[Bask in the bowl NO.17] lovely abnormity that basks in me

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The person that loves the life loves cate certainly, the word says: Cate matchs the United States implement, I love the life, also love cate, same love is beautiful implement — beautiful tableware always can let me fondle admiringly.
When the small home that writes down so that be oneself purchases the first batch of dinner service, we still live in the rented house, do not have the tableware of redemptive a complete set of so. Although be a few so fragmentary and redemptive, but also noticed design and color, and later additional moment, carry an original some to be the same as tableware of design and color as far as possible.
Be in such 0 in buying, have the abnormity dinner service of different convention now and then, the meeting because that one joker is lovely and be held in both hands to come home by me. Still the individual brand in the supermarket can be in sales promotion when give a few tailor-made dinner service, also became the target that I love.
Here reveals a few when I collect lovely abnormity bowls.

This is the bowl of ancient painted pottery of an antic face, that outstanding round head nose is the most lovely.

This is the vitreous bowl that a glittering and translucent get rid of appears much shuttle, I am used commonly fill syrup to drink.

This is a polygon is lovely small bowl, weak I like green color very much.

This is the coloured glass bowl that has horizontal grain only, it is the booty of sales promotion activity.


[Bask in the bowl NO.1] that basks in me to take an active part in will bask in a bowl

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The activity basking in a bowl that takes an active part in kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances!
These are the bowls that prefer in small kitchen, see a Han Shi first 4.5 inches of straight mouth bowls, bone porcelain is lighter, exquisite, design quietly elegant. Drink soup, congee to perhaps eat rice to use:

This peony bowl, have a lid, also call face of what Han type the bowl, when appropriate when to use:

Rose face bowl, the mouth is bigger, fill wonton likely, can much soup drinks:

Look come out: Before big hind small? 4.5 inches mix 5 inches, like the design and color of its simple but elegant, look very clean

Bowls the apple is small, 10 deserve to have spoon, still have two exactly like big guy

Come from the wooden bowl of Taiwan: More careful

Contain a lot ofthe bowl of a group of glass of ice crystal cool meaning:
Big, a lot of have in the home, the get rid of that took a fancy to it appears:

Small: Mix fruit salad, did not mask fruity left and right sides of multicolored ~~ fluctuation is shown completely, ah

Oneself do yoghurt of big fruit bead to be filled with it, the humor is good:

Besides wooden bowl, completely microwave is applicable, ah</b>