Cake of kidney bean of kidney bean darling

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Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Before feeling I had been carried, enter 50 hind (be born the fifties) psychological state ~~~

The fellow of Guo Guo says, the person is in young when just can be willing to think of change, when live after 40 years old without mood environment, working environment, human affairs environment these a variety of. Arrived again a few older, a few somes of slight changes in often can living day after day are not willing. So. Old person most fear a change. . .

And I, I present. Be less than me 30 years old, very special and contented current condition, do not want to know new friend, do not want to go to new place experiencing the life, do not want to have any small fluctuant, take a walk not to think another way, have a meal not to want to use another bowls, the desktop does not want to change new color. . . . I present had lived in mood of 50 years old. . . .

Let me carry this kind of mental state a few somes of moment, fill report I can answer me young again, be willing to think of change which I, should put a ~~~ of false cough up to the heart

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Acquire a mug-up the other day. Leading role is kidney bean ~~~

Kidney bean is the burden that in one’s childhood mom takes Bao pig foot only in memory. That moment goods and materials is not resembled now such diversity. Bao pig foot uses besides ormosia be kidney bean. And kidney bean price often crosses ormosia high, so if go to a country, master home end gives foot of pig of Bao of one boiler kidney bean to come, be highest to the guest entertainment. . .

Eat kidney bean, I should pare kidney bean skin eats the beans inside only every time, when having a meal so, always see I eat two meals to put down a chopstick to pare again a few beanses, mom says I eat very disgustingly. Total meeting check I, then I secretly pare, secretly eat, ha. . . Ten years had not eaten kidney bean, this snack just in time is to use pared kidney bean make it of the skin, need not I am again furtive *^_^*


1. looks, can share what going out is, 4 option: The kidney bean darling that water of bubble of? of carry on Kang is brought up overnight. Take off the darling of naked kidney bean of the dress. The kidney bean appearance that is taken off. Can right go up date *^_^*

2. does kidney bean half jins to immerse after one night, the naked kidney bean of the appearance that be taken off.

3. adds water to boil. If be high-pressured boiler can be boiled very quickly,rot, I boiled half hours with electric meal Bao.

4. boils good Yun Dourong, take the advantage of heat to join a few white sugar agitate to leave. Some beanses were not boiled completely sodden, but I did not crush it, in Jia Zaiyun sweetened bean taste now and then eat two very pretty good also.

The gauze that goes up clean is spread in 5. escape unpunished.

6. goes in kidney bean sand.

7. receives the mouth of good gauze. Squeeze a redundant moisture. Do not squeeze too dry, otherwise kidney bean sand can come loose, cannot shape.

8. does good kidney bean sand. Increase the likelihood that on a few red sanded him make it like. The mouthfeel after putting freezer to refrigerate is first-rate. Icy.

It is to want to do a bit more beautiful, when who knows plastics screwy, make sinister in appearance appearance appearance, violated me completely to want to convey the idea of lovely smiling face. Break down ~~ breaks down ~~~

Cool cake of old Beijing fastfood polished glutinous rice

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** is attractive cook, without the license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Live in Long Fusi in one’s childhood in the street, old name of Long Fusi snack bar, white chief. . . . . . Inside fastfood much

Incomputable. The home is moved now far, long Fusi is fastfood also do not have again in those days flavour, not be my taste changed,

However over there true quality is too poor. Want to eat now fastfood, can go only Niu Jie, flavour is original still

Same, just traffic, time is no-go, also cannot go one year a few times, person greedy how to do? Be in the home


Raw material: Stuffing of polished glutinous rice, beans, cake of green red silk, gold and melon, I also did not put this a few kind, have more than is needed is done in the home much

Little, bought do, the time that go must be thrown. Have in sesame seed home off-the-peg, had fried go,

There is paddy sweet village in freezer of as it happens fry the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn to want to go up in order to use.


1, the bubble after Xian of polished glutinous rice is clean is controlled 4 hours, drop evaporate of the boiler on water 30 minutes, take out, add water agitate

Even, this one pace is called ” take a starch ” .

2, get on the rice that has mixed again boiler evaporate 20 minutes, take a starch twice repeatedly, at this moment softness of criterion of polished glutinous rice, interest having pliable but strong.

3, relapse the polished glutinous rice that evaporate crosses, enter the agitate in the basin again, at this moment of polished glutinous rice agglutinant very big. (of old Beijing

Practice, it is to use wet gauze to touch water to include meal of good polished glutinous rice soft all, I feel such not quite clean, change so in the basin

In agitate)

4, the oil that takes a dish to apply touch, spread meal of a polished glutinous rice, spread stuffing of a beans again, spread again next

Meal of polished glutinous rice stuffing of a beans, cover meal of a polished glutinous rice finally

5, above scatter on the sesame seed that has fried, scatter again on the nutlet that you like and fruit makings, cool cake considers do good, this

Can be to want what cool move eats!

Clew: This fastfood and unfavorable do more than, cannot eat to put the word of freezer, polished glutinous rice can harden, influence mouthfeel


Delicate chocolate cake

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The breakfast on *** train- - delicate chocolate cake ***
Graph / article author: The ice September
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

See the prescription of a chocolate cake on the net a long time ago, feel not quite sweet, so oneself changed, became the prescription below, often do, quite welcome also. 11 go phoenix, did a belt to cook breakfast to the train.
Material: (round model of 8 inches of cake)
1. Butter of + of force 220g of heart Fu Hei Qiaoke 60 grams
2. Albumen 120g of 6 + candy
3. Yoke 50ml of 6 + weak butter
4, low pink 90 grams pink of cake of Zhu Gu force 90 grams
Practice: butter of chocolate 220g + 60 grams are mincing, lie between Shui Xiaohuo to melt, wait for cool.

I use this butter

120g of 6 + candy makes protein to rigid epispastic, make albumen candy sauce, as a result of too urgent, busy flap the photograph of albumen candy sauce.

yoke weak butter 50ml joins 6 + to already put cool chocolate, butter slowly in, when adding, otherwise breaks agitate, until become black completely.

Sift again already the low pink of sift out chocolate cake pink, turn cake into sauce.

I use noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of this kind of cake, go filling in last class when buy, do not cross a net to go up also some selling.

Dig one big spoon to make good albumen candy sauce first, mix with cake sauce divide evenly, differ because of the density of both very big, albumen of this one spoon basically is to adjust density, need not worry about disappear bubble so, usable force agitate comes even. The albumen candy sauce that go divides 2 ~ 3 times to join chocolate panada, light hand agitate comes equably invisible albumen stripe, also precipitate without chocolate till. The hand wants light, lest albumen disappear bubble.
Fit a pattern, oven warm-up goes to 150 degrees, penult layer, the 60-70 that bake minute, the actual temperature of the Xiang that bake that inspects you and course of study.
Baking the cake in Xiang

Bake good cake, did regrettablly so for many times major moment or craze. . .


The daughter wants foretaste taste, did small.

Luxurious 5 benevolence moon cake is congratulated beforehand happy mid-autumn [hutch of lubricious dirt word]

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More and wonderful click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters lubricious this world please

= of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = = =

When going to a supermarket buying the dried fruit that makes material of moon cake stuffing yesterday already medium midday time, abdomen is a bit hungry, the course wants to buy the allay one’s hunger on a road suddenly when moon cake bar, also want to sample incidentally the flavour of commodity moon cake. See the value of moon cake, ~ is individual the moon cake that pack 5 above oh this price can buy ~ ~ several eggs, really expensive! So sweet still! Still so be bored with! Return so much additive! Still be oneself continue Diy became good, breathe out the ~ that breathe out ~

The craft that oneself still rejoice secretly in the heart when remembering becoming gives again a large sum of money were saved in the home ~ gets along, especially we this kind of poor gets along, not careful calculation and strict budgeting is to be no good then the ground! That a big inside little criterion 45, much 6, differ 8 pieces, the price can be done not have under of 100, average a moon cake still must not go several pieces 10 ah ~ so, I estimate, buy moon cake to eat to oneself mid-autumn should be in the minority, majority buys give sb a present, everybody sends each other eat each other, the moon cake that with a ha breaths out haing ~ him ~ to buy presented the opening of others, also knowing is a quality of what flavour what, anyway intention, it is good that the family was gotten.

10 sweet-scented osmanthus gram that do are sanded delicacy of makings of moon cake stuffing is small sweet, of slit between the teeth of greedy bug of really insufficient a place of strategic importance, two days submit an expense account smooth. Running quickly directly yesterday 5 benevolence moon cake went: There is currant, pumpkin in the home child, black sesame seed, almond, still need to purchase walnutmeat, cashew, earthnut or other nut. General 5 benevolence moon cake stuffing chooses sunflower seed, earthnut to deserve to nod walnutmeat more with nut just. I hope my 5 benevolence material of moon cake stuffing is a few richer, mouthfeel is better, nutrition is some more, should choose nut of a few appearance more so gift is nice. Already crossed the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. , still want to be being driven make moon cake afternoon, did not go to the big supermarket such as a Le Fu so, turn in the medium-sized supermarket around only. Appropriate of true inconvenience of walnut and cashew, it is 50 yuan control a jin oh ~ ~ deep sigh, tottering ground draws out big bill to change me 5 benevolence makings of moon cake stuffing! Still bought a jin of peanut, what what can choose is do not have here, anyway 5 benevolence already collect enough, hit a your home.

This title cries luxurious 5 benevolence moon cake breaths out ~ actually luxurious do not go up in the raw material price of moon cake completely, although dried fruit people social status is not low, but true luxurious depend on, on the diligent that rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers connected lazy muscle to purchase and get the materials ready (the melon seeds austral that but I decorticate one by one oh ~ ) ; Work laboriously makes stuffing, do skin, bag to make, in the bake, process that answers oil (the midnight after beginning an operation to arrive all the time from afternoon sees an oil is about the same pull an arm to begin to pat finished product to pursue ~ ) ; Return those who have an all wool and a yard wide heavy to be kind to oneself and cherish the idea place of life interest adds all Yupingfansheng’s vivid pleasure, this is period the joy that make and harvests with what the move will cash! This joy condenses in me 5 benevolence moon cake is born in the course that remember.

Say so, celebrating a festival is a favour. It gave await or the people that expect happiness lives an opportunity — in writing an ordinary day into happy years notebook, the pains of the fretted, process that and pass awaits and the joyance that share magnify this one log one times severalfold perhaps, have wisdom even it is OK to amount to a person it engrave is smiling aglitter forever in.

Luxurious, had animaled farm no longer at moon cake or other material, it is interior firework.

Practice of 5 benevolence stuffing:

1, raw material of main dried fruit: Pink of ripe black sesame seed, ripe south melon seeds, walnutmeat, earthnut, ripe cashew, almond, currant each 50g

2, earthnut flay and walnutmeat put 150 degrees into oven to bake make 20 minutes, 15 minutes when put almond to be baked simultaneously

3, bake when making 3 kinds of raw material cashew, pumpkin child mincing (I like nut grain chew feeling, the friend that does not like can put nut into food treatment opportunity to be hit into pulverous shape)

4, the earthnut that will baked, walnutmeat, almond is mincing also in putting recipient simultaneously

5, oil of pink of ripe sesame seed, edible is added in container mix of 4g of 40ml of 70g of pink of 40ml, ripe polished glutinous rice, clear water, salt is even

6, hold 5 benevolence stuffing into 55g one ball (all little of have more than needed is returned after these raw material held nine, I cannot help be being put directly ate in the mouth, haing ~ is too sweet ~ )

7, the group photo of 5 benevolence stuffing and agent of face of moon cake skin

The bag that says moon cake now controls a process:

1, agitate of oily 50ml of edible of syrup 150g + , add amaranth water 3 - 5g, much agitate a little while, make solution even (syrup sees here: Self-restrained change syrup The kitchen of my home is used say to forbid under 10g truly, so, amaranth water is about 3 - 5g, in the meantime, my input method is not hit give that amaranth word, replace with this amaranth ha)

2, the sieve enters standard pink 200g, with scoop or other tool will be face, oily mix is even (mix and agitate should break up gently is not to exert all one’s strength the Rangjisheng that draw a circle muscle)

3, put dough last in bag flabby 30 minutes (meantime can put freezer to refrigerate)

4, flabby good dough breaks up one ball of 30g, agent of this graph face and the group photo that stuffing expects

5, press agent of face of moon cake skin press into wafer, put ball of makings of 5 benevolence stuffing

6, push agent of face of moon cake skin up gently make its lap closely ball of 5 benevolence stuffing

7, give model with moon cake mould pressing (can asperse a few dry flour for convenient drawing of patterns)

8, bake dish of mat tinfoil, moon cake semifinished product the code is being baked dish on (right now can oven warm-up 220 degrees)

9, moon cake semifinished product puts oven to bake 8 — 10 minutes or so, slightly chromatically takes out the Pan Liang that bake 5 minutes

10, egg fluid is brushed on moon cake semifinished product, put oven to be baked again 8 — 10 minutes can. After moon cake gives heat, complete air is cool, put last oil is answered in bag.


1, this wanting that do salty 5 benevolence moon cake, but abrade black sesame seed when added a few candy, error plus currant sweet, finally this 5 benevolence of mouth of Xian Tian of moon cake put through, with a ha breath out haing ~ ~ to want to eat salty the friend does not put candy and currant to breath out ~ ~ to want to eat sweet it is good that the friend does not put salt to add bit of candy again

2, mix this the order of candy grease changed a little, it is a bit better to feel finished product is this order it seems that: Syrup and oil mix first divide evenly, add amaranth water again

3, changed common standard pink this to make moon cake, the effect of special also favor say, so, moon cake may not must be done with low muscle flour oh ~

4, bake make can decide temperature and time according to the oven of oneself, bake for the first time a little chromatically can take air, be being baked the 2nd times also is, chromatically satisfaction can involve fire.

5, the practice of pink of ripe sesame seed: Black sesame seed is abluent, in putting bowl, fry sweet, air is cool, pulverize is hit in adding a few white sugar to put food to machine the abrade cup of machine can.

6, the practice of pink of ripe polished glutinous rice: Pink of polished glutinous rice be about to ground rice, put into small dish or bowl, the evaporate in putting a pot for steaming food 15 - 20 minutes can. If use small dish, powdery ply is small, 15 minutes or so ripe, if use a bowl, powdery ply is taller, can extend the time that evaporate makes. </b></b>

Chocolate cake says department

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Taste very full-bodied chocolate cake says department, there is cake in biscuit, do not have taste one time ~

Finished product:

Raw material: (450 grams say department case)
Tall pink 300 grams, cocoa 20 grams, water 220 grams, butter 30 grams, candy is small spoon of 1/2 of 20 grams, salt, yeasty Qi Feng of 1 small spoon, cocoa 60 grams

1, outside dividing cake, oily law kneads all raw material after to complete phase
2, the foundation ferments
3, rounded, flabby
4, exhaust, become dough roll the rectangle that comparatives with length of the box that say department, the cake on the shop

5, the face piece from above to below furls, binding off is gadarene, park says department case in
6, ferment 2 times
7, oven warm-up, 180 degrees, lower level, fluctuation fire, 40 minutes, take the advantage of hot drawing of patterns
8, completely cool after appearing, section

1, cake likes how to much put to follow his, fasten overmuch good
2, like to eat a desert, can increase the dosage of candy appropriately

Cannot help, again beautiful

> </b>

Sanded moon cake of laurel sweet gram [hutch of lubricious dirt word]

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More and wonderful click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters lubricious this world please

= of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = of = = =

Make moon cake eventually, not allow really easy oh ~ ~ breathes out the ~ that breathe out ~ from do syrup to arrive again to stuffing of sand of Gui Xiang gram the bag is made, roast moon cake, last a period of time is not short ~ everyday busy housework and take care of ailing Chengdu, tired every day Mondayish make every day lazy.

Hit spirit to prepare to make moon cake eventually yesterday, just discover to flour is done not have in the home. Very dizzy ~ with a ha breaths out haing ~ ~

Fortunately, this moon cake is very delicious really, soft of green sweetened bean taste, mouth of glutinous of moon cake skin, sweet-scented osmanthus is sweet if hairspring recalls quiet and beautiful, gave oven I took the advantage of heat to eat, hot very good flavour oh ~ ~

Go up practice:

1, 160g syrup + 3 - 5g amaranth water mixes even

2, enter 50g edible oil again mix is even

3, the sieve mixes gently into 200g low pink divide evenly

4, flour and candy oil paste mixes divide evenly, after the group becomes glaze group, the bag is entered last in bag, put freezer flabby 30 minutes

5, part sanded stuffing of Gui Xiang gram the group becomes 50g one ball, one ball of dough 30g

6, dough of moon cake skin is pressed into wafer, put ball of stuffing of a green sweetened bean taste

7, push dough of moon cake skin up gently make its lap closely ball of stuffing of green sweetened bean taste

8, finally face skin heal, knead a circle gently

9, cover globe of moon cake semifinished product with moon cake model, go down handle pressing gently

10, drawing of patterns needs to take moon cake pattern only, control one helper power gently again, moon cake came out

11, after oven warm-up is good, will fill those who have moon cake semifinished product to bake dish put oven, 220 bake 8 - 10 minutes or so; Take out the Pan Liang that bake 5 minutes, brush on yoke fluid, put oven to bake again 8 - it is good that 10 minutes are controlled. Wait for moon cake after complete air is cool, the bag answers oil into insurance bag can.


1, the kitchen of my home is used say to forbid under 10g truly, so, amaranth water is about 3 - 5g, in the meantime, my input method is not hit give that amaranth word, replace with this amaranth ha, with a ha breath out haing ~

2, low pink I match with standard pink and corn starch, 90g of rice starch of jade of standard pink 110g

3, my moon cake model is 83g, for convenient metage 30g of skin of 50g of stuffing make it one ball; Show through finished product, leather quantity a little bit more, ah breathe out ~

4, loaded quickly last night at 12 o’clock last of bag, saw an oil finish this morning, quite fast. Breakfast ate 4 at a heat: ) addiction having a place, still think redo nods moon cake, ~ of ~ of Xi Xi Xi

5, the practice of amaranth water: Sodium bicarbonate: Water = 1: 4 (what I used last year is alkaline, changed sodium bicarbonate this year)

The practice of defect of laurel sweet sweetened bean taste will go up again tomorrow ~ picture has not been arranged ~

My relevant log:

2008-09-05 | Self-restrained change syrup — preparation makes moon cake ~
2007-09-20 | Black moon cake of cartoon lotus Chengdu — add trouble to longs for mid-autumn
2006-08-29 | Layer upon layer crisp sweet — fresh pork moon cake
2006-07-27 | Cartoon suckles </b></b> of yellow moon cake

Moon cake of extensive pattern Chinese chestnut

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** of kitchen of ** Sohu cate is permitted without author cake prince, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

*** Yao recalls golden month to arrive mid-autumn Make *** of family of moon cake filial piety

Graph / article author: Cake prince

Write here on your rich guest address, the format is: The propagandist language ** of Http://>** rich guest
Need Qiu Laijiu month 8,
The 100 flowers after I am spent are killed.
Towering sweet blast appear Chang’an,
Full city all takes gold shell.
Feel the autumn had come apparently, come first so the problem chrysanthemum of a yellow mew .
Got on for mid-autumn, before paragraph time made a moon cake that carry an oar, did not eat quite, see the of a lot of friend in forum makes extensive pattern moon cake, so prince also is unable to bear loneliness, also made moon cake of an extensive pattern, stuffing heart is Chinese chestnut stuffing, buy, everybody says this stuffing is delicious, and the commendation that still got a boss, taste true still pretty good.

Raw material:
For recipe
Flour 250 grams, extensive pattern syrup 160 grams, peanut oil 62 grams, jian water 5 grams, sp1 gram, ji Shifen 5 grams, chinese chestnut stuffing is right amount


1. syrup adds peanut oil, mix is even, joining Jian water and Sp, continue agitate, add flour next inside, exert all his strength with the hand rub, probably rub 78 minutes, (also no less than panification A) see dough is smooth, last on the lid film, dormant 30 minutes. Prince is creed of an environmental protection person, need not last so film, suggest everybody also is not used, went up to go with mouth of a bowl.

2. hum, good, 30 minutes arrived, we Chinese chestnut stuffing, the small dose that divides into 50 grams child, the small dose that the face divides into 15 grams child, enter stuffing with biscuit next, heal, press a mould, knock arrives bake dish inside, hum, send oven, temperature 220 degrees

3. saw the surface of moon cake must go up a little after a bit color, take, brush an egg fluid, send oven, continue roast, see exterior color becomes purplish red color to be able to be taken

Moon cake has been done, but not anxious eat, put the place with ventilated shady and cool, want to turn over oil 9 days, such, the color of moon cake will be more beautiful, cake skin is met more cotton is soft, mouthfeel is expensive better

[Sweet clew]
Of moon cake of 1. extensive pattern making is very complex, each detail is very important, master a little bad, meet all one’s previous efforts wasted, everybody wanted strict cast according to the recipe makings, severe write down </b> of A of unit process of cargo bandling

Put leather moon cake on the ice

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Achieve moon cake glacial a skin formerly

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

But my moon cake glacial a skin is mixed of everybody differ somewhat, what use because of me stick broomcorn rice face to do, so color is sent a bit dark, nevertheless

If do not say, everybody did not eat coming out is not face of polished glutinous rice, if be put when knead dough,nod orange pink or be pink of cocoa, green tea does not look to go out dark came.

What use data:

Stick broomcorn rice face face of 60 grams, rice 60 grams, (20 grams) flour is 15 grams, settleclear pink 15 grams, white sugar is 40 grams, lardy 20 grams, edible is oily 20 grams, milk 200 grams, water 40 grams


1, the rice side that takes 20 grams puts the Gao Huo in microwave oven 2 minutes to be taken out reserve

2, all material are put in container of a microwave oven, sufficient mix is even, the cap on the lid puts microwave oven tall fire 3 minutes,

Take emphatic mix, put into microwave oven high internal heat 6 minutes again next, take out do not open lid, air arrives not to warm a hand,

Take last time sexual glove, face and divide evenly cent agent child, press into again piece stuffing of the sweetened bean taste on the bag, put in ripe ground rice to hit again boil,

Put in the mould to press shape can, I made appearance of 3 moon cake this time only,

Remain put a box on the ice to do with abnormity, the build that such doing come out is small, a person eats won’t feel the amount does not take more, it is OK still to take an unit much individual eats.

If your home has sweetgrass pink to also can put a drop,add sweet, did not put irrespective also, not lardy, put edible oil completely same also,

I feel to make this moon cake glacial a skin very optional, the liquid in the recipe must have so much, also can put milk completely, because

Present milk a bag of 200 grams, I do not wish to open a bag again, the water that put 40 grams is met otherwise very hard, I this year

Had been done 3 times, put in sealed box next, put the cold storage in freezer, had better eat the following day. </b>

Finger cake [the fat girl girl of the garment that wear a flower]

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Want to do carry rummy revive, produce finger cake first today calm,
Ah, still did not buy back up beautiful bag occasionally,
Squeeze the hand that come out to show biscuit is fat fat, accident is differ,
Ha, oneself eat was indifferent to. . .

Wear a beautiful beautiful clothes to it
Bovine oilpaper is wrapped on, wrap again on lacy.
Tried tinfoil, too shining, can reave lacy the limelight with biscuit
Still be bovine oilpaper compares guileless but person: )

Raw material:
Egg, candy 25 grams, low pink 35 grams, sweetgrass pink 2 grams

1) albumen is divided second add 15 grams candy to dismiss;
2) yoke mixes the cent after 10 grams candy second join the egg white that dismiss;
3) low pink sift out, in joining an egg to paper, mix back up beautiful bag is loaded to squeeze a strip look after divide evenly
4) after oven warm-up, 200 degrees bake 15 minutes or so

Prescription is the Jun Zhi on sina, but myself added some of sweetgrass pink, go nodding egg fishy smell. </b>

Mid-autumn, I take moon cake from the moon [my mid-autumn]

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To mid-autumn, I am preferred all the time. Because this moment family member is most when, it is the most lively when, more important is to be able to eat moon cake.

Knowing is why, arrive as a child big, I like to eat moon cake particularly. Moon cake, come to an agreement or understanding looks not good-looking also, it is strange to say not strange also, but to moon cake, I always have an impulse that ate to still want to eat, to moon cake I always eat insufficient, resemble to although scold it,defeating fox it is broken always be give up however no less than, resemble a child that has candied get into the habit, the aunt gave me a candy, there is an eye to still looking forward to however in the mouth another in aunt hand.

My home buys moon cake, be in only in August 15 when go buying. Because father is too busy,not be, because mom is too lazy,also not be, because have only,be only today our ability go out 3 times to buy together. At ordinary times father mother should go to work, do not have time at all. If call me the word that a person goes buying moon cake, I won’t be willing for certain. Very small when, I am often a person goes buying moon cake, arrived in August ten a few days before, I like to pulling a child to go together, saunter in the shop that still likes to be in a family very long, carry come over to choose the past, very long very long ability him decision should buy what stuffing after all moon cake.

To now, what I had liked most still is the Mid-autumn Festival of 5 years, because be National Day is mixed that year,pass together mid-autumn, and in those days we just from extend base to come back. The school left mid-autumn ball, the social evening opened in the class, two words ” lively ” . Perhaps be we are trained by v/arc drillmaster long, very long did not see this mortal world outside this, return the school so, everybody the opinion is unified, go straight towards a classroom to prepare to celebrate a festival directly, do not have there’s still time meeting dormitory. What played that day is very happy, very to one’s heart’s content. When returning a dormitory in the evening after the exhaustion besides a suit, it is the aroma of moon cake, the warmth that still has a living quarter is decorated. Because we are He Xuemei people stay in a dormitory, they are special when we go extending. Return a dormitory to see the door go up when us mid-autumn the candy on the moon cake on baby, table, bed, still have the flower that to us a few people prepare, what we touch is washed-up. That is beautiful, to now I still am staying, be the photograph that works a flower to still a few pieces of mobile phones are patted nevertheless.

This year be in the home mid-autumn, do not know to be able to become what model. The convention that still should be our home, ate a meal, sit to the daily life of a family of the word in the courtyard next, the edge eats moon cake by the side of conversation. Or is to invite father mother conversation, do I mount broken fox to look for you to want moon cake? </b>