Beijing is deep purchase, the old fan shell of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch of treatment coming home [scallop loves]

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Graph / the little love with not good article
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What market of Beijing deep seafood can be fried very much recently is hot! 2 years short time, beijing is deep from signs of human habitation exiguous have replenish onr’s stock only, to nowadays one purchases three-layer to machine and the person is the billowy manner that have completely, be to ward off blows hard really!

Go to Beijing buying seafood or content of very exquisite technology greatly, a little one careless, JS of possible back is black together, but the competence that believes each housekeeping amounts to a person to cut price scarcely common, should choosing only and call heavy link much piercing eye, can buy already cheap fresh seafood cough up!

Should say Beijing is deep take a seat at standing by south the situation of 4 annulus, also can every night full fact is belonged to infrequent, cannot book, only able wait, the environment that three-layer machines is too noisy, the person is much, of treatment also coarse a few. Write down so that the Mid-autumn Festival wanted to taking pa Mom to go originally last year old rub with the hands, my good as a result will by spell the awkwardness of the desk with another and so undone that be in a complete mess… see this manner this year then, what does that still think, redemptive him home is done!

Raw material:
Scallop 15 (conch is about 12 centimeters wide, 2 one 5) , dragon mouth vermicelli made from bean starch 2 small groups
Complementary makings:
Juice of Chi of fish of any of several hot spice plants of garlic, shallot, colour, evaporate, salt, cooking wine Right amount


When buying scallop, can ask to sell the home take out of material of the black inside scallop, scallop flesh goes to cheek after recapture home abluent, with right amount salt and cooking wine souse a little while, scallop carapace is abluent reserve.

Lukewarm bleb vermicelli made from bean starch, reserve.
Cut end of garlic end, onion powder, colour any of several hot spice plants, cross oil to fry mature to 7-8.

vermicelli made from bean starch dish in scallop carapace go up, place shellfish meat again above, scatter on the end of any of several hot spice plants of colour of powder of garlic end onion that has fried, drench on juice of evaporate fish Chi, go up boiler evaporate 5-10 minute.

The close-up before evaporate, actually evaporate was over about the same also such ^^ | | | |

Taste of ~~ of cough up giving boiler is very delicious

Of salty still can drench a bit beauty is extremely bright, also be right choice.

Still can buy simple him seafood such as shrimp of skin of a few prawn, crab, skin to come home evaporate evaporate is fried, eventually, perhaps need not spell desk feel disappointed to the seat waits greatly in Beijing again and return, the family is surrounded sit one desk, drink bit of small wine again, enjoy seafood sumptuous dinner to the top of one’s bent!

Above. </b>

————Delicious link————–

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Corrupt, also meet oneself be done with one’s own hands a few simple delicious, come family of reward with food and drink and friend ~~

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Cool cake of old Beijing fastfood polished glutinous rice

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Live in Long Fusi in one’s childhood in the street, old name of Long Fusi snack bar, white chief. . . . . . Inside fastfood much

Incomputable. The home is moved now far, long Fusi is fastfood also do not have again in those days flavour, not be my taste changed,

However over there true quality is too poor. Want to eat now fastfood, can go only Niu Jie, flavour is original still

Same, just traffic, time is no-go, also cannot go one year a few times, person greedy how to do? Be in the home


Raw material: Stuffing of polished glutinous rice, beans, cake of green red silk, gold and melon, I also did not put this a few kind, have more than is needed is done in the home much

Little, bought do, the time that go must be thrown. Have in sesame seed home off-the-peg, had fried go,

There is paddy sweet village in freezer of as it happens fry the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn to want to go up in order to use.


1, the bubble after Xian of polished glutinous rice is clean is controlled 4 hours, drop evaporate of the boiler on water 30 minutes, take out, add water agitate

Even, this one pace is called ” take a starch ” .

2, get on the rice that has mixed again boiler evaporate 20 minutes, take a starch twice repeatedly, at this moment softness of criterion of polished glutinous rice, interest having pliable but strong.

3, relapse the polished glutinous rice that evaporate crosses, enter the agitate in the basin again, at this moment of polished glutinous rice agglutinant very big. (of old Beijing

Practice, it is to use wet gauze to touch water to include meal of good polished glutinous rice soft all, I feel such not quite clean, change so in the basin

In agitate)

4, the oil that takes a dish to apply touch, spread meal of a polished glutinous rice, spread stuffing of a beans again, spread again next

Meal of polished glutinous rice stuffing of a beans, cover meal of a polished glutinous rice finally

5, above scatter on the sesame seed that has fried, scatter again on the nutlet that you like and fruit makings, cool cake considers do good, this

Can be to want what cool move eats!

Clew: This fastfood and unfavorable do more than, cannot eat to put the word of freezer, polished glutinous rice can harden, influence mouthfeel


Slip tender delicate Beijing sauce shredded meat

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Saw hutch of A Su Xiao ” exceed delicious Beijing sauce shredded meat ” , saliva should shed cough up, like to eat very much originally, OK now oneself are done, really good! A Su is to give attractive a general term for young women to make work, I seek the card that is less than attractive a general term for young women, can make work to A Su only! A Su elder sister is breathed out then. It is so delicious without what two elder burn for certain nevertheless, myself feels more contented, still can make persistent efforts!

Secret makes raw material of a sweet sauce made of fermented flour: A sweet sauce made of fermented flour 3 spoon, candy 1 spoon, balm 1 spoon
Practice: Mix a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, candy, balm, mix is even (A Su elder sister is after mix is even, last on the lid film, go up boiler evaporate, after water leaves 5 minutes OK, I am lazy do not have evaporate)
Raw material: Pig tenderloin flesh 310 grams, salt 1 small spoon, soy essence of 2 small spoon, chicken pink of 2 small spoon, ginger 2 small spoon, saleratus half small spoon (can not put, can make the flesh much more bibulous) , egg a 1, amylaceous a few (about 2 small spoon) , salad oil 2 small spoon, ketchup 1 spoon, green Chinese onion 2 paragraphs, a few of bead of Jiang Li green
1, pig tenderloin flesh is abluent cut into shreds, add water of pink of essence of salt, soy, chicken, ginger, saleratus, 60 grams (about of fleshy weight 1/5) mix divide evenly, the souse that undertakes 30 minutes. This time can do a sweet sauce made of fermented flour that secret makes.

2, 30 minutes or so, moisture is basic by the flesh complete sponge, add an egg, mix is even, divide again second join a few starch, until grab with the hand a flesh when, point to seam in fall without current, rejoin salad oil of 2 small spoon mixes divide evenly.

3, oil is put in boiler, it is the 4 times oil that stir-fries at ordinary times probably, medium baking temperature heats 7 into heat, enter tenderloin shredded meat, slip ripe, this one pace is crucial, cannot give tenderloin shredded meat fry old, arrive to be born can. The ladle that use leakage scoops shredded meat to be put in dish.

4, 2 paragraphs of green Chinese onion cut silk, prepare Jiang Li and green bead, leave a few oil to be in boiler, heat, explode sweet green bead and Jiang Li, join secret to make secret make a sweet sauce made of fermented flour and ketchup, after frying a fragrance, enter shredded meat, break up quickly fry shredded meat color to be able to give boiler equably.

Actually Beijing sauce shredded meat should be to want to wrapping those who eat with skin of soya-bean milk, but my mom goes out to buy dish, she forgot, everybody eats directly. Feel to still should add bit of soy again, color is brighter.

Summer is small the turnip of appetizing Beijing cake of cool dish [healthy kitchen of darling home De]

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[alimental nutrition knowledge]

Bai Luobo is a kind of common vegetable, unripe eat cooked food all but, its flavour takes bitter taste slightly. Modern research thinks, bai Luobo contains mustard oil, amylase and crude fibre, have promote digest, enhance appetite, accelerate a stomach to bowel wriggles and relieve a cough expectorant action. Theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine also thinks to should savour Xin Gan, the gender is cool, enter lobar stomach classics, taste for dietotherapy beautiful, can be treated or assist cure a variety of diseases, detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine says for ” in greens the most advantageous person ” .

Bai Luobo has fair officinal value in clinical practice. Bai Luobo has the effect that fight cancer: Because Bai Luobo contains lignin, can enhance the vigor of huge bite cell, gobble up cancer cell thereby. And still contain a kind enzymatic can decompose those who cause cancer inferior saltpetre amine, have the effect that fight cancer so. Additional, bai Luobo is one of optimal origin with human body calcic complement, turnip juice still has fall blood pressure action. Among them amylase, can prevent starch overmuch, eliminate gastritis and gastric ulcer, its combat oxidisability and the effect that restrain cellular ageing very apparent also; Can prevent osteoporosis, still have very strong alexipharmic function additionally, can use at treating dyspepsia not diuresis of disappear, bronchitic, sober up.

[turnip of appetizing Beijing cake]

1, material: Haw jelly (Beijing cake) , Bai Luobo

Condiment: White vinegar, candy

2, will white a bamboo basket predicts flay, cut away becomes diamonds entity quadrilateral, change a knife to cut 0.5CM thick piece, cut again wide the strip that makes an appointment with 0.5CM

3, haw jelly is cut likewise thick the strip that makes an appointment with 0.5CM, with Bai Luobo ply comes can, the hawkthorn that will cut float in cool boiled water

4, Bai Luobo in join one spoon white sugar to mix divide evenly

5, white vinegar of rejoin 2-3 spoon, mix the souse after divide evenly 20 minutes

6, hawkthorn with the Bai Luobo that has bloated, interval has been put, asperse in the surface on white sugar can

Make little hint:

1, when cutting haw jelly, bit of cool boiled water is wiped to be cut on the knife the meeting is more suitable slippery, haw jelly touchs a knife not easily.

2, this local color is little cool dish, the edible after the proposal is refrigerated, gust will be much better.


Beijing sauce shredded meat

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Advocate makings: Tenderloin shredded meat Green Ginger Do bean curd

Complementary makings: A sweet sauce made of fermented flour Oyster sauce salted and fermented soya paste Cooking wine Salt Candy Chinese prickly ash Peppery face The egg is clear Amylaceous Balm

Practice: 1. Set size of tenderloin shredded meat 10 minutes or so

2. a sweet sauce made of fermented flour Oyster sauce Salted and fermented soya paste 3 person by 3 1 1 Mix

3. delimits shredded meat Fill piece Fry sauce into a few oil

4. enters shredded meat in frying good sauce The sauce on the wrap up that makes shredded meat even

The Cheng Fang after 5. shredded meat has been fried is cutting nice green silk, green silk coils with dry bean curd when eating Shredded meat but

Acid is sweet goluptious yam Beijing cake

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Acid is sweet goluptious yam Beijing cake

Spend the New Year this year go to mother-in-law home, the kin in the home entertains guests have a meal, learned a small sweetmeats, following to do probably, very simple


1 yam is abluent, cut hob place

2 yam, beijing cake, red jujube, white sugar, the code is put in dish, go up boiler evaporate 20 minutes

Give boiler ~ of ~ ~ ~

Ask the steam above oversight dish, ah

Yam soft glutinous, beijing cake of acerbity acid, without the nucleus small jujube is sweet, put cool more delicious (regrettablly of my home did not wait put cool had been divided up) !

The Beijing edition meat that gives a pig small Mi places steamed bun [pachyrhizus home]

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More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

Made the fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour of Nanjing edition last, steamed bun of this flesh clip sends the ~~~~ of fleshy clip steamed bun that does Beijing edition today ~~~~ of classmate of pig small Mi (the name that mew herself changes newly is breathed out) , and be in beforehand how people the kitchen issues ~~~~~~ solely allegedly classmate of pig small Mi wants excitedly to give me the son, breath out haing haing *^_^*
Deliver this food this one chapel did not cook, paltry thing piles caboodle, everyday very tired really very tired say ~~~~~ and the most important is recently eat large kitchen to make food every day, weight has dressed to papaya continuously…

[Beijing edition flesh places steamed bun]

A: The steaky pork that take a skin 1 Anise 3 Caoguo 1 Sweet leaf 5 Ginger 5 Cassia bark 1 Chinese prickly ash a small Garlic 3 valve Rock candy 6 Cooking wine 50 milliliter Often smoke 30 milliliter Saline a few Clear water a few

B: Flour 500 grams Yeasty 10 grams Wen Shui is right amount White sugar 5 grams Salt 2 grams

C: Green pepper 6 root, caraway 1

Course of action:
1, in spilling the white sugar in material B and salt into flour, yeast uses a few warm water and divide evenly, pour yeasty water into flour, next little kneads knead dough group into Wen Shui, knead at the same time add water at the same time, knead dough the soft smooth dough like earlobe; With wet towel lid is filling doughy salver to go up, ferment 1 hour, reduce weight to the dough after fermenting next, after be being kneaded a few times again, knead, cut 6 on average, become round cake with rolling pole roll next (the attention does not want roll to get very thin oh, want a little a bit thicker) , two sides is wiped later on a few flour, put small fire simmer in water is ripe inside pan (do not need to put oil inside pan) , decoct good one side turns over other one side of surface simmer in water again, decoct comes have a few shading can

2, foam of 20 minutes of boiling haemorrhage in clear water is being put after pork is abluent, next fish out cuts small; Fry heat is burned into right amount oil inside boiler, put pork to break up next fry an oil come out some, all flavoring are put to break up together later fry, enter cooking wine, old smoke and a few clear water makes had done not have pork roughly, lid of the boiler on the lid stews 2 hours, if use high-pressured boiler, the Guan Xiaohuo after exhaust stews 25 minutes again can

3, mix green pepper the end, flesh fish out that has stewed is cut to cut end after caraway is abluent, irrigate with divide evenly next on a few bovril; The cake with good brand opens 1/3 big mouth, fill in the ground meat with divide evenly into cake inside can

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:
1, steamed bun of clip of the flesh that make must use the pork that brings a skin, the means of stew and flesh of the braise in soy sauce that make are a little similar, but need not fry candy color, and need more anise (more than making pork of braise in soy sauce 1, 2) , less rock candy; The proposal uses high-pressured boiler stew, very fast very convenient

2, flapjack actually I am first time, but of unexpected good, basically be the face is sent well, with yeasty Wenshui ten million cannot warm a hand, otherwise yeast was ironed to die, a wet cloth is being built in barmy process is to prevent dough desiccate

3, the cake with good brand does not eat to be able to be loaded last film puts freezer, it is good that when eating again next time, boiler steam is used

Sweet old Beijing polished glutinous rice

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Because if,like Na Lanrong, the tradition that liked old Beijing then is fastfood, from pea flour cake to polished glutinous rice, from ice cheese arrives almond tea. . . Always think oneself are trying to do. Then eventually painful be determined, began to start work, ah, make will succeed, but previously rice has think of to want to be discharged piece, consult for everybody, cooked polished glutinous rice this (polished glutinous rice) , looking at the effect still is pretty good, flavour is very delicious also. . . Good, not 啰 Suo go up graph.

Material preparation:
Pink of polished glutinous rice: 250g
Maltose (maltose) : 100g
Clear water, candy frost is right amount <br><br>

Beijing green fries hotpot [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Sent last [buckwheat flour of hotpot green pepper] (Http:// card, have a friend the requirement is best hotpot fry make a method stick come out to had been compared, because do not have those who pat next hotpot to fry at that time,control a process, fill it today on, excused me please.

Because we are located in south, the hotpot that does not have chunk sells, cut only piece hotpot is bought, the hotpot that so I use is the instant-boiled mutton with the visible everywhere in the supermarket piece, this kind of cutlet slants quite big, take a bit that the home had better cut so, such benefit at frying ripe.

Xian Xiuyi issues finished product to pursue:

This is I use the hotpot that makes food today:

Besides hotpot, still need a green Chinese onion, a few chili, chengdu of water starch, salt, red wine, beer, garlic. A few of ginger juice, soy, vinegar, balm.

1, join a few water starch, salt and red wine hotpot to mix divide evenly bloats be soiled.
2, green Chinese onion goes very light blue of green leaf continue to employ is abluent cut hob paragraph, chili cuts into shreds, abluent mushroom becomes garlic flay garlic Chengdu.
3, oil is put to burn heat in boiler, put stir-fry before stewing of garlic rice, chili to give sweet smell, fry into cutlet stir-fry before stewing below to become angry, join stir-fry before stewing of juice of beer, ginger, soy to tasty;
4, put very light blue, vinegar finally, drench balm is become namely.

Beijing fastfood street

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3 names of Beijing are fastfood I savor. Fry liver (pork liver and bowel are boiled one case, garlic end is put above, draw written complaint of Gorgon euryale a thick soup, acidity having a place)

Bittern boils baked wheaten cake (lung of pig bowel pig, steaky pork, fried bean curd, flat bread, with lacteal corrupt bittern, caraway flavors) very delicious.

Enema is very comical, be element, do with starch, have nothing to do with with bowel. Because,be only poor before, eat not to remove bowel, be forced to become casing with amylaceous lay open, join gules white, pretend to be intestines just. Stream hand down, be called enema. It is again in oil scamper eat. The friend that goes together does not say to go out after all, still be the enema culture that small faker says.