[Eat and drink monograph] the Maple1204 of enthusiastic ghost horse

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[Eat and drink monograph] the Maple1204 of enthusiastic ghost horse

Monograph star class: ★ ★ ★ (SamSung class)
The member that monograph comprises: Yes

Monograph address: Click examine==>

Data sources: Collect make up
This print makes feeling speech:

[Fox hears wall bulletin] eat and drink community asks you to record hour of stand in silent tribute

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[Fox hears wall bulletin] eat and drink community asks you to record hour of stand in silent tribute
Dispatch fox salon publicizes a station to love to eat piscine Er Jackyjj_1985@chinaren of the cat

Dispatch fox salon (on May 19) : Up to 19 days 12 when, earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River already caused 34073 people death, 245108 people are injured. From disaster happening, people already expressed the feeling of the lamentation to parting brethren with different kind. 1.3 billion person heats up a tear because of the hardship that the brethren’s life, brethren suffers to flow together, the Chinese nation that we unite showed the great respect of opposite life.

Arrived 14:28 on May 19 afternoon 14:31, vessel of car, train, ship cries flute, the sound that air defence alarm resounds resounded through whole China, countrywide people is in this momently silent for stand in silent tribute of disaster area people, the person that wish to die rests, had gone in the road of heaven, the comer below beatific work remove courage adamancy to face. You are not a person of alone sheet, your back is standing the Chinese brethren of 1.3 billion. Disaster will go eventually, although die person already left us far, but living person gives birth to subsist strongly. Seismic happening, this is the fact that cannot alter, but in the hand that present destiny grasps in us. We cannot let an earthquake mock us, we should make an earthquake abashed. Because, complete China people is a family, be most of the solidarity, dragon that has love most send a person.

Shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River astonishs China and foreign countries, make concerted effort of the people of the whole country is aseismatic provide disaster relief. To Sichuan to convey a the people of all nations shake of earth of plain of short of Wenshui River dies deep-felt lamentation of the brethren, we are necessary to undertake cherishing to grieving over with the record, after letting, people remembers the life this one hour, let us witness that one hour of unity is strength of the Chinese nation with love.

Eat and drink community asks you to record hour of stand in silent tribute together, in witnessing meal configuration crowd jointly, film in this day the extract of stand in silent tribute afternoon. This second testimony record is Sohu entire network the joint responsibility of all channel, and as eat and drink what the stand in silent tribute inside community testimony and record meal course of study grieves over is precious and video, it is the responsibility of our meal colleague. Every is at the appointed time in repast process, or transient meal enterprise sees, undertake film or taking a picture recording please. And you precious record content, does hair post come <a Href= Http://club.chihe.sohu.com/chihemain.php? C=156&b=zz0184&t=0> eats in Beijing forum. (not be to allow authority stand in silent tribute when taking a thing to pat, before or later all but) Sohu net eats and drink the support that channel community thanks you!

This is dispatch fox salon the piscine Er that propagandist station loves to have a cat is in eat and drink community gives what you send to stalk of grain only, prescient detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

Relevant link: Announcement of the State Council: Mourned day for the whole nation to 21 days on May 19
Love altruistic the real situation to always be stationed in greatly record precious hour jointly please

[Eat and drink general mobilization] regale of Olympic Games cate - 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games

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On August 8, 2008, fire of Olympic Games emperor will be lighted in Beijing. As each Chinese, this is to bring with proud, do it proud thing.

Perhaps, you cannot salute the advent of fire of Olympic Games emperor in your city; Perhaps, you cannot visit Olympic Games competition ground, for bang the drum for sb of our athletic good athlete; Perhaps, you if I am same, see fire of Olympic Games emperor deliver shed next hot tears excitedly; Perhaps, you if they are same, pensile on MSN, QQ the hearts of a fervent absolute sincerity.

Because ” 2008, beijing Olympic Games ” our all the people of one mind; Because ” 2008, beijing Olympic Games ” our unity is strength.

Today, sohu eats and drink channel, Sohu eats and drink community is rolled out to receive Beijing Olympic Games ” regale of Olympic Games cate ” activity, participate in cate of contributive Olympic Games, nutrition to match eat to give priority to independently with the masses. The activity blesses Beijing Olympic Games with contributing cate, initiate comprehensive fitness and nutrition to match food concept to give priority to aim. Mobile general last a period of time 3 months, final choose gives 100 outstanding cate dish to taste.

Come quickly in the procession that joins us! Bright those who give you feed capable person, ignite your ingle, press the shutter that moves you, never leave home to be able to send you to be opposite ” 2008, beijing Olympic Games ” blessing.

What perhaps you blame clip picture is trival, perhaps you think your dish is tasted be slightly worse. Dawn of famous Gu Bai of Olympic spirit advocate has a famous remark: “Important is participate in and not be get victory ” , emphasized the marrow of Olympic adequately. And our activity also takes this one drive.

Did not hesitate again, did not await again, fast participate in us come in this activity. Choose you meticulously feed capable person, intention cooking, carbonado earth up the cate that gives you, editor, upload, can think ” 2008, beijing Olympic Games ” blessing, cheer for good athlete of Chinese Olympic Games, the Five-Star Red Flag that rises to rise gradually cheers.

Act at once, regale of Olympic Games cate needs you to add a for it beautiful beautiful colour.

Activity advocate station address clicks a picture please==>

"Regale of Olympic Games cate - 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games " the activity is started formally piece

PS: What had published previously is old make also can participate in this activity

[Fox hears wall bulletin] eat and drink 5 kinds of healthy live scene give birth to Olympic Games regale sweet

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[Fox hears wall bulletin] eat and drink 5 kinds of healthy live scene give birth to Olympic Games regale sweet
Dispatch fox salon publicizes a station - kite line - [Qsyxq@sohu]

Dispatch fox salon (on April 25) : The Chinese’s grand meeting 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is about to kick off, to salute the advent of the Olympic Games, sohu eats and drink channel, Sohu eats and drink community is special held sumptuous dinner of Olympic Games cate — 5 kinds of health welcome Olympic Games activity, go up to add flower of a healthy cate again for 5 kinds of annulus bright and beautiful of the Olympic Games. This activity already was started formally on April 24, 2008 (particular case sees yesterday daily) .

Regale of Olympic Games cate — 5 kinds of health greet Olympic Games activity to just start what won numerous netizen namely to support energetically. The activity is divided in all for netizen group and restaurant group two kinds. Netizen work is to like the netizens that eat and drink to use off hours to be in the home for the most part the result of arduous labor, restaurant group is each dining-room large kitchen people the specialty that produces oneself, the result that each shows special prowess. Regale takes part in the match feed material to cooperate an Olympic Games 5 annulus color is divided in all for blue, black, red, yellow, green 5 kinds, players are start with 5 kinds of healthy concepts, go all lengths in succession those who take out home is special competence, create meticulously, the support that strives for audience netizen thereby and voting.

Blue: Food of narrow sense blue color; Broad sense points to aquatic product and finished products. The fish is a kind the commonnest do not pass feed capable person, the definition in regale is blue, when the fish of this squirrel laurel that sees loose crane building when you nevertheless, believe you also meet what grudge none give out exclaim! "Sciuroid laurel fish " it is the masterpiece in meat and fish dishes of aunt Su Cai, in domestic and international long enjoy high reputation. This dish coloured has sweet, have flavour materiality, more exclamatory letting a person is phonic still. Good when scamper as ” squirrel ” when the desk on Gui Yu, immediately is irrigated on reeky thick gravy, this ” squirrel ” Zhi Zhi ground ” cry ” rise.

Black: Black color food; Food of broad sense dark reddish brown, souse reachs airing goods. Black chicken is well-known it is a kind of food that fills greatly, the body advantage to the female especially big. The milk that netizen lubricious dirt takes part in the match stews black chicken not only mouthfeel is exquisite, and embellish and not dry, the daily life of a family of can yet be regarded as the top grade of nourishing, preserve one’s health.

Gules: The food of magenta or narrow sense red, orange red, palm red; Flesh of broad sense red kind reach finished products. The flesh kind it is average household feeds capable person necessarily, a common steaky pork, the meat of gust fermented bean curd that adds all sorts of complementary makings to make through netizen Slqgf coils cake, lubricious delicacy is sweet fragile, light sees a picture also your person forefinger moves enough greatly.

Yellow: Narrow sense yellow or orange food reach finished products. Broad sense fowl and egg kind food. Lucky pomegranate is wrapped, does the name sound quite inviting? The colour and lustre of lucky pomegranate bag that netizen Slqgf makes with egg skin, turnip, yam, asparagus lettuce is bright-coloured, the shell is beautiful, taste relaxed not fat, already but cold drinks and snacks also can be heated up feed, it is one suits what carry when go on a journey to exceed convenient food.

Green: Food of narrow sense green color; Rely on the white food of the greenery that photosynthesis generates or fructification; Broad sense is natural health food, refer in particular to fungus, dairy produce and bee goods. Advocate green provision everywhere now, green food also is the development trend of prospective food industry. Gorgon fruit is a special local product of Suzhou, allegedly, the Suzhou person of year period plants Gorgon fruit in water to swing in, folk call it in those days ” be hungry beans ” , it is the reserve grain of Suzhou person at ordinary times, in case when having a what natural disaster some year, it was become help grain. Be in folk, gorgon fruit is enjoyed ” the ginseng in water ” good name, can fill lienal beneficial is angry, solid kidney strong choice, make the person hears and sees well, prolong life. Sweet the another masterpiece that fabaceous Gorgon fruit is loose crane building, suzhou Gorgon fruit and sweet what bean makes together is sweet fabaceous Gorgon fruit, taste have already ” bones and muscles ” have again chew a head, and still carrying filar silk water sweet, live scene of true it may be said gives birth to a sweet cate.

Blue, black, red, yellow, green, olympic Games 5 kinds of annulus, regale of cate of blue, black, red, yellow, green Olympic Games 5 kinds of healthy cate, already delicate and goluptious, but gymnastical strong put oneself in another’s position. Color, sweet, flavour, form, sound, 5 kinds of styles 5 kinds of healthy cate, let us pay close attention to regale of Olympic Games cate together, await the arrival of the Olympic Games together.

This is - kite line - in eat and drink channel hair comes stalk of grain only, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

Relevant link:
Regale of Olympic Games cate — 5 kinds of health welcome Olympic Games activity
Regale of Olympic Games cate — netizen and dining-room take part in the match work

[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

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[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

Dispatch fox salon publicizes a station: Infinite country Fdlsabc@sohu

Dispatch fox salon (on April 25) : Eat and drink by Sohu channel and the regale of Olympic Games cate that channel of Sohu Olympic Games rolls out jointly- - 5 kinds of health welcome activity of Olympic Games activity, already pulled open delicious and luxuriant big screen now. This a lot of netizens already also took out him ” look after the house skill ” , for a sweet and goluptious pineapple is sweet 2008; For Olympic Games good athlete ” give counsel ” , offer the Olympic Games recipe of a healthy motion.

This ” regale of Olympic Games cate ” of mobile creativity will feed material joint Olympic Games 5 annulus color, and rasorial, egg kind food and corn and belong to yellow or the classify feeding capable person such as orange fruit, vegetable is an Olympic Games the yellow in 5 annulus, the laborious spirit that represented our Asia people and peculiar life quality.

On regale of this Olympic Games cate, yellow kind food relatively grab an eye, the dish that netizen and dining-room roll out respectively is tasted more calculate on develop a school of one’s own tries to be unique. Always some ” sweet clear fellow makes beautiful gas wine, photograph of flame of beautiful cheek wine to. Drunk lean on one pay of green shade Mian. Rouse looks. Bow cabinet is on the beach ” the feeling of drunk happy event of guest of make one’s rounds.

Yellow kind the maize birds such as chicken, duck, goose kind with the egg kind feed capable person, have very high nutrition value, and, flesh of chicken, duck is officinal value is very great also. Chicken has in folk ” medicine of aid world good people ” good name. The dish that with these feeding material rolls out is tasted also is quite rich, for instance: Carbonado of chicken of most famous Chongqing hot pepper, Chinese chestnut, duck of brine of hill of a thick soup of green duck red bean, gold, yellow stew child cupreous goose, etc. Still have the evaporate drumstick that by netizen color this dirt lush rolls out, the lucky pomegranate that makes meticulously by Slqgf is wrapped, the acetic stew chicken that by Ganxieni11 strong feeling dedicates piece. Represented the characteristic of Chinese cate and that sincerity on certain level.

However, to yellow kind the article of cate, have egg of gallinaceous duck goose only not just on these Chinese cookbook famous feed capable person, still have wait for vegetable like stay of proceedings of carrot, acupuncture needle, bamboo shoot, wait for a fruit like banana, Huang Tao, mango, wait for cereal legume like corn, soya bean, earthnut, millet a series of natural cate. So far, by netizen color this world is new box of cooked lucky bean curd and the water that flying Xue Moshuang takes part in the match boil dry silk, match with nutrition acme, wen Wanying of colour and lustre desire and suffer broad netizen fully love.

“Apropos Xin Qing puts wild ship, each gives light gull a pond. One brook green water all rain during springtime, cross-strait green hill half the setting sun. Season just met it is good to choose course, the daughter sees more collect tea busy. Sanded head remnant has peach blossom piece, pour out of a village to come thyme. ” like also hoping to be like this poem, in ” choose course ” offer after season make spring dish. Cheer ~~

Above is infinite country is what you send to stalk of grain only in cate kitchen, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

Relevant link:
Regale of Olympic Games cate - 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games ” the activity is started formally
Box of lucky bean curd
Water boils dry silk

[Community announcement] eat and drink community forum adjusts announcement

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According to eating and drink the development of community needs, undertake adjustment to the following forum now:

One, ” cate explore inn ” forum more the name is ” all directions cate ” forum.
2, ” wine world ” forum more the name is ” beautiful wine forum ” .
3, ” congee extends water ” forum incorporates ” cate kitchen ” forum, former forum is shut, content data gives delete.

Involve more renown forum, fixed position and content keep changeless; Involve shut forum, ask this layout mottled bamboo and edition friend to occupy the backup with card content in ongoing on April 18 linage. Shut forum mottled bamboo to give mottled bamboo of a month to reward integral compensation.

Hereby announcement

A bulletin of glad news: 07 year eat and drink 10 big epicure choose community mobile result

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07 year eat and drink 10 big epicure choose community activityHttp://club.chihe.sohu.com/r-zz0179-10634-0-18-0.html
Today is off year of the traditional Chinese calendar, wish everybody Xiaonian is happy first. Today, we eat and drink community classics of all previous of activity of 10 big epicure 3 phase, proclaim eventually end. We support to eat and drink since special acknowledgment is long-term the enthusiastic edition friend of community and laborious mottled bamboo people, make this activity so orderly undertake going down. This the activity is spent after all fall whose home, who is us eat and drink epicure? We review next grading cases first, see final result ~ again

Sprite Litao622@sohu
Clear 夢 does not have mark Sly21@sohu
Brenda_tw@sohu of small millet bucket
Fabaceous cattle Glanner@chinaren
Butterfly - Sl Slqgf@sohu
Lubricious dirt Wangren188@sohu
The snowflake Northensnow@sohu of distance
Lone man loves kitchen Lazl@sohu
Lanhong_18@sohu of big Tang Minbing
龍 兒 Longsy714@sohu

(above rank is not divided early or late)

Sohu eats and drink cate grand ceremony and 07 year are excellent edition advocate commend [group plan]

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Destination - city of cate of zoology of Beijing red sun. . Of old morning set out, assemble to 3 eaves guesthouse, that car is extremely slow as a result, get off later taxi past, asking is a driver at least do not know to be in actually, dizzy! Still connect a phone to show to rental driver the road just is found with the staff member later, it is not easy really, after the result arrived. . . Car in the sky empty, group of original greater part had gone, haw. . With respect to remnant a few people did not have staff member of hardship of ~~ failure ~ ~~
Reckonned I am of the latest report- - . .
Pursue on ~

These two child are especially lovely ~ These two child are especially lovely ~

The adornment on the wall

The activity begins

Small group wishs ~ a Happy New Year to everybody together

Compere ~

Lead speaking ~

To full of stains or spots people award prize ~

Serving ~

Continue to award prize ~
This can be large award ~ I like that pot ~

I did not drink this boiling water ~

This delicious ~

The activity ends

The enthusiasm that again cold weather also does not block everybody ah ~

Sohu eats and drink edition of character of 2007 grand ceremony

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I also come last character edition, collect is lively, which have an opinion to ask small scrip to so that delete,tell me ha!
A small room and old bright and beautiful sure, public character, do not be afraid of exposure cough up!
1, bright and beautiful your fox is confused in Tibet

2, bright and beautiful in brew character of feeling of bear the palm

3, fox

4, gigantic fox lets my covet

5, attractive successor experience and gigantic fox’s close feeling

6, old bright and beautiful obtain gigantic fox, tell you a secret again: Old bright and beautiful opened a vulpine brand shop

7, greedy support of the people bright and beautiful

8, overcautious begin to chat afterwards

9, professional reporter is quiet and god-given

10, eat and drink channel red detachment of women speaks even the party representative

11, the detachment of women speaks even superior

12, mottled bamboo of bear the palm expresses character of feeling of bear the palm

Old wheat absent-mindedly expresses feeling character, steal look with canthus beside belle

13, true portraiture of human nature

14, want to want more really

15, so big, temporary check my home!

16, leader and bear the palm person group photo

17, fabaceous cattle Great Master

18, lubricious dirt Great Master

19, the frankincense bone that considers to exceed assist

20, wine full meal is full see acrobatics and program of whole a legendary venomous insect, of sour, red, burning. . . . . .

21, lottery became medium get into such: Do not have pursuit too! I can groan: Alas!

22, the bright and beautiful spot that does not have pursuit more

23, 8 forbid to talk about the job beyond the hour!

24, accept decree. . . . . .

25, Great Master group photo

25, exemplarying aim of pending of sweet sweet belle

End entirely! Expect to meet next time! ! ! ! ! !

The drink of tea of beautiful type coffee of heaven cate diary (2)

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Heaven cate diary, drink of tea of beautiful type coffee (2)
Heaven cate diary, drink of tea of beautiful type coffee (2)

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Come 3 tea with milk of a cup of A how?
By heaven swims Heaven_Travel

Indian tea with milk / harbor type an affectionate couple

Saw English table that day program of a cate, many Indian cate introduced inside, be like flying cake A, curry A of what.
Letting me is curious very, among them an India tea with milk is to let my itch to try more. Then I remembered a recipe to death to death. The plan is pounded beat
My home has the burden that the most amused is this tea with milk, differ lilac, this also does not have what, go the market is bought is!

Material of Indian tea with milk: Jiang Pian 2-3 piece small fennel 1-2 of 1 teaspoon cassia bark piece anise 1-2 black tea leaf (or tea is wrapped) right amount
Arenaceous sugariness of 5 pure milk measures lilac

1. Divide milk, saccharic outside, all material add the hot water that 4-5 cup controls to be burned together to give taste, stew 5-10 minute
2. Filter material takes boiled water, join right amount milk and join according to individual taste right amount saccharic can

After do well, my too impatient to wait tried, have the small pain of bit of clove, if like an attempt new taste is bold do.
If cannot accept new thing, I suggest everybody or province fall! Those material still suit go off with to do pot-stewed fowl A quite!
With a ha breath out ~~~~

So called an affectionate couple is tea with milk adds coffee, it is a kind of drink that has local amorous feelings very much, each big tea dining-room has carry out ~~ I was in that day
The way saw on TV. It is the practice with the commonnest dining-room of Hong Kong tea. I like coffee, also like tea with milk, since such.
DIY comes on the horse of course a cup of ~~

Material of harbor type an affectionate couple: Black coffee (pure coffee) a cup of black tea a cup saccharic 3 beautiful weak grandmas (or pure milk) right amount

1. According to drinkable teacup size, each take teacup height the black coffee black tea of 1/3 is together mix is even
2. Join right amount 3 flowers weak grandma and join right amount saccharic agitate according to individual taste even can

Some tea dining-room still likes white coffee black tea 3 person pour agitate together to be added again equably saccharic flavor, if love to drink cold also
Can add a few ice cube. Harbor type coffee matchs a Xiduoshi is perfect combination! Next time I can make all sorts of taste
Of Xiduoshi. Everybody expects!

The End Heaven_Travel