[Beautiful 3 eat the dinner that a day of cate recorded 002] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Say strictly, this is not to be in what river source eats any more suddenly

When returning afternoon, cry through ” Ma Bei ” place, the fleshy bolus here is very famous, hear of flourishing period, can a lot of person opens a car to often run far to buy fleshy bolus greatly.
The fleshy bolus in fokelore is in rub when let it growing a small tail designedly, in order to become one distinguishing feature of local, play a tooth tastily.
Since we come here to pass, by the way Mu Mingyi is tasted!

Take a shop sign at will

Choose a fascia course ” fleshy bolus soup “

Really ” famed do not meet ” ah!
The fleshy bolus small tail in fokelore disappeared, the meat is very real, play a tooth tastily not at all, soup is a very heavy peppery flavour, fail!

“Brew 3 treasure ” , have aubergine of wine balsam pear, wine and composition of the any of several hot spice plants that make a top. Make a coarse food!

Taste is good still, juice is very grumous, but why to say it is coarse?
Because make the pork inside, it is to do not have chop to pass unexpectedly, a posse round ground is random a place of strategic importance goes in!

“Steamed catfish ” , this dish not result do not pass, quite delicate still. Him friend does not love to eat catfish, because we love to ate to also be nodded, touch!

“Qing Dynasty fries sweet wheat ” , be the green vegetables that gets recognition fully! Fragile, tender, sweet!
Finally still is I clean ground, how can I eat so, alas ~ ! ^@^

A day when enjoy cate, did not draw full stop at this point, because answer me excellent, still drank two bowls of amah Bao ” coco chicken broth ” , hey hey ~ !

- be over - the thank is viewed and admire!

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the breakfast that a day of cate recorded 004] river source on October 10

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The name of a place that river source is Guangdong breaths out ~

Accompany a friend to answer the peaceful county that a married woman’s parents’ home goes to river source city the day before yesterday, set out to come home afternoon in the morning, how didn’t time haste play, but eating is not little, renown accord with actually ” beautiful 3 eat ” , early midday is late 3 ha! ^O^

The order that we develop by time below records the brigade of cate of below one day: )

About much at 11 o’clock when to peaceful county, this time has a thing, do not know to be breakfast or lunch really!
The friend takes us to take place famous ” tripe Guang ” , it is a bit strange that this name is listening be, what take a cattle namely actually is splanchnic, niu Za and so on

Tripe Guang has sold, do not have the luck to eat sth delicious to be tasted!
This bowl of full thing, be Niu Za, have bowel ah abdomen ah… still have other the position that I say not to come out: P

Place trimly on the desktop on call bowl, rely on what the wall is putting to have chili, mint, unboiled oil, soy, chopped green onion…

Niu Za scald is ripe

The Niu Za with ripe scald is put in the bowl, irrigate the soup that goes up to had been boiled beforehand to calculate success again ^O^

A bowl of so simple ox is miscellaneous, put the mint with one appetizing gather unexpectedly (beautiful nevertheless beautiful classmate says is jingjie likely)
Soup is the Qing Dynasty that comparative sweet, not at all be bored with, still have the faint scent of sweetgrass

See the shingle of this small shop

Putting 4 pails of coal, it seems seems those who had burned

Corresponding past is 4 coal furnace, 4 bowl contain respectively above the boiled water, clear soup that has boiled, sirlon that has stewed, still have an outfit what?

There is a bowl unexpectedly in this boiler!
This can’ts help letting my be filled with deep esteem!
Although alexipharmic means is very vulgar, but put in alexipharmic ark compared with those bowl, but the restaurant that did not open electrify source however, is this to come so that have sincerity more? !

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the lunch that a day of cate recorded 001] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Ate Niu Za, we turn immediately went eating lunch…
The food of this restaurant is very good also, assist!

Go up first one earthen bowl ” soup of wax gourd of evaporate lean lean ” , pork is farmhouse pig, boiling water is very clear sweet very clear sweet, I drank a bowl another bowl…

Look be like very common ” decoct bean curd ” , but very tender very slippery, I ate another…

“Bao of green vegetables taro ” , taro very continous is very slippery the Shang Ye inside Bao of very goluptious ~~ is pretty good, but had not drunk fell: P

“Green oily chicken ” , the chicken with good evaporate, explode on shop of burden of first class of sweet ginger, green, green, aroma is tangy!

“Heart of clear fried dish ” , fragile, tender, sweet! Finally is by me this meat animal solved it entirely unexpectedly!

This one really special and unusual drop is satisfactory ~~

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat on October 7 004]1006 dinner

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*** [is beautiful 3 eat] 1006 dinner ***
Graph / article author: Sun is bright
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The wild rice stem on the market is not expensive now, saw others buy, I also bought a few, come back not to know to make what food again, wanted a long time not to think of today’s dinner leading role, flesh of braise in soy sauce burns wild rice stem, do not know to belong to do not belong to achieve formerly (ah ah) .
Make pork of braise in soy sauce first namely actually, join wild rice stem what the flesh burns almost, very simple

Still agaric of a dish pumpkin scrambles egg

The staple food tonight is flapjack of the daily life of a family, in us the method that be as follows does home handiwork flapjack, the baking pan that use phone is not to be done so, if use electric baking pan very can hard, so if somebody has fun at the word of this prescription, but must not use electric baking pan.

1, boiled water knead dough;
2, flapjack is in common fry boiler or pan, cannot use </b></b> of electric baking pan

[Beautiful 3 eat on October 7 005]1007 dinner

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*** [is beautiful 3 eat] 1007 dinner ***
Graph / article author: Sun is bright
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Transient the press wells balanced, think of suddenly for ages to did not read evening paper, bought:
“Master, come portion evening paper “
The master says: “Oneself are taken “
“Wait a bit, I see the pocket money that has 5 hair breath out “
The master says ” one yuan, without the newspaper of 5 wool “
“Ah, rose in price? ! How long? ! !!
“Half many month. “Half many month..
Then, I paid a yuan of money to buy portion paper.
Good gracious, newspaper rose in price, I do not know, and went up one times, there are a few comrades to also taking a yuan of money beside me picking newspaper, because sold the master of newspaper to say " newspaper one yuan, do not have 5 wool ” .
Write down so that roadside sells the master hand of evening paper the pocket money that this is taking very much wool before, change in the hand now take one yuan.
Rise in price 100% , prices is really flying go up, the gas that news says Beijing again today is waited a moment general goes up 1 wool is much! The car also leaves not to rise!
Hey, what moment goes up the salary of 100% ah.
Return dinner, do today burn beef, this chunk beef just 16 yuan many, be less than 17 yuan, with husband two people did not eat, a variety of Chinese cabbage 1 yuan, probably dinner spent 20 yuan or so, substantial, and still have a lot of flesh, breathe out after breathing out!
Raw material: Garlic of ginger of sirlon, green turnip, green, anise, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili
Pi county thick broad-bean sauce


A variety of Chinese cabbage

Staple food: Rice
What rice is guessing this? Is honey peach rice still pineapple rice?

Ha, it is yam rice, the yam color that buys this is a bit light ha, but taste is good. It is OK that rice and yam man are boiled together. </b></b>

[Beautiful 3 eat] two festal big eat of the individual

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National Day holiday is a busy holiday, home of mother-in-law of home of grandma home grandmother, also cannot little. Meet with the friend even, shop, looked for us one day eventually two go to market buying food, oneself make big food to oneself.

Bought fresh gallinaceous gizzard, this wanting that do gizzard of chicken of white any of several hot spice plants, but Beijing buys white chili very hard really. Changed black pickled Chinese cabbage to fry gallinaceous gizzard.

Very simple way, gallinaceous gizzard uses Shui Chao, take out section, immerge cold water is stand-by. Black pickled Chinese cabbage is washed, otherwise easy very salty, cut Cheng Xiaoding. Oily boiler explodes below green ginger sweet, issue gallinaceous gizzard stir-fry before stewing to fry next, fry gallinaceous gizzard fast ripe when join pickled Chinese cabbage and any of several hot spice plants of a few wild hill, do not like hot need not put. Fry together next ripe can give boiler.

It is scallop next, garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch politics, bilk a dish of not tire of.

Vermicelli made from bean starch leaves with lukewarm bleb, press a garlic into garlic Chengdu, the half uses deepfry, scamper joins a few salt, seafood soy, oyster sauce, candy to mix afterwards divide evenly. Scallop takes the flesh from housing, after cleaning conch clean, put the vermicelli made from bean starch with posse good bubble, put Chengdu of a few unripe garlic and the scamper garlic Chengdu that had mixed, shellfish flesh superpose, add Chengdu of oily garlic on shellfish flesh again. Next 6-8 of boiled water evaporate minute, close evaporate of the empty after fire 4 minutes.

Steamed fish, did not buy mandarin fish fish this, those who use is weever. A ginger is put in the abdomen after the fish clears clean a green, 6-8 of boiled water evaporate minute (depend on piscine size) , close igneous empty evaporate 4 minutes next, the double deck a pot for steaming food that I use, scallop and fish are done together. Place the fish after evaporate is good dish in, piscine body is scattered on green ginger silk and caraway. Oil and oil of evaporate fish Chi are put inside boiler, heat jointly, the mixed liquor inside boiler involves fire after body is boiling, irrigate in piscine body.

Finally even a green vegetables, come the chrysanthemum food that I like, do not cross me very be afraid of wash it, because inside have slug easily, today is the dish that husband washs, meal is so sweet all the more.

Come again bottle of fruit juice, very big festival late banquet.

[Beautiful 3 eat the breakfast of the beautiful sunshine with god-given on October 3 02] and Shu Xin

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Enter October, european air temperature drops so that want than in former years this year fast, and it seems that more metabolic multiterminal: Still a moment ago was well sunshine, suddenly perineal rain is unbroken.

This brash unlike summer — the meeting before the brash has a lot of mew to fly in the city to avoid maritime rainstorm, people sees mew came, knew to should come home; The autumn here still can be forecasted without what messenger, many times, I am very happy go below sunshine, the heavy rain that is arrived suddenly as a result drenchs all over drenched. . . . . .

Sunshine is beautiful all the more today, I stood in the garden to decide for a long time, see the sky does not have a cloud, see neighbour again already of too impatient to wait what eat, newspaper was taken outside, I also call me the home rapidly that gets up, enjoy god-given sunshine breakfast. He hears fine day, one roll rose — European sunshine is honest too little, sunny weather seems to collect treasure euqally precious.

Here person has a meal simple, without complex cooking process, but variety is quite rich still, we have abundant time in the morning (because average time going to work is,controlled at 10 o’clock) , the preparation that need not no hurry unbearably so, the wheel cheese that I made sauce of the cornmeal, coffee, fruit juice that I extract, milk, egg that boil, peanut butter, butter, salad, honey, chunk, chocolate, bread that oneself bake, outside bought sop — these two kinds distinction is him baked comparison is hard, have mouthfeel quite, use commonly add butter to eat, the sop that buys outside is besmear conserve and peanut butter commonly.

Change an angle to come to a piece, sunshine is sufficient a bit dazzling, warm those who warm is really comfortable. . . . . .
Breakfast I am commonly drink black tea — my stomach is bad, black tea raises a stomach, coffee is told to me too powerful, do not suit to rise in the morning the stomach of empty sky; Fruit juice is to cooperate sunshine, feel very tie-in; I do not love to drink milk, but love eats cereal, use milk collocation so, make oneself much eat a bit.

Our small egg handleless cup. Everyday an egg is indispensable. I eat an egg to like besmear salad sauce, my home likes besmear butter that, the salt that spills little is black perhaps peppery.

After eating an egg, can take bread. The sort of roundlet that does oneself dissections among biscuit, cheese of the wheel on clip piece, especially other and delicious; The sop that buys outside uses clip honey, honey is right the body also pretty is good, my home likes that to take besmear peanut butter, or salad sauce, scatter on a few chocolate is drossy, also have local color very much.

Be in previously home I do not have breakfast, because Lai Chuangqi does not come, eat breakfast without time, must eat now — the person because of here is the lunch time that did not secure, no hurry to eat, busy did not eat, so we two what eat in the morning is very much. Those who eat is good, ability works!

Happy mood, because,perhaps be merely beautiful sunshine. . . . . . </b></b>

Happy dinner [beautiful 3 eat on September 27 005]

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The happiness of from morning till night

“What does dinner eat today? ” this may be I am everyday in the heart a sentence with maximum talk about again and again.
The elementary school on the son 5 grade, chinese meal eats in the school, of be practical and realistic say, the food of the school is very general, the vermicelli made from bean starch, pickled Chinese cabbage, wax gourd, bean curd, cook again fat that still the son does not love to eat is the course that often takes etc, now and then flesh garden and likelihood in January also the drumstick that not likely has bout is a son love most ” working eat ” . I and his pa everyday lunch also is in unit dining room or a bowl of face is solved. So dinner became our home everyday an important thing, act on the mood that becomes breeder of good people satisfaction, I am the one head getting after coming off work takes a kitchen commonly… I am mixed rarely father and son two leave at the same time eat, always rest first in sofa meeting eat again, because tired, because lampblack flavour gets delay one delay.

“Mom, too delicious! ” , patting abdomen smally to say.
“Wife, pretty good, be delicious! ” lifting a chopstick greatly to nod again and again say.
This is me everyday after dinner most most two opinions that expect.
Alas, yellow face mother-in-law drills so namely drip!

Onion explodes bittern beef

Hot pepper pig’s large intestines

Element fries beautiful dish

Aubergine of cold and dressed with sause

Soup of egg of a variety of Chinese cabbage

</b></b> of a photograph of whole family

[Beautiful 3 eat on September 26 one fish of 004] two eat

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Say the fish is high grade protein, having a fish more is a kind of good food convention. Mom goes this morning the market bought 4 jins of heavy bighead, this nature became the protagonist of my home dinner, the first is the head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants that becomes with piscine head, sweet tender hot bright, extremely delicious ~ is piscine body is done redly the 2nd carbonado, very tasty, I what eat extremely ~
Light has the flesh to be no good, vegetable also is little not leading role, the hyacinth bean that heats today, mixed white cauliflower and green cauliflower, two very simple Lenten, but nutrition really very rich ~ still has the young soya bean that boil to drink earthnut, do not know this calculates do not calculate dish, ah
Staple food, today is coarse food grain entirely, evaporate pumpkin, unbroken, sweet, the corn that boil, still have meal of food grains other than wheat and rice, there are all sorts of unpolished rices to drink all sorts of beanses inside, very nourishing ~
Finally is wax gourd soup, this day drinks a dot to warm warm boiling water, very comfortable really ~
Come first ~</b> of a piece of group photo

Head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants

Strip off chili looks

Fish of braise in soy sauce

Heat hyacinth bean

Mix cauliflower

Earthnut of the young soya bean that boil

Evaporate pumpkin

The corn that boil

Meal of food grains other than wheat and rice


[Beautiful 3 eat on September 27 the content language of 004] shrimp- - 26 days of dinner

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Our home loves to have shrimp, often buy, put freezer to freezing, when it is good to eat to wait for the mood,
Ah, the line that pick shrimp is a very thorny issue.
And I am a little cranky, every shrimp blame is done neatly, ability takes next gut.
Finish every time shrimp, feel twice nigrescent, limply.
Can look at husband be popular heart, happy feeling immediately excessive has one’s heart filled with a head.

Of hutch happy, nothing is more… than looks at eater big fast a cheek, small achievement feels, hey

This is dinner do [bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration- - bright shrimp cold meats]

Practice shrimp flesh of Bai Zhuo maintained the biggest fresh and tender, and already purify shrimp line, OK and easy hold shrimp remaining part one close lightly, match dish to be able to be used on the west dish of orchid, cucumber, Gao Li is waited a moment possible. . .

What everybody has fun at is OK do, on one dish is placed when home banquet, the relatives and friends that can let you certainly is favorable oh ~~~ is delicious, good-looking, delicate ~~~

This is [sweet hot black any of several hot spice plants bakes shrimp]

I and husband love to eat hot, when oven was not being bought previously, the food taken late at night that often goes out eats barbecue on booth, want a boss to be put more hot, ah

Ah, pretty good still, very delicious say,
And cheap, these shrimp, an ability 10 yuan of silver.
Pork may contain the impure hormone in raising to wait a moment,
But bright shrimp, be pure free from contamination 3 inferior seawater is raised big oh </b>