Cake of kidney bean of kidney bean darling

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Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Before feeling I had been carried, enter 50 hind (be born the fifties) psychological state ~~~

The fellow of Guo Guo says, the person is in young when just can be willing to think of change, when live after 40 years old without mood environment, working environment, human affairs environment these a variety of. Arrived again a few older, a few somes of slight changes in often can living day after day are not willing. So. Old person most fear a change. . .

And I, I present. Be less than me 30 years old, very special and contented current condition, do not want to know new friend, do not want to go to new place experiencing the life, do not want to have any small fluctuant, take a walk not to think another way, have a meal not to want to use another bowls, the desktop does not want to change new color. . . . I present had lived in mood of 50 years old. . . .

Let me carry this kind of mental state a few somes of moment, fill report I can answer me young again, be willing to think of change which I, should put a ~~~ of false cough up to the heart

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Acquire a mug-up the other day. Leading role is kidney bean ~~~

Kidney bean is the burden that in one’s childhood mom takes Bao pig foot only in memory. That moment goods and materials is not resembled now such diversity. Bao pig foot uses besides ormosia be kidney bean. And kidney bean price often crosses ormosia high, so if go to a country, master home end gives foot of pig of Bao of one boiler kidney bean to come, be highest to the guest entertainment. . .

Eat kidney bean, I should pare kidney bean skin eats the beans inside only every time, when having a meal so, always see I eat two meals to put down a chopstick to pare again a few beanses, mom says I eat very disgustingly. Total meeting check I, then I secretly pare, secretly eat, ha. . . Ten years had not eaten kidney bean, this snack just in time is to use pared kidney bean make it of the skin, need not I am again furtive *^_^*


1. looks, can share what going out is, 4 option: The kidney bean darling that water of bubble of? of carry on Kang is brought up overnight. Take off the darling of naked kidney bean of the dress. The kidney bean appearance that is taken off. Can right go up date *^_^*

2. does kidney bean half jins to immerse after one night, the naked kidney bean of the appearance that be taken off.

3. adds water to boil. If be high-pressured boiler can be boiled very quickly,rot, I boiled half hours with electric meal Bao.

4. boils good Yun Dourong, take the advantage of heat to join a few white sugar agitate to leave. Some beanses were not boiled completely sodden, but I did not crush it, in Jia Zaiyun sweetened bean taste now and then eat two very pretty good also.

The gauze that goes up clean is spread in 5. escape unpunished.

6. goes in kidney bean sand.

7. receives the mouth of good gauze. Squeeze a redundant moisture. Do not squeeze too dry, otherwise kidney bean sand can come loose, cannot shape.

8. does good kidney bean sand. Increase the likelihood that on a few red sanded him make it like. The mouthfeel after putting freezer to refrigerate is first-rate. Icy.

It is to want to do a bit more beautiful, when who knows plastics screwy, make sinister in appearance appearance appearance, violated me completely to want to convey the idea of lovely smiling face. Break down ~~ breaks down ~~~

The big-leaf hydrangea bean curd that I do

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Graph / article author: Qd sea Hqs
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****

Welcome to my kitchen sees ~ ~

Next today coming home some earlier, considering on board go back do the ~ ~ with delicious what, eat some time ago ” evaporate of China bean curd ” gave me inspiration, hum, do a big-leaf hydrangea bean curd.

Allegedly: If compare soja,do the flower of the nutrition in food crops, so bean curd criterion but as the chief in the flower.

Common saying says, “Green vegetables bean curd is protected restful ” , eat some of bean curd cooked food appropriately beneficial healthy.

Purchased bean curd to the market 1 jin, the drumstick that bake 1, come home find out other burden condiment the kitchen on Lima.

Advocate makings: Bean curd 500 grams, pork 250 grams, shelled fresh shrimps makes an appointment with 50 grams

Burden: Ripe chicken silk, carrot silk.
Condiment: Juice of essence of green ginger rice, refined salt, chicken, pepper, abalone, wet starch, balm.

1, grab bean curd hand Cheng Rong, pork chop becomes stuffing, shelled fresh shrimps becomes fine and soft with chop of the back of a knife blade, green ginger cuts end.

2, flavor with condiment, mix divide evenly, I added dot abalone juice.

3, rip the drumstick that bake into silk, carrot cuts silk stand-by.

3, a round mass of food that group of bean curd stuffing makes an appointment with 50 millimeter into the diameter, roll gallinaceous silk, carrot silk, drawer evaporate goes up inside v/arc sale at reduced prices.

4, boil about ten minutes namely ripe. The former juice decant that takes out an evaporate to go out is being fried burn inside boiler, sesame oil of Gorgon euryale spot irrigates Gou Liu to be become namely on big-leaf hydrangea.

Characteristic: Colour and lustre is beautiful mouthfeel is soft tender flavour is delicious </b>

Green sweetened bean taste is sanded

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Green sweetened bean taste is sanded

Graph article / small fennel

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Material: Pool? white sugar Gan Guihua (candy sweet-scented osmanthus) Edible oil Water


1 Gram chooses foreign matter, clear water is abluent.

2 Water is added in boiler and one times of prep above gram. Big baked wheaten cake leaves, cook fire of the make down after 5 minutes, boil gram bead to blossom, desquamate, be like,the beans rots mud. Involve fire.

3 Fry boiler to burn hot oil, put gram sand to break up slightly, join candy, sweet-scented osmanthus small fire breaks up fry, cent letting water evaporates. Midway otherwise stops ground agitate, lest paper boiler.

4 The buy inside boiler is cool, cent is installed at lasting inside bag, press into the thin pancake that makes an appointment with 1CM, refrigerant save.

This is the sweetened bean taste after buy is cool

Bag of sweetened bean taste

This is refrigerant hind the sweetened bean taste that reassume gives

Small eat of green sweetened bean taste is wrapped

When * boils bean, should notice water quantity and bean boil sodden degree at any time, the otherwise when frying sweetened bean taste stops ground agitate, lest paper boiler.

When ** is saved squash of sweetened bean taste refrigerant and OK occupy a space less, and apply again when change aspic easily to break up.

*** candy oil measures the taste take into consideration the circumstances according to oneself to add. Oil of this the \ that taste candy added the 1/5 that sweetened bean taste measures each.

**** fries sweetened bean taste is a work that exercises person endurance really, this sweetened bean taste I am cent second fry those who come out. First time material is added sufficient fry go out to small Gan Cheng, put issue boiler to break up again the following day fry, successful. </b>

The sauce of home of boss of soya-bean milk inn burns needle fish

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The sauce of home of boss of soya-bean milk inn burns needle fish
Graph / boss of inn of article author soya-bean milk
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
Advocate makings: Needle fish;
Burden: Green, ginger, garlic, salt, thick broad-bean sauce, oily, cooking wine;
1, the fish has been handled (this kind of fish is very delicious, a big thorn, island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty calls needle fish) , cut paragraph, join little salt and cooking wine to bloat a bit;

2, boiler burns heat, join oil to be burned, put a fish paragraph, cuticular decoct becomes yellow, mix thick broad-bean sauce, green, ginger, garlic.

3, burn to about 20 minutes, boiler goes out when juice closes more stiffly;


Sweet bittern bean curd works

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Bean curd of *** sweet bittern does ***

Graph / article author: The ** of delicate situation reason of the rainbow in wind of ** of the rainbow in wind

Like the food that pot-stewed fowl has grow this kind to have taste particularly very much. Whatever material, complete by the soak of one boiler bittern fragrance continous is long, and this boiler water can be in moist other while absorb more elite and flavour, make oneself more rich and full-bodied. Boil thicker more, boil sweeter more.

Feel disgusted very much in one’s childhood a few more elderly person says to oneself: The rice that the salt that I had eaten has had than you is much still. Often encounter such person, have more in the heart refuse to obey.

Be brought up slowly when oneself, the life course of every little bit, can precipitation of a lot of things comes down. Be accumulated more, age grew, just look get junior when mix flightily dauntless. Just detect, no matter be those when or be right now oneself, stopping is salt eats not quite.

Just have a bit realize, experienced without all previous, did not live, can you boil how is those who give pair of all things everythings on earth open-minded and calm? How to achieve again ” remain indifferent to other’s opinion, the flower before viewing law court blossoms fall; Go staying innocently, look at easy of celestial cloud cirrus ” state?

In life ” salt ” , really bit by bit of ability tasty ah!

Bean curd of ********************* sweet bittern does ********************

Material: Root of bandit of Nai of anise, hill, sweet leaf, cassia bark, flesh, clove, fennel, licorice, Jerusalem artichoke, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, sweet green, ginger. Load flavor bag
Burden: Rock candy, soy, cooking wine, salt, water

1, soy, cooking wine, salt, rock candy is entered inside arenaceous boiler, add water
2, material loads condiment Bao Fang enters arenaceous boiler, small fire turns after big baked wheaten cake leaves, boil about 1 slow half hours, boil a thick fragrance can
3, after bittern has been boiled, can use continuously, jump over bittern to have taste more

1, the bittern that boil and the container that save bittern should use arenaceous boiler or enamel boiler, cannot use metallic container
2, the material of bittern and dosage are not very strict (what reflected Chinese meal really adequately is broad and profound, do not say to appear, let yourself comprehend) . Anyhow it is what to uses, nevertheless the quantity of the medicinal material also is not put too much, herbal medicines in a prescription of the meeting after been boil otherwise is overweight, think the kitchen turned Chinese traditional medicine into the room. Use here these, held two condiment bag, the capacity of arenaceous boiler is 1600ML about
3, bittern can be used for a long time, but if not commonly used word, also should lie between 1, 2 days are about boil, can become moldy otherwise

Bittern bean curd works
1, stripping and slicing of boreal bean curd, next boiler are used panbroil to two sides golden
2, in putting arenaceous bowl, enter bittern, boil about 30 minutes, after involving fire again stew a little while
3, the bittern of bittern bean curd should be filled alone come out to use, because bittern crosses the bittern of bean curd,deteriorate easily. Bittern is other food is irrespective.


The lima-bean of dish of the daily life of a family fries diced meat [my mid-autumn]

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The Mid-autumn Festival is in the Chinese’s memory, with the Spring Festival, also be the festival of a reunion, outer adrift person most the usual common occurrence in the home of nothing is more… than of longing, although common, although ordinary, someone says longing is dish of a the daily life of a family, someone says happiness, then namely actually dish of the daily life of a family, the contain in flavour of these the daily life of a family the affection to family and memory, in some time some is engraved remember, can be a kind of longing.

“Of lunar hereat countryside bright ” , the time that leave home grew, the state of mind of the delicate cate that misses hometown is greater and greater. The have dinner outside arriving occasionally, face the fancy cooked food on the desk, do not have an appetite actually, seek the perception that is less than the least bit cate, always feel what the elephant nods less in the heart like. And in the home, do dish of simple the daily life of a family to eat, the sort of sweet feeling arises spontaneously.

Cannot overlook course of the daily life of a family, with respect to the parental family as cannot forgetting oneself same, because be in that familiar flavour, can the foster favour of parents of recall with emotion; In that familiar flavour, can experience favor changes in temperature deeply, recall once those family members that support all the way and friend. In taking the course of the daily life of a family below readily readily, full of strong countryside feeling, in the dish of home town, the feeling already returned memory it seems that medium yesterday, in course of ordinary the daily life of a family, the sense seems to already returned the native place with old long parted, still that cannot describe the dribs and drabs that come out entirely with the character…

Mid-autumn, had a holiday, come home eat dish of the daily life of a family to go, ah.

One, fresh lima-bean, it is young soya bean pares those who come out, one jin 3 5.

2, Rouqieding, add starch of a few pea and a few liquor to catch divide evenly, bloat one small conference.

3, red pimiento also cuts man.

4, fry diced meat first, fill piece reserve.

5, more than oily conflagration fries lima-bean.

6, lima-bean when eight maturity, join the diced meat that begins to had been fried and Gong Jiaoding.

7, add right amount salt to flavor, the lima-bean with fresh and tender faint scent fries diced meat with respect to OK.

Scallop of evaporate of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Scallop of evaporate of vermicelli made from bean starch of ***** garlic Chengdu: Whose delicacy did grab? *****

Graph / article author: The ** of delicate situation reason of the rainbow in wind of ** of the rainbow in wind

The friend comes to the home have a meal, the friend says: Want to eat seafood big food. OK, sure.

Then, with the simplest method evaporate of Chengdu of a 6 scallop, vermicelli made from bean starch, a few garlic.

Put a lot of a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch, say to the friend, you eat scallop, I take vermicelli made from bean starch, see the sincerity that I entertain a guest?

Of feel at ease and justified eating to suck sufficient the vermicelli made from bean starch with scallop delicacy and garlic sweet Chengdu, the friend sees me eat to compare her more with pleasure, went from the clip in my bowl suspiciously the vermicelli made from bean starch with a few not breathtaking appearance.

Next, erupted to contend for the small-sized war that grabs vermicelli made from bean starch to eat on table. Although was put a lot of, still be by us two pieces not the dispose of of small mouth try to be the first of cherry, the fountainhead scallop of little taste, it is however by desolate.

Vermicelli made from bean starch is to absorb confluence only by person flavour, make oneself are full-bodied and inviting most rise. Appearance still is then the portion does not show the native with not roric hill however white temperament.

Had heard a lot of love story, accompany others to date, oneself however by photograph of the other side in
Had heard story of a lot of star, accompany others to try lens, oneself became protagonist however

The destiny is operating worldly joys and sorrows, make life ascertain errant.

Do not want the appearance is not breathtaking unimportant person beside negligence forever, not show one’s feelings perhaps is merely have not decay is finished.

Explicit gentle and simple is proper time only the standard is measured to differ inside the space, who knows again when, who can grab first (bright) ?

****************** of scallop of evaporate of vermicelli made from bean starch of ***************** garlic Chengdu

Material: Scallop 6, vermicelli made from bean starch, garlic, cooking wine

1, clean scallop, purify of all black part, reoccupy flow water is rinsed clean, scallop carapace clean down
2, bloat scallop flesh a little while with a few cooking wine, salt, at the same time bubble vermicelli made from bean starch, garlic mincing or press mud
3, a few oil pours in boiler, garlic Chengdu falls to fry a fragrance to be filled namely after oily heat piece
4, the vermicelli made from bean starch with soft bubble is placed on conch, put the shellfish meat that has bloated again, put garlic Chengdu again
5, with little of oily add of evaporate fish Chi water mixes divide evenly, drench go up in every scallop
6, evaporate of boiled water boiler 5 - 6 minutes
7, like hot, still scattered amid of some of chop any of several hot spice plants two go up


Young soya bean mixes miscellaneous stay of proceedings

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

This dish summer eats is very tastily, suit the friends of loss of appetite and weight in summer.

Raw material:

Xianggu mushroom, smooth stay of proceedings (if conditional, can put a few kinds of dawdle more) , new towering any of several hot spice plants (this very crucial) , young soya bean (can not want)


Chinese prickly ash, chili face, balm, vinegar, salad oil, salt, chopped green onion, jiang Mo, mashed garlic, sesame seed


1. dawdle rips small to be thoroughlied cook with clear water (the salt that increase a point) , cross water iced

2. general balm, vinegar, salt, chopped green onion, jiang Mo, mashed garlic, sesame seed mixes together to reserve

Oil is put inside 3. boiler, chinese prickly ash, chili face explodes sweet, filter next broken bits child, will hot oil falls into mixing good condiment

4. puts the dawdle that has boiled and young soya bean in condiment to mix divide evenly can


Potherb mustard young soya bean fries shredded meat to add way of souse of potherb mustard family

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Young soya bean of *** potherb mustard fries shredded meat to add ** of law of souse of potherb mustard family

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

Shanghai person is preferred in summer eat pickles, because go with rice is delicious, I had seen a MM had done a kind of pickles inside jar previously, oneself also try to had made taste pretty good still, this is new learning today, the practice tastes simply special still sweet, time of souse of the mainest pickles is short, potherb mustard of general 2-3 day can eat, I feel I do potherb mustard to be at ease quite, farfetched thing won’t be added in souse process, so everybody can try to do do look, the way is exceedingly simple also, I open jar this morning, a fragrance came out immediately, add young soya bean and shredded meat, the classical dish of Shanghai person gives heat.

Saline 50g adds the water of 400g, I matched such proportion 2, small mustard 2.5 jins abluent, put salt solution in a tank, put small mustard, pass a few minutes to flip through, spend 2 hours so, small mustard is met shrivelled was dropped, put even water belt food finally last in the box, enter day of freezer souse 2-3. (the hand that notices souse and container do not stick oil, it is easy to have oil bad. )

The potherb mustard with good souse is rinsed, cut Cheng Xiaoding next, prepare man of a bit young soya bean, chili, wine of feed in raw material and little give birth to pink inside shredded meat, put in 5 minutes with divide evenly hind.

Oily boiler delimits below shredded meat medicinal powder, outfit basin reserves, chili man explodes sweet outfit basin reserves, the boiler below young soya bean breaks up fry moment, issue what potherb mustard and chili keep all the time to break up fry, till fragrance comes out, next shredded meat and candy, gourmet powder flavors, need not put salt again, because potherb mustard is salty, good Gong Gong is green a green dish is OK edible.


The bowl is then good in memory drunk jellied bean curd

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Graph / article author: Ka Ka
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

<b> is clicked enter — the cate sky </b> of * of * Ka Ka

<b> place of the certain on every heart, always a memorial brandish does not come loose… </b>

Love to bilking father to take me to leave home most in one’s childhood the place besides one station ground, because over there what make a market paint iron sheet house of green, be equivalent to the vicinity of a city gate of present edge street. If go there in the morning, mean can eat the jellied bean curd over there, if other time goes, that father gives Ka Ka to buy yoghurt to drink with respect to regular meeting.

Remember medium yoghurt and having like present yoghurt pack elegantly, however a simple approximately coarse ivory porcelain jar, one piece is imprinting the oilpaper of blue brand is secured with gules elastic as heal. Memory also does not have comfortable seat in medium iron sheet house, however a small short table and a few small campstool. Namely such, the Ka Ka small mouth of childhood is small yoghurt that sipping appreciably has some of sick at heart, the father that awaits on the side all over the face smile, at this moment what kind of happiness is breathed out! — up to now the yoghurt that Ka Ka does not love to drink certain brand, the reason is it too sweet, in one’s childhood taste is affected all the time now.

Father loves to drink jellied bean curd very much, perhaps be genetic, ka Ka also loves to drink jellied bean curd as a child, nevertheless Ka Ka woman does not love to drink however, catch up with so on the weekend, what father can put Ka Ka in him is big Ka of Ka of the belt on the beam of 28 cars goes eating deep-fried twisted dough sticks and jellied bean curd over there iron sheet house — ate to go to another bringing cover baked wheaten cake to Ka Ka woman again. Sell jellied bean curd also have distinguishing feature very much, money is made over there the small table of our preexistence doorway, the Xiaotie that takes volume of on two a yuan of coin piece — an iron piece on behalf of a bowl of jellied bean curd — taking iron next piece go changing jellied bean curd over there Great Master father. That Xiaotie piece impressive in the brain of small Ka Ka, the dog of a pieplant that likewise impressive is his home — day, still have a dog — Ka Ka hides at the back of father every time, of filled with apprehension transient its beside, and its a respectful form of address for an old person is forever lackadaisical inclined looking askance Ka Ka, a pair of appearance that distains to be considered — I make my territory under one’s control advocate.

That jellied bean curd but really good drink!

KaKa loves to drink soya-bean milk very much, every time lane of transient bean curd can let Ka giving Ka buys soya-bean milk to drink, but always feel not quite sweet thick, then oneself bought soya-bean milk machine. The soya-bean milk of complete beans, the soya-bean milk of food crops, the soya-bean milk of red jujube, the soya-bean milk of black rice, the soya-bean milk of buckwheat, curious and eccentric soya-bean milk has been done, in one’s childhood iron sheet house skipped to come out again, the net bought the ester inside one pouch — 3 money 100g, good petty gain is breathed out — so, myself should do jellied bean curd!

[raw material] (two people portion)
Soya bean (a big) , water (add to graduation mark) , inside ester (make an appointment with 5g) ; Black agaric (3) , chrysanthemum (10 come) , green, soy, salt, amylaceous.

1, dry soya bean shifts to an earlier date bubble extends in soya-bean milk machine, add water to do soya-bean milk.
2, bubble of black agaric, dry chrysanthemum leaves, mincing; Green cuts end.
3, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk filters after soya-bean milk has been done, put in big bowl inside ester, the soya-bean milk with irruptive good sieve, the edge develops edge agitate, put after agitate divide evenly aside quiet place — did not want to move it again absolutely — become namely after about 10 minutes.

4, hot pot cool oil puts chopped green onion to explode sweet, enter soy, boil hind joins black agaric and chrysanthemum, water is added to come to did not cross both after be being fried slightly, right amount salt is joined after be being burned again, water starch is joined after agitate divide evenly — can put more some — boil to ropy hind involve fire.
5, with made the same score the ladle of a bit greatly piece a right amount tender bean curd, irrigate juice, eat — love eats to still can add chili oil hotly.

Although <b> is not authentic, but enough already good drink, the sort of special flavour in just be being remembered however

How cannot be also found. </b></b>