Flesh of simple and delicate black any of several hot spice plants breaks the circle encircles cake

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
Seeming is quite long this prescription has looked in home of rice bucket sister before, did in the home accidentally, the family loves to take the true support with true ~ very much.

1, two cups of flour add a cup to roll water fast agitate, become face piece, add a bit cold water to be kneaded somewhat agglutinant dough, with besmear last oilily velar bag rises, wake half hours.

2, onion, shallot, garlic is mincing. Hot pot heats up oil to fry sweet garlic powder.

3, join onion to fry when becoming a bit transparent to onion, add ground meat. Break up fry become angry.

4, add black peppery, cooking wine, soy, salt, a bit candy is fried even hind give boiler. Mix green breaks and balm.

5, the face roll that has waked becomes big chip, the stuffing on small small shop expects.

6, roll roll, last heal point wants squeezing ramming.

7, cut paragraph, cross a height, make on cut face, squash. Dough joint place must affirm already squeezing ramming, otherwise decoct when come loose easily.

8, the heat that heat up boiler is oily, small fire simmer in water comes two sides is golden OK cough up. (dough made with boiling water and stuffing it is ripe, so time need not particularly long) .

Finished product is very beautiful, cortical crisp, stuffing expects delicacy is sweet, ~ of very delicious Da

Hope everybody likes

Birthday of baby of black wood cake is happy

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*** of cake of black wood of joy of *** baby birthday

Graph / article author: Midnight flower is not a flower
[Achieve formerly]** is not beautiful license without midnight flower, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** forum

13 years ago today, after I experienced the labour pains of 3 days of two night, you, my baby arrived between the world, brought countless happiness and joy for me like angel. In these 13 years, what I do for you is not much, true, do more for the child as other mom.

Because of the working reason of I and father, you year young when, accompany you more it is grandmother Lao father; Your elementary school career, also be spend in boarding school; You are very healthy, so old come, you did not make mother father aching pass with ailment; You are very sensible, after giving a baby’s completion of its first month of life, had not eaten milk make water to cross a bed in night. . . . . . Seemingly very relaxed, 13 years so came over, be like I and father to give you besides life, most is the defray on financial capacity, often think, very ashamed remorses.

But you give us. . . You are 5 years old when, father is away on official business, you can tell me in night, mom is not afraid of, have me; Building jacket repairs din, small your conference is taking plastic golden cudgel to fleece families, tell family bit sound, the evening shift below mom is resting; Be in several days ago 61, I take you to eat thing evacuation you answer the school next a person comes home, you still arrive home in me the telephone call is made when the doorway is opening the door, you say: Mom, arrived home? Rain not wringing? I say I am opening the door, you say: Do I calculate get just in time? I know you arrived home. . . . . . . .

My son, my baby, as your mom, what I think I can be accomplished exclusively is, besides let you accept good education, can accumulate my health joy more extremely hopeful disposition infects you, not, entail you, hope you are in the day henceforth, no matter be study, it is the job, face all difficulty and challenge, never shrink back, brave and forward. . . . Baby, birthday joy!

This is you call-over wanted Hei Senlin, mom does be inferior to cake room in authentic, but mom intention is done, ate, can fasten jest it is ugly, ha

Material: 8 inches of quantities, low pink 100 grams, cocoa 25 grams, corn is amylaceous 15 grams, small spoon of sodium bicarbonate 1/4, milk 90 grams, corn is oily 75 grams, fine saccharic 80 grams, albumen yoke each 5, bright butter 250 milliliter, a few of flesh of cherry of be soiled of bright Mu wine, whole cherry is counted, black chocolate is right amount

1 make protein to pearl eye bubble add a few white vinegar with dynamoelectric eggbeater, 1/3 saccharic and 15 grams corn is amylaceous, till hit rigid epispastic, candy is divided 3 times in all during join.

2 mixture yoke and oil kind water kind material, with the dynamoelectric eggbeater that makes protein direct agitate is hit probably 40 seconds, lose sight of oily star not carefully, form emulsion body

3 times 3 minutes the sieve joins low white, cocoa, mixture of sodium bicarbonate pink, cut with drawknife every time mix even, the yoke paste that has mixed is meticulous and smooth have liquidity

4 oven warm-up 140 degrees, will 1 take mix with the hand, the purpose is to condense albumen bubble to make finished product mouthfeel more
Add exquisite in preventing heat at the same time, answer shrink.

5 take of 1/3 4 join yoke paste, sticking basin edge to circle circuit to copy bottom upgrade to break up with drawknife mix to even

6 will 5 paper into the rest albumen in, continue to break up mix even

7 will 6 enter the matrix end 8 inches of work, . The matrix of good cake batter of a few remove theatrical makeup and costume eliminates shake big bleb.

The 8 oven middle-level with put warm-up good, 140 degrees 70 minutes, dab cake surface does not have froufrou, give furnace to be buckled
9 dismiss bright butter, cake flay piece become two, among them one wipes butter to scatter good cherry flesh, again the butter on the shop and another cake piece
Body of 10 whole cake wipes good cream, chocolate is brushed drossy, asperse full butter surface (this measure is too troublesome, what I brush with eraser is drossy too broken, change a knife to cut later, ha, full hand is chocolate bits, do not have method to take a picture)
11 surfaces decorate butyric flower, place cherry, put into box of 8 inches of cake, finish

Finished product:

As it happens today is Zhou San, without work day, went to the school receiving a son at 5 o’clock, eat birthday big food next with young brother’s daughter of mother’s brother of grandmother Lao father together, ah

Welcome to my rich guest:
** misses the seasonal flower that spends to be not beautiful ** namely

The cake of black cherry conserve of queenly kitchen (2)

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The cake of black cherry conserve of queenly kitchen (2)
The cake of black cherry conserve of queenly kitchen (2)

Black cherry conserve is very delicate A! !
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Cake of black cherry conserve / Zhi of black cherry conserve person cake

This is every month data purchases bought conserve, black wood cake is necessary one of material, nevertheless to sponge cake
Have not master, do not plan to make black wood cake temporarily. This conserve taste is very good, especially the cherry flesh inside
Acerbity acid is sweet, very more different than flavor of blue berry conserve A. He Zhishi is to match absolutely absolutely! So special did 2
Cake of black cherry conserve. This is answered or choose civilian Zhi person, it is yoghurt filter, basically Zhi person does flummery and Mu Si
Cake consumed, supermarket yoghurt special offer, take yoghurt to filter did.

Cake of black cherry conserve:

Material: Bubble of 80G of flour of saccharic 80G low muscle hits 45G of salad oil of 45G of weak butter of 50G of black cherry conserve 3G of powdery 5G salt
Egg 4 white vinegar are right amount sweetgrass pink 5G (without can save below)

1. Pink of powdery salt herb is hit to mix agitate with bubble after the pulp of black cherry conserve cuts sift out of small-scale equipment shortbread even
2. Yoke of depart of egg yolk egg white joins 15G after saccharic mix is even ordinal cent 2-3 second join butter and salad oil agitate even
Conserve divides black cherry 2 times to pour fast agitate after even
3. Cent 2-3 second sieve enters the flour that has mixed fast gently even egg white joins agitate the cent after white vinegar makes 30 seconds a few drops is joined 2 times
Saccharic hit to rigid epispastic
4. Egg white cent is joined 2 times inside fast gently agitate does not delimit the circle avoids to have anything resembling a tendon or vein equably
5. Oven 10 minutes of cake batter enter 180 degrees of warm-up calm surface is wiped to shake model shake to give bleb inside the model
6. 150 degrees of 10-15 that bake change after 165 degrees changing to bake 15 minutes after oven changes 175 degrees of middle-level to bake 15 minutes minute can take out
7. Take out a model to be buckled put completely cool hind can break away from model stripping and slicing to enjoy

I am in break away from a model, according to had not patted by family stripping and slicing, I am good not easy ability grabs to come down to take a picture, be about to cry do not have a tear. .
They say delicious, it is color a bit strange, I think the meeting after adding black cherry conserve is purple, the result comes out to grow orange
Really strange still. . . . - _-

Black cherry Zhi person cake:

Material: Zhi person (yoghurt filters) 50G of conserve of black cherry of 50G of 100G ox oil (black cherry cuts bead) corn of 25G of low muscle flour is amylaceous
20G egg 4 white vinegar are right amount and saccharic glue of 50G lens face (transparent)

1. Bovine oil puts microwave oven medium baking temperature to bite 30-60 second is dissolved (or lie between water to heat) enter fast mix is even inside Zhi person
Black cherry conserve is joined inside detached yoke divides egg white of yolk of the egg after mix is even enter black cherry the mix inside Zhi person is even
2. Low pink sieve is good mix agitate to divide a sieve 2 times to enter Zhi person equably with corn starch inside fast gently mix is even
3. Egg white joins the cent after white vinegar makes 30 seconds a few drops 2 times saccharic hit to the cent after rigid is epispastic 2 times to join egg white inside yoke paste
Fast gently agitate reserves equably
4. Oven 10 minutes of cake batter enter 170 degrees of warm-up calm surface is wiped to shake model shake to give bleb to reserve inside the model
5. 170 degrees of tray add oven 150 degrees of 10-20 that bake change after water puts down a cake to put middle-level to bake 50 minutes minute can take out
6. Take out cake a little after spreading for cooling (do not buckle) after putting freezer to refrigerate hour or 6 pass the night to take out the surface to apply lens face glue can
Stripping and slicing is enjoyed

Pulp of He Zhishi of black cherry conserve very build, if I buy butter blocking a husband,Zhi person is done, estimation flavour corrects A. . This cake is evaluated
Want than the first tall. Be eliminated more quickly! Proposal if everybody has cream blocking a husband the word of Zhi person, use this, taste is purer A!

The End Heaven_Travel

Cover of curry black winter [dish of the daily life of a family of a round mass of food]

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Cover of curry black winter
Graph / article author: Kawaii a round mass of food
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
The brethrens of Sichuan are in the disaster that sufferring an earthquake, a round mass of food also is these two days momently the circumstance that paying close attention to disaster area, can remember with concern every brethren. 13 days also are to just meet the birthday of husband, but also congratulated without what mood, he also is these two days urgent washed-up, still say to want to go front comes to help, I say you can go, but there should be me when going, I also consider my effort.
Cross birthday how to also must eat a bowl of noodle, I made range of a bowl of curry, when the area has done, as it happens sees the premier is comforting a little girl say: Do not want to cry, have biscuit a little while, send milk powder to you a little while. I cried, the noodle of the warm that I am thinking to if can eat on one bowl,I do the people of disaster area now this are much better, they can feel some more comfortable for certain.
Donated a money for disaster area people yesterday, display on my meager strength!
Want panification to amount to the person’s a round mass of food

Raw material: Coil?/4; Pigeon breast flesh at the same place; Bai Luobo 1/4; Curry 3 little place; Black winter cover a packet; Sweet green

Measure: 1, onion and white turnip section reserve, chicken section reserves;
2, sit boiler, heat is oily, put onion to explode sweet;
3, put chicken, fry ripe, add cold water;
4, fire involves after water leaves, put curry place, change, continue to firing;

5, bai Luobo is put after waiting for Shang Jixu to leave;
6, wu Dong the face is put into a bamboo, put pot ripe;
7, fish out, irrigate on soup, asperse on sweet green bead can!

The birthday dinner of husband, very simple, but the people that considers disaster area, this is not them need most!

Come to a piece give birth to day of cake again!

Neither of filling body of hairdressing of chicken of black of Bao of bamboo of jade of red a surname by accident

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Chicken of black of Bao of bamboo of jade of red a surname, neither of hairdressing filling body by accident

Graph / article author: Tung Mom kitchen
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Feel the body is good always recently empty, I what never fall ill easily am casual also the ground became ill, must sigh with emotion, young really good ah when is ~ energetic ~
One boiler of Bao black chicken broth, filling ~
Black chicken is our country’s peculiar officinal precious birds, have extremely tall edible and officinal value, also be god-given nourishing beautiful is tasted, aching and limp of genu of frail to postpartum deficient empty, galactic inadequacy and the body that enrage anaemia empty to cause, waist, menstruation is not moved, the disease such as morbid of classics travel bellyacke, uterine bleeding, all have very good curative effect.
Black chicken contains acid of ammonia of the lysine with indispensable human body, egg and group ammonia acid, have quite high nourishing and officinal value, contain a lot ofthe melanin of extremely high nourishing and officinal value especially, have method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, filling kidney, raise blood, add effect of liver of essence of life, beneficial, antifebrile, filling empty. Can adjust function of human body immunity and fight consenescence. Enjoy since ancient times ” medical chicken ” say. The chicken that use black is entered fill, already but sheet is used, also can match with other cordial, medicaments, make dish and medicinal food. (above data comes from a network)

This I added Yu Zhu and black chicken one case Bao, pleasant of flavour of jade bamboo sex is smooth, have lung of embellish of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the effect that raises a stomach, fill and not be bored with,

Before Bao Shang Zhi, the tool that I buy Xian Xiuyi show newly, great beauty of ~ of natural violet arenaceous stockpot says 9 this world rightly, dawdler has lazy method oneself, had it, I go to material simply put in boiler, he Tongtong plays, need not see fire as usual at all, there is soup to drink after coming back ~

1, black chicken, red jujube, a surname child, Yu Zhu is right amount.
2, a surname child, Yu Zhu bubble enters the water had cleaned.
3, will red jujube goes the nucleus is abluent.
4, the Jiang Pian below abluent black chicken and cooking wine bloat a bit.
5, will treated arrive below black chicken in violet arenaceous boiler.
6, a surname that will washed child arrive below He Yuzhu in violet arenaceous boiler.
7, will go arriving in violet arenaceous boiler below the red jujube with abluent nucleus.
8, toward violet arenaceous boiler in one-time join enough much water. (there is graduation mark to restrict in boiler oh)
9, receive electrify source, choose key-press of old fire boiling water. (the time among is shown inspect show in screen inspect 4 hours)

Good, I and tung tung go playing ~

This is the look with good Bao, soup is automatic in boiler heat preservation ~

Need to fill, come to a bowl, how ~

Welcome to my rich guest

Ball of pumpkin black sesame seed [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Ball of pumpkin black sesame seed [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

<TABLE CellSpacing=0 CellPadding=0 >

<FONT Style= "FONT-SIZE:&Nbsp;16px; FONT-FAMILY:&" Size=3> of body of Nbsp; the Song Dynasty [click this accessibility my Sohu rich guest]</DIV></TD></TR></TABLE></P>
<P>[click this accessibility my sina rich guest]</P>
<P> My early wants to make pumpkin cake, do not like to eat because of the daughter nevertheless, did not do all the time so, but myself likes to eat, when the result takes the advantage of her to not be in the home, I still was done, ah, never mention it I do not eat to her, be herself does not want! </P>
<P>Xian Xiuyi issues finished product to pursue: </P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/7/119c2280175.jpg" ></P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/7/119c22825ef.jpg" ></P>
<P>Material: Rice pink 250g, 50g of pink of polished glutinous rice, white sugar 40g, pumpkin 200g, 30g of black sesame seed. </P>
<P><IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/8/119c228df14.jpg" ></P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>
<P>Practice: </P>
<P>White sugar is joined in 1. ground rice, iron ground rice with boiled water ripe, knead dough. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/7/119c228ccbc.jpg" >2. uses pumpkin microwave oven high internal heat 4 minutes, join dough next. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/7/119c228bc86.jpg" >3. kneads rice dough divide evenly. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/7/119c2289c82.jpg" >4. becomes rice dough rub pellet. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/7/119c2283638.jpg" >5. puts face ball into Hei Zhi boil on a few rounds inside hemp, make sphere touchs black sesame seed entirely, put the bomb inside oily boiler next ripe. <IMG Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center ” "" Src= "http://1831.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/6/20/6/119c227da40.jpg" ></P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>
<P> </P>
<DIV Style= "DISPLAY:&Nbsp;block; MARGIN:&Nbsp;0px Auto 10px; TEXT-ALIGN:&Nbsp;center" ></DIV>

Candied date or jujube of black candy food grains other than wheat and rice is wrapped

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** of ** Sohu West Point preciouses jade without the author the fat mom license of darling, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Candied date or jujube of food grains other than wheat and rice of *** black candy is wrapped ***

Graph / article author: Precious jade the fat mom of darling

** preciouses jade precious jade stockaded village ** of Mom

•Cookbook origin ” happy flavor is in kitchen “

Very hot kind:
Tall muscle flour: 76g
Candy: 6g
Hot water: 54g
Butter: 30g

Advocate dough:
Tall muscle flour: 228g
Candy: 36g
Water: 104g
Salt: 3g
Yeasty: 5g
Entire egg: 30g
Milk powder: 12g

Above is former recipe, my general advocate dough changes half tall pink, pink of half food crops, candy changes brown sugar, much honey jujube is broken 100 grams. Additional, iron planted prescription with this every time, water should add 20 grams to just go more for certain, the likelihood is the account with bibulous and different flour. This biscuit looks very straightforward, very rustic style, taste very soft still, thick jujube flavour is very delicious, very healthy also.

Course of action:
1, boil of small fire of water, butter, candy, add a face to mix round, the bag lasts film puts freezer cold storage.
2, very hot kind time lukewarm, fraction is small with advocate all material put dough into bread machine.
3, knead gluten to expand level undertakes the foundation ferments to double big.
4, the range that has delivered is rounded and flabby 15 minutes.
5, flabby gadarene roll opens good dough binding off, search an area, the candied date or jujube on the shop is broken coil. Binding off is held close.
6, the surface of the latest ferment that finish delimits with bit pink of compass screen surface of a few knives is decorated, 160 degrees, in lower level, bake 30 minutes.

[Nutrition calls for paper] a round mass of food of black rice polished glutinous rice

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Go up first finished product looks

Polished glutinous rice and a round mass of food that black rice laps meat stuffing is done, nutrition is delicious. Modelling is beautiful, the good food that is an expressive intention is tasted.

Polished glutinous rice contains protein, adipose, saccharide, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamin the composition such as B a group of things with common features and starch, it is comfortable at Wen Bujiang’s strong food, have the effect of gas of the beneficial in filling, warm taste.

Because prandial fiber is contained in black rice more, amylaceous digestive rate is slower, blood sugar index is only 55 (rice meal is 87) , accordingly, eat black rice to won’t resemble eating rice to cause the acuteness wave motion of blood sugar in that way. Modern medicine confirms, black rice has filling kidney of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, be good at the curative effect such as invigorate the circulation of blood of lienal warm liver, bright eye.

Raw material: Stuffing of black rice, polished glutinous rice, pork, shelled fresh shrimps
Burden: Bead of medlar, lima-bean, corn, green, ginger, celery
1, after black rice and polished glutinous rice are abluent, the bleb that use Qing Dynasty is daylong.
2, pork stuffing resembles and dumpling stuffing adds shelled fresh shrimps, green in that way Jiang Hezun makings mixes even.
3, take one small round chopped meat, outer layer is stained with black rice equably (polished glutinous rice) , with hand pressing, in making rice is immersed in meat stuffing a little. Put an adornment such as lima-bean on rice a round mass of food next.
4, a round mass of food that has made, go up basket conflagration drawer evaporate 30 — 40 minutes, take the advantage of heat to give boiler, place celery deck can.

This dish is beautiful and delicate, it is time of appreciably cost dot only just, but the filial piety heart to convey children, should be worthiness. ∩ of O(∩ _ ) O.

The polished glutinous rice of bubble and black rice

Other raw material reachs the meat stuffing that has mixed

Be stained with a round mass of food of black rice and polished glutinous rice

Put ball to the evaporate on bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food

See the look with good evaporate, the glittering and translucent get rid of of polished glutinous rice is appeared, of black rice pitch-black shine

Place good adornment, success

Have appetite very much it seems that

Secret makes black peppery mutton chop [pachyrhizus home]

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

Tell a jest to listen to everybody: ) … the G level joke that nevertheless I can tell puppy only, so 18 years old of the following children also can look *^_^* then downward

Hum… hum… breath out slowly… quiet, I should begin to tell!

There is a single-plank bridge on the brook that has a beauty, because bridge floor is too narrow, the pedestrian that often has associate with drops a river in. There are a flock of crocodiles inside the river, one somebody drops, crocodile ate off him with respect to Bia Ji Bia Ji. One day has a piggy to had wanted the bridge, at that time on the bridge came a goat, two people go to the bridge who doesn’t let. Result Nie, two people are dropped went in the river, piggy heart thinks: Was over, the lot will come ~~~~ can be Nie, crocodile saw it with respect to go at goat, the meaning that should have piggy a bit is done not have, crocodile asks before goat on one’s deathbed: Why don’t you eat it to eat me? Crocodile says: Your uncle I am Moslem! ! !

Jest is told, if cold confused, get, buy a clothes again: ) that… we begin to eat a goat!

[secret makes black peppery mutton chop]

Material: Mutton chop 3 (2 centimeters or so) Onion (medium) 1 Garlic 6 valve Asparagus 9 Black pepper a few Black peppery broken a few Sweetgrass salt a few (of special and roast kid, have on bottle write " Roast Lamb " ) Butter 50 grams Red wine 50 milliliter Amylaceous 1 spoon Salt 2 teaspoon

Course of action:

1, take half onion mincing, after with garlic burnish of one reinstate mixer becomes mud, fall on mutton chop, transfer into again next salt, red wine, amylaceous, black pepper, black peppery salt of broken, herb mix divide evenly, zip last velar souse 30 minutes

2, immerge of the fish out after the scald in the boiling water that adds salt is being put after asparagus is abluent irons 10 seconds puts water on the ice

3, onion of other in part cuts silk to reserve; Butter is put small fire is dissolved inside pan, the area searchs after putting simmer in water of mutton chop small fire 2 minutes next, put onion silk one case decoct 2 minutes, scatter a few black peppery the face breaks up to be scattered again after breaking on a few is black peppery broken, put asparagus simmer in water 2 minutes can

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:

1, sweetgrass salt has in the import provision part of big supermarket sell, recommend ” Masterfoods ” this brand

2, decoct makes mutton chop suggest to use small internal heat, and time is controlled control in 5 minutes, such decoct come out mutton chop is tender slippery juicily, outside Jiao Li is tender, if time is too long mouthfeel is bad, I like ripe *^_^* 5 minutes most

3, when eating this mutton chop if deserve to go up Marsala bishop, the sort of wonderful flavor… oneself go experiencing: )

Hamburger of wing of black peppery chicken [butterfly cate]

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****** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****** community cate

Hamburger of wing of black peppery chicken (4 people portion)

The son likes to eat hamburger most, go technically every time snack inn eats very troublesome, the price disadvantageous appropriate, so oneself bought raw material to do a son to eat, the hamburger that oneself make expects sufficient, taste is little, still so won’t fat, still can add burden according to his taste, the price cheap, in the period that prices soars, house home gets along can economic a bit more economic.

Costing: Hamburger base 4 in all 2.8 yuan, gallinaceous wing 4 in all 10 yuan, the cost that increases other raw material again is average hamburger of every chicken wing 4 yuan

Advocate makings:
Hamburger base 4
Gallinaceous wing 4
Lettuce 1,
Tomato 1,
Yoke salad sauce 1

Salt 1/2 tea spoon
White sugar 1/2 tea spoon
Gallinaceous essence 1/4 tea spoon
Black pepper 1/4 tea spoon
Claret 1 spoon
Do starch 1 spoon
Egg 1
Biscuit is branny 100 Can
Garlic 3 Valve
Ginger 6 Piece

1, gallinaceous wing is abluent accuse to do moisture, it is gallinaceous wing fractionation wing root, wing medium, wing is pointed, the wing is pointed need not. Will part to go from inside incision in wing root and wing bone. (bone can use wing tip and chicken to do soup-stock)

2, will go in the wing root of bone and wing tile go up at chopping board, the toothed part that uses the back of a knife blade (or soft flesh hammer) the chicken that pat a pine, the place with large flesh is gashed with the knife, but do not want a gallinaceous skin break. Garlic is mincing end.

3, in patting loose chicken to put a basin, add essence of salt, white sugar, chicken, black pepper, claret, dry starch to mix divide evenly souse 20 minutes of tasty.

4, tomato is abluent, go the base of a fruit goes end transversely becomes 4; Abluent drop does lettuce moisture reserves.

5, the egg infiltrates dish in agitate divide evenly, biscuit is branny put another dish in. Each chicken, fluid pulling an egg is stained with biscuit again branny, with branny squeezing ramming of hand general biscuit, put dish in reserve.

6, biscuit base puts 150 degrees into oven, fluctuation fire, ground floor bakes 5 minutes to be taken out.

7, oil of vegetable of about 300 milliliter is added inside pannikin, the temperature rise that wait for oil comes 5 when becoming heat, chase piece put gallinaceous sliced meat, pannikin can put 4 to distribute flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil 2 times, scamper shows fish out of shallow gold yellow to two sides of gallinaceous sliced meat, oily Wen Zaisheng comes 7 when becoming heat answer blast 1 minute of fish out, put on hutch paper to suck redundant oily cent can.

8, take semifinished product of a hamburger, put a tomato first, put a lettuce again, sauce of salad of right amount yoke is squeezed on lettuce, put 2 chicken with good blast again, hamburger of wing of a chicken has been done, other and ordinal had done.

The key that make:
1, go the chicken of bone should pat a pine, can go to the lavatory namely tasty can make the mouthfeel of chicken slips again tender.
2, chicken wants answer flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil, can make outside chicken fragile in tender, the oil with redundant take out is divided.
3, the crust that buys should be baked in oven, the cortical ability of biscuit is met crisp.

Click the picture below to enter ” butterfly “