Turnip doing is fried bacon and abstain a turnip to work

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( ̄ (labour)  ̄ ) the friend that haing everybody is able to bear or endure in person, old gal good ~

The turnip doing that uses here is the ~ that small female specified amount makes by hand personally

Have above all please luxuriant beautiful leading role comes on stage—-Delicious the Lilliputian ginseng of home of cheap and so-called poor: Zhuo exemplaries

————————–Abstain a turnip to work detailed solution——————————

1. is rectified: &Nbsp; Bai Luobo is abluent, expurgation root is needed, scarcely wants flay oh oh oh ~ ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) ~ cuts strip wide piece, avoid by all means does not want too thin, do not have after otherwise insolation model mouthfeel is bad also

2. is put on the ice: &Nbsp; next the turnip piece had plunged into with polybag, put 12 hours into freezer freezer compartment, refrigerant purpose is to quicken a water of the turnip here=====> > small doohickey <<=======

3. is basked in: &Nbsp; takes out the turnip that has put on the ice, look for a clean household utensils, put the code with even turnip above, place the air below sunshine to bask in to 78 into dry (I basked in 3 days of right-and-left time)

4. bloats: &Nbsp; cleans clean turnip to work, twist dry, undertake bloating with pink of chili of Or of any of several hot spice plants of liquor, salt, candy, bubble be soiled, flip through everyday 1-2 second. Because the jar of be soiled did not bloat in the home, I am buckled with Le Koule will replace, the effect is OK still

… (⊙ ﹏ ⊙ ) … (A, bloat patiently in be soiled process)

Bloat through what a week controls be soiled, the turnip is dry very tasty


(> mouth < ) should firing eventually use shovel

1. Will cut piece evaporate of the boiler on bacon, because bacon is general relative salty and fat more difficult also ripe can have compared below evaporate first so, the cured meat with good evaporate is made a bit clear put cool be used

2. turnip works to be washed with Wen Shuiqing, twist dry, cut paragraphs small

We still need 3. a few garlic piece, scallion paragraph / garlic bolt, bubble any of several hot spice plants

4. firings, do not cheer inside bowl ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) , had better be iron bowl after pulling ~ to burn hot pot, join, the turnip works, right ~ doing stir-fry before stewing does exterior moisture content to evaporate to the turnip, show piece. Bubble any of several hot spice plants, bacon repeats measure of dry stir-fry before stewing

5. heats up boiler cold oil to fall, put garlic piece, duration does not want too big lest garlic piece paper.

6. garlic piece give sweet smell, put bubble any of several hot spice plants to be fried together, rejoin bacon breaks up quickly fry, put a turnip to work, conflagration is fried quickly, the fragrance that should do bacon and turnip is fried come out, put a few sugar, a few soy (not be the sort of very salty) , break up fry ~ to add sesame oil, put scallion, break up fry ~ 2 times to give boiler ~ general situation to need not flavor additionally again, because bacon and turnip do itself,flavour is compared sufficient ~

╰ ( ̄ ▽  ̄ ) ╭ Loud call rice, rice


. . . . ≤ of.o(≥ ω ) O. . . .



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Be in Wuhan- - hot dry side

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Heat doing faces the birthplace that taste is for Wuhan person, person of very may fathomless without the person that has reached Wuhan Wuhan and even Hubei person work a side to heat dote on degree. In those days I work to Beijing, the sesame paste that thinks of hot dry side bright of sweet, turnip is fragile, saliva immediately gurgle and piece. It is really very owe (owing is Wuhan word, the meaning that miss) hot dry side has.
Just arrived Switzerland when, because not be familiar with surroundings, inn of I am one China also cannot be found, ate the Western-style food of a long time continuously so. Call to complain to mom ” in the mouth so weak that did not have flavour, see hamburger queasy ” , old Mom mailed urgently to me from home the hot dry side of card of mouth of 20 packets of old man, I 3 days with respect to dispose of light. A mouth, still want to let old Mom send. A dozen audition, 20 packets of convenient covers are airborne mailing is 700 RMBs, too expensive. Still bear bear.
Went one year now, also was familiar with surroundings thoroughly. Greedy have hot dry side, went around inn of a few Vietnam then, buy neat material, oneself start work today will do bout.
The noodle of authentic hot dry side is the alkaline side that chooses yellow, thoroughly cook first, cross cold water, mix with oil divide evenly, open electric fan next, the edge blows edge whisk noodle, whisk gets departure of noodle root root, let noodle spread out go up in face plate, set pass the night.
When wanting to eat in the morning, put noodle in bamboo fine-toothed comb, shake a few times in boiled water boiler, be heat noodle, also swung the oily portion of noodle surface at the same time, scoop up, will reeky noodle falls into the bowl, Add sesame paste of one big spoon, scatter man of Chengdu of chopped green onion, garlic, Jiang Mo, hot turnip, soy, vinegar next (a few) , pepper, gourmet powder, mix divide evenly can eat.
Originally I think him roll face makes alkaline range, but the alkaline side that hot dry side uses is very good, have the opportunity that control an aspect ability goes, regrettablly our home is done not have, was forced to be replaced with Spagetti. Ate to feel flavour is OK still later.
Another key of success or failure of hot dry side is to want mix up sesame paste, sesame paste divides water blend oil to move, had better be the way that moves with oil, move rare sesame paste namely with sesame-seed oil. Such a few sweeter.
Hot turnip still needs to work in burden. I cannot be bought in Vietnam inn, but I saw chest of dish of city having tide sells, dish chest is cutcha turnip works. Bought dried meat of a packet of dish so. Come home cut Cheng Xiding, add chili pink and dry chili to fry hot turnip to work with oil.
Boil good SPAGETTI, fill in the bowl, put in all spice, mix, the hot dry side of appetizing, warm came. I still put man of beef of a bit sauce to be inside. Although my heat is dry the face is not authentic, but the hot dry side that flavour and Wuhan take is to as if dimly really. Solution satisfies a craving for delicious food still is very pretty good.

Fill write down: Old Mom sees a card, leave a message to me sayHeating up dry face should not be Luo Bo doing in burden, and should be rutabaga (sauce bloats, have singularly very much now those who buy) , if have hot pickled mustard tuber, work than Luo Bo with hot pickled mustard tuber better. Ate half a lifetime to heat up the personal details of dry face by right of her, her opinion wants authority than mine certainly.
Do not cross everybody taste is different, even if is to be in Wuhan, common also very much inn-keeper works with hot turnip when burden, anyway I am the flavour that prefers turnip doing. Friends match according to him be fond of, hot pickled mustard tuber is fourth (the kohlrabi that sauce bloats is likely to abroad friend more hard look for) ought to taste very pretty good also.

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