Sweet hot water boils frog

Did not eat frog for ages, be written down or had eaten in one’s childhood, perhaps be the cause in north, have rarely here sell.

Write down so that the husband when my birthday takes me to go this year street of a round-mouthed food vessel with two or four loop handles is very popular hot frog, very expensive, I wanted to be come up against in supermarket as it happens today, quite fresh still, bought a place then, already came home oneself start work do, unlike outside poor.

Material: ⑺ of Sha of adze Π Guo fights ń of ⒒ of two of benzene of unlined upper garment of ⒏ of Gao Chu of arch of Xin of  of ③ of Suan of ⑺ of  of small ⒔ of ⒋ of bowstring post 

Practice: 1. frog abluent, put starch of bit of salt, cooking wine, pepper, a few to wide 5 minutes. Towel gourd is cut reserve.

Right amount oil pours in 2. boiler, issue dry chili first, chinese prickly ash explodes sweet, put green ginger garlic to fry again sweet, put Pi county thick broad-bean sauce again, fry a red oil, enter soup-stock, the towel gourd that has cut put, in waiting for the boiler below the good adj/LIT wide frog after water leaves, put salt, gallinaceous essence. Fire involves after 3 minutes.

3. is installed dish namely good!

Note:  of raw meat or fish of  of adze ο deer is planted aurelian spring? is not boiled too long, otherwise not 嫰 .

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