[Bask in the bowl NO.17] lovely abnormity that basks in me

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The person that loves the life loves cate certainly, the word says: Cate matchs the United States implement, I love the life, also love cate, same love is beautiful implement — beautiful tableware always can let me fondle admiringly.
When the small home that writes down so that be oneself purchases the first batch of dinner service, we still live in the rented house, do not have the tableware of redemptive a complete set of so. Although be a few so fragmentary and redemptive, but also noticed design and color, and later additional moment, carry an original some to be the same as tableware of design and color as far as possible.
Be in such 0 in buying, have the abnormity dinner service of different convention now and then, the meeting because that one joker is lovely and be held in both hands to come home by me. Still the individual brand in the supermarket can be in sales promotion when give a few tailor-made dinner service, also became the target that I love.
Here reveals a few when I collect lovely abnormity bowls.

This is the bowl of ancient painted pottery of an antic face, that outstanding round head nose is the most lovely.

This is the vitreous bowl that a glittering and translucent get rid of appears much shuttle, I am used commonly fill syrup to drink.

This is a polygon is lovely small bowl, weak I like green color very much.

This is the coloured glass bowl that has horizontal grain only, it is the booty of sales promotion activity.


[Bask in the bowl NO.1] that basks in me to take an active part in will bask in a bowl

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The activity basking in a bowl that takes an active part in kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances!
These are the bowls that prefer in small kitchen, see a Han Shi first 4.5 inches of straight mouth bowls, bone porcelain is lighter, exquisite, design quietly elegant. Drink soup, congee to perhaps eat rice to use:

This peony bowl, have a lid, also call face of what Han type the bowl, when appropriate when to use:

Rose face bowl, the mouth is bigger, fill wonton likely, can much soup drinks:

Look come out: Before big hind small? 4.5 inches mix 5 inches, like the design and color of its simple but elegant, look very clean

Bowls the apple is small, 10 deserve to have spoon, still have two exactly like big guy

Come from the wooden bowl of Taiwan: More careful

Contain a lot ofthe bowl of a group of glass of ice crystal cool meaning:
Big, a lot of have in the home, the get rid of that took a fancy to it appears:

Small: Mix fruit salad, did not mask fruity left and right sides of multicolored ~~ fluctuation is shown completely, ah

Oneself do yoghurt of big fruit bead to be filled with it, the humor is good:

Besides wooden bowl, completely microwave is applicable, ah</b>

A bowl of potherb heats up noodles in soup

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I make this bowl of range in him a married woman’s parents’ home, a fellow-townsman that the word says one day that to family person manages a wedding helps, provide a meal midday, but I am not willing to stay over to eat, came back to eat with respect to oneself so. Cold boiler is cold in the home after coming back kitchen, do not have him method to search for circuit in vegetable garden, looked for a wild three-colored amaranth and two persimmon, boiled bowl noodle simply, flavour is honest, be the flavour that I miss.

Should say this is wild three-colored amaranth is to feed a pig to feed a duck here, I listen to old people to say that time in natural disaster also someone takes, bag steamed stuffed bun eats. It doesn’t matter of wild three-colored amaranth tastes, backward slip of the scald that use water is smooth, cold and dressed with sause is very delicate also. This thing vitality is tenacious, in me home town is everywhere, want to eat all the time, but the family member is not willing to eat, I feel they are the value that did not discover potherb, the netizens that my constant sees me go purslane also is dug in wild country, ever also saw those who sell have on the market, the price is very expensive, actually this dish also is feeding a duck over there my a married woman’s parents’ home, a lot of things are such, have do not know to cherish, lost also lost. . . .

A wild three-colored amaranth two small persimmon

Go old root takes tender page

Use boiled water scald

Heat is oily, chopped green onion explodes boiler, fine dried noodles falls after water leaves, add potherb finally, I still hit a poached eggs, I do not grudge all along to oneself


The bowl is then good in memory drunk jellied bean curd

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Graph / article author: Ka Ka
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

<b> is clicked enter — the cate sky </b> of * of * Ka Ka

<b> place of the certain on every heart, always a memorial brandish does not come loose… </b>

Love to bilking father to take me to leave home most in one’s childhood the place besides one station ground, because over there what make a market paint iron sheet house of green, be equivalent to the vicinity of a city gate of present edge street. If go there in the morning, mean can eat the jellied bean curd over there, if other time goes, that father gives Ka Ka to buy yoghurt to drink with respect to regular meeting.

Remember medium yoghurt and having like present yoghurt pack elegantly, however a simple approximately coarse ivory porcelain jar, one piece is imprinting the oilpaper of blue brand is secured with gules elastic as heal. Memory also does not have comfortable seat in medium iron sheet house, however a small short table and a few small campstool. Namely such, the Ka Ka small mouth of childhood is small yoghurt that sipping appreciably has some of sick at heart, the father that awaits on the side all over the face smile, at this moment what kind of happiness is breathed out! — up to now the yoghurt that Ka Ka does not love to drink certain brand, the reason is it too sweet, in one’s childhood taste is affected all the time now.

Father loves to drink jellied bean curd very much, perhaps be genetic, ka Ka also loves to drink jellied bean curd as a child, nevertheless Ka Ka woman does not love to drink however, catch up with so on the weekend, what father can put Ka Ka in him is big Ka of Ka of the belt on the beam of 28 cars goes eating deep-fried twisted dough sticks and jellied bean curd over there iron sheet house — ate to go to another bringing cover baked wheaten cake to Ka Ka woman again. Sell jellied bean curd also have distinguishing feature very much, money is made over there the small table of our preexistence doorway, the Xiaotie that takes volume of on two a yuan of coin piece — an iron piece on behalf of a bowl of jellied bean curd — taking iron next piece go changing jellied bean curd over there Great Master father. That Xiaotie piece impressive in the brain of small Ka Ka, the dog of a pieplant that likewise impressive is his home — day, still have a dog — Ka Ka hides at the back of father every time, of filled with apprehension transient its beside, and its a respectful form of address for an old person is forever lackadaisical inclined looking askance Ka Ka, a pair of appearance that distains to be considered — I make my territory under one’s control advocate.

That jellied bean curd but really good drink!

KaKa loves to drink soya-bean milk very much, every time lane of transient bean curd can let Ka giving Ka buys soya-bean milk to drink, but always feel not quite sweet thick, then oneself bought soya-bean milk machine. The soya-bean milk of complete beans, the soya-bean milk of food crops, the soya-bean milk of red jujube, the soya-bean milk of black rice, the soya-bean milk of buckwheat, curious and eccentric soya-bean milk has been done, in one’s childhood iron sheet house skipped to come out again, the net bought the ester inside one pouch — 3 money 100g, good petty gain is breathed out — so, myself should do jellied bean curd!

[raw material] (two people portion)
Soya bean (a big) , water (add to graduation mark) , inside ester (make an appointment with 5g) ; Black agaric (3) , chrysanthemum (10 come) , green, soy, salt, amylaceous.

1, dry soya bean shifts to an earlier date bubble extends in soya-bean milk machine, add water to do soya-bean milk.
2, bubble of black agaric, dry chrysanthemum leaves, mincing; Green cuts end.
3, residue from bean after making soya-bean milk filters after soya-bean milk has been done, put in big bowl inside ester, the soya-bean milk with irruptive good sieve, the edge develops edge agitate, put after agitate divide evenly aside quiet place — did not want to move it again absolutely — become namely after about 10 minutes.

4, hot pot cool oil puts chopped green onion to explode sweet, enter soy, boil hind joins black agaric and chrysanthemum, water is added to come to did not cross both after be being fried slightly, right amount salt is joined after be being burned again, water starch is joined after agitate divide evenly — can put more some — boil to ropy hind involve fire.
5, with made the same score the ladle of a bit greatly piece a right amount tender bean curd, irrigate juice, eat — love eats to still can add chili oil hotly.

Although <b> is not authentic, but enough already good drink, the sort of special flavour in just be being remembered however

How cannot be also found. </b></b>

A bowl of excellent cloud swallows a face

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen




A bowl of excellent cloud swallows a face, besides the flavour that should notice the cloud swallows itself, mouthfeel, appearance, colour and lustre, noodle and soup bottom cannot treat sth lightly, must match appropriate. Noodle should have an egg sweet, bright slips and play a tooth, more want bright and lustrous. The Yi Fei end soup constant important, must settleclear clear clear, xianxiang is tangy, just but dash forward the colour and lustre that shows Yun Tun and noodle and mouthfeel. Him home is made do not calculate on authentic, can say to still calculate only delicious. General and authentic cloud swallows what the face chooses is shrimp flesh and fat hit, when I am done, the as it happens in the home does not have shrimp, what use so is vegetable of the flesh, have the ~ that time is making second shrimp pork


The bag law with blunt Hun: (The graph is asked on from left toward right look)

1. puts chopped meat on wonton skin (the skin that had better be a square) , edge diagonal is folded triangularly. (the first graph)

2. supports with thumb inter, next the nest rises. (the 2nd graph)

3. touchs bit of water in the horn of right, fold of will sinister character goes up to copy hand shape. (What the 3rd Zun Tu shows is the opposite with blunt Hun)

Play two end next orderly make stuffing expects the inter is roused, form the modelling of a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China of two upright cock.


4. caraway, scallion cuts paragraphs small

The practice of 5. egg silk is: A break up adds the egg a few salt, agitate divide evenly adds a few water. Next pan heats, put a few oil to wipe divide evenly with paper, make boiler face has one layer upon layer thin thin oil. Add egg juice next, rotational bowl, fluid letting an egg is stuck on bowl equably. Fire does not want too big, wait for egg cake surface to appear condense, color delicacy is yellow, the attention works not completely, involve fire, put a little. Uncover egg cake along the surface, the scoop that use wood from the place that uncovers, extend go in to open egg cake completely next, OK. Attend that day with egg cake bright color fold rise cut silk.

The method with blunt not muddy boiling water of the Hun below 6. is, a few salt is joined in water, big baked wheaten cake leaves, put Hun next blunt, turn immediately medium baking temperature, do not build cap to boil

7. noodle, what use here is silver-colored silk face (it is better to was not found appropriate ~) also is to issue boiler to thoroughly cook likewise, issue cold water to accuse to work too next

8. general Hun has been piled up with noodle dully, put chopped green onion, caraway, egg, join beforehand the soup-stock of mix up, it is OK that with little delicacy soy, fish sauce flavors ~




The friend that welcomes to like cate to like music comes Susan kitchen, click enter

[Achieve formerly] bask in bask in me bowl of northeaster affection iron stews domestic condiment — northeast kills pig dish

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Northeast person does dish to be willing to be stewed in disorder, miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the thing of 8 is put in a boiler, bubble bubble stew sodden, take even boiling water course, “Chi smooth Chi is smooth ” the ground is worn rice or steamed bread, can eat in full swing, streaming with sweat. Using because of northeast dish makings, with labour, when using, go up to be not paid attention to, it is so in department of a few big vegetable, northeast without us dish is.

My individual feels, the stewing food that makes northeast is very simple: First broth of stew in shallow water, steaky pork or chop or bone of big stick-means of intimidation are OK. Bit of Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, green Chinese onion, Jiang Pian is added in boiler, the flesh of good scald water or bone are put in, stew in shallow water rots to the flesh had calculated. Wash green vegetables clean, chunk ground is cut cut, throw go in boiler, need not be in charge of. Over- a few minutes, the salt that increase a point, gourmet powder, chopped green onion tone flavors, give boiler to have a meal! Do not have broth really, green vegetables adds water to stew OK also and satiate abdomen.

Think the condiment in my home is little all the time little, only so the thing that a few appearance must use at ordinary times. But for present a treasure, the kitchen in, in horny ark, all condiment in freezer are taken, also placed unexpectedly full one table, when another puts them, actually tired also on breathed heavily.
My this individual is substantial, the leader should bask in condiment, I move all condiment in the home, bask.

Eliminate these, still have oil of green Chinese onion, Laojiang, chili, dried fruit has big jujube, longan, tremella, lily, lotus seed (those who do congee to be able to be used Oh) , do not know to calculate not count? Xi Xi

My condiment is to be in ” happy buy ” in buy, this is our place’s greatest supermarket. In buying a process, can pick the thing of a few old brands as far as possible, not be to be chased after blindly esteem famous brand, because the commodity of big manufacturer is used,rise however can let a person be at ease a little a few.

From left go up right below ordinal for: What the peanut oil that blessing faces the grain blend oil of the door, Lu Hua, Li Jin writes down is unripe smoke, often smoke, the brilliance that the oyster sauce that cooking wine of mature vinegar of the madam’s happy banquet soy, water tower, Wang Zhihe, Li Jin writes down, place produces

This piece ordinal for: Valve of beans of county of pink of cassia bark of aniseed of honey, Chinese prickly ash, rock candy, Pi, thick broad-bean sauce, soft white sugar, tomato is sanded type of department, peaceful is sweet of thick chili sauce, different leftover bits and pieces two go up white is salad of sauce, black is black peppery break (bring back from Russia) , right plant one’s foot

In these condiment, I roll out this ceremoniously east. Of course our place does not produce it, however of Shandong:
Thick broad-bean sauce of spouse of sweet in June green

Northeast person loves to eat dip in pickles, the thing that always can eat raw can take dip in sauce eats: Green Chinese onion, turnip, cucumber, chili, lettuce, bitter Ju, yuan green… , still have spinach, a variety of Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage, crowndaisy chrysanthemum… sauce dips in to eat again after scald crosses water, look in southern, especially mysterious.
The home does rural him person previously big sauce, but that flavour average person eats not be used to, I buy the sauce that brew factory produces, brand adventitious. After green spouse appears, I buy this kind only, also had not changed again other. (have a person to tell me, how many additive to add inside it? )

Recommend it, because its sauce is sweet,be full-bodied, sweet in take salty, Xian Xiankuo mouth, can eat raw namely, can do dish to eat as condiment again.

Bag mount has a variety of: Of in bags, bottled; Pack greatly, packet installs. When buying, can buy by the quantity, very convenient.
It is sundry that I go up a few times had bought. After been use, polybag packs threw of course, bottle still is staying, can what puts dress in freezer, want to be less than this to answered a clique to go up use. These basically are them child.

21.8 yuan of great vase, in 9.5 yuan of bottle, 4.7 yuan of pyxis, of big in bags (500g) 2.5 yuan, small in bags (250g is controlled) 1.2 yuan, of course, these prices are the prices before half an year before shooting up.
Pack different, flavour is different, want feel well in bags bottledly.

Dish dips in to eat directly with it normally in my home, now and then take the fish that stew occasionally, but meeting very feel distressed — very expensive. On individual feeling, it and green return really tie-in A, eat together, do not feel sauce is too salty namely, do not feel green is too hot again, mutual and integrated, make up for each other, be worthy of is to be called ” green spouse ” !

Go up only so together simple dip inning pickles, honest too deceive everybody. Many days are in in the kitchen, discover everybody has the dish that kill a hog to be interested quite to northeast, then I am told to detailed ground talk a way.

The authentic dish that kill a hog, that should be done after killing a hog. After the pig has been killed, discharge becomes small, boil with big iron bowl, should boil normally two, 3 hours. The flesh that boil while, can move blood, fill black pudding, also put in fleshy boiler to be boiled together, ripe first fish out, air is cool, cut small. After fleshy stew in shallow water is good, fish out comes, look for bowl of a small iron additionally, bail out broth, put pickled Chinese cabbage, incendiary on stew, fast good when join the cutlet that has cut, black pudding, join salt, gourmet powder next, groups big are surrounded before sitting in boiler, dipping in garlic sauce eats pickled Chinese cabbage, black pudding, sliced meat, gnawing bone, eat extremely.

In the city, also raise a pig without the place without the person, it is to buy a pork or chop or bone of big stick-means of intimidation to come back broth of stew in shallow water, black pudding also is to buy off-the-peg, decrease in eating course changed a course, although return,be those things so, but taste did not kill the flavour of pig dish however.

Without misremembered word, I this is the 3rd go up kill pig dish, there is not a process before, come today detailed (ask everybody to excuse, I can make this food only) :
1, pork chop bone adds meat of a hind leg (actually best is steaky pork) , add water of cooking wine scald, put high-pressured bowl in (to save time) , join above Duan Hejiang of alludes Chinese prickly ash, aniseed, cassia bark, green Chinese onion piece, gas hind boils 20 minutes on. Flameout warm up a little while.
2, flesh of stew in shallow water while, cut pickled Chinese cabbage. silk of abluent pickled Chinese cabbage, dissect, put in largish basin, immerge clear water, bubble half hours, take out peculiar smell and reduce acidity.
3, good stew in shallow water flesh fish out, air is cool.
4, wait when the flesh is cool, can pour broth into iron round-bottomed frying pan, join the abluent, pickled Chinese cabbage that holds dry water share, stew. Pickled Chinese cabbage is fond of oil, if the oil in broth is too little, can increase a point already refine is good lardy inside.
5, the pickled Chinese cabbage that stew when, cut the flesh with cool air chip. Black pudding cuts small. Reserve.
7, pickled Chinese cabbage is stewed 15 — when 20 minutes, join cutlet, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, stew again 6, 7 minutes or so, wait for noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch to stew soft, join salt, gourmet powder to flavor.
8, pickled Chinese cabbage is stewed rotted, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch also is stewed soft, be about to put in blood sausage, dip is in soup, heat up can (time cannot grow too, otherwise the mouthfeel of black pudding will be too old) , join chopped green onion, cease-fire.

The processing process of pickled Chinese cabbage:

The processing process of black pudding:

The process of the dish that stew:

Bowl of northeaster affection iron is stewed — northeast kills pig dish success.

How managing model wash a bowl [pachyrhizus home]

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Raining these days, resemble now, in the morning at 11 o’clock, but the day is so black that the day resemble in the evening 8, at 9 o’clock, such day wants to cook far from ~~~~~ looks the other day there is an activity in forum, it is to ask you to tell seemingly tell how to do clean ~~~~ I am willing to come out however beautiful how does our home wash a bowl, probably my method is not best the most businesslike, also very the welcome says how you brush a bowl quickly for other brothers and sisterses. I this post, authority should be cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions *^_^* I this method, basically be from the angle of managing, environmental protection unabashed of ~~~~~ setting out says, pachyrhizus can be environmental protection creed all the time person oh, breathe out!

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

Is seeing a picture special palpability? ! I will show ~~~~ simply

1, put all dirty bowls that need rinse into to wash nappy inside (see a picture 1) , put clear water, drip fluid of right amount catharsis, after using the bowl dish clean down with the will all cloth that brush a bowl next, put into another on the side to wash nappy (see a picture 2) , before wash nappy to be cleaned clean

2, wait for all bowls to had been brushed with scour after be being put into another to wash nappy, with lesser water each washs bowl dish (see a picture 4) , because water flows to go up at the bowl basin below, bubble is very so easy clear clean, the water inside the basin is very clear also (see a picture 6)

3, rinse what before clean bowl is put again, clean clean to wash nappy inside (see a picture 5) , wipe water with the cloth that brush a bowl next can replace bowl dish was worn

4, and inside the salver that washs the water that bowl dish has rinsed inside nappy to be able to fall to do cleanness, with the floor that will brush a kitchen, can when making food, you always get on kitchen ground get trifling oil or water? ! Brush a floor immediately, in the closestool that brushs the water after the floor to be able to pour toilet, hold out good idea so? ! : )

Face of a bowl of when marry 3 years sweet hemp

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Marry 3 years, ” face of a bowl of sweet hemp ” [hutch of A Su Xiao]

Flash 3 years, thinking what thing to be able to marry 3 years this on behalf of us, wanting to go presumably always is face of this bowl of sweet hemp. Acerbity, sweet, hemp, hot, salty, completely of the five flavors.

Remember that paragraph of time that just marries, I leave home in very far, class of every the world is he cooks, be in the home two before to us is the meal comes for the person of dehisce, want to learn to rise from the beginning, he basically is the egg fries tomato, element everyday cabbage patch and the craft that this he looks after the house - " of face of " sweet hemp fools I, but I also am fooled extremely, love pole the range of this sweet hemp that he makes, a bowl of big full noodle, mix on the sauce makings with thick sweet hot hemp, one person is carrying a bowl, the clear off of part of speech of part of speech, it is absolutely 100 eat not tire of. In hard bubble of my use soft tactics the circumstance of adscititious intimidate falls, covered the tone method of sauce, also did rapidly then, but what feel to be done as him however is delicious, ask him then, what secret recipe has not told me, he says banteringly, of course, I still put ~ of same thing ~ to love namely more! ! ! Ah, acid died, acid is acerbity nevertheless, still hold out benefit from, regarding as is to put vinegar bit more
Again oneself make dish standard later gradually tall, after old gentleman withdraws house second line gradually, this face unlike just married at that time often is done ate, but this bowl ” sweet hemp face ” this warmth that once brought me is withheld all the time however was in in memory.
From the romance of newly-married, to the hardships in reality adjust, arrive again later gradually insipid warmth, walk over step by step, once so so hardships passes, true not easy. Nevertheless very feel happy we still walk over eventually, to me, present time passes warm and insipidly, it is I am cherished most however most the feeling of content with one’s lot. Hope this warmth can accompany I and him to go too more than 3 years very much really, however farther. . . . . .

Material: Noodle 500 grams, cucumber 1, sesame paste 5 spoon, salt 1 teaspoon, candy 1 spoon, face of Chinese prickly ash 2 teaspoon, cool boiled water 3 spoon, vinegar teaspoon of 1/4 of sauce of pepper of yellow lantern of 1 spoon, Hainan.
1, sesame paste is put into the bowl, join salt, join agitate of cool boiled water, edge agitate edge bit by bit add cool boiled water, till agitate arrives consistency moderate.
2, face of Chinese prickly ash is put into frying pan drily small fire fries 5 minutes, fry a fragrance, in the sesame paste that joins mix up.
3, rejoin one spoon white sugar, mix is even.

4, noodle trembles medicinal powder, cucumber cuts into shreds.
5, the stockpot adds full amount water, noodle is joined after be being burned (if be not put,fall can divide second boil) , use chopstick agitate lest adhesion. After conflagration is boiled, add cold water of smaller part bowl, again medium baking temperature is boiled basic ripe.
6, noodle fish out, join sauce of pepper of yellow lantern of cucumber and the sesame paste that had mixed, vinegar, Hainan, agitate can eat equably.

Particularly small stick person:
1, face of Chinese prickly ash had better be a bit coarser the sort of. If be done not have in the home, best oneself do: Put Chinese prickly ash in frying pan small fire breaks up fry 5 ~ 10 minutes, after frying crisp of Chinese prickly ash, teem arrives on chopping board, break roll of Chinese prickly ash with rolling pole, smell is sweeter than what buy. The friend that often has can be done more than a bit, seal in hermetically sealed can, follow later eat along with take went. Do the thing with hot hemp to be able to be used, very convenient.
2, when summer eats, can noodle cold water crosses after fish out, mix again on sauce.
3, can replace of sauce of pepper of yellow without Hainan lantern with chili oil, euqally delicate.
4, cucumber also can be replaced with other vegetable, wait cabbage patch for instance.

Abstain Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl to still have 15 days from the Spring Festival

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[hutch of lubricious dirt word] abstain Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl - still have 15 days from the Spring Festival

Wanted to celebrate a festival, wanted to reunion, celebrate a festival syndrome also begins to spread.

Daily overworked, dim mood and metropolis become as the drawing near of Spring Festival footstep more tired with insecurity. The pocket when most person should plan to come home this year commonly is rich, begin to consider whether ticket can buy hand, draw up smoothly to give gift list to steal a leisure from time to time to develop market next, staring at the job in calendar is perfunctory hand to imagining the home everyday in delicate, when waiting to get on a car to set foot on the journey that come home really, one year the pains of keep long in stock begins cause trouble really, body inside and outside feels even more jerky, but the space that very few person can have buffer and time. Stepping into a door is not to begin to answer of the section work even if the person bearer that busy incessantly ground deals with a batch to dial is gone to, all over the country chats in disorder, domestic moustache has boss on the west ground of sea a place of strategic importance, confuse right and wrong all night libertinism… the job after the ticket of the anxious still return trip in the heart, section, new life of a year plans…

If these processes are carried out smoothly,still calculate in good luck, if that joint gave an issue, that urgent can not be average rate.

Celebrate a festival ah the true holiday that when can ~ just become popular feeling affection and body loosen?

Super sympathize with the person that wants reunion coming home year after year, super also sympathize with cannot come home to sample alone the person of alone Spring Festival. Without giving thought to how, leave the Spring Festival to have only 15 days now, the person that the hope prepares to come home can take ticket smoothly, award is OK end of the year on time sign after receiving sth; The person that cannot come home can receive the restful information in the home, beside have a friend around with caress.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When we are small still, basically should answer native place to celebrate a festival year after year. Of home town delicate it is the best memory about the Spring Festival all the time. Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl seems to had eaten in native place only, beijing hard look for. Before paragraph the Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl that the day saw a kind of pyxis is installed in home Le Fu, excited ah ~ took two bottles to come home instantly. Regretful is, flavour and I remember medium photograph to go very far, besides salty do not have other ingredient. Decide oneself are done then. Breathe out the ~ that breathe out ~

1, soya bean is abluent bubble overnight

2, thoroughly cook soya bean, the water of the beans that boil does not fall, add salt to keep existence refrigerator in

3, the place that soya bean puts in warmth ferments 3 days are controlled, the appearance that has fermented is had between bean it is OK to stick sticking liquid

4, the soya bean that has fermented adds pink of face of any of several hot spice plants of salt, chop, chili, Chinese prickly ash, Jiang Mo to mix divide evenly

5, pour the water of the beans that boil, nod some of liquor

6, load last in the box, it is OK to be put in freezer to refrigerate 7-10 day to control edible.


1, I do not have the scale of flavoring metage, if everybody is willing if doing, can adjust according to oneself be fond of.

2, the fabaceous Chi that before two years very popular Japan fights beans of cancerous food accept not to have salt namely actually, super- say expensively.

3, the nutrition of fabaceous Chi is very rich:

Its protein content is high, and contain a variety of vitamins and mineral, especially the content of vitamin E is very supreme at other edibles. Fabaceous Chi not only nutrient value is high, and the history that is used as medicine with respect to useful beans Chi since ancient times. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, flavour of fabaceous Chi sex is bitter, cold, avirulent, return via entering lung, stomach, have the effect of the heat of induce sweat Qing Dynasty, detoxify that appear rash, can treat wind heat to have a headache, the bosom is frowsty irritated vomit, phlegmy much empty is irritated.

Soja polypeptide is the material that fabaceous Chi soy is fermenting protein of the soja in the process is generated via microbial enzymatic degradation, research makes clear, soja polypeptide is had eliminate exhaustion, reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, adjust a variety of effect such as insulin. Soja still is contained in fabaceous Chi low get together candy, what this kind of material included the place in raw material soja to contain is low get together candy, after also including soja classics to ferment a few kinds of new generation low get together candy, these are low get together candy calls Shuang Qi factor again, they can improve the digestive function of people, improve airframe immunity function, reduce the generation with alvine path qualitative toxicant, can prevent the happening of alvine path tumour thereby.

Chi of common black soya bean is compared on market, its black is albumen black element, it is a kind of when bean ferments arise in the process Brown material, it is the macromolecule material of a kind of water-solubility, it has function of similar and prandial fibrous, have stronger fight oxidation function, to carcinogenic substance inferior saltpetre amine has very strong inhibition in the synthesis inside the stomach. Soja different yellow ketone has the structure of similar estrogen and physiology effect, be called consequently plant estrogen. Soja different yellow ketone is the minim active composition in a kind of soja. Consider to make clear, soja ferments the different in goods fizzles out ketone is more unripe the different yellow ketone in soja has taller physiology active, soja different yellow ketone can fight tumor, prevent consenescence and sex of old age of prevention and cure blood capillary is fragile change.

4, edible beans Chi is healthful, but the commodity outside contains salt exorbitant, still be oneself made easier control is more healthful also.

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The flesh of water of pumpkin bowl vapour of merry christmas is cut cut illicit hutch

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Actually before still should have 3 inferior the card was not sent, but today is christmas, must send lively stick festivally.
When going to mom home having a meal last week, this pumpkin sees, eat in mom home at that time the idle rich, packets of big packet is replete what mom prepares for us is delicious, face go out, I am final sweep sitting room, discovered this lovely small pumpkin, took 2 again incidentally, hey.
How does so small pumpkin eat? Want, will become with it bowl, do soda water flesh to eat to the son, the fact proves, succeeded.

This piece should express gratitude fish, offerred the stage property with lovely part!

Material: Bo? egg, pumpkin
Spice: ? is unripe smoke

1.Pumpkin is in incision from the 1/4 of upside, pumpkin interior hollow, abluent, should do a bowl
2.Egg break up, add ground meat, salt, unripe transfer divide evenly, add water of smaller part bowl, mix again divide evenly (did not cheer, the ground meat scale that uses because of me is flesh of 3 share out ill-gotten gains 7 minutes of lean lean)
3.Pour the mixture of 2 into pumpkin bowl, go up basket evaporate 25 minutes, the cap of pumpkin bowl also should be put basket in evaporate is ripe oh

End gave pumpkin bowl, son surprise ground is pie-eyed… . .
Eat, he is licked lick ladle, ask: Is A Chinese-style unlined garment new?
Dot, it is so good fool, soda water flesh he already not rare, but be put in pumpkin bowl, different! !

Finally, wish everybody merry christmas! ! !

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