Steamed dumpling of stay of proceedings of hotpot acupuncture needle is delicious do not cross dumpling

Material: Skin of stay of proceedings of hotpot stuffing, acupuncture needle, shepherd’s purse, dumpling, oyster sauce, Jiang Mo, salt, white sugar, balm


1. will join one spoon salt in hotpot end, end of one spoon ginger along same agitate makes a way, give muscle energetically till hotpot;

2. joins the acupuncture needle stay of proceedings that cuts broken end, shepherd’s purse in stuffing makings, join white sugar of the oyster sauce that one spoon measures, one spoon, continue to mix divide evenly, drench before the bag enters dumpling skin balm of on one cap;

3. writes stuffing material dumpling skin in the center of, next 50% discount into hemicycle, next will semicircular impaction of two upright furl;

4. arranges dumpling brim in a way again shape, perhaps include the other model that likes into oneself. After the gas on a pot for steaming food, on evaporate drawer in a way wipes bit of oil, put dumpling, use conflagration steam 10 minutes can.

I or deflection at eating steamed dumpling, mouthfeel is more bouncy. And after dumpling evaporate is over, the soup juice that stuffing expects often can permeate dumpling skin in, bite gently can Shang Zhisi excessive, special satisfy a craving. Was used to the friend that has steamed dumpling to might as well organic meeting reforms, it is pretty good really ha;

Dumpling skin can be bought in the market now, selling cooked wheaten food around. Will sell by weight, we need to tell booth only commonly advocate oneself should wrap how many, they can change weight automatically for us, very convenient;

What oyster sauce can promote hotpot is delicious degree, had better not use soy to replace, flavour is met somewhat difference. Add a few sesame oil finally, can increase the slippery tender mouthfeel that stuffing expects, but will not make vegetable premature again dehydration, this method does steamed dumpling to suit particularly, can try, mouthfeel is completely different;

The condiment of tie-in dumpling is very simple also, 1 spoon soy 1 spoon white sugar 2 spoon vinegar is smooth can, namely, the scale of soy, white sugar, vinegar is 1: 1: 2

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