Boil in water for a while fries naked oats dish

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Boil in water for a while fries naked oats dish
Graph / article author: Hawkthorn fruit of Gong Gong
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Naked oats dish is a when appear on vegetable market in recent years new face, dish of renown naked oats, some places lettuce of Li of dish of complain of suffering, ox, belong to chrysanthemum makings, it is a kind when the leaf of pointed blade profile that is a product with tender tip, tender leaf uses asparagus lettuce, blade is longer show long wrap around needle form, colour and lustre talks about green, quality of a material fragile tender, mouthfeel very fresh and tender, faint scent, have distinctive local color, the nutrient value of naked oats dish is mixed basically lettuce is identical, lettuce of summary prep above.
Naked oats dish contains the nutrient part such as a large number of vitamins and A of a large number of calcium, iron, protein, adipose, vitamin, VB1, VB2, it is to give birth to the top grade in eating vegetable, have ” wind end ” say. Naked oats dish is had reduce cholesterol, cure lung of embellish of neurasthenic, clear dry, expectorant relieve a cough wait for effect, it is the vegetable of a kind of low quantity of heat, tall nutrition.

Measure: 1, choose of naked oats dish is washed clean, cut what grow into 5 centimeters paragraph.
2, fry boiler to cheer burn heat, join earthnut to break break up fry ripe hind fill piece reserve.
3, join naked oats dish to break up fry twice, add salt, snap fire, scatter garlic piece reach fry ripe earthnut broken outfit dish
4, naked oats dish fries the time that make to grow not easily too, can affect dish otherwise fragile tender mouthfeel and bright-coloured
Colour and lustre.

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Zephyr comes loose birthday manages [boil simply meaning]

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Sudden crank did a simple and easy edition medicinal powder birthday department,
Because prepare temporarily, what don’t have to feed capable person well, ah. . .
Do a thing anyway, basically be oneself most buoyant,
Adjust measures to local conditions: )

Maigre be in Japan, be called ” essence of life enters arrange ” , include ” the food of wisdom ” meaning.
Nature is healthy, delicate and elegant, give a person big pure and fresh however feeling.
Of day type medicinal powder birthday department is celebrate in the section (for instance daughter section) , the flower sees (admire cherry) , the fundamental situation such as dinner customer just is done.

1) rice of department of the birthday that boil: Maize rub is washed to the rice oar that does not have white, thoroughly cook. Mix by heat birthday department vinegar, candy (the rose sugar that I use, ha, taste the sweet smell that still has a rose) , a few salt.
2) install birthday department meal in container, planish fact. Like according to oneself again, add various data. . . Had placed according to pattern, the originality that sees you. . . Silk of sea liver mosses, cucumber silk, egg silk is indispensable. . . Have seafood otherly, roe is best. . .

Because husband does not like to eat too acerbity, I do not have these material to undertake handling again, everybody can immerse the material such as cucumber to manage taste into a few in acetic water in birthday. . . Anyway oneself eat, also not need repeat what the book says, ah. . .

[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

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[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

Dispatch fox salon publicizes a station: Infinite country Fdlsabc@sohu

Dispatch fox salon (on April 25) : Eat and drink by Sohu channel and the regale of Olympic Games cate that channel of Sohu Olympic Games rolls out jointly- - 5 kinds of health welcome activity of Olympic Games activity, already pulled open delicious and luxuriant big screen now. This a lot of netizens already also took out him ” look after the house skill ” , for a sweet and goluptious pineapple is sweet 2008; For Olympic Games good athlete ” give counsel ” , offer the Olympic Games recipe of a healthy motion.

This ” regale of Olympic Games cate ” of mobile creativity will feed material joint Olympic Games 5 annulus color, and rasorial, egg kind food and corn and belong to yellow or the classify feeding capable person such as orange fruit, vegetable is an Olympic Games the yellow in 5 annulus, the laborious spirit that represented our Asia people and peculiar life quality.

On regale of this Olympic Games cate, yellow kind food relatively grab an eye, the dish that netizen and dining-room roll out respectively is tasted more calculate on develop a school of one’s own tries to be unique. Always some ” sweet clear fellow makes beautiful gas wine, photograph of flame of beautiful cheek wine to. Drunk lean on one pay of green shade Mian. Rouse looks. Bow cabinet is on the beach ” the feeling of drunk happy event of guest of make one’s rounds.

Yellow kind the maize birds such as chicken, duck, goose kind with the egg kind feed capable person, have very high nutrition value, and, flesh of chicken, duck is officinal value is very great also. Chicken has in folk ” medicine of aid world good people ” good name. The dish that with these feeding material rolls out is tasted also is quite rich, for instance: Carbonado of chicken of most famous Chongqing hot pepper, Chinese chestnut, duck of brine of hill of a thick soup of green duck red bean, gold, yellow stew child cupreous goose, etc. Still have the evaporate drumstick that by netizen color this dirt lush rolls out, the lucky pomegranate that makes meticulously by Slqgf is wrapped, the acetic stew chicken that by Ganxieni11 strong feeling dedicates piece. Represented the characteristic of Chinese cate and that sincerity on certain level.

However, to yellow kind the article of cate, have egg of gallinaceous duck goose only not just on these Chinese cookbook famous feed capable person, still have wait for vegetable like stay of proceedings of carrot, acupuncture needle, bamboo shoot, wait for a fruit like banana, Huang Tao, mango, wait for cereal legume like corn, soya bean, earthnut, millet a series of natural cate. So far, by netizen color this world is new box of cooked lucky bean curd and the water that flying Xue Moshuang takes part in the match boil dry silk, match with nutrition acme, wen Wanying of colour and lustre desire and suffer broad netizen fully love.

“Apropos Xin Qing puts wild ship, each gives light gull a pond. One brook green water all rain during springtime, cross-strait green hill half the setting sun. Season just met it is good to choose course, the daughter sees more collect tea busy. Sanded head remnant has peach blossom piece, pour out of a village to come thyme. ” like also hoping to be like this poem, in ” choose course ” offer after season make spring dish. Cheer ~~

Above is infinite country is what you send to stalk of grain only in cate kitchen, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

Relevant link:
Regale of Olympic Games cate - 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games ” the activity is started formally
Box of lucky bean curd
Water boils dry silk

Small mad boil the ormosia that feed to manage health

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[small mad boil feed] ormosia manages health

Graph / civil Break a heart mad

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** to welcome aboard break ** of ana of · of heart mad cate

Still manage health…

Say, addiction, to department health.

Dish head likes very much, I also like very much, make convenient also, still need not egg, can become breakfast, also can become afternoon tea, plus precious jade of Mom make powdery formula without bubble, so, scattered joyous ground to make department health, one furnace another furnace, department health, still manage health!


Raw material:

Ormosia 50g
Tall muscle flour 250g
Candy 50g
Butter 70g
Milk 110g
Yeasty 6g
Honey 10g

Course of action:

1. Ormosia adds clear water to immerse overnight, reserve
2. The ormosia that has immersed adds a large number of clear water, thoroughly cook
3. Join honey, mix divide evenly, reserve
4. Yeasty dissolve in warm milk, reserve
5. Flour and candy sift out enter face basin
6. Butter touchs flour to cut small
7. In flour butter rub becomes fine bit
8. In joining ormosia flour
9. Little adds yeasty milk, hold flour the group (cannot knead like panification) , last on the lid film is flabby 30 minutes
10. oven warm-up, bake dish of shop oilpaper, dough cent becomes small portion, rub round squash, emit into bake dish, 180 degrees, middle-level, 15 minutes can

Measure graph:



Language of mad Yan Feng:

Because after ormosia is thoroughlied cook, * contains moisture content, can go first so in flour is being joined after one part milk joins yeast quiet place, try flour to work next wet again take into consideration the circumstances adds milk

Boil gallinaceous piece tomato patch

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Boil gallinaceous piece tomato patch

Tomato patch, gallinaceous piece (the gallinaceous complete wing that I use)

Garlic Chengdu, salt, oily, candy, soy, water

1. potato husks abluent stripping and slicing, stripping and slicing of gallinaceous complete wing
2. heats up oily boiler, chengdu issueing garlic is fried sweet, next chicken are sweet, below decoct
3. puts potato, fry
4. adds salt, candy, soy, fry a few times, the water that increase a point is boiled
5. is boiled to receive juice, favorite word puts bit of chopped green onion, can eat:)

Material assembles

Material reserves

Add water


Boil one boiler congee of sweet sweet sweet potato [pachyrhizus home]

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[pachyrhizus home] boil one boiler sweet sweet congee — pachyrhizus congee

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

Good ~~~~ of luck unexpected ground also can collect defecate appropriate indescribably recently, day and before 2 Chinese flowering quince eat Prata in the Indian cafeteria near the home, ate us to forget to paid to go (… not be intended, curiosity is strange at that time unexpectedly also nobody reminds us) , go up in computer in the evening later charge to an account when I ask papaya: Have a meal how many meters? He wants to say: … well, we seem to forget paid ah… ! Result the following day my spy feels embarrassed the ground runs to return money to the person, I am red appeared a face to say to I am sorry with the person I am sorry, instead of result India boss appreciates the ground to say to thank you to thank you with me especially, next at last still says: I remember you, you have a meal after I give you the discount… day, it is easy that this favour comes so that also error! The bottom of the heart laughed in his sleeve a long time ~~~~~~~*^_^*

Say a good work besides 2, do not condemn young woman of our city well ah ~~~~*^_^* , thinking the move is very long yesterday afternoon did not eat pachyrhizus congee, be inferior to going out to buy a dot to come back to boil pachyrhizus congee, result somebody will beat my door, open the door to look, the aunt next door is carrying one bag pachyrhizus in the hand, say she just came back from the kin home of Malaysia, took deal out of a bit thing I… god ah, you are too good to me, feel seemingly beside have machine cat guarding me like, if be really in that way, I am willing become old hero of that hapless child, ah!

[pachyrhizus congee]

Material: Pachyrhizus a *^_^* Rice 1 bowl small Bowls 1/3 of polished glutinous rice is small Clear water is right amount

Course of action:

1, mix rice and polished glutinous rice arenaceous boiler is entered after be being rinsed clean, add the clear water of about 10 times, the smallest fire turns to boil about half hours after conflagration is boiled, meantime often uses ladle agitate to stick a bottom in case

2, pachyrhizus agglomerate bubble is cut to prevent oxidation to blacken in water after abluent flay, wait for rice to be boiled small ripe when (the 3) that be like a graph, put pachyrhizus agitate the cap on even rear cover, boil about 20 minutes with small fire together can

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:

It is particularly good when the 1 , congee that boil that with / of rice mixture 1 the polished glutinous rice of 3 boils the congee that come out drink, compared with pure rice congee, relatively ropy

2, oxidation prevents to blacken in bubble wanting to enter water after pachyrhizus flay stripping and slicing

3, want to often use spoon agitate to prevent to stick a bottom in the process of the congee that boil, the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am that build a shell does not want to cover completely, and 2 chopsticks should be put on boiler face, boiler lid lid is on the chopstick, such ability won’t let liquid waterfall come out

Write 2 condiment of the new new small Fu that boil piece [bask in bask in dressing]

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[Bask in bask in dressing] write the new new small Fu that boil (2) — condiment piece

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

“Tea of fuel sauce vinegar ” — the character of the ancients, generally refer to lives the requisite in medium, kitchen, want a kitchen cram so, these material are indispensable oh ~~~~ lets them come on stage one by one today, whats is the good helper that sees me make food ” tall person “

Blueness of soy, sauce, unripe smoke, often smoke, soy of type of bad news oil, Chi oil, day

Utility is about the same, but different sauce, but the result that reachs since place is a lot of poorer oh ~~~ says a foundation, give birth to the distinction that smoke and often draws, unripe take look shallow, clearer, suit dish of cold and dressed with sause; And often take look heavy, thick stiff, suit to need the cooked food of chromatically; Chi oil suits the cooked food that evaporate makes, smell is very sweet; Bad news oil can bloat, touch, fry; Day type soy is multi-purpose at day type arrange. Recommend Li Jin to write down, the brand that I like most, of Singapore ” An Xiangtai ” very pretty good also.

Besides commonly used foundation condiment, the off-the-peg bechamel that also a lot of city make work expects. Taste of Chinese style, Western-style, each country… the office worker to business or kitchen novice, but first-rate capable helper, simplify not only cooking process, still promote greatly ” cooking work force ” oh ~~~~

Sesame paste, salted and fermented soya paste, flavour adds sauce of sauce, sanded tea sauce, fermented bean curd, black soya bean, big sauce, Mei Cai… specific action did not say to breath out, believe you are in ramble supermarket when look very in detail certainly ~~~~

Thick chili sauce of garlic of dried of any of several hot spice plants of acerbity thick chili sauce of type of valve of beans of county of oil of pepper sauce, chili, Pi, peaceful, bubble, old dry Mom, chili, ginger — pachyrhizus is Sichuan girl oh ~~~~ affirms in the home so little not hot thing. The effect when valve of Pi county beans is making plain food greatly have; Bubble any of several hot spice plants is doing any of several hot spice plants of fish of pickled Chinese cabbage, bubble phoenix claw, when frying the dish such as chicken giblets indispensable; Chili oil is self-restrained, like to add when making food of cold and dressed with sause on a bit; Old dry Mom is OK in the morning when eat with the steamed bread, have a poor appetite when mix the meal has, when stir-frying, add also is very pretty good oh; Sauce of peaceful type pepper is applied to touch feed

Pink of honey, syrup, maple candy, candy, rock candy, white sugar, brown sugar, maltose — honey has preserve one’s health to raise colour effect, but cannot develop tone with hot water, and cannot deposit Yu Bing box, can crystallize otherwise; Syrup is multi-purpose at desert, biscuit; Maple candy also is to be used at daub biscuit, muffin, ice-cream; Candy pink is used at the bake of confect, adornment; Rock candy is multi-purpose at syrup, cook food; The use of white sugar is the most extensive, everybody also knows, I not show off; Brown sugar is best to the female saccharide, enrich the blood raise colour, multi-purpose wait at syrup, bake; The maltose is used at making a desert, do according to burn condiment to wait.

High-grade Shaoxing wine, rice wine, red wine, beer — high-grade Shaoxing wine and rice wine are multi-purpose at dish of souse, cooking; Red wine is multi-purpose make at Western-style dish, confect; Beer also can be made with the cooking at dish, the beer duck with for instance famous Sichuan

Salad oil, balm, lardy, butter — salad oil is used at the fried dish, cent is corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil to wait a moment, of our family expenses basically is soybean oil; Balm namely sesame-seed oil, use more at dipping in dish of water makings, cold and dressed with sause; Lardy it is to use pig him leaf lard to boil come out, put in freezer to save, the Shang Shi that boil is added a bit, or flavor when the cooked food that makes white ingredient and desert of the Chinese style that make; Butter is divided to add salt mixes 2 kinds when do not add salt, those who be used at Western-style dish make or confect is made

Vinegar of department of lemon juice, birthday, white vinegar, mature vinegar — lemon juice is used at confect to make, mix salad; Birthday manages just as its name implies uses vinegar at birthday department to make; White vinegar and mature vinegar are used at dish of cooking dish, cold and dressed with sause to wait

Pink of gourmet powder, salt, chili, corn is amylaceous — this a few appearance need not I introduced to breath out, it is the individual knows, I say to have a place more again 2, again 啰 Suo corn is amylaceous, use is more: Tick off pink of syrup of a thick soup of Gorgon euryale, soup, Chinese style, knead dough to match refreshments of type of the low muscle flour, confect that make, another name for Guangdong Province in proportion

Pink of Chinese prickly ash, the five spices, black peppery broken, Zi like that pink, herb is broken, black pepper, white pepper — Chinese prickly ash what with Sichuan Chinese source produces is best, color redder, grain is full; I love pink of the five spices buy Wang Shouyi brand, use at bittern, stew, burn wait for big pork dish; Black peppery breaking is broken grain shape is black peppery, use at making to emphasize dish of black peppery olfactory; Black pepper is pulverous shape, use at souse flesh kind, use when Western-style dish; White pepper is any of several hot spice plants of farinose Bai Hu, multi-purpose the dish at white flavour, Shang Shi that boil is used; Zi like that pink is multi-purpose at souse flesh kind go raw meat or fish, or barbecue; Sweetgrass breaks is the dry grain of Western-style herb, multi-purpose at Western-style cooking, recommend ” Masterfoods ” this brand, in the entrance of home Le Fu commodity place has carry out

Fish sauce, salty shrimp paste, chicken broth — the special local product that fish sauce is Fujian, also be the indispensable condiment when Vietnam person makes food, the dish of cold and dressed with sause of southeast Asia taste is much more useful arrive; Salty shrimp makes Korea pickle namely in the use with our exclusive home: ) , also ask veteran to nod other opinion to pachyrhizus, usable will what to do; Recommend strongly clear chicken broth is pachyrhizus, soup-stock is replaced to use when the Shang Huo that boil makes white flavour cooked food, flavour is not really general good, and the flavour of a bit antiseptic is done not have!

Ginger, garlic — did not say to breath out, the essential thing in the home, it is feed capable person to the body flavors well, do not carry feed! Say really, I like not quite very pick the person that feed oh, let a person feel argumentative!

Boil in water for a while mixes 〖 of bean curd silk is become instantly hutch 〗

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The meadow became green apricot grey winter jasmine is spent
Spring came!

Will reduce weight rapidly! Recommend a course reducing weight!

Boil in water for a while mixes bean curd silk

Raw material:
Silk of salty bean curd Very light blue a caraway 3

Chili Chinese prickly ash Hemp any of several hot spice plants each a few Unripe smoke Sweet vinegar Gourmet powder Edible oil Balm

Silk of 1 bean curd cuts finger to grow paragraphs small

2, caraway of very light blue is abluent Green cuts into shreds Caraway cuts paragraphs small
3, the bean curd silk that has cut Green caraway is put in a clean basin, put unripe smoke sweet vinegar of one small spoon a few of gourmet powder of one big spoon

4, chili cuts any of several hot spice plants of hemp of paragraphs of small Chinese prickly ash Edible of one big spoon is oily Put in the spoon of the fried dish
5, in gas on burn heat until can smell fragrance (must small fire takes care to operate, be afraid that it is bad and OK to master the blast in frying pan is sweet)

6, the basin midpoint balm that plunges into good oil to spill silk of outfit bean curd Mix divide evenly

Relevant little hint:

Soja albumen just as its name implies is the protein that comes out from the extraction in soja, soja albumen is the complete protein of only plant origin, show this protein offers the human body that absorbs from inside food not only namely indispensible and amino acid, and these amino acid also are in good balance position, can satisfy the need of human body.

High grade protein reduces weight 3 large dominant positions

1, gorge feeling absorbs peptide of pancreatin of hurried of the bowel inside can exciting enteron proteinly secrete, decrease thereby take food. Relative to the food at tall carbohydrate for, protein belongs to the food of hypoglycemia index, its absorb won’t exciting blood sugar to rise pelter suddenly, reduce generation hunger to feel thereby.

2, energy changeover rate is low in food in 3 big nutriment, every overcome carbohydrate or protein produces 4 calorie, and every overcome adipose generation 9 calorie. That is to say, the protein that absorbs identical weight and adipose, former ” add fertilizer ” the effect not as good as latter half.

3, disappear energy consumption absorbs protein to compare those who absorb equal weight is adipose should waste the energy of one times more with carbohydrate.

Sanded department prawn (boil prawn)

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Prawn 6-8, abluent drop works

Oily boiler explodes old Jiang Pian

Put prawn brief blast

Nominal flip through

Put chopped green onion to continue decoct blast

Shrimp became red (scamper comes golden yellow) , put sanded department

According to taste, put sugar right amount

Burn boil to shrimp ripe

After putting right amount gourmet powder, flip through

Receive the basin on the boiler since soup

Of the water beef that boil how a tired word Oh [break heart mad cate]

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[Break heart mad cate] water boils beef

Graph / civil Break a heart mad

**** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****

How a tired word Oh!

Go before Shanxi, catch a cold, a week, drive in eventually go before Shanxi became good; Run quickly in Shanxi rush about wave is close 10 days, not bad, do not have a thing; Answer Beijing, atmosphere did not rest mouth, go to work every day, result, catch a cold again, still carried a few days of classes, really washed-up, just rest dish…

This meeting, the cold also is permitted seemingly can should also this became good, every day gallinaceous flying dog is jumping to clear away a thing to prepare to move - - I say to dish head: “Before hoping this is to be being moved into him home more move final A! “Before hoping this is to be being moved into him home more move final A!!

Really tired!

Always think the day is rapid and rapid, what also does not have tarry, result, when clearing away, ability discovers, original, this half an year still stayed again a lot of miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the thing of 8, in these things, most raise a key point - - my oven!

Move, true, how a tired word Oh!

This meeting, the thing has not been cleared away good, remover will come in the morning the day after tomorrow, I am returned one day time, time of a day…

Will continue to bale even tomorrow, what go doing a broadband even is migratory, go applying for reimbursement even, carry some of thing to pass even ” new home ” , even… …

Alas ~

Did not cook prettily for ages almost, thief card, still break up from one’s store of valuables, should be to had not been sent? At least the picture did not edit, do not have on rich guest at least!

Bag bag gives my airdrop to come over hot pepper from Hangzhou, hoho ~ thanks ~ wrapping up bag


What narrate because of the place on put together is tired, mix without pig giving a pig so greedy greedy celebrate unripe serving, really feel sorry, if minding, can this calculate fill go up?

Birthday joy!



Language of mad Yan Feng:

* cutlet does not want piece too thin, also Bie Taihou (my thief thick… )


Click enter break kitchen of heart mad cate