Ball of pumpkin black sesame seed [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Ball of pumpkin black sesame seed [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

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<FONT Style= "FONT-SIZE:&Nbsp;16px; FONT-FAMILY:&" Size=3> of body of Nbsp; the Song Dynasty [click this accessibility my Sohu rich guest]</DIV></TD></TR></TABLE></P>
<P>[click this accessibility my sina rich guest]</P>
<P> My early wants to make pumpkin cake, do not like to eat because of the daughter nevertheless, did not do all the time so, but myself likes to eat, when the result takes the advantage of her to not be in the home, I still was done, ah, never mention it I do not eat to her, be herself does not want! </P>
<P>Xian Xiuyi issues finished product to pursue: </P>
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<P>Material: Rice pink 250g, 50g of pink of polished glutinous rice, white sugar 40g, pumpkin 200g, 30g of black sesame seed. </P>
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<P>Practice: </P>
<P>White sugar is joined in 1. ground rice, iron ground rice with boiled water ripe, knead dough. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >2. uses pumpkin microwave oven high internal heat 4 minutes, join dough next. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >3. kneads rice dough divide evenly. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >4. becomes rice dough rub pellet. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" >5. puts face ball into Hei Zhi boil on a few rounds inside hemp, make sphere touchs black sesame seed entirely, put the bomb inside oily boiler next ripe. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "" ></P>
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Coconut silk ball is enraged to block a mouth up

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Coconut silk ball—To block a tone up

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Spend idea to do cate without too much energy really recently, suffer the effect of the cold, add the clumsiness of body of the upper part of the body, the most important is, the shortage of bake material, bring about me everyday night is not to see TV see English declare namely, slack, press a root to forget his to still have the interest that makes cate.

This coco ball, still go up week does, be enraged to block a mouth up namely and of make it.

Go up week, the boss took some of crisp cake to be tasted to me, the colleague that is Malaysia his mom does, the edge eats to say by the side of me: “I also can make this snack. ” the boss does not believe, “Do not believe? Do not believe me to go back in the evening the thing that make a point looks to you. ” ponder in my heart, the watch is looked down upon occasionally.

That evening, difference of old be away on official business of as it happens goes cannot be being returned that day without stannum, nobody accompanies the situation that I play to fall, doing cate is the tool of the goof that I like most.

Search comes search goes, search will make the material of coconut silk ball:

Graph 1: Butter 60g, egg 2, low pink 80g, 50g of shredded coconut stuffing (in the home only of remnant) , candy pink 30g. Milk pressing root is trashy arrive.


Graph 2: 60g butter cuts small, bate. I am to lie between water to heat of 40 degrees of bate.

Graph 3: Liquid is become in bate the egg is added in butter, mix is even.

Graph 4: Shredded coconut stuffing is joined later, mix is even.

Graph 5: In the graph the low white that sift out joins on the foundation of 4 is mixed candy pink, mix is even, good profit comes the coconut silk ball in cake room is very sweet be bored with, if like to eat sweet, can put candy to breath out more.

Graph 6: Mix is even, if too dry can put some of milk appropriately. Cannot too rare, otherwise not figuration is pulled.

Graph 7: Take last time the gender is plastic glove, knead each small group, put what spreading oilpaper to bake dish on.

Graph 8: Oven 200 degrees of warm-up, fluctuation fire bakes 30 minutes. Can.

When baking, I always observe condition, discover the butter in coconut ball was baked entirely flow.

Skin of the rest wonton makes ball of crisp skin shrimp

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How does skin of the rest wonton do? ——–Ball of crisp skin shrimp

A dumpling skin that uses packet of surplus opportunely has made before: How does the skin that bag dumpling leaves do? ——–Fruit candy

This dish uses skin of the rest wonton, spring roll skin to be able to be done

Material: Skin of fresh shrimp meat, wonton, salt, white moustache is any of several hot spice plants, amylaceous

1. takes out the shrimp line of back of shelled fresh shrimps, press with edge of the back of a knife blade next, the edge is ground, make shelled fresh shrimps becomes broken;

2. is in the shrimp meat that has processed, join starch of any of several hot spice plants of one spoon salt, right amount Bai Hu, one small spoon, mix divide evenly;

Flesh of 3. general shrimp along same the agitate with a ceaseless direction, give interest till shrimp flesh, change stick till, hold the group of chestnut size with the hand next;

4. cuts skin of the rest wonton filament, wrap in the side outside shrimp ball, the blast in putting the 6 oily bowl that become heat is ripe can.

The shrimp ball with good blast, OK and tie-in a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt, or ketchup edible, crisp delicious;

Can the taste according to oneself, join in shrimp flesh chili, black peppery, perhaps wrap a Zhi person, change as ball of fill soup shrimp very pretty good also.

Shrimp flesh must along same agitate makes a way, give interest to change after sticking, ability makes a group, otherwise easy and diffuse, mouthfeel also does not have flexibility;

Wonton skin, or what spring roll skin cuts with the knife is finer better.

Cinnamonic apple ball [hutch of lubricious dirt word]

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[hutch of lubricious dirt word] cinnamonic apple ball — trash mug-up

See the friend says lubricious dirt and congee work went up, with a ha breath out haing ~ that today do not go up congee. Drinking congee every day is good convention, lubricious dirt contented at profit of such water water profit early delicate: )

Lie of the what on today? Be ” trash mug-up ” . The haing ~ margin that lubricious dirt of ~ of Xi Xi Xi achieves oneself does an edge to record dosage, not bad, the recipe is exceedingly successful, outside finished product crisp inside soft, aroma is tangy.

How to remember because there are two to put the small apple of a long time in the home,doing ~ of Lie of this trash mug-up is. Still be in the winter probably when buy, other ate, only alone remnant these two, forget neatly. Etc wanted to discover, they had been knitted cling to washed-up, point the desire that does not have really. The eye looks at delicate fall to be hated to part with again for trash throw, not be water billabong be broken bit morer, candy portion remnant is inside. Lubricious dirt is managing model the family boils Fu, must trash is used, consider then gave this delicate small mug-up. With a ha breath out haing ~

These days busy in busy outside do not have time to stay on the net, of friends leave a message to want to wait ability a moment to reply slowly a bit with the comment haing ~

Go up first this trash mug-up — cinnamonic apple ball

1, 30g of white sugar of + of edible plant oily 60ml dismisses

2, join an egg to hit divide evenly

3, bubble of 5ml of + of 90g of rice starch of jade of + of tall pink 90g hits pink to mix divide evenly sieve mixes into the basin divide evenly

4, flay of a small apple is mincing mix in panada

5, panada takes 10g left and right sides to knead spherule shape, dip in on cinnamonic pink, the code is entered bake dish in. Oven warm-up, 180 degrees bake 20 minutes.

Haing ~20 after minute, the apple of full house is sweet with Chinese cassia tree sweet, too bright. Hot move eats, put cool eat, ~ of ~ of good taste Lie is cortical crisp crisp, inside sweet soft, I like.

More and wonderful click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters lubricious this world please:

More and wonderful click please enter color to lead group of cate rich passenger

Ball of fragile blast shrimp

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******* of ball of shrimp of ******* fragile blast

Graph article author: Sit see the cloud rise 00

** of kitchen of ** Sohu cate is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Remember seeing a such words on a magazine: “Rough, resemble air, as long as

You think, its nowhere is absent. Its nowhere is absent..

This rough those who point to is state of mind is lopsided, resemble your bad mood, want you to wish only

Meaning, it can accompany you all the time. What but I also cannot not want these destruction,I live is bad

The mood is accompanying me, affecting my family, I do not want, so, I do not think it, good


Material: Prawn Scamper pink Oily boiler and oil

Practice: prawn abluent go line of head carapace shrimp.

scamper pink right amount (the proportion that there are pink and water at the back of the bag that pack) become paste alive with water.

Treated prawn is put into divide evenly of the work in scamper pink oar. (if time is in in freezer

Refrigerate souse of a few hours. )

Blast of the boiler that enter oil is made. (the shrimp when scamper people can bend naturally, also have do not be willing bent but

Give it in order to use a chopstick to breath out help, roll into is bulbiform more good-looking ha. )

Taste is good still, be restricted only individual taste, can perhaps somebody should not taste? Anyway I

Love to eat with the son.

Again beautiful a piece

Cashew chocolate ball

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Celebrated a festival, celebrated a festival- - cashew chocolate ball

Celebrate a festival today, god-given my diligent bout, breath out newlier. Tell the truth I worked one day today, success is very great nevertheless. One the world will make cake of yam sweetened bean taste, blossom small steamed bread, still have cashew chocolate ball, saline curium chicken, of course, dinner when also gave a limelight indeed in home of husband’s father and mother, ha.

Last deserts give JMS, everybody the festival is happy oh.

Cashew chocolate ball

Material: Fine saccharic 60 grams The butter that do not have salt flour of 120 grams low muscle 170 grams Cocoa small spoon of 1/8 of 20 grams salt Bubble plays powdery 1/2 small spoon
Cashew is right amount

1, butter is added saccharic hit to shape of lacteal frostlike powder;

2, the sieve enters flour and cocoa, salt, mix is even.

3, put freezer to refrigerate half hour

4, dough cent becomes small group, each bag rectifies cashew into, bind pellet state, the surface touchs cashew to break again (it is OK also to break with other nut, I am disinclined to do other)

5, platoon platoon sits, cent fruit, 180 degrees of middle-level, fluctuation fire is baked 20- - 25 minutes, bake show golden scene slightly to biscuit surface can.

Give boiler ~~~~~~~~~~

Indulge one year, eat, flesh length a point goes up nod the flesh

Coconut silk ball

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[Wen Yi] exceed the simple procedure that make——-[coconut silk ball]

Click enter - - " cate kitchen of Wen Yi "

Coconut silk ball

(referenced deal: 12 inches are baked dish a dish)

Material: Albumen 2, fine saccharic 50 grams, shredded coconut stuffing 100 grams, corn flour 15 grams

The measure that make:

1. albumen and saccharic hit to drying epispastic;

2. oven warm-up 180 degrees;

Egg white is joined after 3. coco silk and corn flour mix, the rub that use a hand becomes pellet of 1.5 centimeters of size to emit into bake dish, the superstratum in putting oven bakes about 15 minutes can.

Super 啰 Suo:

The small oven that 1. uses about the family, because brand norms is endless identical, temperature may have nominal error, this him person that should rely on to use fumbles slowly in use process, so the temperature of oven everybody can be made slightly according to the characteristic of own oven adjust;

The time of the 2. thing that bake also is not invariable, for instance this globose biscuit, although press 1.5 centimeters of size to make, but each dishes of amount that puts cookie also but much but little, opposite for a long time bakes the time that make to grow slightly, little corresponding also decrease 9 minutes.

Coconut Balls

(Makes A 12 ‘ ‘ Baking Tray Of Coconut Balls)


Egg White:&Nbsp;2

Caster Sugar:&Nbsp;50g

Coconut Flakes:&Nbsp;100g

Corn Flour:&Nbsp;15g


1) Mix Egg White And Caster Sugar, whisk Until Stiff Peak;

2) Preheat The Oven To 180C;

3) Combine The Coconut Flakes With Corn Flour, and Add In The Whisked Egg White;

Shape The Mixture To 1.5cm Diameter Balls By Hands And Place Them Into A Baking Tray;

Put The Tray Into The Higher-medium Shelf Of The Oven, bake For About 15 Minutes. Finish

Look forward to ball of long already polished glutinous rice

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Had said for ages to want to make a round mass of food of polished glutinous rice, try yesterday evening, never mention it quite delicate still. Give sisters now ” show times ” ha.

Raw material: Pork defect; Polished glutinous rice; Cabbage patch (a swelling on the skin is white) ; duck’s egg is yellow;

Practice: 1. Use polished glutinous rice bleb 5 hours above;

2. meat stuffing puts recuperation to mix according to individual taste divide evenly is stand-by;

0802 cate challenge sweet potato ball

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Sweet potato ball, round reunion circle passes ” potato ” year [0802 cate challenge]

Sweet potato ball
Graph / article author: The day is in wait for misty rain
Raw material: Tomato patch (potato) , yam, soft white sugar, butter
1 flay of potato, yam, stripping and slicing, load respectively last bag,
Will last bag put microwave oven, bag mouth is opened wide, gao Huo 5 minutes,
2 take out last bag, press potato and yam into mud with rolling pole,
3 will put microwave oven Gao Huo of the bowl of white sugar and butter 30 seconds melt,
4 potato mud and yam part as even as agitate of dissolved butter white sugar, the rub that use a hand becomes pellet, put dish in can.

Take the advantage of hot edible, sweet soft.
Sweet clew:
1 microwave oven heats when potato and yam, last bag mouth is not fastened, want to open wide. Measure settling time accident according to what do. Cut raw material small to be able to shorten heating time.
What the 2 candy when making yam mud ball should add is a few less than potato mud, yam itself is sweet.

The ball of fried chicken of fabulous Ao Erliang of 3 evil wolves

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Quite cold yesterday afternoon, north wind whizs blow whizzingly ~~ and why secretary, melon melon comrade we 3 silver make an appointment to get together although ~ still is less than a meal to nod, abdomen is not hungry also, but like us this waits laic met to also can think of to go only cafeteria. 15: 00, take shelter from the wind the pond sits calm, nodded the pearl tea with milk of two cups of warm, an affectionate couple of type of a cup of harbor, the with nothing left that drinks inside 1 minute. Say to also feel puzzled: Went yesterday the silver in that inn does not calculate much, but the speed of serving is strange really slow ah. Later, cake of Guilin horse’s hoof (my love most) , egg whip, pink of sirlon soup river, chi juice evaporate phoenix claw, white bright lettuce each comes up all alone, a dish of Pan Xun fast ground is eliminated by us clean ~~ continues next the next such as anxiously ground. Waiting for steamed stuffed bun of crude fry in shallow oil impatiently a hour, urgent, menace waits a method a moment to had used N second hind, the steamed stuffed bun of this S just twists be affectedly bashful to hold the ground to come on stage… we are solved in a minute hind, decision: Bury sheet! Look for draft of domestic eating house to boil a fish again! ~~~

19: 30, came to shop of a plain food, what present door blow on the face and come is the sweet hot smell of dense, the flavour of Chinese prickly ash of hemp hemp, really comfortable… actually not hungry, ate namely one afternoon ” afternoon tea ” , had been about to faded out of bird to come ~ nodded a the smallest grass carp: 2 jins 6 2, deserve to go up stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of fermented glutinous rice, rice bean curd, still one drawer Xie Er is made smooth with a rake, we solved sweet sweet hot hot ~ 40 satisfactorily inside minute all tasks. Why the secretary expresses end feeling character: “Eventually satiate ” ! After that, take a taxi respectively come home, do not have a word overnight…

Add trouble to, did a ~ of ball of Ao Erliang fried chicken to bloat expecting is the Ao Erliang that hutch art net offers gallinaceous wing is painty. Use for the first time, ah breathe out ~~~

Advocate makings:

Pigeon breast flesh two treaty 220 grams; Wing of chicken of abstruse Er fine bloats makings; Fresh 9 towers 5 grams.

Practice: Flesh of 1 chicken breast is abluent go film, cut the little place that controls into 2 centimeters; With 15 grams wing of chicken of abstruse Er fine bloats makings, salt half small spoon, 15ml rice wine, unripe pink 1 small spoon, garlic Chengdu a few, egg fluid a few, mix divide evenly souse restricts half hour.

(Bloat without this kind of Ao Erliang if expecting, can use unripe smoke, white sugar, salt, white pepper, the condiment such as chili pink mixes modulation)

Scatter pink of right amount sweet potato on chicken next.

Oil is put to burn heat inside boiler, blast of chicken piece medium baking temperature comes below golden can fish out accuses oil. Flameout, use the Yu Wen inside boiler, put 9 towers after crossing oil quickly about 2 seconds, scoop. (9 towers that inviting faint scent instant diffuses to whole kitchen; P~~~ attention: But must not scamper is long! ~ is additional, also want to notice to wipe the moisture on 9 towers ahead of schedule, lest the accession of scamper explodes,give oily drop)

Fill dish, eat ~~ chicken is sweet, the flavour ~~~ that mixing sweetgrass feels not at all be bored with oh ~~ takes the advantage of heat to eat, gust is best!