Sweet hot shelled fresh shrimps — the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats a person

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Go up cure country, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats a person, next cure are ill!

Next for the moment on today no matter, just say a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is everybody knows national treasure, effect a permanent cure of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also is best-know.

So the affection that hopes to hear the person that asks cut treatment the method is union more annals, all the life factors that affect person health. Say

It is after all from go up at all search be willing, not be to headache cure head, foot of crural painful medical service. Be it is with the person this, comply with providential.

The life characteristics of a person and dietary habit react directly the healthy state in you and psychosis. For instance the person is absorbed

quantity of heat does not move to be met again more fat, eat medicine reducing weight purely to may have bit of effect temporarily, but the injury to the body

And rebound harm is greater, if you did not change habits and customs and dietary habit fertilizer to also be not decreased forever!

Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine more resemble the doctor in a heart, help you answer doubt dispels doubts. The traditional Chinese medical science is having culture inside information, inheritance China thousands of

Year culture, the confusianism of philosophy of old place of business, Confucius, it is medical knowledge not be simple medical skill!

A lot of medicinal materials of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine are OK of edible, so-called medical service is fed with the source. Tell you in the classics inside the emperor: Medicine fills not

If feed,fill.

Best doctor is him!


The shrimp flay of quick-freeze goes the head takes out shrimp line.

Put salt, souse of end of ginger of cooking wine, green 30 minutes.

Wrap on egg white starch and fried chicken pink.

Boiler burns heat to put shrimp bomb to two sides golden fish out accuses to do oily share

Recommend a dressing ceremoniously: Egg white starch

The size that tick off Gorgon euryale is being saved put egg white, simple. Used, the feeling is OK still. Basically be convenient!

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