[Beautiful 3 eat the dinner that a day of cate recorded 002] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Say strictly, this is not to be in what river source eats any more suddenly

When returning afternoon, cry through ” Ma Bei ” place, the fleshy bolus here is very famous, hear of flourishing period, can a lot of person opens a car to often run far to buy fleshy bolus greatly.
The fleshy bolus in fokelore is in rub when let it growing a small tail designedly, in order to become one distinguishing feature of local, play a tooth tastily.
Since we come here to pass, by the way Mu Mingyi is tasted!

Take a shop sign at will

Choose a fascia course ” fleshy bolus soup “

Really ” famed do not meet ” ah!
The fleshy bolus small tail in fokelore disappeared, the meat is very real, play a tooth tastily not at all, soup is a very heavy peppery flavour, fail!

“Brew 3 treasure ” , have aubergine of wine balsam pear, wine and composition of the any of several hot spice plants that make a top. Make a coarse food!

Taste is good still, juice is very grumous, but why to say it is coarse?
Because make the pork inside, it is to do not have chop to pass unexpectedly, a posse round ground is random a place of strategic importance goes in!

“Steamed catfish ” , this dish not result do not pass, quite delicate still. Him friend does not love to eat catfish, because we love to ate to also be nodded, touch!

“Qing Dynasty fries sweet wheat ” , be the green vegetables that gets recognition fully! Fragile, tender, sweet!
Finally still is I clean ground, how can I eat so, alas ~ ! ^@^

A day when enjoy cate, did not draw full stop at this point, because answer me excellent, still drank two bowls of amah Bao ” coco chicken broth ” , hey hey ~ !

- be over - the thank is viewed and admire!

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the breakfast that a day of cate recorded 004] river source on October 10

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The name of a place that river source is Guangdong breaths out ~

Accompany a friend to answer the peaceful county that a married woman’s parents’ home goes to river source city the day before yesterday, set out to come home afternoon in the morning, how didn’t time haste play, but eating is not little, renown accord with actually ” beautiful 3 eat ” , early midday is late 3 ha! ^O^

The order that we develop by time below records the brigade of cate of below one day: )

About much at 11 o’clock when to peaceful county, this time has a thing, do not know to be breakfast or lunch really!
The friend takes us to take place famous ” tripe Guang ” , it is a bit strange that this name is listening be, what take a cattle namely actually is splanchnic, niu Za and so on

Tripe Guang has sold, do not have the luck to eat sth delicious to be tasted!
This bowl of full thing, be Niu Za, have bowel ah abdomen ah… still have other the position that I say not to come out: P

Place trimly on the desktop on call bowl, rely on what the wall is putting to have chili, mint, unboiled oil, soy, chopped green onion…

Niu Za scald is ripe

The Niu Za with ripe scald is put in the bowl, irrigate the soup that goes up to had been boiled beforehand to calculate success again ^O^

A bowl of so simple ox is miscellaneous, put the mint with one appetizing gather unexpectedly (beautiful nevertheless beautiful classmate says is jingjie likely)
Soup is the Qing Dynasty that comparative sweet, not at all be bored with, still have the faint scent of sweetgrass

See the shingle of this small shop

Putting 4 pails of coal, it seems seems those who had burned

Corresponding past is 4 coal furnace, 4 bowl contain respectively above the boiled water, clear soup that has boiled, sirlon that has stewed, still have an outfit what?

There is a bowl unexpectedly in this boiler!
This can’ts help letting my be filled with deep esteem!
Although alexipharmic means is very vulgar, but put in alexipharmic ark compared with those bowl, but the restaurant that did not open electrify source however, is this to come so that have sincerity more? !

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The lunch that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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[Beautiful 3 eat the lunch that a day of cate recorded 001] river source on October 10

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Receive go up a ~

Ate Niu Za, we turn immediately went eating lunch…
The food of this restaurant is very good also, assist!

Go up first one earthen bowl ” soup of wax gourd of evaporate lean lean ” , pork is farmhouse pig, boiling water is very clear sweet very clear sweet, I drank a bowl another bowl…

Look be like very common ” decoct bean curd ” , but very tender very slippery, I ate another…

“Bao of green vegetables taro ” , taro very continous is very slippery the Shang Ye inside Bao of very goluptious ~~ is pretty good, but had not drunk fell: P

“Green oily chicken ” , the chicken with good evaporate, explode on shop of burden of first class of sweet ginger, green, green, aroma is tangy!

“Heart of clear fried dish ” , fragile, tender, sweet! Finally is by me this meat animal solved it entirely unexpectedly!

This one really special and unusual drop is satisfactory ~~

Unfinished to be continued. . . . . .

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The breakfast that a day of cate records river source

The dinner that a day of cate records river source

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Day type takes carbonado meal [piscine fish flavor]

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Without the license. Must not reprint
It is super big picture. I am to take it to do not have method. You also are closing to look.
Guo Guo. Love those who have Home Ji Ye to take carbonado meal. Say that is the had better have thing that he has had in Beijing. It is the most beautiful memory.

Do not want what to be puzzled by him. His good memory is really too much and too much. .

Some, the hemp mother-in-law bean curd that he is pointing to table to go up plaints wantonly this is I come a meal that had better have eaten after Chengdu

Some to cook again flesh this is a had better eat meal that I eat in Chengdu

Again some to earthnut congee. . . . This is a the most delicious meal that I eat in Chengdu nevertheless I say this word. Grab before he is blurted out ~~

. . . . . .

Home Ji Ye has not been in up to now Chengdu set up shop. So he can recall most time only the aftertaste.

For ages I tell him before: 襼 ~ also can make Home Ji Ye in that way according to cook a meal.

What nevertheless Guo Guo responds to me is infinite debasing. Supercilious look. . . .

The tiger is not sent power. You still become me really is a sick cat. Pull an arm. Start working. . .

1. drumstick is optional. Take off bone, plastic. With cooking wine and salt a little souse.

2. plunges into some of alveolus on gallinaceous skin. Already can more tasty. Also can prevent gallinaceous skin systole is too acuteness. The influence is beautiful. (Although gallinaceous skin still is met very acuteness systole, compare nevertheless do not plunge into alveolus better really, some betterer) .

Little oil is put in 3. boiler. Do not need too much, enter transfer to a lower level of drumstick skin day begin decoct.

Go up to be pressed gently in the flesh with scoop in the process of 4. decoct. Be gone to by decoct for the sake of making every place sufficient, also conduce to plastic.

Decoct of 5. one side became good search an area. Until two sides decoct comes golden.

6. beforehand of mix up illuminate in burning juice to pour boiler. In home it is very difficult buy Japanese flavour continuous heavy rain. We are OK nevertheless him modulation substitute.

Deserve to compare according to what burn juice—Weak opening soy: Rice wine of? of dark green quiet: =2:2 of? rock candy: 1: 1: Play

There is soy in my home. Only common unripe smoke. The drumstick color that does so is a bit deeper. With the soy with some lighter color the colour and lustre that become dish is met a bit more good-looking.

In the process that 7. boils from time to time search an area. Make chicken two sides even chromatically tasty. Work till Shang Zhishou.

8. has boiled do not cut first according to carbonado flesh. Scoop up put one small meeting cut again. Can cut beautifully already can make chicken juicily again. Place the meat that has cut on rice finally, thick illuminate stiffly burn juice to irrigate can eat above.

I am thinking. Guo Guo went to new campus going to work after. I prepare to him everyday midday handy when, this is a right choice.

You know piscine word:

The meaning that is brightness is taken in Japanese. Illuminate so burn want flavour beauty not only. More important is finished product colour and lustre must shining. Just be a success so according to cook food. Japanese flavour continuous heavy rain besides use when candy beyond, the makes famished look bright and bright namely action that reachs since. So we use juice of fermented glutinous rice also is similar action. In the kitchen. Develop subjective activity adequately. The results that can want to be less than of purpose oh *^_^*

Allow my narcissism, stick a piece of finished product to pursue more today.

Water boils beef to wish mother’s day is happy!

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Who can destroy you in the instant all hopes, let you feel at the moment a darkness, mind is confused completely!

Who can make you yearning to was full of between instantly again, scan widely is all beautiful, charactizing a fine spring day surrounds! It is the child! ! !

The child is like that demon club in magician hand. Operating parental happy event, angry, sad, be happy! He can break your good longing at any time, if drop,let you the be bitterly disappointed like glacial hole! Believe a hand to give you a new hope again, let you be caper of new target exultation again! Small demon club people, make the world parents painful and loving! Tired happy move! Be very happy with it following to sauntering! ! !

I still was in yesterday visit undone lathery! The flower of a bundle of mother’s day rebuilt to the portion is expected newly and hope again today!

The scene in the film, appear before my door today, I of water of a mist, holding a bundle of flower that just sends in both hands, astonishment ground had not answered a god to come a long time, still think sent beautiful door walking along a fault! A can be a son: Festival of? of the tip of a twig is happy! Make me clear, so the son books this flower ahead of schedule two days ago.

Greatly accident! Greatly touch! Greatly surprise! Thank son!

Flower a bundle, the mother below Zhu Tian people happy!

Water boils beef;

Water cooks beef process plan:

1: ? of dispute of H cook and stir adds salt, cooking wine, pepper, water, starch catchs divide evenly, bloat a little while.

2: Green chili of pool few? cuts into shreds. Reserve.

3: Throw the thick broad-bean sauce below cool? of painful firewood  to fry sweet. Add bit of candy, add water.

4: Bud of the gram below   ? and scald of silk of Qinggong any of several hot spice plants come to be born, fish out shop is by big bowl.

5: ? of  of Wo Ying of Qiu of Lai Zi of  straightforward advice issues the bovine sliced meat with good souse, add gallinaceous essence to boil to boil.

6:  Mie Mei does H Hun  swallow few of large of pond of gizzard bilking cereal leg of health Mu Po?

7: Is benzene of fear of hesitating of bowstring of mansion Ai carve visited?

8: Qi bad Hong throws a Ga that climb  ; ? of ń atmosphere ㄏ takes the advantage of heat to irrigate in the bowl.

9: Bao muddleheaded thanks the water with? hemp hot sweet delicacy to boil beef to had been done. Eat / !

Cod congee mother’s day gives mom’s gift

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Cod congee, the gift that mother’s day gives mother
Graph / article author: The bubble of the dream
** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
** clicks the foamy fossa ** that enters a dream
Tomorrow is mother’s day, yao wishs mom the festival is happy! ! I think mom very much you, hope you and father body club are marvellous, mood bright is crooked crooked, send mom a small congee, although simple, but inside be to have what nutrition has love!

Raw material: Cod, rice, water
Condiment: Essence of salt, chicken
1, arenaceous boiler enters water, rice is entered after water leaves, water is in second small fire closes to boil to after leaving ripe
2, flay of defrost of cod room temperature goes perversing, cut Xiaoding, green vegetables is abluent cut He Xiaoding
3, put the cod after congee is ripe boiling 10 minutes, green vegetables is put before giving boiler salt and gallinaceous essence are put to give boiler after man is ripe
The congee that nutrition is operated simply again gives dear mother

I love mom you, think you very much really! ! !

Nutrition is analysed
1. The cod contains D of A of rich protein, vitamin, vitamin, calcic, magnesian, Selenium to wait for nutrient element, nutrition flavour of rich, flesh is honey;
2. Rich magnesian element is contained in cruelly oppress, have very good protection effect to cardiovascular system, be helpful for preventing hypertensive, cardiac muscle to straighten dead to wait for cardiovascular disease.

Eel nut hand scroll wishs Beibeisheng day is happy

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^*^ shellfish shellfish gives birth to day of happy ^*^

Prepare data: Be able to bear or endure liver mosses of sea of small cucumber of  grave? piece cattail of birthday department meal burns eel (city makes work)

Material rework
Birthday department meal

Hawaiian fruit is mincing

Small cucumber is kneaded with saline rub abluent hind put the quick-boil in rolling water to iron, color becomes emerald green can fish out is put into cold water, growing strip is cut after waiting for refrigeration

Hai Tai is baked slightly with small fire

In the shop on Hai Tai right amount birthday manages the meal puts the Hawaiian fruit with mincing a few, burn eel plus cucumber silk and cattail, begin roll into from different leftover bits and pieces conic shape

Scatter finally on the Hawaiian fruit with mincing a few is decorated can

After been do as soon as possible edible

Lovely shellfish shellfish lays card of gather of day big eat

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Wish me birthday of dear little sister is happy above all!

Wish a little sister again: Love eats not to gain flesh, beauty often is accompanied! Make money much much, pearl heart is changeless ^O^

It is everybody below the birthday big eat that dear sisters get on for Bei Bei, because of Bei Bei inconvenience gets online, the likelihood cannot eat in time, here I replace her to express to be thanked heartily to everybody’s blessing! : )

Click a picture to see Yuan Tie, the rank is not divided early or late, if have,omit ask an a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender to tell me, I can be added as soon as possible ha! ^O^

Carry rummy revive birthday of Ⅰ Zhu Xuan, Bei Bei, double S is happy! Author: Round pig

Give Beibeiqingsheng’s hemp hot Qiao side Author: The fat hutch woman of Home Betty

Ma Fen of yoghurt blue berry is celebrated to shellfish shellfish elder sister unripe Author: Maple1204

Acid is sweet strawberry sauce wishs Beibeisheng day is happy Author: Midnight flower is not a flower

The expert sauce duck that wishs lovely Beibeisheng day is happy ahead of schedule Author: Yellow is ugly small duck

The daily life of a family fries cake to wish belle of Bei Bei, a small room birthday is happy Author: Wander alluring woman

Cucumber suffers from hemp to coiling to send a longlived person Bei Bei Author: Be angry green raise child

One chicken two eat wish lovely Beibeisheng day is happy Author: Tung Mom kitchen

Pineapple sends Bei Bei! Author: Sit see the cloud rise 00

Almond sago dew sends a small room and Bei Bei Author: Fluffy little potato

Countless ties wishs a small room and shellfish shellfish birthday are happy Author: Flying Xue Moshuang

Him tomb-sweeping day starts work make Ai Xie cake

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The results of tomb-sweeping day—Oneself start work make Ai Xie cake

The Pure Brightness this year, become legal holiday for the first time, the government is transforming ceaselessly idea, support such change!

Feel clear and bright now ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for unlike what say on ancient poetry in that way, rain of season of what Pure Brightness in succession, the pedestrian on the road is about to break spirit, such picture sees rarely, seem to make the day of familial and collective spring outing! So as delicious as me, returned the potherb since do sth over and over again to come all the way! (discover all the way a lot of with the party, the person that look delicious is not little ~~ )

Dragon boat festival often is used to the Ai Xie that sootiness washs bath, see have many people collecting, mom says this uses those who make cake of moxa leaf cake namely, asked mom the way roughly, feel not difficult, also join picked main force!

Look, this is the Ai Xie in fokelore, tender tender one clutch, the aroma of clear Qing Dynasty, qing Dynasty of god letting a person enrages bright ~~

Cake cake material: (hurry-scurry forgot to pat)
A, Ai Xie Pink of B, polished glutinous rice Water of C, brown sugar

Stuffing makings:
A, fry sweet earthnut B, white sugar


1, use Ai Xie briny bubble one bubble, pick Laoxie, abluent use boiled water scald, go acrid, put into mixer to add the agitate that choose water to become Chengdu next.

2, Ai Xierong water and brown sugar water mix divide evenly, because be afraid that mouthfeel is too thick, I dare not put Ai Xierong too much.

3, in drinking water of Ai Xierong brown sugar pink of polished glutinous rice, knead flour group.

4, fry sweet earthnut crunch, mix with white sugar mix together dry stuffing.

5, hold tight dough of an Ai Xie, the elephant includes earthnut stuffing like bag steamed stuffed bun, knead a circle. Boiled water enters boiler, evaporate 20 minutes, the cake of moxa leaf cake that becomes sap green having a place ~~

Moxa leaf cake, particular faint scent, special taste, like ~~

Acid is sweet strawberry sauce wishs Beibeisheng day is happy (add strawberry to go law of the base of a fruit)

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*** acid is sweet strawberry sauce wishs Beibeisheng day is happy (add strawberry to go law of the base of a fruit) ***

Graph / article author: Midnight flower is not a flower
[Achieve formerly]** is not beautiful license without midnight flower, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** forum

Birthday of Bei Beiming day, shift to an earlier date last delicious strawberry sauce, wish the day henceforth resembles Bei Bei and pearl sweetness is prosperous like this strawberry sauce. . .

What all sorts of conserve of my home use up is extremely fast, because often oneself are baked say department, wiping sauce is a provision of very main be eaten together with rice or bread. Bought newly this ” 50 kinds of biscuit wipe sauce ” , the material home of need is not quite good buy, still be bit simpler so, come a raw material is common common good do delicious. Wait for me to have Qi Cai expects slowly, redo some complex good sauce will be shared with everybody.

Material: Strawberry, white sugar (sugar volume asks him to master, boil flavour can be tasted in controlling a process, must quite sweet gift is nice save) , water, citric

The process that make:

1 strawberry abluent and mincing (I like chunk pulp, so everything 4 half, those who like exquisite mouthfeel is OK hit with arrange machine agitate)
2 put did not cross strawberry one little the water of half, add white sugar, conflagration is boiled trade small fire, take lemon the in part, juice is squeezed into boiler to be boiled together, to strawberry flesh transparent involve fire
The 3 glass that take the advantage of shrinkage fitting to had boiled air into hot water in bottle, sealed save.

Strawberry goes law of the base of a fruit: Because I feel strawberry picks ministry extraction the base of a fruit to leave hard stalk easily directly, so I am after washing strawberry clean, the straw that drinks yoghurt with is inserted continuously from the pointed ministry of strawberry go in, ministry of the base of a fruit can be given by disclose. Two plans institute shows following graph left. (because the procedure is very simple, place to in an attempt to also slants simple, excuse is breathed out)

Finished product: After adding lemon juice, finished product can fight oxidation, and color shines beautiful.

Welcome to my rich guest:
** flower is not beautiful flower to boil meaning **