Turnip doing is fried bacon and abstain a turnip to work

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( ̄ (labour)  ̄ ) the friend that haing everybody is able to bear or endure in person, old gal good ~

The turnip doing that uses here is the ~ that small female specified amount makes by hand personally

Have above all please luxuriant beautiful leading role comes on stage—-Delicious the Lilliputian ginseng of home of cheap and so-called poor: Zhuo exemplaries

————————–Abstain a turnip to work detailed solution——————————

1. is rectified: &Nbsp; Bai Luobo is abluent, expurgation root is needed, scarcely wants flay oh oh oh ~ ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) ~ cuts strip wide piece, avoid by all means does not want too thin, do not have after otherwise insolation model mouthfeel is bad also

2. is put on the ice: &Nbsp; next the turnip piece had plunged into with polybag, put 12 hours into freezer freezer compartment, refrigerant purpose is to quicken a water of the turnip here=====> > small doohickey <<=======

3. is basked in: &Nbsp; takes out the turnip that has put on the ice, look for a clean household utensils, put the code with even turnip above, place the air below sunshine to bask in to 78 into dry (I basked in 3 days of right-and-left time)

4. bloats: &Nbsp; cleans clean turnip to work, twist dry, undertake bloating with pink of chili of Or of any of several hot spice plants of liquor, salt, candy, bubble be soiled, flip through everyday 1-2 second. Because the jar of be soiled did not bloat in the home, I am buckled with Le Koule will replace, the effect is OK still

… (⊙ ﹏ ⊙ ) … (A, bloat patiently in be soiled process)

Bloat through what a week controls be soiled, the turnip is dry very tasty


(> mouth < ) should firing eventually use shovel

1. Will cut piece evaporate of the boiler on bacon, because bacon is general relative salty and fat more difficult also ripe can have compared below evaporate first so, the cured meat with good evaporate is made a bit clear put cool be used

2. turnip works to be washed with Wen Shuiqing, twist dry, cut paragraphs small

We still need 3. a few garlic piece, scallion paragraph / garlic bolt, bubble any of several hot spice plants

4. firings, do not cheer inside bowl ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) , had better be iron bowl after pulling ~ to burn hot pot, join, the turnip works, right ~ doing stir-fry before stewing does exterior moisture content to evaporate to the turnip, show piece. Bubble any of several hot spice plants, bacon repeats measure of dry stir-fry before stewing

5. heats up boiler cold oil to fall, put garlic piece, duration does not want too big lest garlic piece paper.

6. garlic piece give sweet smell, put bubble any of several hot spice plants to be fried together, rejoin bacon breaks up quickly fry, put a turnip to work, conflagration is fried quickly, the fragrance that should do bacon and turnip is fried come out, put a few sugar, a few soy (not be the sort of very salty) , break up fry ~ to add sesame oil, put scallion, break up fry ~ 2 times to give boiler ~ general situation to need not flavor additionally again, because bacon and turnip do itself,flavour is compared sufficient ~

╰ ( ̄ ▽  ̄ ) ╭ Loud call rice, rice


. . . . ≤ of.o(≥ ω ) O. . . .



Did not come for ages ~ my Hu Han 3 came back again ~

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Abstain Sichuan pickle

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Graph / article author: Flying Xue Moshuang
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How to make pickle, I studied very long, will write today.
I had tasted finished product, acerbity salty, the sort of food that always feel and makes fish of pickled Chinese cabbage is same, but make me direct eat, feel salty again, have the Zhi that the friend has done.
The requirement of pickle is calm of the anhydrous that do not have oil.
1 , pickle jar has been ironed with boiled water, buckle until dry
2, cool boiled water is put in jar 1000 gram, put pickle salt again 80 gram,
3, turnip stripping and slicing bloats a little while to give water with a few salt next airing
4, continue to join brown sugar in jar 20 gram
5, rejoin ginger 3, garlic directly, chili 2, liquor 20 gram, chinese prickly ash 10 gram,
6, join a turnip. (I was tasted the following day after Jiahaozhi really salty ah)
7, join the course such as green pepper
8, the appearance after fermenting.

Get online again later examine a data, seeing pickle make good mark is any of several hot spice plants of put cattle out to graze, after letting off, the following day, it is normal to there is bleb to ferment with respect to the specification in the surface of green pepper,

Then I join carrot again, green pepper, cabbage patch, as expected, discover to there is bubble on surface the following day,

Later, observe again, discover green pepper fizzled out, take taste, good acid. Really acerbity salty.

At present I am wanting to eat off this pickle with what method, it is good that otherwise does a pickle fish.

Pickle water, it is time grows more delicious more, the course of first time bubble is general not delicious, after doing not have of bubble sweet, chinese prickly ash is many somes OKer.

Additionally pickle jar had better use porcelain, do not cross what like us these do not have experience to still buy one glass, good attention observes.

Want to be put in back office, a polybag is wrapped to avoid outside light is better. Jar mouth wants to turn on the water above, cannot cut off the water supply can.

If you are not afraid of,succeed, can buy any of several hot spice plants of one bottle bubble, water is used ferment, mother water succeeds that more easily.

But carrot and cabbage patch, bamboo shoot and cucumber do not want to be put for long,

Especially cucumber had better use a jar additionally. Give birth to Bai Hua easily otherwise
Be a netizen below leave a message, think those who learn is OK and referenced

Promulgator longs to have a doghole

The pickle of our Sichuan tunnel does not put sugar! Breathe out! !
Liquor wants to put! But the pickle after bubble is good also should put a bit white spirit now and then, because liquor is the white paste in altar of take out pickle! Because of pickle if altar is too long a few white paste can rise above the word that did not use! The liquor that put a drop was done not have!

Green cherry of promulgator wheat seeding is red

Had better not the vegetable with the water heavy portion such as bubble white turnip, cucumber, sichuan person the Luo Bo skin of bubble air moisture; Chili wants much place, bright red chili and dry chili are OK, pickle just has piquancy. Chili wants Mai Zigong, it is beautiful forcedly

Promulgator longs to have a doghole

Actually pure Sichuan pickle does not use cool boiled water, with respect to the tap water that has at ordinary times with us, but had better be those who had filtered is best, did not filter to also be indifferent to.
Because you are used,cool boiled water is about to be able to put in dish cool able person later, cannot stick unboiled water, pickle is otherwise easy bad. In that way too too exquisite.
Still have even if Sichuan tunnel pickle does not put sugar.
It is salt again it is the bulk according to pickle altar will put, still have even if want to put chili, the sort of small chili is best, ginger. Garlic. Chinese prickly ash. Liquor these are necessary!
First time bubble puts Chinese cabbage or be turnip and so on. What dish does not cut is too small, easy in that way bubble is soft! Those who resemble carrot and so on one whole put it is good to go.
Like what to eat according to you later with respect to bubble what is good, do the green pepper that dish remains sometimes. Balsam pear can put inside bubble, had lain between half an year nevertheless or be a few months had better be to put a few necessary pickle condiment to add flavor again. Be like: “Ginger of? of the benzene that stew. Garlic. Chinese prickly ash, should put white spirit now and then, the unripe flower that avoid. Still having is brine must bubble arrives dish, if your pickle became much it is good that water lid does not add a bit unboiled water again to dish, be afraid of added water not quite salty good with respect to the salt that increase a point.
The long word that wants dish bubble commonly with respect to bubble: It is not easy to hit? Bai Luobo or the course that are carrot and so on bubble is soft! ! Can stay to do and so on of fish of pickled Chinese cabbage in that way.
The sister also said, had better be not to want melon of put cattle out to graze to be inside bubble is easy in that way bad jar!
Still have even if ten million cannot stick ripe oily certain in that way bad pickle, pickle altar does not fear unboiled water, do not be afraid of fresh pork, be afraid of ripe oil. A nostrum still can be put one fast fresh pork is flavorring in pickle altar! Strange. This is the acquire experience that I lived ten years with mom in Sichuan!
I am in him Guangzhou also bubble Sichuan pickle eats, my pickle altar bubble fast 5 years had not changed brine, can jump over bubble sweeter, open every time smell pickle fragrance very appetite!
This is the experience that I myself make at ordinary times only, the elder sister makes reference! ! !

Salty because you put too much salt,be, hot also be the account that you put too much chili, salt and hot it is according to you each one taste is put, but ginger. Garlic. This a few appearance put Chinese prickly ash more the dot is very sweet.
Any dish are not had wided outside preexistence again of bubble, it is fresh wash clean with respect to bubble, but can bask in again bubble nots allow in that way easy bubble is soft, especially Chinese cabbage and crock beans had been basked in again bubble is best. Especially what crock beans basks in is soft soft again bubble in that way bubble passes one year two years won’t soft, but the very soft ability that wants very small crock ancient stemmed cup or bowl to bask in goes, cannot buy so small crock ancient stemmed cup or bowl in the market now, show what sell in the market to remove a beans with respect to bubble not how long.
A friend says not to want the food with bubble water too much portion this kind of view my individual not quite self-identity. . . . . . .

Pickle wants bubble the popular way talent with real left and right sides of a forthcoming month comes out, beginning is a bit acerbity. Salty, still have the chili when pickle, ginger, of garlic and so on do not cut, garlic decorticates it is good to wash clean bubble together, chili goes using when the head those who cut is best, do not be afraid that chili bubble became long in that way chili rice bubble came out, hiding the truth from altar to moment is chili rice, in that way chili with respect to remnant skin bubble became long with respect to bubble soft bad to other pickle, garlic had better use sweet garlic, also call poisonous garlic, in that way talent is welcome.
Finally is pickle altar wants sealed good, do not vent his anger, do not put in the sun to bask in a place, before like you the sort of altar is being built, seal with one Zhang Baoxian film it is good to build upper cover again on the mouth! Pickle is corrupt often should move give birth to a flower easily otherwise!

Promulgator Sohu netizen

Often should say Sichuan pickle. The pickle of Hunan is actually more delicious. Especially acerbity turnip of brook of our celestial bodies, this is a special skill.
Flying snow elder sister, I am the cate rich passenger that discovers you recently, I like your rich customer very much. After looking, it is not difficult that I just discover panification to wait.
About pickle, our practice cool boiled water is right. Yeast can be put some, but not much, very few. White spirit is not put.
You first acerbity soup of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine, use single material simply namely (for instance the red turnip of good development) bubble. Salt should be put inside, many somes OKer, but not too much. Sealed be in shady and cool place, should bloating go up inside altar cut groove waterproof and sealed, isolation air. Waiting for water erubescent. Sugar should be put of course in water, because we want to eat acerbity acerbity fragile fragile belt to nod sweet pickle, had better be the sort of maltose (we had eaten in one’s childhood the sort of) . Do not put green pepper and cucumber these water content are high, of acerbity soup of easy bang up when greens.
Some of pear silk can be put inside, nevertheless, the pickle acerbity boiling water that such doing is not very much. Had better not put actually too miscellaneous, the education of adverse acid soup and keep in storage.
Acerbity soup occurrence red, the delegate is good. You can taste the flavour of first time, if have too salty, next time bubble makes much square material, brine will be weak, too acerbity, because your souse is too long,be, general the first boiler is mark according to acerbity Shang Gong, the 2nd boiler uses acerbity boiling water, summer with respect to a day or 2 days of Okay, age with respect to 3-4 day, in the winter, if indoor temperature also can be 3-4 day. Do not put too long, such meetings are very acerbity. If sweet taste is insufficient, can put a maltose, or rock candy, do not put red of this kind of finish machining.
I think of so much temporarily, give you reference.
Also ask everybody to get online check the acerbity turnip that checks brook of our Hunan celestial bodies. Ha, very marvellous really. I am far now outside a thousand li, think a cough up very much

Promulgator not breaks Mo Wang

With rock candy or hemp candy replaces brown sugar to be close friends some. I am direct inside cool boiled water add a lot of salt, dish not salt, and inchoate moment is a bit salty, long meet sweet! </b>

Happy event greet mid-autumn abstain moon cake

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Happy event greet mid-autumn abstain moon cake
Graph / article author: Fine water moon
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**** opens a language ****
Zhou Wu made moon cake in the evening, as it happens expresses elder sister to be in, original early she what be about did not go for moon cake, just when 23:45, I did 2 dishes, when the 2nd dish has not entered oven the first dish has been grabbed smooth… I did not take even the picture
I am asked again Saturday redo a few, can take a picture then
Look first see finished product

Begin slow motion to answer let off Cheng

<img SRC= Http://1853.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/10/11c77e6a555g213.jpg>

<img SRC= Http://1853.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/10/11c77e6a5b7g213.jpg>

<img SRC= Http://1853.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/10/11c77e6a61bg213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1853.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/10/11c77e6a64dg213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1853.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/10/11c77e6a680g213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1853.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/10/11c77e6a6b2g213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1833.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/12/11c77e87152g213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1833.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/12/11c77e87186g213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1833.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/12/11c77e871b9g213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1833.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/12/11c77e871edg213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1833.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/12/11c77e8721eg213.jpg>
<img SRC= Http://1833.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/18/0/12/11c77e8727eg213.jpg>

啰 Suo a few:
1. Steal small lazy, the mobile phone takes the picture, did not take watch for a chance, hey, so not quite clear
2. When wrapping moon cake, I was not patted, of pink of skill oily skill, a person does not have a law to take a picture…
3. Actually, actually… actually him moon does not take moon cake, I eat the stuffing of fresh pork moon cake only, ha, so the friend says I am inferior to eat fleshy pancake to stew an egg directly! Good idea, I think so, with a ha breath out </b>

Sweet pig is close child eat 74 abstain cucumber cole

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Sweet pig is close child eat 74 abstain cucumber cole

Graph / article author: Little little sweet pig

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

** of kitchen of ** sweet pig

Day how so hot, actually, heat still can be borne, but fuggy bad to sufferred. Air conditioning left one day, midway tried to close twice, not a little while, temperature is mounted. Open a window, a wind also is done not have, the air blow on the face of damp and hot and come, make a person suffocative.

Follow two boudoir secret agreement originally became good look after children this weekend get together, call, then the head is slouching sound: Hello ~~~ is too hot ~~~ did not go ~~~ next week.

The Olympic Games kicked off successfully, those who aroused husband is motorial, he is nerve really, so hot weather, play the basketball of 2 hours in the morning, run out again afternoon shuttlecock.

Am I held? I also move. I from 9 o’clock half bell begins to clear away a room, brush a floor already at 11 o’clock half, the buttock did not endure bench to begin to prepare lunch. All the time I what clamour consider becomes full-time wife, discover suddenly, actually, full-time very painstaking drop.

This card should be sent yesterday evening originally, but, sent the chop that do not have stannum, I am really those who strand is washed-up, wore a tail.

Did the chop that do not have stannum yesterday evening, always want collocation to nod vegetable, melon has eaten the Qiu Huang that I bring back from setose thiste county so that remain two only, cucumber scrambles egg is to ask everybody did not eat. What I remember mom often is done suddenly is cruel bloat green turnip. Alleged ” cruel bloat ” the time that is souse is very short very short, with ” cruel go ” it is a truth is breathed out.

Cucumber is abluent


Cut seed flesh with the penknife.

In cutting inch of Duan Fang to enter a basin, spill salt, souse 15 minutes.

Take filmy glove, squeeze the cucumber that has bloated go moisture.

Crowded go the cucumber of moisture paragraph, with a few salt (what can taste cucumber is salty degree, master the quantity that put salt) powder of gallinaceous essence, balm, garlic flavors.

Cucumber is fragile tender tastily, following cucumber of cold and dressed with sause is two kinds of different taste really.

Silk of acetic smooth potato

Cut filament tomato patch, use cold water bubble 10 minutes, a few white vinegar is put in water.

A few oil is put inside boiler, join the fish out after blast of a small Chinese prickly ash gives sweet smell.

Put the potato silk that accuses to work, the affiliation that has green pepper silk of a few green pepper, color is some more good-looking, break up fry.

Boil enters sweet vinegar, add salt, chicken essence of life, candy, unripe smoke, break up fry dichotomy bell, give boiler.

Still have the chop that do not have stannum. Go up without stannic chop desk, the eye of fabaceous treasure is straight

Have a meal to also want to pay attention to ” sure ” , be?

Those who abstain cool skin to give a kitchen is close people

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Those who abstain cool skin to give a kitchen is close people

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Weather is too hot, what to eat to feel not sweet.
Like my home supermarket the flavour of that cool skin opposite side,
But that proprietress lets me feel disgusted very much indeed,
Because do not like her,
Last year last year, I one summer did not buy cool skin to eat.
Weather is so hot, I want to eat so again…
Bore N long N is long, acted eventually.

Prescription is the search in the kitchen, forgetting is which master has been done
I did not take the course that washs a face, oneself are busy come nevertheless
This is the face oar that after superstratum water going after setting one night, stays

Fill without appropriate container, of a bit smoother dish evaporate in the home that I use, this is two evaporate is good pieces
Find oneself is good, still can see the fancy suiting on dish

The gluten with good evaporate is below, seem to washed final gluten to still increase a point alkaline, I had not made the food of alkaline to adding evaporate, this is a head, of hair is not particularly good

This is ready condiment, have the juice of mix up of essence of silk of the powder of caraway, garlic, gluten that has cut, chili oil that added sesame seed flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, cucumber and vinegar, soy, balm, salt, chicken

Go up finished product, taste or had held out: ) the hope is close people like

The feeling that has made cool skin this is, 3 money cool skin really not expensive, because be done honest too troublesome I myself also did not do ~ again ~
Person, some moment have to lower his head,
Disposition too gruff does not have advantage to oneself,
After understanding this reason,
I joyfully go buying cool skin to eat on the supermarket,
Hahaha, anyway she also does not know I do not like her,
Come home mix on one bowl big, freeze in freezer
breathing out haing ~ is bright died really!

Abstain bubble any of several hot spice plants phoenix claw

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** of.sohu cate kitchen
Raw material: Gallinaceous claw, bubble chili, do chili, sweet leaf, chinese prickly ash, white vinegar, green ginger, salt, plain boiled water


1. puts the raw material outside the claw that divide chicken into one clean container, drink hot water, bubble two hours.

5 minutes of fish out are boiled after 2. chicken ungual water leaves, cross cold water. Put into condiment immerse in water one in the evening. I put freezer directly.

Good, can eat.

Abstain green deep-fried dough cake

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: -) self-restrained green oily flat bread

Finished product ~~~~~

Abstain the light cheese cake that yoghurt writes down

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Abstain the light cheese cake that yoghurt writes down
Graph / article author: *** flying snow does not have frost
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Revealed two kinds of meanses that become yoghurt for everybody last, but the result did not achieve the yoghurt that I want.
Today, the yoghurt that reveals me to want for everybody again is what kind of.
1, see milk, used the yoghurt of Yi Li’s milk and Meng Niu
2, the recipient that puts yoghurt is cleaned with boiled water.
3, put first a few yoghurt
4, put again heat 40 degrees (this temperature is probably, I do not have a quantity, just compare a hand by the feeling lukewarm tallish dot is OK) milk mixes
5, 45 degrees of a few Wen Shui is joined in yoghurt machine
6, power source notifies 3 hours, after putting a hour again, put freezer to refrigerate (I am in the evening commonly did at 6 o’clock, closed at 9 o’clock, put freezer at 10 o’clock)
Look see finished product

Do with yoghurt introduction namely next, the result is right also

The raw material of light cheese cake:
Cheese: 200 grams, butter: 50 grams, milk: 110 grams, flour: 25 grams, corn is amylaceous: 25 grams, candy: 50 grams, egg: 3

1, yoghurt 500ML filters with sanded cloth
2, the appearance after 6 hours (feel already very pretty good oh)
3, the appearance after 27 hours (how to work quite, feel to still do not work to put 24 hours again)
4, this is serum (drinkable)
5, lie between butter water melts and put cool hind dismiss together with self-restrained cheese.
6, join yoke to mix one by one divide evenly.
7, join milk to mix divide evenly.
8, join the low pink after sift out and jade rice starch, mix is even.
9, dismiss albumen, add candy to dismiss to wet sex.
10, cent second in joining panada,
11, mix divide evenly loads a mould.
12, bake in what oven bottom puts to have water dish, next 160 degrees of warm-up. cake model (tinfoil of the biscuit outside vivid blow mould bottom) put bake dish in, 60 minutes
After been bake, oven one small seam, 30 minutes, after giving heat fully cool put freezer cold storage, the following day again drawing of patterns.

My standard is wronger, it is to be done for the first time, so this cake appearance is inferior to person meaning, mouthfeel is fortunately pretty good. :)

Super and simple abstain pickled Chinese cabbage

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Dear autumn knit birthday, this wanting that assemble nods homebred give presents, regrettablly how also collect is counted not quite. Can do a food food to express intention only!

Say on firm sense, this is not pickled Chinese cabbage actually, what should call after all nevertheless, I also do not know, for the moment makes a name with the pickled Chinese cabbage that carries quote.

Our this locality, the dish of similar pickled Chinese cabbage has two kinds, one kind is the rub that relapses green vegetables with salt, had spread dish next scatter again on salt, press finally on big stone, above the straw on the lid, the ability after 40 days considers do good, this is called salty pickled Chinese cabbage. Additionally one kind, use green vegetables namely, with similar me such method is made, my Mom canal cries then ” flooey whisk dish ” perhaps cry ” water whisk dish ” . Word of this intermediate whisk, do not know how to should be written, pronunciation is such, in vernacular ” whisk ” means, immerse with water. Some seem to still can use fermented glutinous rice, because this cries ” flooey whisk dish ” . This dish and salty pickled Chinese cabbage are different, it is not salty, and made time is a few shorter.

At ordinary times mom often is bought ” water whisk dish ” , fry fry the flesh, eat a noodle ah congee ah, when cole very pretty good. Encounter neighbour some, teach him mom to make, discover mouthfeel is better, and cost is very low, from now on mom also is not bought outside again, all and self-restrained, family also loves to eat particularly.

Specially takes next made courses, consult for everybody.


Too late, because time of it doesn’t matter comes up by day, spend a good birthday to let Qiu Qiu, send add trouble to first, pile up a word slowly again later!

Additional, do not take dish course too for long, feel to won’t be patted really, the horizontal stroke pats vertical stroke, how to feel like, alas…

Abstain pizza: Beef edition

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Material: Flour, milk, yeasty pink, salt, white sugar, butter, beef, ham, green sweetbell redpepper, onion, carrot, pepper, tomato is sanded department, cheese, citric
1, will yeasty pink is changed with 45 degrees Wen Shui, a few candy and salt are added in water, add milk and flour and into dough, a few butter is added to knead to the surface after face become reconciled smooth, use next last velar package is nice, put in warm place to ferment 2 hours or so reserve.
2, fry a few oil is put inside boiler, put the onion that has cut, black pepper, tomato sand department, add stir-fry before stewing of a few salt to fry make pizza juice.
3, cut into shreds sweetbell redpepper, carrot, onion, beef, ham cuts Cheng Ding respectively. Put afore-mentioned stuff into a few salt to mix divide evenly reserves.
4, bake dish go up on one layer butter, put the face cake that has sent booth to make the same score, the hole is poked on cake skin with broach, lest ripe when bosomy bubble, irrigate on the pizza juice that has made.
5, put the ham man that has mixed, beef man again, silk of carrot man, green pepper, crowded on lemon juice, above spread a cheese first piece, put afore-mentioned stuff again. Scatter again next on cheese silk. Oven warm-up reachs 250 degrees, put bake 25 minutes can.
According to a few pizza that make recently summary is as follows:

1, cheese had better choose pizza appropriative cheese, large supermarket just has sell, those who cut silk is direct and OK scatter above. Had better be foreign entrance the sort of. I use what the cheese of bright He Yili does to be not pulled give silk, later, the cheese of appropriative of foreign entrance pizza that niece buys in Qingdao big supermarket is particularly good with. Show a little face to it
Summary: The cheese of the entrance is very expensive, fortunately I do not like to eat, do not know to want again otherwise floriferous we a how many silver.

2, become dough roll the circle is quadrate perhaps, basically bake according to your home dish size and appearance. Because I do not like to eat Western-style food, the key is to cannot eat cheese, also did not buy appropriative pizza to bake so dish, I am baked with respect to what take oneself on used oven dish. Baking the taste that give is same. Summary: Did not defeat a pizza for oneself dish and proud.

3, the data of pizza can be adjusted according to his taste, just did not lack cheese of main raw material. Spoken parts in an opera the food cake that is just like our China, you like what taste to do what stuffing. Without specific requirement, the stuffing of the food cake that is us only is inside, the stuffing of pizza outside just. Summary; Foreign person does not have our compatriots can. Hey.

4, if there is oven in your home, the baking pan that use phone can be done euqally, time is short still, 6 minutes when have the flesh, fruity 4 minutes OK. When I was done that day, nephew says hunger, I did to let him eat first with respect to the baking pan that use phone. Baked with oven again later. Additional, still can do with the microwave oven that has barbecue function. Summary; Conditional meeting is done, do not have a condition to create a condition to also can be done, the key sees you want not to want to do.