[Beautiful 3 eat the dinner that a day of cate recorded 002] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Say strictly, this is not to be in what river source eats any more suddenly

When returning afternoon, cry through ” Ma Bei ” place, the fleshy bolus here is very famous, hear of flourishing period, can a lot of person opens a car to often run far to buy fleshy bolus greatly.
The fleshy bolus in fokelore is in rub when let it growing a small tail designedly, in order to become one distinguishing feature of local, play a tooth tastily.
Since we come here to pass, by the way Mu Mingyi is tasted!

Take a shop sign at will

Choose a fascia course ” fleshy bolus soup “

Really ” famed do not meet ” ah!
The fleshy bolus small tail in fokelore disappeared, the meat is very real, play a tooth tastily not at all, soup is a very heavy peppery flavour, fail!

“Brew 3 treasure ” , have aubergine of wine balsam pear, wine and composition of the any of several hot spice plants that make a top. Make a coarse food!

Taste is good still, juice is very grumous, but why to say it is coarse?
Because make the pork inside, it is to do not have chop to pass unexpectedly, a posse round ground is random a place of strategic importance goes in!

“Steamed catfish ” , this dish not result do not pass, quite delicate still. Him friend does not love to eat catfish, because we love to ate to also be nodded, touch!

“Qing Dynasty fries sweet wheat ” , be the green vegetables that gets recognition fully! Fragile, tender, sweet!
Finally still is I clean ground, how can I eat so, alas ~ ! ^@^

A day when enjoy cate, did not draw full stop at this point, because answer me excellent, still drank two bowls of amah Bao ” coco chicken broth ” , hey hey ~ !

- be over - the thank is viewed and admire!

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the breakfast that a day of cate recorded 004] river source on October 10

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The name of a place that river source is Guangdong breaths out ~

Accompany a friend to answer the peaceful county that a married woman’s parents’ home goes to river source city the day before yesterday, set out to come home afternoon in the morning, how didn’t time haste play, but eating is not little, renown accord with actually ” beautiful 3 eat ” , early midday is late 3 ha! ^O^

The order that we develop by time below records the brigade of cate of below one day: )

About much at 11 o’clock when to peaceful county, this time has a thing, do not know to be breakfast or lunch really!
The friend takes us to take place famous ” tripe Guang ” , it is a bit strange that this name is listening be, what take a cattle namely actually is splanchnic, niu Za and so on

Tripe Guang has sold, do not have the luck to eat sth delicious to be tasted!
This bowl of full thing, be Niu Za, have bowel ah abdomen ah… still have other the position that I say not to come out: P

Place trimly on the desktop on call bowl, rely on what the wall is putting to have chili, mint, unboiled oil, soy, chopped green onion…

Niu Za scald is ripe

The Niu Za with ripe scald is put in the bowl, irrigate the soup that goes up to had been boiled beforehand to calculate success again ^O^

A bowl of so simple ox is miscellaneous, put the mint with one appetizing gather unexpectedly (beautiful nevertheless beautiful classmate says is jingjie likely)
Soup is the Qing Dynasty that comparative sweet, not at all be bored with, still have the faint scent of sweetgrass

See the shingle of this small shop

Putting 4 pails of coal, it seems seems those who had burned

Corresponding past is 4 coal furnace, 4 bowl contain respectively above the boiled water, clear soup that has boiled, sirlon that has stewed, still have an outfit what?

There is a bowl unexpectedly in this boiler!
This can’ts help letting my be filled with deep esteem!
Although alexipharmic means is very vulgar, but put in alexipharmic ark compared with those bowl, but the restaurant that did not open electrify source however, is this to come so that have sincerity more? !

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The lunch that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the lunch that a day of cate recorded 001] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Ate Niu Za, we turn immediately went eating lunch…
The food of this restaurant is very good also, assist!

Go up first one earthen bowl ” soup of wax gourd of evaporate lean lean ” , pork is farmhouse pig, boiling water is very clear sweet very clear sweet, I drank a bowl another bowl…

Look be like very common ” decoct bean curd ” , but very tender very slippery, I ate another…

“Bao of green vegetables taro ” , taro very continous is very slippery the Shang Ye inside Bao of very goluptious ~~ is pretty good, but had not drunk fell: P

“Green oily chicken ” , the chicken with good evaporate, explode on shop of burden of first class of sweet ginger, green, green, aroma is tangy!

“Heart of clear fried dish ” , fragile, tender, sweet! Finally is by me this meat animal solved it entirely unexpectedly!

This one really special and unusual drop is satisfactory ~~

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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I also do steamed dumpling [0810 cate challenge]

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Saw in community yesterday the friend does steamed dumpling, come home I also was done, the sense is good still, ah, go up quickly pursue,
Will prepare meat stuffing first:
1. meat stuffing. Leek. Celery. Xianggu mushroom. Green.

2. burden mincing, put together,

Add an egg again. Join condiment (can depend on individual taste) , mix divide evenly

3. knead dough: Φ of ┘ of right suddenly of adze of Ya Di expose sb’s misdeeds or crimes gathers up? can make face skin tastes so more muscle,

The face of become reconciled

Save a little while, rub is become, cut size moderate with the knife piece, next again roll becomes face skin,
The bag becomes dumpling state, go up next boiler evaporate 15 minutes,

See a finished product pursue

The side that allows everybody to see my roll again piece, ah

Butterfly 0810 cate challenge the duck’s gizzard of sweet hot cold and dressed with sause of cate

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****** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ****** community cate

The spacefarer is in aerospace is best can take some delicious, facilitate carry, have the nutrition, food that returns satisfy one’s hunger, I think duck’s gizzard of this cold and dressed with sause is very appropriate.

Now is prices really shoot up, buying bittern duck’s gizzard to be written down last year is 12 yuan / jin, this year 22 yuan / jin, but our wages still did not rise, feel money is spent too quickly, look what domestic inflation has comparatived is serious. Bought 7 bittern duck’s gizzard midday, cost 6 yuan, be in of course restaurant is 6 yuan to cannot buy these.

Advocate makings: Valve of bittern duck’s gizzard, caraway, green Chinese onion, garlic

Burden: Red oil of vinegar of salt, white sugar, soy, rice, gourmet powder, chili, ripe sesame seed, balm


1, section of bittern duck’s gizzard.

2, caraway is cut off, valve of section of green Chinese onion, garlic cuts end.

3, duck’s gizzard piece, caraway paragraph, green Chinese onion piece, red oil of vinegar of garlic powder, salt, white sugar, soy, rice, gourmet powder, chili, ripe sesame seed, balm is put dish in, mix divide evenly can.

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0809 cate challenge cole hot aubergine of the autumn

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The hot aubergine *** of *** autumn
Graph / article author: The four seasons (alias: Strontium small cup receives Zheng therefore
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
As seasonal metempsychosis, the autumn already early come to us here, there is diffusing autumnal flavour everywhere in air now so, this not, the uncle brought small aubergine, chili from the country, so my raw material cost was saved, I remembered the chili that sees this Gong Gong the autumn. But what I should do today is not chili, however aubergine, chili is complementary makings only, but this dish does not have chili also is no good.
It is here, characteristic of metempsychosis of the four seasons is marked, arrived the autumn must bloat a lot of cole, namely pickles, because the time in the winter is too long, the tarry that the likelihood thinks an autumn is permanent. Pickles bloating previously is appearance of that order of seniority among brothers or sisters, what salty cucumber, a knot in one’s heart of leaf mustardleaf mustard, and 齁 is salty, with eat salt about the same, and the cole that bloats now is exquisite taste, colour and lustre, resemble going up the hotel that has class has a meal should have like pressing desk dish, bloating now sauce of chili end, beef, acerbity hot cucumber, what I like to do is this hot aubergine, academic, and not troublesome, also need not recipe, it is raw material of a few appearance, wanting your taste according to oneself and sensory lane only is, and good later, achievement feels very strong, everybody loves to eat very much, this does not give old Mom go off with this morning, old Mom is complimentary still.

Raw material: Phlogistic?nbsp; of male ∏ of Lan of a unit of weight used in ancient China Chili (must use peppery chili) Shallot head 4, jiang Yi is small, saline a few Soya bean sauce a bowl small (the supermarket has carry out)

1, aubergine chili abluent accuse water, aubergine goes the base of a fruit puts evaporate of the conflagration on a pot for steaming food 20 minutes squashy, air is cool.
2, chili is mincing reserve, onion ginger cuts end to reserve.
3, fry boiler to put oil, oily more or less to decide according to individual taste, nevertheless aubergine has oil quite, still put more some, such comparison sweet, put end of onion powder ginger to explode next sweet (leave powder of a few onion, Jiang Mo even, use at the back) , chili breaks up into boiler fry, fill when 7 maturity piece, put aside stand-by.
4, fry a few oil is put again inside boiler, put end of onion powder ginger again, enter soya bean sauce, wait for sauce to bubble effervescent when put parched chili with scoop agitate even, put one spoon salt next, gallinaceous essence of life is put after a minute, OK gives boiler.
5, aubergine from the sliver intermediate, put the chili that has fried next among, in ready recipient is being put after sufficient confluence, air is cool put freezer, otherwise meeting acid drops aubergine. This very go with rice.

How, have appetite very much.

[Sweet clew]
1. aubergine must evaporate was appeared, affect mouthfeel otherwise.
Of 2. oil how many must can accuse, I put oil namely much, do not have method teem a few.
3. must be put aerate cool place, otherwise easy acid is dropped. Ke ten million cannot acerbity, waste my one valuable time in the evening, say prices is much more precious now again, much regrettablly is not. </b>

Beauty of cate of の of bright red big violet ELLEN engraves fruit flavour

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

*** fruit flavour is bright red big violet - beauty of ELLEN の cate engraves **

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

Bright red big violet I am pleasant to the eye this desert in a film, practice actually very simple, I every month always should drink on a few bowls, woman should know him care, bright red big violet it is ormosia soup actually (bright red) , add violet sweet potato (big violet) the garden of make it, because added a lemon or Liu Chen boils a sweetmeats that boils together, flavour is very so special, have the faint scent of a Liu Chen, still having is this ormosia boils a law to also have cultured very much, bead of bead of ormosia otherwise broken skin is trenchant, but of ormosia eat an exceeding however soft, we boil the practice of ormosia soup to differ somewhat when this peace.

Lie between a day in the evening ormosia abluent, put into boiler, it is OK that water wants a lid to do not have ormosia only, boil it together, roll 2-3 greatly minute flameout, freezer cold storage is put after cooling next, the following day evaporate 2 purple sweet potato, it is OK to want evaporate to be able to insert sweet potato to a chopstick only, put cool hind decorticate.

Press sweet potato into with ladle fine detailed slimy account, pink of mixture polished glutinous rice and right amount clear water and fine candy, clear water of make it little garden is thoroughlied cook reserve, take out ormosia from inside freezer, put clear water and a Liu Chen citric perhaps, open small fire to be boiled all the time, boil water to wanted to boil, take out the fruit, because of the word that boils again, of Liu Chen acrid be about to come out, can see ormosia next slowly ” grown ” , because bean has new beans and Chen Dou to distinguish, new bean is easy crisp, so general we are bought should buy new beans, it is OK that small fire boils bean soft, this moment we can detect, although ormosia is soft, but did not defeat a skin, this advantage that lies between day boil ormosia namely, put sweet potato garden next, wait for a garden again it is good that float rises, put fine candy and little salt again, common saying says well, want sweet the salt that put a drop, be this truth, still here does not suggest everybody uses citric essence, I feel natural flavour is best, the thing that oneself has is about to eat so that set his mind at to eat healthily.

Cuttlefish of the daily life of a family is encircled [0808 cate challenge]

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Cuttlefish of *** the daily life of a family encircles ***
Graph / article author: Small bad
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

In the food that I can make This is the simplest Prepare to install repeatedly dish need not quarter

Raw material: Urgent aspic cuttlefish is encircled (the supermarket has carry out) Chili Green ginger garlic
Flavor: Straw mushroom often is smoked Salt Wine candy

1 cuttlefish circle presses the specification that pack a certain number of ginger are added in defrost water piece salt of a few of one teaspoon wine waits for water to open devoted cuttlefish to encircle water again postposition of water of super-cooling of circle of cuttlefish of the flameout when scram reserves aside

2 chili Green ginger garlic the section of this section should cut into shreds cut into shreds

Put into green ginger garlic to explode into oil inside 3 boiler sweet

4 join chili summary stir-fry before stewing is fried

5 join cuttlefish to encircle summary stir-fry before stewing to fry

6 join straw mushroom to often be smoked Salt Wine candy flavors agitate adds stew of a few water to boil 5 minutes to remove boiler to install equably dish

<img SRC= Http://1871.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/8/11/17/0/11c5736ff87g213.jpg></b>

Tomato tremella mixes cowpea [0806 cate challenge]

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To the person that reduce weight, the prosperous cowpea in summer is a good news really.
To me such experienced now and then for the person of a gem gal, cowpea also is very good clear bowel food.

The tantalum content such as the Potassium in cowpea, calcic, iron, zinc, manganese is very much, it is good alkalescent food, can counteract the soda acid inside body value, fight exhaustion, the person that agrees with to often have party, person of tall blood fat, person that likes to eat the flesh not to love to eat vegetable, can blow blow intestines, cleared system inside ” rubbish ” .

Raw material: Cowpea a small, small tomato 10 the left and right sides, tremella a small, olive oil is right amount

Process: 1 cowpea choose is washed clean, rapid fish out crosses cold water after the scald in boiled water is ripe; (cross cold water quickly, it is to maintain the green of green vegetable. )

2 small tomato are cut for two half, hair of dry tremella bubble is washed clean;

The 3 tremella that wash clean are in boiled water a little scald, time does not want too long, after tremella is put in rolling water water answer boils can;

The cowpea with 4 good scald is cut off, as good as the small tomato that has cut, scald tremella together, add sauce of little taste of two vinegar of salt, a few, United States pole, enter agitate of right amount olive oil again even can.

I added a few chili, do not have method, love has chili.

The breakfast of not a second is to be lost [cate of sweet pig mood]

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The breakfast of not a second is to be lost [cate of sweet pig mood]

Graph / article author: Little little sweet pig

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** opens a language ****

Kitchen of sweet pig of <a Href= Http://xxzcf.blog.sohu.com>

Husband is a drowse bug, must sleep to must get up in the morning, rise can work him himself agile pretty good.

so lazy egg, breakfast is choice still, the breakfast that says unit dining room issues pharynx hard, breakfast cannot be bought after saying the unit moves, left say right say to want to say to let me cook breakfast to him namely actually.

The time in the morning is much more valuable, I should work fabaceous treasure, work myself, work even his breakfast, I feel I got up to arrive all the time at 6 o’clock go out to follow fight like.

Actually he has held out those who make do, should have peaceful type only sweet thick chili sauce, the thing of other is good say.

What I do at most is sweet pig hamburger, the hamburger semifinished product that buys, occasionally decoct piece chicken is discharged, occasionally decoct egg ham, or rawish dish or clip cucumber, sa Shangtai type is sweet thick chili sauce, europe!

I very those who admire him is, thing of this a few type, he eats every day, eat unexpectedly not be bored with.

Took fabaceous treasure to go to a supermarket yesterday, see such corn thin pancake made of millet flour, couldn’t help buying, want to do egg thin pancake made of millet flour to eat in the morning.

Fortunately fabaceous treasure can provide for oneself now, oneself wear the dress, oneself are pulled smelly, oneself brush oneself teeth wash a face, it is some slower, I am very then unfixed also ah, so just time cooks breakfast in the morning.

<img SRC= Http://1834.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b34179ab5.jpg>

Pan puts little oil, put in thin pancake made of millet flour, put a few to follow yourself, meal hidebound puts a drop less, meal generous puts a drop more. Fire must small, otherwise thin pancake made of millet flour is put in papered.

<img SRC= Http://1834.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b3424c12f.jpg>

An egg is laid on thin pancake made of millet flour, with ladle even ground lay open.

<img SRC= Http://1824.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b3424a912.jpg>

Wait for egg in a way caky, turn over thin pancake made of millet flour carefully with scoop a height, moment can give boiler.

<img SRC= Http://1804.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b34247b5e.jpg>

This is me, the chopped green onion that the face sauce that wipe scatters.

<img SRC= Http://1804.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b34246fe2.jpg>

Ah, resemble the fruit of thin pancake made of millet flour here!

<img SRC= Http://1814.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b341a0434.jpg>

This is husband, still be him those who be obsessed with is sweet thick chili sauce, I give him a few forked carbonado that I do, still have a few lettuce

<img SRC= Http://1804.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b3419fb17.jpg>

The thin pancake made of millet flour of a nondescript is born!

<img SRC= Http://1814.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/6/17/9/9/11b34171045.jpg>

Summary: If do not have abundant time, still do not do these in the morning east, otherwise, the meeting is very ugly when going out.