egg handleless cup

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This dish is very good do, and the accurate mammy that nutrition abounds the darling that suits chief body and everybody to be pregnant.

Hey, defeated a Xin Dongdong of the kitchen again recently, it is new-style oven, although the shell is mortar constant drop unlike, but be oven really, more than and OK bake east east still can stew egg and evaporate crab, ka Ka, in still studying now as to other drop.

Good, return to the subject, come first the Pp that Zhang Cheng tastes, my drop camera is bad, can pat with the mobile phone only, faintness having a place also does not have what aesthetic feeling, but taste of handleless cup of this 焗 egg is very good drop

焗 egg handleless cup

Egg, cheese pink, salt. Carrot, onion, xianggu mushroom (everybody uses bright Xianggu mushroom or dawdle is OK)
Ham, cheese silk

Everybody does not see lot so much, actually Ka Ka is baked dish very small, so 1 baked dish of quantity of an egg to be able to be used
Onion, carrot cut half only

1, egg break up, add little salt and cheese pink, the card husband that I use had had salt to need not be added so, agitate reserves equably

2 onion, carrot, xianggu mushroom cuts man

3, fry with a few oil into boiler ripe

4, mix with egg fluid again divide evenly, put bake dish

5. ham cuts into shreds and cheese silk is spread together on, was opposite, the egg should take tender place, when laying an egg can a few adds bit of water

6, when. . . When. When. . . When. . . New-style oven came
Oven after 180 ° warm-up, put bake 10 minutes, with respect to Ok

7, hey, transparent drop goes to the lavatory namely, what can watch provision at any time is dynamic
Absolutely won’t sear ha

Golden, handleless cup of egg of reeky drop 焗 gives furnace cough up

Cup page make-up carries rummy revive

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[pachyrhizus home] Miss — cup page make-up carries rummy revive

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

More and wonderful click please — [the kitchen of pachyrhizus takes notes]

This word has original MISS so much meaning.

Young lady, maid.




A is clever spent 10 years of time to understand meaning of abecedarian of these 4 English, and me? !

Hello, how do you do? ! I, very, good!

[cup outfit carries rummy revive]

Material: Mass blocks Peng cheese (Mascarpone) 250 grams Equestrian Sa plays alcoholic drink (Marsala) 10ml (can not replace with bright Mu wine) Lemon juice 5ml Yoke 3 Young saccharic 60 grams Auspicious man 1 Bright butter 120 grams Fast dissolve coffee 1 bag Finger biscuit (Lady Finger) 1 bag A few of pink of cocoa, candy

Course of action:

1, Ma Sala wine and 30 grams candy are joined in yoke, adiabatic water dismisses bleach to color bulk expand; The fish out after lukewarm bleb of a few of auspicious Ding Yong is soft is put into yoke fluid to dismiss together

2, pour lemon juice into Mass to block Peng cheese, dismiss next to molten; In pouring 30 grams candy into bright butter, dismiss to wet sex epispastic

3, mixture yoke fluid, cheese and the bright butter after dismissing, mix is even

4, develop one cannikin strong coffee, wait for coffee to be put thoroughly cool hind put finger cake apace into the fish out after dipping in to put cup floor

5, enter cheese to paper on finger cake, spread to had dipped in again next the finger cake of coffee, enter cheese paste again, put freezer to refrigerate 3 hours next

6, take out those who had refrigerated to carry rummy revive hind finish namely with pink of candy of a few on screen mesh sieve and cocoa

Disclose a plan…

The close proposal of pachyrhizus:

… whats did not want to say today…

Bead of corn of egg handleless cup

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Simple and delicious dish — bead of corn of egg handleless cup, see finished product first.
Raw material: Corn bead, pea bead, carrot bead is right amount, egg 2
Practice: 1, the egg is thoroughlied cook, decorticate, cut two half, dig up yoke next. Yoke pulverize reserves.
2, bowl of boil in water for a while of chopped green onion is put inside the boiler that heat up oil, after giving sweet smell, do not want fish out of chopped green onion. The yoke of pulverize is put inside boiler, small fire fries 1 minute, fry yoke medicinal powder.
3, pour corn bead, pea bead, carrot bead into boiler varus to fry, let raw material touch yoke. After about half minutes, put right amount salt and gallinaceous essence of life, fry divide evenly.
4, in frying ripe dish to fill egg white, add on a few caraway to decorate can.

This is raw material

The egg decorticates, dig up yoke

Fry good food, in filling egg white. It is OK to be decorated

With filling jelly is trichromatic cup queenly kitchen

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The with filling jelly of queenly kitchen is trichromatic cup
The with filling jelly of queenly kitchen is trichromatic cup

Jelly of 3 kinds of distinctive and different olfactory, every are different flavor readily!
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

With filling jelly is trichromatic cup

Weather begins get warm again after a cold spell gradually, still had the feeling of summer even, still nod freezing sweetmeats to eat presumably really occasionally. Since begin
After the life of Diy, what thinks he is done, this sweetmeats is not exceptional also of course, had done act silk cup before, this is flat
Come to upgrade version, good-looking delicious.

Material: Auspicious Ding Pian 1 (pink of isinglass of auspicious man pink replaces usable jelly pink) red wine gold gets butter (if do not have usable milk to add saccharic replace)
Conserve of strawberry of yoghurt of the pink that wipe tea (abstain)

Ground floor: 1/3 auspicious Ding Pian add 50ML red wine 1 teaspoon hot water lies between water to add thermosol to change the agitate inside red wine is entered after mix is even even
Put freezer 3 hours above waits for his caky
The 2nd: The mix of water of auspicious Ding Pian that 50ML gold gets butter to join agitate of conserve of right amount strawberry to be dissolved into 1/3 equably is even
Hind same processing (if do not have butter to be able to be added with milk saccharic replace)
three-layer: 50ML yoghurt is joined right amount handle likewise after mix of the pink that wipe tea is even

Attention: Must want to wait for on one completely caky just can enter the 2nd later, I am ground floor cannot master time and liquid circumstance so a little
Divulged a bit. Because red wine is pure liquid, caky time is relatively so a bit longer.

3-6 hour or pass the night can be refrigerated after entering three-layer can, jiashangyi nods illuminative fruit ~~ of more beautiful A is OK He Ailv shares this together
So beautiful jelly is trichromatic cup! If use, is jelly pink or isinglass pink, handle likewise with auspicious Ding Pian!

The End Heaven_Travel

The double color that learns to be met blossoms cup [Laomai confidential dish]

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Double color blossoms cup [Laomai confidential dish]

Dish of old wheat confidential, have you more wonderful: ) (click here to enter old Mai Bo’s settle or live in a strange place)

[dish of old wheat confidential] double color blossoms cup
** Laomai is achieved formerly. Without the license, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Blossom cup, of course because of breach of finished product nature, get a name as abloom cotton boll.
Estimation did not compare this simpler, more congenial mug-up
Anyway I had been done a lot of times.

Was not pursued to be frightened by raw material (as it happens of the recipe in the graph can make 12 — yellow 6, cocoa 6)
Besides flour, white sugar, salad oil, water be must, other be equipment choosing

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )
[old wheat long-winded]
Choose low muscle flour to be beautiful, do not have some words, OK and common flour 1/10 starch or settleclear pink are made up
Choose candy pink, do not have some words, use sugar pink of candy of arrange engine wear. Of course, OK also dissolve adds an egg again after water
If the egg thinks it is OK also to add egg white add egg white, reduce the use amount of water
Salad oil chooses flavour of as good as, recommend corn salad oil, olive oil
Water quantity adjusts according to flour character, it is OK to move panada move panada piece below shape shedding can (rare cannot leave to spend)
Ji Shifen is to grace add sweet, if doing not have need not
Cocoa is mix colors, do not have some words, can use coffee noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, if connect coffee pink to also be done not have, it is good that that does concolorous

Also be not pursued to be frightened by my detailed measure
Get a nuisance simply actually, a word says to understand: Mix partial pink makings, mix liquid raw material, latter cent second join former in, tone is become mushy
Cent second add, it is to do not have grain equably, and without biceps

Of course, practice diversity:
1. (candy pink egg water) (flour bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch Ji Shifen) salad oil — cent second join, mix even
2. (egg water salad oil) (flour bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch Ji Shifen candy pink) — cent second join, mix even
3. (flour 1/2 bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch Ji Shifen candy pink) mix even, 1/2 adds cocoa sift out (A) , 1/2 reserves (B) ; (egg water salad oil) cent becomes two, divide respectively second join A, in B, mix even

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )
In making, want to use egg tower small cup and paper to hold in the palm

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )
Water is added to be burned inside boiler. Put semi-manufactured goods on evaporate case, the cap on the lid, conflagration evaporate makes an appointment with 7-8 minute

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )
Just give the look of boiler

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )
Come calm makeup according to

Dish of Laomai confidential, have you more wonderful: )
Press a convention, come a close-up
Accost nods saliva: P~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dish of old wheat confidential, have you more wonderful: ) (click here to enter old Mai Bo’s settle or live in a strange place)

(click here to visit ” Laomai cate kitchen ” circle)

Cake of Qi Feng of paper cup currant [the cate of Changjiang Delta talent]

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Did Ma Fen for the first time last night, still calculate a success, nevertheless, the daughter says, ma Fen’s flavour is delicious without relative wind cake (this girl, mouth is especially other sly, the thing is delicious ate to know, be, can be Ma Fen’s mouthfeel compared with Qi Feng? ) , bade I make relative wind cake tonight, alas, do not have method, to me, the daughter’s word is imperial edict, be forced so ” Zha ” obey your command! ! ! !

My prescription consults the practice that midnight flower is not beautiful sponge cake, different is a mould only different, nevertheless, as a result not close also look resembles, ah, the level is insufficient!

Material: Egg 5, soft white sugar 80g, camellia is oily 50g, low pink 180g, pure milk 200g, bubble hits powdery 2g

This is 5 jins of when bought yesterday low pink

Other data was here!

yoke break up, milk and hill tea-seed oil put microwave oven to heat, add candy to mix deliquescent.

The mix in falling the mixed liquor of oil of compound milk, camellia yoke fluid is even

Already the low pink of sift out, bubble hits pink to add milk egg juice in

the panada with the even mix that joins the material such as low pink

A few white vinegar are joined in albumen

Make protein to rigid with dynamoelectric egg beater next epispastic

The panada of will epispastic albumen and mix up mixes agitate even, the movement wants slow, cannot draw the mix of a type quickly, use drawknife fluctuation agitate however

This is the panada with good agitate

Prepare outfit cup

To go to the lavatory, I load panada back up beautiful bag first, load one by one next in the cup

Good, had been installed, seeming is bit more shallow

On a few currant are aspersed in the cup, baked in the heat that can be put into warm-up to pass.

Look, this is my today’s work, does everybody feel my action is passing?

Abstain Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl to still have 15 days from the Spring Festival

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[hutch of lubricious dirt word] abstain Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl - still have 15 days from the Spring Festival

Wanted to celebrate a festival, wanted to reunion, celebrate a festival syndrome also begins to spread.

Daily overworked, dim mood and metropolis become as the drawing near of Spring Festival footstep more tired with insecurity. The pocket when most person should plan to come home this year commonly is rich, begin to consider whether ticket can buy hand, draw up smoothly to give gift list to steal a leisure from time to time to develop market next, staring at the job in calendar is perfunctory hand to imagining the home everyday in delicate, when waiting to get on a car to set foot on the journey that come home really, one year the pains of keep long in stock begins cause trouble really, body inside and outside feels even more jerky, but the space that very few person can have buffer and time. Stepping into a door is not to begin to answer of the section work even if the person bearer that busy incessantly ground deals with a batch to dial is gone to, all over the country chats in disorder, domestic moustache has boss on the west ground of sea a place of strategic importance, confuse right and wrong all night libertinism… the job after the ticket of the anxious still return trip in the heart, section, new life of a year plans…

If these processes are carried out smoothly,still calculate in good luck, if that joint gave an issue, that urgent can not be average rate.

Celebrate a festival ah the true holiday that when can ~ just become popular feeling affection and body loosen?

Super sympathize with the person that wants reunion coming home year after year, super also sympathize with cannot come home to sample alone the person of alone Spring Festival. Without giving thought to how, leave the Spring Festival to have only 15 days now, the person that the hope prepares to come home can take ticket smoothly, award is OK end of the year on time sign after receiving sth; The person that cannot come home can receive the restful information in the home, beside have a friend around with caress.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When we are small still, basically should answer native place to celebrate a festival year after year. Of home town delicate it is the best memory about the Spring Festival all the time. Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl seems to had eaten in native place only, beijing hard look for. Before paragraph the Chi of water ancient stemmed cup or bowl that the day saw a kind of pyxis is installed in home Le Fu, excited ah ~ took two bottles to come home instantly. Regretful is, flavour and I remember medium photograph to go very far, besides salty do not have other ingredient. Decide oneself are done then. Breathe out the ~ that breathe out ~

1, soya bean is abluent bubble overnight

2, thoroughly cook soya bean, the water of the beans that boil does not fall, add salt to keep existence refrigerator in

3, the place that soya bean puts in warmth ferments 3 days are controlled, the appearance that has fermented is had between bean it is OK to stick sticking liquid

4, the soya bean that has fermented adds pink of face of any of several hot spice plants of salt, chop, chili, Chinese prickly ash, Jiang Mo to mix divide evenly

5, pour the water of the beans that boil, nod some of liquor

6, load last in the box, it is OK to be put in freezer to refrigerate 7-10 day to control edible.


1, I do not have the scale of flavoring metage, if everybody is willing if doing, can adjust according to oneself be fond of.

2, the fabaceous Chi that before two years very popular Japan fights beans of cancerous food accept not to have salt namely actually, super- say expensively.

3, the nutrition of fabaceous Chi is very rich:

Its protein content is high, and contain a variety of vitamins and mineral, especially the content of vitamin E is very supreme at other edibles. Fabaceous Chi not only nutrient value is high, and the history that is used as medicine with respect to useful beans Chi since ancient times. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, flavour of fabaceous Chi sex is bitter, cold, avirulent, return via entering lung, stomach, have the effect of the heat of induce sweat Qing Dynasty, detoxify that appear rash, can treat wind heat to have a headache, the bosom is frowsty irritated vomit, phlegmy much empty is irritated.

Soja polypeptide is the material that fabaceous Chi soy is fermenting protein of the soja in the process is generated via microbial enzymatic degradation, research makes clear, soja polypeptide is had eliminate exhaustion, reduce cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, adjust a variety of effect such as insulin. Soja still is contained in fabaceous Chi low get together candy, what this kind of material included the place in raw material soja to contain is low get together candy, after also including soja classics to ferment a few kinds of new generation low get together candy, these are low get together candy calls Shuang Qi factor again, they can improve the digestive function of people, improve airframe immunity function, reduce the generation with alvine path qualitative toxicant, can prevent the happening of alvine path tumour thereby.

Chi of common black soya bean is compared on market, its black is albumen black element, it is a kind of when bean ferments arise in the process Brown material, it is the macromolecule material of a kind of water-solubility, it has function of similar and prandial fibrous, have stronger fight oxidation function, to carcinogenic substance inferior saltpetre amine has very strong inhibition in the synthesis inside the stomach. Soja different yellow ketone has the structure of similar estrogen and physiology effect, be called consequently plant estrogen. Soja different yellow ketone is the minim active composition in a kind of soja. Consider to make clear, soja ferments the different in goods fizzles out ketone is more unripe the different yellow ketone in soja has taller physiology active, soja different yellow ketone can fight tumor, prevent consenescence and sex of old age of prevention and cure blood capillary is fragile change.

4, edible beans Chi is healthful, but the commodity outside contains salt exorbitant, still be oneself made easier control is more healthful also.

More and wonderful click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters lubricious this world please:

The cup of silk of yoghurt strawberry admire of queenly kitchen

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The cup of silk of yoghurt strawberry admire of queenly kitchen
The cup of silk of yoghurt strawberry admire of queenly kitchen

Was stupid, was stupid, ~ of series of strawberry cate DIY
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Cup of silk of yoghurt strawberry admire

Strawberry appears on the market recently busy season, the strawberry of the market has degenerated 10 money 4, I was bought a lot of take make sauce, make cake.
Now and then still see butcher is pushing board car to buy the strawberry that exceeds big on the street, than the market those are even big, price is more expensive nevertheless.
Have second see a girl go-cart sell big strawberry, ask price gift 6 money a jin, my within an inch of wanted to buy. Nevertheless I was bought at that time
4 plans make strawberry wine. Keep back so did not buy.

But the person has namely now and then when be stupid, I should go to a bank handling affairs that day, see have a grandma pushing flatbed tricycle cry out to sell strawberry.
Feminine natural disposition is of 38, I buy intended however inquiry involuntarily, ask under want 10 money unexpectedly, I say too expensive not, that aunt
Say at once — 9 9, I am pushed again say expensive. . . The aunt is borne ache say — 8 8, pull me next say at the same time — girl A
A moment ago had an individual I did not buy 9 fund. . It is good that 8 give you, begin to chatter in bomb of my ear Bian Xiaosheng next, say 8, you look
Much fresh and juicy. . . Do not tell others, I sell you 8 fund. . . . . Here province issues a certain number of byte. . It is ceaseless namely anyway by the side of my ear
Bomb. Of my Y also did not know to be stupid how to return a responsibility, consider oneself unexpectedly instigate oneself came. This grandma sees I want to buy, great rejoicing
Begin a nag to say again — do not hold below A, hold that little power. . . .

I carried several, this aunt act on one’s own apace filled in several, I say enough enough, she beats interest to me — girl A,
So beautiful, at least wants 2 jins of cough up. . . I cry — do not want, too much, a jin half good.
The aunt said to fall, say: “A jin half, 13! 13!!
I say — 8 money a jin, is one jin partly 12? ? ? ?
The aunt says — alas, girl A, girl A, I give you more several, 13 values. . . .

My desire cries without the tear, muddleheaded gave 13 money. . .

In bank equality sign when, I am left look right look, the left and right sides is weighed in the hand, the feeling does not have a jin to be weighed partly really, and discovery has surface of a few strawberry to have a place
Rotted. I begin a heart to smoke my 100 times A 100. . . . Toot toots toot toots. . .

Cure of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch has a meal natively in the evening, when I issue a building to receive him, he is very glad to say with me — dear, I see outside big strawberry sells.
5 money a jin, very of fresh and juicy, go, I buy ~~ to you

I hear that to call an a thunder from the clear sky A. . . . Find both funny and annoying, beat doctor of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch suddenly. . . He is very strange, examine minutely under, guffaw unceasingly. .
He says — you this fool, at the outset you disrelish 6 money expensive ah, 8 your money bought a jin however half. . . .
Toot toot, cry dead I. . . . Cry dead I, I how so muddleheaded A. . . Does that aunt know hypnotic work? ?

After coming home, I take out that packet of blamed strawberry, discover unexpectedly rotted largely, doctor of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch laughs badlier, I am forced to give cut do
Strawberry sauce, tasted very sweet, want compared with small strawberry a lot of a lot of sweeter, but the vexed A that how cannot also restrain my heart.
And this caboodle strawberry also must handle A immediately, gloomy stifle!

Made cake of strawberry admire silk last, comrade of noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch likes that Mu Si very much, dug a lot of will eat, flat do an admire silk cup to had eaten to him.

Material: Pure milk of yoghurt of raw ingredient of strawberry strawberry conserve is saccharic and auspicious Ding Pian 2 small edible are silver-colored bead Yang Tao (adornment is used)

1. Auspicious Ding Pian joins 1 teaspoon hot water small pieces 2 to lie between water to add thermosol to change reserve Big strawberry stripping and slicing reserves
2. 1 cannikin adds pure milk right amount saccharic heat flavor put cool reserve
3. Yoghurt joins the agitate of auspicious Ding Pian that the half joins to had been dissolved after right amount strawberry sauce mix is even to put freezer cold storage a few hours to finalize the design equably
4. The auspicious Ding Pian that after ground floor finalizes the design, remains into pure milk gently agitate puts freezer to refrigerate pass the night equably (most at least 6 hours)
5. Put strawberry the flesh of fruit Yang Tao and use silver bead adornment can

Besides auspicious Ding Pian, still can use isinglass noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, jelly pink is replaced, auspicious nevertheless Ding Pian is done without fishy smell, recommend so with piece.
If do dock-glass, auspicious Ding Pian needs to add deal accordingly. Flavour of silk of yoghurt layer admire is best oh ~~

The End Heaven_Travel

The coffee cup of love

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When a period of time goes to go for a walk of gad of new smooth scope of operation before, pat, break up to stick these days ~

There is a word originally on coffee cup, it is the word on small dish mirrors a cup aboveTitter Pretty is lovely, “Coffee ” , “His ” , “Love ” . . . The ~ of affection ~ ~ that gives dribs and drabs to call a person warmth fully is only, your love, his love, how much can you give with this cup quantity after all?

Small cup of arctic shrimp potato

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Autumn day suffering is short, a lie-in wakes up, arrived midday, had eaten a meal, again shake from side to side of shake from side to side, the day is black. Calculate come down, one the world comes, two people did two things: Car oil change, buy soya bean.

Went respectively Woerma (Walmart) andWhole Foods. After coming to the United States, one of issues with my the most difficult impression, there is a lot of in the client that is Woerma particularly special fat old fat person, andWhole Foodsclient, have a fat person hardly. This two places that because be about the same foot,go after chela today, feeling especially intense.

Whole FoodsIt is a more well-known chain store of American, monopolistic and healthy food organic the place that feeds capable person, its client most propbably should be the crowd that pays attention to healthy diet quite. Every time the figure trend of the client that I see these two different inn, often cannot help wanting, pay attention to food and lifestyle, to the influence of the person’s body, looking is very big after all.

Was opposite, the health that I see the United States says on the magazine, soja of because American is very few direct edible, so, the soybean that they plant is to turn commonly gene soja, if consumer wants to buy soja to eat, had better go buying organic soya bean in the inn of monopolistic and healthy food. WholeFoodsHave in this inn sell all sorts of organic food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, the price also does not calculate expensive,

Be in todayWholeFoodsin inn, still see have sellCold Water Shrimp(cold water shrimp, also translate into ” arctic shrimp ” ) shelled fresh shrimps, to wild thing, always feel betterer, the antibiotic and so on that need not worry about excessive is farfetched the thing that says not to understand, often buy after the decision eat.

Dinner was done a few, do not think what disappoint says on its specification that pack ” Xian Tian, the flesh is qualitative close, fragile tender (Sweet, Frim And Crisp In Texture) ” characteristic, the appetizing bit that took it to make a cool shift first so (Appetizer) — small cup of potato of ― arctic shrimp.

Because be to take potato skin to become bowls container is little, by me this does not have culture give a name habit, it is to want to be called this dish originally ” bowl of arctic shrimp potato ” coming, but my pig has dinner today when await, ask suddenly, “Which one greedy lamp are you? ” , be given to ask by him muddleheaded, consider my this person greedier, that also is attractive only, can you become greedy lamp how? Do not know with respect to the answer, do not know what is greedy lamp. Is my pig very amazed — ― don’t you know even this how? “Greedy ” namely ” the lamp ” measure word, one greedy lamp, two greedy lamps, 3 greedy lamps, 4 greedy lamps. . .

Of my pig this a few ” greedy ” lamp not quite up to the mark gives me laugh at gush, I this still says to this do not have culture all the time, hid in the home actually do not have culture more! True feel puzzled, this person how can ” small cup ” word read ” greedy ” ? To commemorate this a few ” greedy ” the lamp, make this food ” small cup of arctic shrimp potato ” .

Practice: 1) the arctic shrimp after defrost, rush a little with clear water, drop does moisture, add olive oil, black pepper, chopped green onion, mix divide evenly, bloat on reserve.

2)4Little potato, with brush scrub clean, put skillet in, add water to thoroughly cook. Boil just can insert easily with broach fully can, do not boil too over- . The potato that has boiled pours cold water, to cutting two hemisphere, the raised part hemisphere (be not section section namely) cut next chip with the knife, so that the potato of this hemisphere is OK and erect,go up in chopping board.

3) with dig a ball implement small perhaps spoon, come to the potato flesh gouge in potato hemisphere carefully, because of this potato skin, should use a little while when the bowl, so the attention does not want dig quadrilateral too firm, in that way bad to shaped.

4) after potato hollow, just piece that chip that come down, press in bottom, obscure the bottom of hollow, this became a small bowl to breath out.

5) the potato pulverize that gouge comes to becomes mud, add2Small spoon mayonnaise, the broken man that a Western-style ham cuts, a bit salt, black pepper, a bit chopped green onion.

6) mix after divide evenly, what dip enters potato skin make it is small ” bowl ” in.

Finally, on every potato bowl, place two arctic shrimp that had bloated to admit, place next dish can. The Qing Dynasty of potato is sweet, add the Xian Tian of arctic shrimp, add the fragrance of leg of suffer from excessive internal heat and mayonnaise, build together very delicious. The appetizing meat that makes party time should be good, when everybody eats, take use very convenient.

Note: Arctic shrimp is to be in deep-sea after catching thoroughly cook quickly refrigerant, so, after defrost can edible. Proposal of two kinds of defrost gives out on the specification that pack, one is to be put in freezer safe slow defrost, another, it is the microtherm defrost that uses microwave oven, after I am bought today, want to eat, have not enough time slowly defrost, the microwave oven that uses so20% firepower, turn2Minute, the effect is very good also, major ice broken pieces just melt away (but leftover still thimbleful not the glacial broken pieces of be in harmony) , shrimp is cool still also cool.