Cake of kidney bean of kidney bean darling

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Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Before feeling I had been carried, enter 50 hind (be born the fifties) psychological state ~~~

The fellow of Guo Guo says, the person is in young when just can be willing to think of change, when live after 40 years old without mood environment, working environment, human affairs environment these a variety of. Arrived again a few older, a few somes of slight changes in often can living day after day are not willing. So. Old person most fear a change. . .

And I, I present. Be less than me 30 years old, very special and contented current condition, do not want to know new friend, do not want to go to new place experiencing the life, do not want to have any small fluctuant, take a walk not to think another way, have a meal not to want to use another bowls, the desktop does not want to change new color. . . . I present had lived in mood of 50 years old. . . .

Let me carry this kind of mental state a few somes of moment, fill report I can answer me young again, be willing to think of change which I, should put a ~~~ of false cough up to the heart

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Acquire a mug-up the other day. Leading role is kidney bean ~~~

Kidney bean is the burden that in one’s childhood mom takes Bao pig foot only in memory. That moment goods and materials is not resembled now such diversity. Bao pig foot uses besides ormosia be kidney bean. And kidney bean price often crosses ormosia high, so if go to a country, master home end gives foot of pig of Bao of one boiler kidney bean to come, be highest to the guest entertainment. . .

Eat kidney bean, I should pare kidney bean skin eats the beans inside only every time, when having a meal so, always see I eat two meals to put down a chopstick to pare again a few beanses, mom says I eat very disgustingly. Total meeting check I, then I secretly pare, secretly eat, ha. . . Ten years had not eaten kidney bean, this snack just in time is to use pared kidney bean make it of the skin, need not I am again furtive *^_^*


1. looks, can share what going out is, 4 option: The kidney bean darling that water of bubble of? of carry on Kang is brought up overnight. Take off the darling of naked kidney bean of the dress. The kidney bean appearance that is taken off. Can right go up date *^_^*

2. does kidney bean half jins to immerse after one night, the naked kidney bean of the appearance that be taken off.

3. adds water to boil. If be high-pressured boiler can be boiled very quickly,rot, I boiled half hours with electric meal Bao.

4. boils good Yun Dourong, take the advantage of heat to join a few white sugar agitate to leave. Some beanses were not boiled completely sodden, but I did not crush it, in Jia Zaiyun sweetened bean taste now and then eat two very pretty good also.

The gauze that goes up clean is spread in 5. escape unpunished.

6. goes in kidney bean sand.

7. receives the mouth of good gauze. Squeeze a redundant moisture. Do not squeeze too dry, otherwise kidney bean sand can come loose, cannot shape.

8. does good kidney bean sand. Increase the likelihood that on a few red sanded him make it like. The mouthfeel after putting freezer to refrigerate is first-rate. Icy.

It is to want to do a bit more beautiful, when who knows plastics screwy, make sinister in appearance appearance appearance, violated me completely to want to convey the idea of lovely smiling face. Break down ~~ breaks down ~~~

The small lovely biscuit of happy darling

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My home that pig darling draws drinks fruit juice this morning insert a picture

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Darling of pig of head of pig head pig, it is in us coffee draws a form to the record reduces weight and live with inserting diarial is lovely young woman student, she is in todayInsert picture diaryMy home was drawn to drink the scene of fruit juice this morning in, look so that I cannot help breathing out Ha Xiao, how me two old guy give a picture Denake love, turn in rich guest to be saved.

Cannot help wanting, it is good to if I also am met,draw, much amusing, regrettablly my this claw, claw following chicken is about the same, be said to write as a child like dig following chicken ugly, big duck’s egg still has been taken on drawing class, this all one’s life is to did not want to be able to draw.

Laugh together, the diary inserting a picture of pig darling

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How OK somebody gets the picture that insert a picture so lovely, laugh I. . . . . . Cannot help turning here, the today’s diary that insert a picture laughs at a darling seeing a pig, she still drew my home today two people are rousing cheek to drink the setting of fruit juice, I often am astonished at me two old guy also can be drawn by her so amusing, if this honour it is good to can grow so lovelily really, hey hey ~ ~

Click examine moreThe diary inserting a picture of pig darling

Come again bird darling

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Took the picture of birdie again today, look, wool had not grown complete, should still be quite small? The eyes of bird mom but true tenderness.

I circle the past from additional angle looks again, good gracious, not small also before wow! Look, wool grow almost, original, have cerebral door only there did not grow good! Estimation is born a lot of days, it is me only this myopia fails to discover a circumstance in time. The black eyeball of birdie follows bird Mom almost euqally big, appraise family planning comes down is so big eyeball.

Head of this evening pig comes off work come home, the first thing is the report says Mom did not see bird, I run over to look, as expected, remnant a birdie lying over, curassow is not in the home, can see young bird this time on the side still have the small egg of a white.

Ground of make sth dry or cool of day make sth dry or cool is cold, look, bird Mom was not answered, look to still be done not have again, get me urgently, if,considering when if midnight bird Mom still is not answered, can be rectified how, birdie froze to death for certain. Fortunately, eat dinner to look again, she has come back.

Estimation is to run out to catch bug. The melon seeds that I put to it benevolence, be in nest all around, it does not eat. Hey, leave a message in the friend says to let me catch bug to eat to it, I thought this thing, basic unworkable: The first, does the where on me catch bug to eat to her? I do not know where has bug to wait for me to catch, the 2nd, calculate me to know, I dare be not caught possibly, the 3rd, calculate me to dare be caught, my home has squeamish that to also won’t let me catch, the 4th, I leave further, not dare too stand by disturb it, the photograph also is play scene what pat nearly desperately, calculated me to catch bug, also dare not hand in the past it, if was not put to the side of its mouth, that bug running with respect to oneself is not, the 5th, if fix bug dead,put the word all around, it loses sight of the likelihood have worm, still do not know to eat.

PS:To additional that egg, we two mouth people have different explanation: About the same moment lays around that egg that pig head thinks this egg should follow hatch birdie, looking affirmative now is a rascal, brood not to come out birdie. I think, it is unripe after an egg hatch comes, give birth to again. Wait and see what happens, had looked a few days to still can again a birdie comes out, know me two who was opposite.

I of pig darling the wording and purpose of what one writes

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Rich guest name cries” expect tomorrow ” plum MMTell me to say, there is a card about me in coffee.

Run to look, I in her be pig darling picture so impression. Pig darling, the ID in coffee is ” darling of pig of head of pig head pig ” , it is one is in coffee ” battalion reducing weight ” the lovely young woman student that reduces weight with record of the form that insert a picture, I have what recommend her to everybody beforeInsert drawing card reducing weight, did not think of today second she drew me - - - I did not discover in time, still rely on others to report ability to know, because,be, cough, that what, because I did not walk very for long again,not be, still calculate the person that wants face a bit as, I feel embarrassed to go again ” battalion reducing weight ” shake, I pretend to lose sight of that abuttals, I pretend the thing that everybody does not remember so that I did not walk (of course, thing demonstration is solid, I this idea is a fault, people’s eye is that piercing eye, they see I pretend to lose sight of that ground intrigue, especially that small blueness, left right remind everywhere, I had put in her ’s charge to indissoluble amorous feelings, do not enrol a person to wait for see that group went) .

Pig darling draws me extremely lovelily, although know oneself are not of that appearance, look at also but happy, cannot help be in all the time grin, thank lovely pig darling, to I face the good humor before sleeping so. Be here the graph hair that she draws me accept as a souvenir, hey.

Of bird darling finally a few pieces of pictures

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The photograph patted several days, did not send all the time. bird had flown away, with respect to remnant the pallet nest of an empty sky, a lone bird egg in the nest. I have energy to stick these a few pieces of pictures that take not quite suddenly, not clear sense says a bit in the heart, if say to feel to hold out sadness,I know me, even if won’t by everybody jest, also meet by myself jest, also not be sentimental actually, I say not to understand the sort of sense, anyway, feel heart within is blocked up unbearably a little namely.

20Of date in the evening, the weather is very cold, bird mom warms oneself for birdie so, that only pitiful egg, without giving thought to,the head is freezing.

21Of date in the morning, very cold still, they still are such poses.

21Date afternoon, discover birdie suddenly a bird is standing on the ground, see it blossoms this appearance, careless also ground is gratified in my heart rise, because it follows bird Mom to grow very to resemble, not be the offspring of aggressive bird cuckoo.

Bird Mom above look at birdie downward.

Towards evening when go looking again, see birdie still is on the ground, its woman above, nevertheless, the face of this bird Mom forward wall, seeing young bird.

When eating dinner to look again, bird Mom and birdie be dead.

In the evening when, see bird him Mom is returned bending over in the nest, birdie is done not have however come back. The small eyeball drop of bird Mom sneaks away to look at me smoothly, I am very amazed birdie be dead, say, you this child bundle off? Nevertheless, it did not hear probably, because we leave a bit far, but, it calculates heard, it also is understood not. If I am fabulous,the sort of medium meeting says the person of bird language is nice, can chat a little, can ask it a few questions that I feel to feel puzzled.

The following day in the morning, weather is very good, pig head goes out to go to work, when I run out to see a bird accordingly, see it is flying away fortunately, part of speech the sound like whistle has delimited sky, that sound, without reason carries the ground to let me remember columbine chirp. That is we see it for the last time. They went several days, I feel to be missed quite really, still can run to have a look occasionally, that pallet nest always is empty sky. I am very curious why did it come back no longer, do not come back where to live again? The unripe without the place of drench young bird that pig head says to it just wants to seek a stability for certain just, be born, went for certain, not be swallow, how can often you live on the person’s domain?

Our PlumcafeOnIDBe called ” the shellfish that does not have pearl “MMGive explanation the circumstance about this birdie, following:


That bird should be culver, following dove is kin, general one brood lays two eggs, I had observed the condition of turtledove of a lot of spot in the school before, the check that this bird makes is palletter, and in food not be very enough when general a hatch a birdie, two are met brood when food is occasionally enough come out, but have have greatly small, arrive so among feed rank paragraph, if food insufficient, that little possibility that basically survives only then is not very tall, but if food compares enough word, two birdie are brought up likely of the bird.

The Mu Diao that when food is rich allegedly hatch comes to is more, because for better breed, but in food not be very much when the cock that hatch comes to will be bit more, because state need in those days,more cocks are guarded home and seek food.

Ha, that flyspeck turtledove that I see plum home already so big, that another egg should can come out not quite.

Additionally flyspeck turtledove and big culver still have bit of difference, small when be deep ash, changed feather ability to become the model of curassow into bird hind only.

My estimation puts some of millet, corn broken bead, or crumble should be met eat

If if often go,seeing additionally, curassow can accelerate feeding time, good let birdie quicken maturity to fly off nest


The name that knows it now is culver, head of my home pig still says it may be quail so, nevertheless I did not agree at that time, hearing of culver is bald tail, look, the tail of this bird can be pretty is long.

No wonder birdie grows so quickly, be frightened by me so, I see it every very tender maintain my composure again the ground bends over over, think it is not afraid of. When knowing to issue it to want to give birth to birdie, can you still come again? If Youxiayi is answered, I assure, I disturbed no longer.

Of pig darling insert a picture

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Draw me again this is lovely, hey. If have next all one’s life, I am illuminating this appearance to grow