Earthnut walnut is crisp [hutch of lubricious dirt word]

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More and wonderful click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters lubricious this world please

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Husband said with me into the door yesterday: Afternoon when hunger must be no good, prepare those who eat to nod to me.

Oh, after the eggbeater since my home became bad, did not make snack all the time. Previously most the afternoon tea site that often prepares to husband is biscuit kind thing, what he loves to eat most is the small mug-up of a Qi Hexian flavour. Do not have time to buy new eggbeater, be forced to do to need not dismiss the mug-up of the egg heads an unit to husband.

Say to do do, dinner hind clears away good cuisine to start work. The simplest mug-up is peach crisp. The recipe is an edge do an edge to experimenting to go to in those who add the record side raw material. Feel this peach crisp finished product is very delicious, have a drawback namely, ah the ~ that breathe out ~ is salty. Husband does not have sweet, I did not put sugar, the salt that add. First time and the salt that when oily, egg mixes, I added 5ml (the friend that often sees my rich customer knows to breath out, of my home saying 10g is the following is inaccurate, so I dosage spoon) , after wait and becoming dough, I am tasted, how to taste a saline taste how? Added the salt of 1ml again then. My day ah the finished product such as ~ gives heat cool after coming down, taste, really crisp, really sweet, namely saline taste is big. With a ha breathed out haing ~ ~ to consider a matter a long time, to flavour is done not have when what begins gustation to, added 1ml salt so salty? Be in finally face oneself gave an answer before sleeping: When raw material kneads dough, salt did not melt, saline taste is inhomogenous in dough. Actually if do not add final that 1ml, the flavour of finished product should appropriate.

Haing ~ for test and verify this my idea, I decide according to me redo of this scale recipe, do not add this final 1ml namely, is same.


1, put in the bowl: Oily + of 140ml sunflower seed salt of 5ml of + of half egg fluid

2, smoke with the egg child fluid of will oily egg hits divide evenly

3, preparative 200g flour (the standard noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch that I use) , 2.5ml bubble makes pink and 1ml sodium bicarbonate noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch

4, mix 3 kinds of pink even hind sift out

5, flour falls into egg oily fluid to break up mix even

6, earthnut goes red garment, put 150 degrees into oven to bake 20 minutes or so to be taken out together with walnut, load last in bag, crush with rolling pole

7, break earthnut walnut in adding an area, mix divide evenly

8, the squash after taking 15g raw material to knead a group, put bake dish in, brush on egg fluid. Oven bakes 15 minutes 180 degrees first, take out brush egg fluid again, put oven to continue to bake 5 - 8 minutes can. </b></b>

The taro 頭 of 圓 of 團 of 兩 of 08 people month is crisp [share short skin 製 to make 訣 竅]

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雖 like that, crisp 餅 my 還 is not to be done very well, but compared with last year, I am have a result than 較 .
Accordingly, the 點 that I want to share my 製 to make short skin with everybody drips, hope 對 has 幫 to aid at the friend 會 that wants to make heart of this 類 點.

One pace of my 們 來 . . . . . .

Above all 餡 of 準 備 good 內 . 這 second I want to make egg of taro 頭 鹹.

Practice of & of 內 餡 material:
From 黃 of 製 鹹 egg 6 個 (the 參 of 處 manage 請 of 鹹 egg takes an examination of egg 黃 crisp)
Taro mud 240g
20g of brown granulated sugar
Butyric 20g

1. 將 taro 頭 cuts 塊 evaporate ripe, the 壓 that take the advantage of 熱 becomes mud.
2. Like that candy and butter knead after rejoin 勻 備 is used.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ also can replace butter to suckle fragrance in order to increase with 鮮 butter.
Suckle the friend of fragrance to Wu Buxi 歡, also can use attar of general certain herbaceous plants with big flowers or salad oil to wait.
@ wants slippery 潤 of 緻 of 內 餡 細 , oily deal needs 須 wants to increase again. My recipe is low candy low oil!

Mud of 1. 將 taro is divided into 12 divide into equal parts.
2. divides 別 to wrap 備 of egg of half 顆 鹹 to use.

The material of outermost layer of skin reachs a way:
It is OK that 內 餡 does good after 開 only then do ~ of ~ of 囉 of outermost layer of skin

Tall pink 46g
Low pink 46g
Candy pink 12g
Butter 16g
White oily 16g
Water 48g

But outermost layer of skin of 個 of make it 30gx6

Attention: Feel embarrassed, left 1 reach left I put the 圖 of 2 turned over.
1. The material appreciably beyond 將 water mixes.
2. Join water 將 slowly again its mix knead 勻 .  
3. Chase 漸 knead smooth the 麵 糰 of not sticky hand.
4. Relax of 鬆 of bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 30 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The deal of the water in material of @ outermost layer of skin needs him 調to rectify, need 須 is kneaded.
The butyric 換 of half of @ my 將 becomes white oil, because 歡 of happy event of 較 of 為 my comparing is hard,be fragile mouthfeel. If you are fond of 歡 to compare 較
Crisp, can use butter.

該 of 應 of outermost layer of skin is the 麵 糰 that extends 強 of sexual photograph 當 . Be like left 圖.
Outermost layer of skin of 將 of after of 鬆 relax 過 is broken up, again rub becomes 長 model. Be like right 圖.

The material of short reachs a way:
The 時 of relax of 鬆 of 當 outermost layer of skin is awaited, can 製 makes short.

Low pink 70g
Finest cream (Ghee) 42g

But short of 個 of make it 18gx6

1. Summary 為 mixes 將 material.
2. Mix with the hand knead the short 麵 糰 to 無 pink bead.
3. Break up after rub 圓.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ Finest cream namely butter of 100 % 純 . (圖 piece 請 點: Video 館- - bake material piece)
個 person is fond of 歡 to make short with 製 of finest cream 來 . Fragrance and effect very not 錯. If did not have,also can use
What other 適 closes is oily.
@ In the part of short, oily deal needs 調rectifies him 須 . 務 makes surely the soft 軟 of short 與 outermost layer of skin is spent is very
Adjacent. Short 雖 is not provided like that extend a gender, but very soft 軟 also is on feel. 並 unlike I last year
體 會 , break with respect to 會 forcibly.  
If your short is brittle, 該 of that 麼 應 is too male. Oily deal needs to increase.  

Short skin 製 makes pace 驟

1. Take one outermost layer of skin, 將 兩 carries 壓 of the 間 in going to to close. A little 壓 is flat.
2. Put one 顆 short. 環 of left hand tiger’s mouth-jaws of death lives outermost layer of skin, receive 緊 slowly.
3. The right hand enters outermost layer of skin with 壓 of 時 將 short in, till binding off.
4. Receive 緊 轉 mouth, the outermost layer of skin of 將 much 餘 is by 壓 on 麵 糰.
5. The buy on binding off face at the desktop.

6. Short skin uses a hand summary 為 is pressed flat, like that after by in 間 carries 桿 開 to 兩 . The 長 that big 約 is one 個 palm is spent.
7. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . On binding off face, 鬆 relax 10 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)

8. With the hand summary 為 壓 is flat, by in 間 becomes 長 to 兩 end 桿 model. The 長 that big 約 is 2 個 palm is spent.
9. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . Binding off is gadarene, 鬆 relax 20 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)
對 of after of 過 of 10. 鬆 relax cuts 開 partly, can 進 luggage 餡.

Bag 餡

1. Take skin of one 顆 short, on tangent plane face, press a little flat, again 桿 becomes 圓 piece.
2. 將 圓 piece the 來 that turn over 過 , put 餡 after, the gimmick that is like the 餅 that include a month with 類 has been wrapped.
Binding off after can be in desktop 滾 one, 調rectifies good look 狀 .
3. Put 預 熱 to 200 degrees oven, the 約 that bake 20 - 25 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The rate of short of 與 of @ outermost layer of skin should be taken hold well. 過 of rate of outermost layer of skin is tall, finished product 較 is hard, 層 second also compare 較 not
Clear. If short rate 過 is tall, 則 會 creates the situation with 開 of not easy 桿 or crisp leakage 況.
The 時 of 開 of 桿 of @ short skin is awaited, the force wants all 勻 , 這 樣 make 來 gift is nice.
@ if the 時 of 開 of 擔 heart 桿 awaits 會 sticky in the desktop, can scatter some of hand pink to prevent at the desktop touch.
OK also one 層 of 舖 model 膠 bag.
The 鬆 relax 階 that @ 製 makes 過 Cheng paragraph, it is 為 the 時 in 桿 開 awaits 讓 麵 muscle easy extend.
Bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 or the film that protect 鮮 is 為 prevent exterior 結 Pi Huoqian to crack.  

Did not have quality of make it 雙, 層 second is seeing a 來 or 許 very bright 顯 ?
Not 過 myself knows, 這 is compared last year a lot of.
這 second did not have completely defeat crisp tired 擾 , also not 會 is awaited in the 時 of 桿 開 touch sticky in the desktop.
Short skin 異 constant good operation.

I am fond of the crisp 餅 of 歡, it is fragile in 帶 is crisp. 內 餡 is 鹹 is sweet, not sweet not 膩 .
Make tea one 壺 tea, laugh at road of 時 seeing 來 .
This year mid-autumn, and 讓 me, 灑 of 瀟 瀟 灑 .

Most after, 預 wishs everybody 節 is fast mid-autumn 樂 ~

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

Simple and delicate egg crisp cake

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Very simple very sweet crisp egg crisp cake:

Simple raw material: Pink of egg, polished glutinous rice, milk. Still need white vinegar of a little candy, drop

Handsome egg:

Break up egg, add a few milks, a bit candy a white vinegar (can have a lemon sweet) and agitate of pink of right amount polished glutinous rice is become mushy, namely such:

Heat pan, oil pouring a drop:

The egg that enters us suckles paste:

Timely search an area:

Two sides is brown can give boiler successfully, the desk on stripping and slicing:

If like to do brand of crisp small fire,work a bit, if like soft, medium ~ of small fire ~ eats two kinds well, mouthfeel is different, ~ of delicate and changeless ~</b>

The manna of heaven cate diary is crisp

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile **** cate kitchen
Heaven cate diary, manna is crisp

Pound rouse noodle of the 2nd Chinese style!
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

The origin with crisp manna (origin network)

The Chang’an on the history ever was week, the Qin Dynasty, Chinese, the Sui Dynasty, the Tang Dynasty the ground that waits for 13 dynasties found a capital, also be ” the Silk Road ” start.
As a result of the economic culture that flourishs at that time. Manna is crisp the delegate sweetmeats that also is in those days. Have with Liu be related of have the groom move into one’s house after the marriage is concerned allegedly

The manna temple of period of out the Three Kingdoms, sun Quan gives Liu Bei little sister betroth, it is to want to kill him actually,
Who does not know to be in manna temple have the groom move into one’s house after the marriage when, sun Quan’s mother took a fancy to this son-in-law, allied what was make-believe has become true
Sun Quan compensate the madam is folded again arms, manna is crisp with respect to out this manna temple, the way with short manna and this story is same
In acting according to legend of the generation in mug-up master mouth.

Manna is crisp

Manna is crisp had wrapped inn cake inn to have carry out in each bedding face when I am very small, tea building is mixed now old store also can
Those who eat. The way is very simple also, the simplest configuration is — water, oily, flour, sweetened bean taste
And also can add salty egg through change now or manna of salty egg of leather egg make it is crisp or leather egg manna is crisp.
I see G4 ” be in Guangzhou alive ” special introduced this sweetmeats, discovery is done very easily really, see a program
Too impatient to wait was done, the outcome is quite successful, let my what make to Chinese style noodle at ordinary times confidence soar!

Manna is crisp:

Material: Egg of saccharic 120G of 200G of low muscle flour sweetened bean taste of 100ML of a salad oil is right amount
Bromic pink 1. 5 flavor spoon bubble hits powdery 5G

1. After low pink has been sifted, reserve saccharic hit pink to mix with bubble of oily bromic pink add thermosol to change
2. Egg (leave a few to brush juice to use) like after candy oil mixes low pink compound, seeming to fold building blocks one lamination
Mixture lane folds even and final lane to become dough with fold form equably
Attention: Cannot be like rub dough to mix in that way, the muscle since the meeting is not delicious
3. Dough takes rub of right amount sweetened bean taste 30 minutes to reserve into the group flabbily
4. Planish of right amount dough puts reassume of sweetened bean taste then after planish of right amount dough both planish can
5. Flabby 10 minutes of oven 180 degrees of warm-up 10 minutes
6. Middle-level of oven of the juice that brush an egg bakes 15-20 180 degrees minute can

If think smell is sweeter, can choose lardy or the cattle is fat, ghee is OK also, bromic pink is Chinese style noodle must, so
Lack this material flavour to be able to sell at a discount greatly, also won’t have crisp feeling. Manna is additionally crisp one evening is placed to wait after been bake time
Oil hind eats again, taste will be better! Besides sweetened bean taste, can change lotus Chengdu makings of other perhaps stuffing, also can add leather egg salty perhaps egg oh!

The End Heaven_Travel

Pineapple of chocolate crisp skin is wrapped

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Trailing plants of *** chocolate crisp Pi Bo wraps ***

Graph / article author: Sit see the cloud rise 00

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

This month does not have mood hair post very much, probably a month did not have hair post? Nevertheless I am really very admire

The person that takes those timing to update, be to have will too simply. I am no good, from morning till night always feels to do not have time,

Also do not know what to do, also did not work what variety ah? With very busy come him evade sluggish action,

Actually busy what? Who knows?

This biscuit is too delicious really, because the fragrance of thick chocolate is full of oral cavity, add Bo

Of trailing plants skin sweet crisp, the softness of biscuit, I liked really too. Be in what this must thank this prescription to go out

Place: [Jun Zhi] carbonado by hand earth up lane

Do not pass law of the oil after I did not use the bread that makes this, however the liquid all dissolve is together of rejoin flour

The method does, result, very good. Of course, in knead dough when or very stick a hand, need is patient, when

You throw dough knead to patulous phase not sticky hand. Stealthily say, I do not know what is patulous level what

Complete phase, in me the person of this manual biscuit that make looks, can arrive patulous level is very right.

Biscuit: Tall muscle flour 150 grams, saline 1/4 small spoon, fine saccharic 30 grams, egg fluid 1 big spoon, yeasty 1 small

Spoon, water 70 grams, butter 15 grams

Chocolate pineapple skin: Low muscle flour 55 grams, fine saccharic 25 grams, saline a handful, egg fluid one big spoon,

Small spoon of milk powder 1/2, butter 15 grams, lardy 15 grams, chocolate is broken 15 grams

1. Wait for butter, candy, egg material first mix is even, rejoin water, salt, agitate.

2. joins flour and yeast.

3. dough is kneaded to patulous phase,

4. park is controlled 28 degrees ferment a hour is controlled.

5. ferments 2.5 times big, touch flour jab with finger a hole, mouth of a cave won’t shrink can.

6. exhaust, break up 4, rounded, ferment among 15 minutes.

7. prepares pineapple skin. The butter bate and lardy mix.

8. joins candy.

9. is hit to suitable slippery.

10. is divided second add egg juice. (every time should mix egg fluid and butter adequately to be added again next, with

The water that avoid oil is detached, the crisp sex that affects pineapple skin)

11. is hit to suitable slippery.

12. joins low muscle flour and mincing chocolate to break.

13. agitate becomes dough.

14. rub is become thick.

15. divides 4.

On the dough that 16. laps pineapple skin the inter has fermented.

17. is put bake dish undertake fermenting finally.

18. ferments 2 times big, enter oven, 180 degrees, 15 minutes.

This picture is really much still. Tired the dead. The feeling is more laborious than panification.

Visit in-house organization, very soft biscuit.

Break look, very delicious really, true.

Crisp fried chicken piece

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
N is long had not eaten chicken, equipment is sufficient when buying material the makings of hot pepper chicken, it is important that the result detects until do ” material member ” dry chili was missing, I search ah search ah that urgent ah ~~~ still misses finally, do not have method to change fresh chili temporarily (small hot) enter the court, do not do hot pepper chicken to change crisp fried chicken! Wait for me he asks after the home comes off work that, gotten answer is: “When buying sheet, I am put secretly, did not take. . . (The reason is dry chili too hot, he does not eat! ) " I am dizzy. . .

1, behead of defrost of gallinaceous wing root, flying water piece, add condiment souse 10 minutes
2, hot pot puts much oil, issue gallinaceous piece blast to give boiler to golden color
3, remove boiler additionally to cheer, explode sweet garlic, chili, Chinese prickly ash, green paragraph, join right amount thick broad-bean sauce
4, enter gallinaceous piece to break up fry 2 minutes, scatter on caraway gives boiler <br><br>

Process graph

Come to a piece again

Cake of crisp Q wife

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 ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
** of cake of wife of ** crisp Q
Article author: Hungry abdomen gets online
[Achieve formerly]
On this paragraph of time confusing wife cake, like it the sort of crisp the feeling of crisp QQ, , thanking a master always is ceaseless delicate bring everybody! I am done this prentice always is to the master that collects off-the-peg prescription, (blush. . . ) comprehension is fortunately OK still, the comparison that do is successful! Domestic lord is profuse in praise even me, this is the ~~~ that never passes those who like to eat is fast try!

Raw material: Material of outermost layer of skin: Tall pink 200g Lardy 60g Candy 40g Water 90g
Short material: Tall pink 120g Lardy 60g
Inside stuffing material: Pink of crystal polished glutinous rice 125g Candy 100g Water 160g Salad oil 50g
Ripe sesame seed 30g(or 30g of shredded coconut stuffing)
Stuffing makes inside: Candy, water salad oil is put small fire boils saccharification to involve fire next in boiler. Join pink of polished glutinous rice and sesame seed to mix divide evenly, mix with scoop the booth after divide evenly Ping Fangbing box is refrigerant 30 minutes or so.

1 Part stuffing of short of become reconciled outermost layer of skin is flabby 30 minutes.

Binding off of oily portfolio short is held close, roll is become elliptic, coil, after one by one is operated flabby 15 minutes.


Will flabby good face roll is long, coil again. After one by one is operated again flabby 15 minutes.

face squash, roll is become probably circle or square, bag stuffing, binding off is held close, gently roll becomes garden flat state.

The surface brushs yoke fluid, 190 degrees 20 minutes.

The wife cake that makes this puts a few days of flavour to also won’t change namely, stuffing still is QQ inside, than outside the wife cake that sell is even delicious!

Is bean curd of fabaceous crisp evaporate knows to feed 還 為 is fed?

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** not 經 龍 兒 allows, 圖 of this post content character piece do not get 轉 載 or pick 編 **

Bean curd 1 small 塊
Fabaceous crisp 2T
2T of oily king of natural ferment 醬
Water 1T

1. The beans is joined in copying 鍋 crisp fry sweet, receive add 醬 oily king and water.
2. 將 its mix fry all all the 並 on Lin Zaidou corrupt scatters after on little 許 coriander.
3. In putting evaporate 鍋 with in conflagration evaporate 2 minutes of 鐘 can

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ bean curd cuts small 塊 會 to compare 較 tasty. Also can use small knife to make in knife of 幾 of 劃 of bean curd surface its tasty.
If oily king of 醬 of @ natural ferment did not have the 醬 oil that can use beautiful of 較 of flavour of a few 風 to replace.
@ also can become bean curd 換 element 魚 , but because 為 common element expects already 經 has 調taste, so the part of 醬 oil wants
Change 1T.

The dish with 簡 delicious 單 .

換 becomes element 魚 piece also not 錯 ~~
Eat, it is the 學 問 with one profound 門.

My constant is thinking, delicious. . . Not of the food that 應 該 is 單 純 only desire.

過 of 試 of your 應 該 , face 對 delicacies of every kind, but 卻 is fed do not know ingredient.
Your 應 該 also 試 過 is very fast the eats 單 of one 頓 delicate 簡 arrange with 樂 sufficient 滿.
So, delicious be taste bud not merely receive 觸 , 應 該 . . . . The 緣 of one 種 delicate situation that also includes 產 of 對 food place to be born

許 much 遊child the domestic 鄉 of bear in mind constantly is fastfood, 還 has the food of the daily life of a family of 媽 媽 . . . . . .
Person of a few 戀 is special the food that 別 懷 misses some 種 to provide special meaning 義. . . .
A lot of children are fond of 紛 of 愛 colour 繽 or modelling but the 點 heart of 愛 . . . . .

I often am eating 東 the 時 on the west awaits the 說 in following 彥 , you should eat well (because of 為 he has 時 to await 會 邊 to eat 邊 to play)
試 of my 會 嘗 brings 導 he, want 帶 to write the heart 來 that be thankful to enjoy the food before, he cherishs 試 圖 讓 more food.
Have 時, use a 詩 , a few conte, even a few base of 礎 in 醫 manage 論 .
這 some, often make him of good 學 feel 興 is interesting, because this makes his 從 small,also arrive to did not have the 問 題 of partiality for a particular kind of food greatly.

這 some year of 來 not of 斷 make food, also make me somewhat 體 會 . I also 會 shares the 體 會 of 這 樣 給 appearance is public with the 聽 in 彥 .

Does my 們 eat 幾 food one day? General 3-4 eat?
But, have 幾 food among them is my 們 to eat so that set one’s mind at 與 開 heart?
Have 幾 food again is my 們 懷 person is the heart that be thankful in enjoy?
And 飯 of 頓 having 幾 , is my 們 cherish very much eating write?

Do you calculate 過 嗎 ?
從 is born to 現 to be in, you already how many 東 of 過 does 經 eat on the west?
Marriage after is in to 現, do you eat 過 with other in part 飯 of how many 頓?

Namely 溫 strongs and pervasive fragrance but 貴. . . .
Do you cherish 嗎 ?
Cherish your food 嗎 ?
Cherish some of your place 擁 all 嗎 ?

If 進 of your 無 law enters my rich settle or live in a strange place, the means under 請 試 試 :
(Special Yolandallen of 別 feeling 謝 offerred 這 個 way)

Go in first this website Http:// OR Http://
Next inter address column (Web Address) address of guest of that input rich: Http:// can go in

Or 許 needs much 試 幾 second oh ~~

If be no good, also but the 網 location Http:// that 試 試 無 is short of eldest brother to offer
謝 謝 無 is short of eldest brother.

The feeling 覺 that feeds 譜 轉 載 to meet 溫 to strong and pervasive fragrance from the flavor of happiness of 當 of <a Href= Color=Blue Size=3> - is knowing to feed 還 為 feed? Bean curd of ~~ beans crisp evaporate

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

Online88 namely 時 chats is 統

Lotus is crisp give me dear friend

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Welcome to my rich guest

This chrysanthemum is crisp the friend in sending me to take real life from the network, the cate in our village group friends, these have deep love for cate, the heart is deft, outside show intelligent in, the friends of genuine enthusiasm.

Very long since, we are in group in chat happily, discuss cate to make at the same time, report the news that feeds material or tool each other at the same time, often still organize a group to buy, enthusiastic friends buy the group each other even at the door the home that the article that come sends a netizen, my face charter flight, earthing up flour of root, lardy, tall muscle is such belts the move is close the friend’s warmth comes to me of the home. . . . . .

Thank my friends heartily, thank everybody to bring my joy and ~ of sweet ~ ~ ~

See arrangement

Raw material: Flour, lardy, sweetened bean taste


1 , short: Lardy 45 gram, flour 75 gram, knead dough

Outermost layer of skin: Lardy 25 gram, flour 100 gram, water 40 gram, knead dough

2, flabby after 15 minutes, respectively rub becomes strip

3, cent is become 12 wait for a portion

4, outermost layer of skin is pressed flat, encase fat face, binding off is down, press flat

5, press flat roundlet cake flabby 5 - 10 minutes

6, drive into bovine tongue appearance

7, furl from long beyond

8, drive again, coil, press flat, drive with rolling pole thin

9, put stuffing of sweetened bean taste, the bag rises, binding off is down, trim pellet figure

10, cut on pellet with the knife 3 - 4 knife, make become 6 - the lotus shape of 8 valve

Oven warm-up 175 degrees, middle-level, 25 - 30 minutes.

5 final minutes should be defended before oven, see color changes a little be about to put out oven.

In roast process, administrative levels nature came out.

Everything conforms to the principle of simplicity: Cocoa walnut is crisp [dizi manufactures]

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Everything conforms to the principle of simplicity: Cocoa walnut is crisp [Dizi manufactures]
Graph / article author: A Ludi
[Achieve formerly] ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate
**** opens a language ****

Several days did not bake a thing, did cocoa tonight crisp, I such novice is to carry all along the simplest do, to my finished product graph I also canned say nothing, justice, I make inherently with my camera strong

Raw material: &Nbsp; low pink 85 grams, cocoa 15 grams, the plant is oily 50 grams, egg fluid 30 grams, sodium bicarbonate 1.5 grams, bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch 1.5 grams, bai Sha candy 40 grams, walnut
Measure: &Nbsp; walnut hull, take microwave oven medium baking temperature 3 minutes, with rolling pole pulverize, oily white sugar of egg fluid plant mixes dozen of divide evenly to melt entirely to candy, low pink, cocoa, sodium bicarbonate, the sift out after bubble hits pink to mix and liquid mix mix divide evenly, , install last bag, last bag cut mouth, squeeze panada into paper to hold in the palm in, the surface asperses bit of walnut to break, oven 180 degrees 20 minutes or so, air giving heat is cool can

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