Suckle sweet yam Zhi person cake

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Make Zhi person cake for the first time, bird used Jane Huang " suckle sweet pumpkin Zhi person cake " recipe, true dispute often thanks her! Before making Zhi person cake, I also enquired her a few problems, she gives understanding patiently to answer to bird, make me sturdier had made its hope so! To her one exceeds enthusiastic hug!
Flavour is first-rate still as a result oh! Especially cake body is wet soft entrance namely the mouthfeel of be in harmony lets person infatuation, also received the praise of LG.
From healthy angle I reduced dosage of candy He Zhishi, LG says to taste or have some of dirt. Does he ask me how many candy and butyric cheese you used? I say I had dropped deal. He cut 6 inches cake only this morning the quantity of 1/6, say not feel like eating, ah!
bird is mixed LG is to love to eat not quite too sweet or too the person of thing of be bored with, and consider from healthy angle, the passion that becomes confect also is wear in suppress all the time. So the majority on bird is food food.
Anyway, zhi person cake does not calculate the grandma sweet yam that still should congratulate his to be done for the first time too flooey. Send my friend Jane Huang, the face has her meritorious service here, hope she likes oh! The JM that wants to do people go seeing her daily record, write more professionally above and meticulous oh! !

[origin] bake ace Jane Huang (have alter)
[raw material] 6 inches deal
By cake of walnut of ** ginger candy: In muscle flour 60 grams, brown sugar 25 grams, walnut 30 grams (the deal of the candy that touch ginger) , the small spoon of ginger pink 1/8, cattle that contain salt is fat small spoon of 56 grams, 1/2 glacial water.

Person stuffing of ** yam Zhi:
A makings: Potato mud is 30ML of 160 grams, bright grandma, citric pink is 1 small spoon, cinnamonic small spoon of 1/8 of small spoon of 1/8 of pink of cardamom seed of small spoon of 1/4 of pink of powdery 1/2 small spoon, ginger, beans, salt.
B makings: Butyric cheese 200 grams, white sugar 50 grams, brown sugar is 20 grams, amylaceous 1/4 small spoon, egg 2.

Model of the cake end 6 very little work, square is baked dish 1.
By ** cake
Graph 1: Clipping 2 pieces of a bit some longer tinfoil, horizontal, fore-and-aft hand in fold background of park cake standard.
Graph 2: Encase with tinfoil the bottom of the model that bake is mixed all around.
Graph 3: butter a bit be in harmony, with the brush background of the standard that brush besmear is mixed all around the wall is done prevent stick processing.
Graph 4: The walnutmeat park that will pared is plastic inside makings, be beaten with rolling pole and roll must break as far as possible some.
Graph 5: In pink of broken, brown sugar, ginger enters pink, walnut in container.
Graph 6: Mix melting butter is joined to continue to become dough with ladle agitate slowly after divide evenly.
Graph 7: The water that add ice mixes dough.
Graph 8: Enter dough bottom of the model that bake and approach level as far as possible some.
Graph 9: Oven warm-up 160 ℃ , after baking about 25 ~ 30 minutes into oven ground floor, take out.

** potato mud
Graph 1: Yam flay cuts small, into boiler evaporate is ripe.
Graph 2: Take discrepancy small bowl to be pressed into slimy shape with ladle.
Graph 3: Ordinal join A makings.
Graph 4: Agitate is even and stand-by.
Graph 5: 2 eggs break up becomes egg liquid stand-by.

** Zhi person stuffing
Graph 1: Zhi person room temperature issues bate.
Graph 2: Hit 2 minutes or so to become soft stiff state with agitate of dynamoelectric eggbeater low speed, zhi person can be splashed should notice to be blown downward with ladle in basin wall.
Graph 3: Cent second join white sugar and brown sugar to continue agitate is hit even.
Graph 4: Join potato mud and starch to mix divide evenly.
Graph 5: Divide 2 ~ 3 times to add egg juice, add mix with other material add again after divide evenly is shirt-sleeve the next time.
Graph 6: Mix the appearance of person stuffing of the Zhi after divide evenly.
Graph 7: Take pattern of the cake end the cake that has baked.
Graph 8: Law of water bath bake: Zhi person paste joins cake model, put cake standard in the square that has boiled water to bake dish among, mould of boiled water tower above the appearance of 1.5 centimeter. Oven warm-up 160 ℃ , enter oven ground floor to bake about 70 minutes or so.
Graph 9: Next tinfoil are taken off after be being taken out, had ironed wiped knife to insert with boiled water instantly equalize is encircled between cake and modular wall, depart cake and modular wall (prevent cake craze) . Etc put last on cool rear cover film refrigerates 8 hours of above into freezer can edible.

[experience and recall with emotion]
** tinfoil bag must include close when blow mould bottom alive, otherwise water entered consequence unimaginable oh!
The brown sugar that ** uses this is old brown sugar, and candy bead is not meticulous also, the facial expression that makes cake system is some heavier. And pumpkin changed yam, so the color of finished product is the same as pumpkin Zhi person cake still has very big different, those who be inferior to pumpkin is beautiful oh!
** did not buy ginger sugar, increased the amount of walnut, added the pink that nod ginger to make up for. The butter that uses additionally has salt, so cake bottom did not add salt.

It is met in the process that ** agitate makes Zhi person 4 splash, want to be blown downward via commonly used tool in the process so, jump over agitate to jump over little sense otherwise, hey!
** considered me to reduce the deal of candy from healthy angle. There are 200 grams only in Zhi person home, nevertheless such better, some more healthy!
** does not know the teaspoon in Jane Huang prescription to wait to not be equal at small spoon oh! Ah!

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

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