoil things by excessive enthusiasm ” absolutely cannot want the chicken that come out, otherwise in a way is boiled with respect to the skin is torn and the flash gap open, insipid, body spirit all is broken. So generally speaking, must be careless chicken, still had better be the careless chicken that controls one year. Old hen is OK also, switzerland still has a kind of guinea (Stationmaster remarks: Guinea can be bought in ALIGRO and MIGRO, the name is PINTADE, the price does not poor, regular price is in a chicken 20-25 Switzerland franc) , look like careless chicken, but it is a kind of bird actually, flavour and gallinaceous similar, also be good stuff. The time that different chicken cooks is met somewhat difference. This is about concrete analysis presses particular case… : -P
The way is very simple, here withOld henFor exemple(stationmaster remarks: Old hen also can be mixed in ALIGRO MIGRO is bought, the name is POULE, price moderate, it is 10 Switzerland franc can buy about, discern from the exterior, the bone of this kind of chicken is pettier) :
1. chicken outside and in is cleaned thoroughly. This cannot careless, you think chicken can not bathe all one’s life, how to say it also wants to do exercise everyday, bilge of sweat be soiled is certain little not, had been close friends so wash, still can use the dishcloth with a bit rougher texture to brush even brush a back. Such, when eating, ability is at ease quite. : ) old hen age is old, continue very hard naturally to carry good bodily form, the meeting inside the abdomen has a lot of the rest adipose, want to be taken, put aside, do not want to be boiled together with chicken, shang Huitai is otherwise oily. These are adipose can boil gallinaceous oil later, add inside water in which noodles have been boiled a bit, very sweet oh.
2. Conflagration carbonado. Look for a caldron to turn on the water burn. Put chicken (best and whole chicken immersion is in water) , a few salt, a ginger, maintain conflagration to boil about 2 - 3 hours, boil gallinaceous skin to tighten up, chicken is full of flexibility, about the same. The control of duration should rely on experience, especially the feel of chicken, the first time of the attempt it is a bit difficult to be afraid. Can decide generally speaking through pressing the flesh near drumstick and chicken breast. Because this place flesh is more, hold easily with join feeling of the skin. Fire can involve if if exert oneself to do sth. a bit,clutch chicken skin is defeated namely. If did not hold, so had decided: General careless chicken, or guinea, boil half hour; Old hen 2 hours.
3. Cold water immerses. When what chicken boils is about the same, prepare a big cold boiled water to perhaps put water on the ice, after taking out chicken from inside hot pot, put quickly into cold water to immerse. If water temperature rise is fast not little word, change water again, carry water lukewarm lower. Here cannot anxious, must when chicken outside and in is cold after coming down, reassume comes out. This is the one step that makes white behead chicken compare a key, suddenly Leng Ke is with maintaining chicken broth inside chicken. The white behead chicken that such doing come out just is met fresh and tender, mouthfeel is uncommon. If be natural refrigeration only, elite evaporates from inside gallinaceous pore ran, regrettablly ah…
4. Wipe oil. Whole body giving chicken wipes sesame-seed oil.
5. Cut chicken, install dish. The knife wants fast, those who cut is a few thinner. After been cut, according to chicken original figure is piled up put in dish. Also can put match colors of a few caraway.
6. Modulation dips in makings. If the good word of gallinaceous choosing, this one pace becomes very simple. Take a small bowl additionally, enter soy and sesame oil, agitate one agitate is pulled fully with respect to all things all! Simpler condiment can highlight the little taste with original chicken more.

Successful white behead chicken can describe with 6 words: “The skin is fragile, the flesh is tender, bone is sweet ” . It is raw meat or fish of dry bone of leather sodden flesh conversely, abandon not hesitate. Additional, the soup taste that has cooked chicken is very good also, the person that drink Shang Huo directly uses as water in which noodles have been boiled is very pretty good oh. : )

Adscript: Remember first time YESHUILAN, MAOANZ and me mentioning them to do the process of white behead chicken, I say how to feel basic is to give that chicken to come to luxurious ” Turkish bath ” , massage rub mud first, next sauna, jump then cold water pool, push oil finally. See their process that make now, it is intensive cultivation really, won’t do careless. Remember confidential the friend has said: Make food attentively, natural and lovely, I agree to this viewpoint close watch, the key with any delicious dish is fabricant threw mental efforts, wisdom and affection. Iron cake simply like a piece, complex have no exception to delicate white behead chicken. Can get acquainted with so much to like cate, with the friend that the heart lives, BECKY feels very lucky. Also thank MAOANZ and YESHUILAN dedication again this is delicate.
Fill write down: My him Zhou San also made white behead chicken, still invited YESHUILAN and MAOANZ to come over ancient bronze mirror is judged. I am the POULE that taking the advantage of nooning time to be bought in MIGRO, put deep bowl in the evening, immerse to allowed to boil two hours definitely with conflagration in water entirely, had been boiled a bit it seems that, after be being analysed with YESHUILAN, MAOANZ discussion, feel POULE old hen burns half hours ought to OK. Additional, because I am in,dropped gallinaceous buttock chop (I always feel gallinaceous buttock is dirty, the first pace of carbonado works even if drop gallinaceous buttock chop every time) , after conflagration boiled two hours, gallinaceous skin and chicken parted a bit. The proposal after summing up experience so had better be to rectify chicken to enter boiler, do not excise any components as far as possible. Or, boil control a process in, gallinaceous skin is broken away from easily with chicken slowly along cut part. When place dish on when the desk not good-looking.

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