Sweet-and-sour yellow croaker flies ” yellow ” Teng Da, have year after year ” fish “

[Wen Yi] sweet-and-sour yellow croaker - - - fly ” yellow ” Teng Da, have year after year ” fish “

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Melon paid a New Year call to everybody ahead of schedule here, cooperate with I am excited unceasingly caution is dirty, appreciate the attention that everybody came to one year in the past, help, encourage and support.

These days, a lot of tubes people build the vehicle that got on all sorts of coming home in succession, do not know you to buy a ticket successful, the journey that does not know you is painstaking, also do not know you to have be in aground the experience of the station, it how is difficult to do not pass, went up in the way home after all, I pray here everybody’s journey all the way well.

Hardship of a year, rush about, grievance did not review again, change a train of thought, throw the thing with negative all these, regard as the one by one that oneself get in going one year this is experienced, achievement, harvest the experience that cannot duplicate forever with those, this why is not the most precious fortune. Defend cheerfully pass beside parents year.

This poor small fish, can be gotten on by end if only the table of meal of your the eve of the lunar New Year, if it can give you to bring,fly ” yellow ” Teng Da’s career, and have year after year ” fish ” the life, so, its sacrifice also is overweight Mount Taishan ha.

Additional, I want the Spring Festival temporary ” rest dish ” , after year we everything continues.

Good, did not say more, bless everybody the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day is happy, the coming year is healthy, all things great kindness, exchequer is entered madly, how rat rat is not over ha.

Sweet-and-sour yellow croaker

Raw material: Yellow croaker 1 Carrot half Pea 50 grams Sweet green 1 Ginger 1 Garlic 4 valve Cooking wine 2 spoon (30ml) Salt 2 teaspoon (10 grams) dry starch 2 spoon (30 grams) ketchup 4 spoon (60ml) Clear water 100ml Candy 2 spoon (30ml) Water is amylaceous 2 spoon (30ml) white vinegar 1 spoon (15ml)


1) yellow croaker goes scale, go fin, purify is splanchnic, abluent hind in piscine body double-faced cut a few knives, use 1 teaspoon salt and cooking wine souse 30 minutes.

2) pea is abluent, carrot flay cuts man, sweet green, ginger and garlic are mincing reserve.

3) good souse fish is double-faced take dry starch, wide oil is entered in boiler, oily 8 when becoming heat, put into boiler, after scamper does oily cent to drop of double-faced and golden fish out, put dish in had placed.

4) a few oil is entered in pan, break green ginger garlic after making up a fragrance, fry 2 minutes into carrot man and pea, join ketchup, additional 1 teaspoon salt, white sugar and clear water, drench white vinegar, after be being boiled, transfer into water starch ticks off Gorgon euryale.

5) drench the sweet-and-sour juice that has fried go up in piscine body can.

Super 啰 Suo:

** need not yellow croaker, also can use a carp, gui Yu, grass carp will replace, made method is changeless ha.

If ** feels deepfry wastes oil, might as well change the fish with pan double-faced decoct becomes golden look, mouthfeel agrees basically.

** if you like piscine tail to become warped those who become warped, in the process of decoct blast, can put piscine end on boiler edge, after such decoct blast are good, can form appearance of a natural bent, be stupefied continuously than the fish that be stupefied, it seems that more modelling feels a few.

The oily meeting that ** blast fish leaves has bit of fishy smell, after heating along delay of boiler Bian Huan enter 1 teaspoon vinegar, can purify fishy smell. For the oil after decoct blast can reductive crystal, OK still scamper rice, after scamper is good rice fish out, oil is much cleaner. But do not suggest everybody uses oil more than 2 times repeatedly.

** white vinegar is best can put finally, what put otherwise is too early, heating volatilize in the process too much, acidity is insufficient.

Sweet-and-Sour Yellow Croaker


Yellow Croaker:&Nbsp;1
Carrot:&Nbsp;a Half
Garlic:&Nbsp;4 Cloves


Cooking Wine:&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30ml)
Salt:&Nbsp;2 Teaspoon(10g)
Starch(dry):&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30g)
Tomato Paste:&Nbsp;4 Soupspoon(60ml)
Sugar:&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30ml)
Liquid Starch(starch Mix With Cold Water):&Nbsp;2 Soupspoon(30ml)
White Vinegar:&Nbsp;1 Soupspoon(15ml)


1)Remove The Fish Scale, fins, and Thoroughly Gill The Yellow Croaker, then Wash It And Marinade With Some Salt(1 Teaspoon) And Cooking Wine For 30 Minutes;

2)Wash The Peas, peel Off And Chop The Carrot Into Very Small Dices, and Finely Chop The Chive, ginger, and Garlic Cloves;

3)Put On Some Dry Starch At Each Side Of The Marinaded Yellow Croaker;

Pour Enough Oil Into A Wok, put In The Starch-covered Yellow Croaker When The Oil Is Very Hot (8/10 Heat) , fry It Until Golden;

Take Out It, filter The Excess Oil, and Then Place It In A Plate;

4)(To Make The Sweet-and-sour Sauce)Pour A Little Oil Into A Pan, stir-fry The Chive, ginger, and Garlic Until The Smell Comes Out;

Add In The Carrot Dices And Peas, stir-fry For 2 Minutes;

Add In The Tomato Paste, the Rest 1 Teaspoon Salt, sugar And Water, after Boil, pour In The Liquid Starch And Finally The White Vinegar;

5)Pour This Ready Hot Sweet-and-sour Sauce Onto The Fried Yellow Croaker. Finish

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