Super and simple abstain pickled Chinese cabbage

Dear autumn knit birthday, this wanting that assemble nods homebred give presents, regrettablly how also collect is counted not quite. Can do a food food to express intention only!

Say on firm sense, this is not pickled Chinese cabbage actually, what should call after all nevertheless, I also do not know, for the moment makes a name with the pickled Chinese cabbage that carries quote.

Our this locality, the dish of similar pickled Chinese cabbage has two kinds, one kind is the rub that relapses green vegetables with salt, had spread dish next scatter again on salt, press finally on big stone, above the straw on the lid, the ability after 40 days considers do good, this is called salty pickled Chinese cabbage. Additionally one kind, use green vegetables namely, with similar me such method is made, my Mom canal cries then ” flooey whisk dish ” perhaps cry ” water whisk dish ” . Word of this intermediate whisk, do not know how to should be written, pronunciation is such, in vernacular ” whisk ” means, immerse with water. Some seem to still can use fermented glutinous rice, because this cries ” flooey whisk dish ” . This dish and salty pickled Chinese cabbage are different, it is not salty, and made time is a few shorter.

At ordinary times mom often is bought ” water whisk dish ” , fry fry the flesh, eat a noodle ah congee ah, when cole very pretty good. Encounter neighbour some, teach him mom to make, discover mouthfeel is better, and cost is very low, from now on mom also is not bought outside again, all and self-restrained, family also loves to eat particularly.

Specially takes next made courses, consult for everybody.


Too late, because time of it doesn’t matter comes up by day, spend a good birthday to let Qiu Qiu, send add trouble to first, pile up a word slowly again later!

Additional, do not take dish course too for long, feel to won’t be patted really, the horizontal stroke pats vertical stroke, how to feel like, alas…

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