[Bask in the bowl NO.17] lovely abnormity that basks in me

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The person that loves the life loves cate certainly, the word says: Cate matchs the United States implement, I love the life, also love cate, same love is beautiful implement — beautiful tableware always can let me fondle admiringly.
When the small home that writes down so that be oneself purchases the first batch of dinner service, we still live in the rented house, do not have the tableware of redemptive a complete set of so. Although be a few so fragmentary and redemptive, but also noticed design and color, and later additional moment, carry an original some to be the same as tableware of design and color as far as possible.
Be in such 0 in buying, have the abnormity dinner service of different convention now and then, the meeting because that one joker is lovely and be held in both hands to come home by me. Still the individual brand in the supermarket can be in sales promotion when give a few tailor-made dinner service, also became the target that I love.
Here reveals a few when I collect lovely abnormity bowls.

This is the bowl of ancient painted pottery of an antic face, that outstanding round head nose is the most lovely.

This is the vitreous bowl that a glittering and translucent get rid of appears much shuttle, I am used commonly fill syrup to drink.

This is a polygon is lovely small bowl, weak I like green color very much.

This is the coloured glass bowl that has horizontal grain only, it is the booty of sales promotion activity.


[Bask in the bowl NO.1] that basks in me to take an active part in will bask in a bowl

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The activity basking in a bowl that takes an active part in kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances!
These are the bowls that prefer in small kitchen, see a Han Shi first 4.5 inches of straight mouth bowls, bone porcelain is lighter, exquisite, design quietly elegant. Drink soup, congee to perhaps eat rice to use:

This peony bowl, have a lid, also call face of what Han type the bowl, when appropriate when to use:

Rose face bowl, the mouth is bigger, fill wonton likely, can much soup drinks:

Look come out: Before big hind small? 4.5 inches mix 5 inches, like the design and color of its simple but elegant, look very clean

Bowls the apple is small, 10 deserve to have spoon, still have two exactly like big guy

Come from the wooden bowl of Taiwan: More careful

Contain a lot ofthe bowl of a group of glass of ice crystal cool meaning:
Big, a lot of have in the home, the get rid of that took a fancy to it appears:

Small: Mix fruit salad, did not mask fruity left and right sides of multicolored ~~ fluctuation is shown completely, ah

Oneself do yoghurt of big fruit bead to be filled with it, the humor is good:

Besides wooden bowl, completely microwave is applicable, ah</b>

Bask in bask in young woman soup of delicate a round mass of food makes a process

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Husband says to want to have boiling water of a round mass of food of wax gourd hotpot, buy material, oneself start work, ~~ of have ample food and clothing

Meat stuffing is put into big bowl, add powder of Jiang Mo, onion, sesame oil, 13 sweet below, pink of chicken of coal tub outfit, cooking wine, the attention does not forget add salt, the weight according to him taste is right amount place, agitate ~~

Add an egg next (saying well and truly should be egg white) , amylaceous, a few cold water (put cold water to be not put, and should divide as agitate second put) continue agitate ~~

With the chopstick suitable hour hand churns, can arrange agitate of a direction only, become meat stuffing agitate state of fleshy stiff congee can. Certain not lazy, a round mass of food that makes so only just loosens glossily tender.

Green skin of wax gourd expurgation, slice.

Squeeze ground meat into the meatball with even build, along with squeeze along with in putting bowl, a round mass of food should use cold water when next boiler, do not wait for the boiler below the ability when water leaves. The bolus that wait for the flesh becomes angry when hair is close, use spoon to be driven gently, those who make not adhesion.

Conflagration leaves to heat boiling water after ball has been squeezed entirely boil, put wax gourd piece boil 5 minutes, transfer into salt, pepper rises Shang Weidi.

Put dip gold to install gallinaceous pink finally, drip to be able to have pot into balm.

The soup of a round mass of food of wax gourd hotpot that one boiler lets saliva of stream of people has been done! Fill a bowl in, serve a meal ~~~

Characteristic: Aroma not fat, delicious is goluptious.

Health sticks person: The effect such as pleasant of flavour of wax gourd sex, weak, advantageous make water, clear heat, expectorant, satisfy one’s thirst, among them carbohydrate, vitamin content all taller and do not contain adipose. </b>

Small fennel card eats sauce namely [bask in bask in dressing]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
[Bask in bask in dressing] [greedy interest]

Small fennel card eats sauce namely

Graph article / small fennel

Having a kind of sauce is my home stock, it is thick broad-bean sauce. Of this kind of yellow box is organic sauce, the price of green box is cheaper. Two kinds of thick broad-bean sauce are in general large and medium-sized can buy in the supermarket.

I reform slightly, it eats sauce namely with respect to the small fennel brand that became joker. I call it dawdler sauce.

Material: Green spouse organic thick broad-bean sauce a *300G Beef 0.5KG*1/3 Small chili 2 Celery 1 Green 1 paragraph Peanut oil 80ML Clear water 100ML

Prepare: &Thick broad-bean sauce of Nbsp; green spouse is opened pack, cut open sealed tinfoil, purify is stuck in the layer paper above sauce and deoxidize agent packet. Green of beef chili celery cuts Cheng Ding.


1 Peanut oil is put to burn heat in boiler, put green and chili man to fry sweet, fry into beef man next to become angry.

2 Medium baking temperature, put gouge of green spouse thick broad-bean sauce with small spoon break up in boiler fry, add water 100ML, ceaseless agitate is boiled to divide evenly. What boiled time decides sauce is ropy degree.

3 Put celery man to turn over divide evenly, involve fire.

4 Buy is cool, install a box.

Finished product:

1 One turns into two

2 The flesh has the dawdler sauce of dish, small fennel manufactures.

Dawdler has lazy way: Feed sauce to have a variety of eating namely law, lettuce dips in feed, noodles served with soy sauce, mix rice, fried dish flavors etc. Do not want to cook in you especially when, a steamed bread, face of a bowl of clear water, a piece of odd cake, deserve to get on this to eat sauce namely, it is the name pays actually dawdler practice.

This tasting saltier, the proposal does not add salt additionally.

Add: Cookbook one Face of roll of clear water hand adds a poached eggs, one spoon feeds sauce to mix namely divide evenly.

Cookbook 2 Small steamed bread one, transversely one knife is ceaseless, one spoon eats sauce sandwich namely.

Bask in my home dressing simply [bask in bask in dressing]

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Time insecurity, do not blather, basked in directly.

Oily, peanut oil is used in average home, melon seeds of certain herbaceous plants with big flowers is oily, use tun rarely, it is medium commonly many what packet outfit uses. Standing one pyxis olive oil. Balm likes to use naughty big or of Long Zhuang. <br><br>

[Bask in bask in dressing] : о  Mi Tao

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[Bask in bask in dressing] : ?nbsp; of о  Mi Tao

Graph / article author: A Ludi
[Achieve formerly] ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****

<a Href= Http://ouli58.blog.sohu.com>** clicks the rich guest ** that enters me

When remembering going to school, like to eat a kind to cry ” flavour toot toots ” convenient food, after heating, leave bag feed namely, mix rice has tasted, curry is done, the price is not cheap nevertheless.
I had my kitchen now, need not eat convenient food again, often oneself make curry, not only substantial, and can oneself master flavour, make delicate curry.
Roll out ceremoniously now make curry indispensable: Curry powder. Curry powder price is very actually cheap, as long as use is proper, the effect difference unlike the sort of ointment, of course because in us here buys the sort of ointment curry not easily,I love to use curry powder also is.

What I often do is chicken curry, material is common Curry powder, pigeon breast flesh, tomato patch Carrot

Cut chicken fourth, bloat to go down with cooking wine raw meat or fish, potato carrot is abluent flay cutting is small, put in boiler stir-fry at ordinary times the oil of the quantity, oil just began heat to put curry powder, small fire fries the sweet smell that gives curry slowly, put the bowl below chicken, fry divide evenly, curry should is stained with on all diced meat, put potato, carrot stir-fry before stewing is fried, boiled water is added after frying divide evenly, build boiler medium baking temperature to stew 20 minutes or so, put salt, vinegar, a bit soy, enter a bit milk then, potato is right now soft already sodden, conflagration receives juice, put bit of sesame oil, give boiler.

I cooked rice, curry mixes rice, the sweetest

Small flavoring the food that can make such taste however

Daily necessaries symphony is basked in bask in my home dressing

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Everybody knows, choose good dressing to be able to make your dish graces many, I also am basked in today bask in my most commonly used dressing ~~~

Open the door 7 things, tea of fuel sauce vinegar, that say to will leave:

One, Chai Mi piece:

Ordinarily of modern ” bavin ” it doesn’t matter can say, gas with report just. Ourselves home uses an electromagnetism heat all the year round, add one oven again, basically can furnish all concerned alimental needed. Rice, basically unit hair, but I often am in ramble supermarket when all sorts of rice ancient stemmed cup or bowls that buy packet outfit, mix put in a big jug, boil much treasure congee to drink usually, hey, feel nutrition is very much.

2, oily salt piece:

Oily, what common unit sends is enough used, if have,do not receive when going up, I buy corn oil or sunflower seed oil, it is seldom anyway the variety that has, change taste to also draw a feature additional kind nutrition, was opposite, best and standing a bottle of olive oil is in the home, mix cold dish or now and then use cook.

Salt, the breed in the supermarket is very much, of the filling calcium of filling iron etc, changing appearance ground to buy.

3, sauce vinegar piece

See a few kinds of sauce that I often use first

From left right, stature is the shortest the sort of it is the ingredient that glad mixes extremely bright soy, common fried dish is used at most, supermarket sales promotion when I bought 10 bottles at a draught, of 150ml.

The straw mushroom that the next is sea day often is smoked, when making pork of braise in soy sauce little not. It is the oil of evaporate fish Chi that Li Jin writes down next, when doing steamed fish, mix scallop of evaporate of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch or cod of evaporate of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch when use the most appropriate. The last it is oyster sauce, also Li Jin is written down, use collocation a few Lenten, carry delicacy many.

Everybody saw, with respect to the brand that a soy differs with respect to so much, how do you walk into a supermarket to should choose then? Little secret: Manufacture besides what choose old brand besides, read the content of nitrogen of amino acid condition in soy even. The quality grade of soy basically is basis soy in ” nitrogen of amino acid condition ” content bulk will decide, content of nitrogen of amino acid condition is higher, quality is better, little taste is taller. General what the content of nitrogen of amino acid condition in soy of every 100 milliliter is not less than 0.8 grams is fancy soy, what not be less than 0.7 grams is general soy, what not be less than 0.55 grams is 2 class soy, and what not be less than 0.4 grams is 3 class soy. This number tags the bag mount face in soy, be clear at a glance is breathed out.

See here, the nitrogen of amino acid condition of extremely bright soy measures the ingredient that glad mixes > 1.2, of sea day the sort of > 1, be the good thing with flavour sweet alcohol.

Continue to say sauce, glad mixes the thick broad-bean sauce on the picture, it is the sauce with the best taste that I had had, used scamper to pass to take side of fried bean sauce, perhaps fry naked oats dish of what use flavorred, flavour scarcely can let your disappointment ~~~ , as to ketchup, li Jin is written down and the home is happy pretty good, OK and random selection.

Respecting vinegar, the is Heng Shun commonly Zhenjiang vinegar that cold and dressed with sause of the daily life of a family uses, heng Shun still has vinegar of a kind of so-called state banquet previously, very mellow and. Reference of more knowledge Qing Dynasty eats and drink the card of Manager.

Still be a piece of graph above, say hoosh treasure and curry by the way piece, I like to use usually, taste is good.

Above these are breakfast when of daub biscuit, still have the peanut butter with much N, sort can change taste not less at any time.

The picture is different, black Lan, steamed fish appropriative, the colleague previously sends, my individual feels it does not have the flavour with special what, need is done twice more again will feel again at a draught. : ) as to that hemp thick chili sauce, eat hot mother-in-law water to boil a fish to give, need not eat, the scent that sniffs it solely let a person get drunk, entrance hemp hot delicacy is sweet, with will match potato silk, match A ~~~ absolutely

Still have 1 broken dressing, those who use at most is gallinaceous essence, average supermarket sales promotion which kind of I am bought which kind of, do not have fixed pattern, this for instance it gave one pyxis blessing to face the oil of the door, need acquires the classmates of gallinaceous essence can gallop to the supermarket, it is pretty is appropriate that I feel to return.

The fellow students that had not joined an activity eagerly a bit, old bright and beautiful here cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, let our work move hot again hot ~~~~

[Achieve formerly] bask in bask in me bowl of northeaster affection iron stews domestic condiment — northeast kills pig dish

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Northeast person does dish to be willing to be stewed in disorder, miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the thing of 8 is put in a boiler, bubble bubble stew sodden, take even boiling water course, “Chi smooth Chi is smooth ” the ground is worn rice or steamed bread, can eat in full swing, streaming with sweat. Using because of northeast dish makings, with labour, when using, go up to be not paid attention to, it is so in department of a few big vegetable, northeast without us dish is.

My individual feels, the stewing food that makes northeast is very simple: First broth of stew in shallow water, steaky pork or chop or bone of big stick-means of intimidation are OK. Bit of Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, green Chinese onion, Jiang Pian is added in boiler, the flesh of good scald water or bone are put in, stew in shallow water rots to the flesh had calculated. Wash green vegetables clean, chunk ground is cut cut, throw go in boiler, need not be in charge of. Over- a few minutes, the salt that increase a point, gourmet powder, chopped green onion tone flavors, give boiler to have a meal! Do not have broth really, green vegetables adds water to stew OK also and satiate abdomen.

Think the condiment in my home is little all the time little, only so the thing that a few appearance must use at ordinary times. But for present a treasure, the kitchen in, in horny ark, all condiment in freezer are taken, also placed unexpectedly full one table, when another puts them, actually tired also on breathed heavily.
My this individual is substantial, the leader should bask in condiment, I move all condiment in the home, bask.

Eliminate these, still have oil of green Chinese onion, Laojiang, chili, dried fruit has big jujube, longan, tremella, lily, lotus seed (those who do congee to be able to be used Oh) , do not know to calculate not count? Xi Xi

My condiment is to be in ” happy buy ” in buy, this is our place’s greatest supermarket. In buying a process, can pick the thing of a few old brands as far as possible, not be to be chased after blindly esteem famous brand, because the commodity of big manufacturer is used,rise however can let a person be at ease a little a few.

From left go up right below ordinal for: What the peanut oil that blessing faces the grain blend oil of the door, Lu Hua, Li Jin writes down is unripe smoke, often smoke, the brilliance that the oyster sauce that cooking wine of mature vinegar of the madam’s happy banquet soy, water tower, Wang Zhihe, Li Jin writes down, place produces

This piece ordinal for: Valve of beans of county of pink of cassia bark of aniseed of honey, Chinese prickly ash, rock candy, Pi, thick broad-bean sauce, soft white sugar, tomato is sanded type of department, peaceful is sweet of thick chili sauce, different leftover bits and pieces two go up white is salad of sauce, black is black peppery break (bring back from Russia) , right plant one’s foot

In these condiment, I roll out this ceremoniously east. Of course our place does not produce it, however of Shandong:
Thick broad-bean sauce of spouse of sweet in June green

Northeast person loves to eat dip in pickles, the thing that always can eat raw can take dip in sauce eats: Green Chinese onion, turnip, cucumber, chili, lettuce, bitter Ju, yuan green… , still have spinach, a variety of Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, crowndaisy chrysanthemum… sauce dips in to eat again after scald crosses water, look in southern, especially mysterious.
The home does rural him person previously big sauce, but that flavour average person eats not be used to, I buy the sauce that brew factory produces, brand adventitious. After green spouse appears, I buy this kind only, also had not changed again other. (have a person to tell me, how many additive to add inside it? )

Recommend it, because its sauce is sweet,be full-bodied, sweet in take salty, Xian Xiankuo mouth, can eat raw namely, can do dish to eat as condiment again.

Bag mount has a variety of: Of in bags, bottled; Pack greatly, packet installs. When buying, can buy by the quantity, very convenient.
It is sundry that I go up a few times had bought. After been use, polybag packs threw of course, bottle still is staying, can what puts dress in freezer, want to be less than this to answered a clique to go up use. These basically are them child.

21.8 yuan of great vase, in 9.5 yuan of bottle, 4.7 yuan of pyxis, of big in bags (500g) 2.5 yuan, small in bags (250g is controlled) 1.2 yuan, of course, these prices are the prices before half an year before shooting up.
Pack different, flavour is different, want feel well in bags bottledly.

Dish dips in to eat directly with it normally in my home, now and then take the fish that stew occasionally, but meeting very feel distressed — very expensive. On individual feeling, it and green return really tie-in A, eat together, do not feel sauce is too salty namely, do not feel green is too hot again, mutual and integrated, make up for each other, be worthy of is to be called ” green spouse ” !

Go up only so together simple dip inning pickles, honest too deceive everybody. Many days are in in the kitchen, discover everybody has the dish that kill a hog to be interested quite to northeast, then I am told to detailed ground talk a way.

The authentic dish that kill a hog, that should be done after killing a hog. After the pig has been killed, discharge becomes small, boil with big iron bowl, should boil normally two, 3 hours. The flesh that boil while, can move blood, fill black pudding, also put in fleshy boiler to be boiled together, ripe first fish out, air is cool, cut small. After fleshy stew in shallow water is good, fish out comes, look for bowl of a small iron additionally, bail out broth, put pickled Chinese cabbage, incendiary on stew, fast good when join the cutlet that has cut, black pudding, join salt, gourmet powder next, groups big are surrounded before sitting in boiler, dipping in garlic sauce eats pickled Chinese cabbage, black pudding, sliced meat, gnawing bone, eat extremely.

In the city, also raise a pig without the place without the person, it is to buy a pork or chop or bone of big stick-means of intimidation to come back broth of stew in shallow water, black pudding also is to buy off-the-peg, decrease in eating course changed a course, although return,be those things so, but taste did not kill the flavour of pig dish however.

Without misremembered word, I this is the 3rd go up kill pig dish, there is not a process before, come today detailed (ask everybody to excuse, I can make this food only) :
1, pork chop bone adds meat of a hind leg (actually best is steaky pork) , add water of cooking wine scald, put high-pressured bowl in (to save time) , join above Duan Hejiang of alludes Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark, green Chinese onion piece, gas hind boils 20 minutes on. Flameout warm up a little while.
2, flesh of stew in shallow water while, cut pickled Chinese cabbage. silk of abluent pickled Chinese cabbage, dissect, put in largish basin, immerge clear water, bubble half hours, take out peculiar smell and reduce acidity.
3, good stew in shallow water flesh fish out, air is cool.
4, wait when the flesh is cool, can pour broth into iron round-bottomed frying pan, join the abluent, pickled Chinese cabbage that holds dry water share, stew. Pickled Chinese cabbage is fond of oil, if the oil in broth is too little, can increase a point already refine is good lardy inside.
5, the pickled Chinese cabbage that stew when, cut the flesh with cool air chip. Black pudding cuts small. Reserve.
7, pickled Chinese cabbage is stewed 15 — when 20 minutes, join cutlet, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, stew again 6, 7 minutes or so, wait for noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch to stew soft, join salt, gourmet powder to flavor.
8, pickled Chinese cabbage is stewed rotted, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch also is stewed soft, be about to put in blood sausage, dip is in soup, heat up can (time cannot grow too, otherwise the mouthfeel of black pudding will be too old) , join chopped green onion, cease-fire.

The processing process of pickled Chinese cabbage:

The processing process of black pudding:

The process of the dish that stew:

Bowl of northeaster affection iron is stewed — northeast kills pig dish success.

Juice of main oil vinegar Kabulisha is pulled [bask in bask in dressing]

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** allows without author snowflake, stick a character to the picture must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** originally
[snowflake lane] juice of main oil vinegar the salad in card cloth

Issued 51 centimeters snow this weekend, be a when this village falls the most greatly this year. The car shovelling snow of municipal government is slow in coming, in us this is planted on uptown alley, will also shovel the canal that gives a car to be able to be passed constrainedly only. I comply with with respect to be perfectly justifiable today municipal government appeal, went to work in the home. Communicate with work in the same placing, still have a lot of so street and essential had not been shovelled. Snow was shovelled before oneself door yesterday when, the car that has several courses is given box up by the snow of neat genu, we a few neighbour shifted the car with respect to join forces. These neighbour disappeared for ages, winter everybody the nest is in the home. This ability knows, the Donald next door had sent heart disease to had opened a knife in January; This ability knows, pony brother elder brother’s wife prepares to want to move. Miss the evening of summer really, when before the door flowers and plants watering, with Zun Lin right abandon the days that chat.

Then, made this typical summer salad- - the salad in card cloth.

Make calorie of salad in cloth, get juice of vinegar talking about oil first.
Everybody is familiar with the sort of semisolid shape very much for nothing salad sauce, with pink 1000 islands sauce. Actually the salad of Hesperian, not bureau be confined to uses semisolid salad sauce. Oily vinegar juice is dressing of very common a kind of salad.

Juice of main oil vinegar:
Grape vinegar—-1
Olive oil—-3
Salt——-Right amount (if have sea salt best)
Pepper—-Right amount

Mix above material, exert oneself to do sth. lash is united in wedlock to water oil, can use.
This juice, meet again after quiet place slowly statified, this is very normal. New lash have can use. What it can save 1 week in freezer is long.
<IMG SRC= Http://120.img.pp.sohu.com/images/2008/3/11/0/21/1193784a395.jpg>

Kabulisha is pulled (Insalata Caprese) is a summer salad that Italian Campania area originates. Red, white, green trichromatic, it is the color of Italian ensign by chance, very popular.

Raw material:
Juice of leaf of cheese of lira of tomato, Xian Mazu, bright basil, oily vinegar.

Tomato and bright cheese section, basil leaf is like pieces fruit is too big, OK also briefly is cut a bit smaller.
3 person mix together, perhaps arrange all sorts of design (I discharged a circle to encircle) , irrigate on juice of vinegar of right amount oil, can enjoy ~

Simple tastily.

The key tells the Xian Mazu lira that uses this here.
Approve in on one mention in Sa, equestrian ancestor lira has a lot of kinds of forms. This fresh, mix the Ma Zuli with batch of commonly used Sa pulls cheese not just the same. This kind name is Bocconcini, those who compare caseous form, want share of many a lot of water, and flavour is weaker, flexibility is enougher. It is bulbiform commonly, immerse in rinse or keep fresh in weak brine. Using it to make salad is very good choice, because its water portion is too much,do batch of Sa criterion is not to go up anthology.

Make salad, tomato also should choose juice much. Bite readily go down, fruit juice 4 excessive.

Close little hint:
•Oily vinegar juice applies to this one salad not merely, general lettuce salad can use it.
•Tear apart fresh the law rod that gives heat, dip in juice of a few oily vinegar, also be very delicate oh ~
•You can be in of juice of vinegar of this main oil deserve to be revised by oneself than going up, will suit yourself’s taste. Some people like to add a few mustard, some people like honey candy, some people like to add chili, some people like to add lemon juice. . . . . .
•Without grape vinegar, also can be moved with other vinegar. E.g. fruit vinegar, red wine vinegar, old mature vinegar, sweet vinegar. At hand has what to use. Use the word of other vinegar nevertheless, scale cannot complete according to 1: 3, the chroma that wants itself seeing vinegar will adjust.

Friendship link:
Eat and drink Manager Yours Excellency: How had chosen to feed vinegar? Bask in a my home dressing

Welcome everybody to click a picture, enter the fossa of snowflake

Lively spend good year [bask in the meal of the eve of the lunar New Year that basks in my home]

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Lively spend good year [bask in the meal of the eve of the lunar New Year that basks in my home]

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

The meal of the eve of the lunar New Year this year is calendar year a the most lively year, the meal of the eve of the lunar New Year that because be,has 17 people in all! (First

2 add reach 20) what get together inaccessibly is so neat, strong close feeling is brewed year of more full-bodied flavour, although work hard busily,

But the smiling face that sees family is happy, it is to emerge gently completely in the heart those who move is sweet. . . . . . .

Serving. . . . .

The chickling that Xinjiang grail chicken replaces not dawdle (did not play a side, because we like rice)

Stew fish! (Although delicious, but this sells look, let my " depressed " ! Let my " depressed " !!

Learn to show the craftsmanship that sell now—The boil in a covered pot over a slow fire that upper part of a leg of pork does child! Those who obtained broad masses is consistent reputably!

Chop of braise in soy sauce, taste is good, regrettablly after assistant gives dish hairdressing. . . . . Sweat!

Hairtail of braise in soy sauce. Lead successfully taller and the food that has extensive masses base. . . .

Very welcome water boils cutlet—Northeast also hemp is hot! ! !

Shredded meat pointed any of several hot spice plants (do not add salt, use sauce only)

Eat raw. . . (Face it masses polarization is serious, those who like be profuse in praise, do not like do not use an opening absolutely! Do not like do not use an opening absolutely!!

Sauce crowndaisy chrysanthemum

Cold dish, delicious but compare when peace a bit coarse ha. . . . . .

Go up soup baby food

A round mass of food of 4 happy event (renown large meatball? A round mass of food of 4 happy event (renown large meatball??

Group photo, local. . . . . .

Long-winded: ? of Tuan of hoarse of Yong of Ru short for Weihe River but the likelihood is last (ashamed! ) , never mind ha, let

The meal of the eve of the lunar New Year that my home brims over with strong close feeling draws a perfect full stop for the activity of our kitchen! Ah. . . . . .