egg handleless cup

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This dish is very good do, and the accurate mammy that nutrition abounds the darling that suits chief body and everybody to be pregnant.

Hey, defeated a Xin Dongdong of the kitchen again recently, it is new-style oven, although the shell is mortar constant drop unlike, but be oven really, more than and OK bake east east still can stew egg and evaporate crab, ka Ka, in still studying now as to other drop.

Good, return to the subject, come first the Pp that Zhang Cheng tastes, my drop camera is bad, can pat with the mobile phone only, faintness having a place also does not have what aesthetic feeling, but taste of handleless cup of this 焗 egg is very good drop

焗 egg handleless cup

Egg, cheese pink, salt. Carrot, onion, xianggu mushroom (everybody uses bright Xianggu mushroom or dawdle is OK)
Ham, cheese silk

Everybody does not see lot so much, actually Ka Ka is baked dish very small, so 1 baked dish of quantity of an egg to be able to be used
Onion, carrot cut half only

1, egg break up, add little salt and cheese pink, the card husband that I use had had salt to need not be added so, agitate reserves equably

2 onion, carrot, xianggu mushroom cuts man

3, fry with a few oil into boiler ripe

4, mix with egg fluid again divide evenly, put bake dish

5. ham cuts into shreds and cheese silk is spread together on, was opposite, the egg should take tender place, when laying an egg can a few adds bit of water

6, when. . . When. When. . . When. . . New-style oven came
Oven after 180 ° warm-up, put bake 10 minutes, with respect to Ok

7, hey, transparent drop goes to the lavatory namely, what can watch provision at any time is dynamic
Absolutely won’t sear ha

Golden, handleless cup of egg of reeky drop 焗 gives furnace cough up

The preexistence this life of an egg

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Birthday of classmate of small Guo Guo is happy oh ~~~ Ye ~~

Guo Guo caught a cold, have a headache, voice is painful, n&v snuffle, limply. . . So this birthday, the luck to eat sth delicious is hit fold, recreation is hit fold, hit completely fold ~~~ to cannot eat hot, cannot taste cool, come a sweetmeats, sweetness celebrates birthday. . .

As long as small an egg, can alternate the sweetmeats that gives two kinds of different senses oh ~~~ lets us witness the preexistence of an egg and this life together today. Preexistence. . . It is the most ordinary in myriad egg only. In favour is carried by piscine hand. Unreal changes an amorous feelings each different, this life of sweet encounter. . .

Come along next. . . . Read material first:

1. egg 15-20g of candy of a.QQ. Pure milk 300ml.

2. detached egg white and yoke.

Egg ox suckles flummery. . .

The yoke that 3-4. comes out depart joins QQ candy after break up.

5-6. joins 100ml milk mix.

7-8. lies between water to heat to melt completely to QQ candy, what do not think yolk is too raw is OK heat for some time again, but should master good temperature not to want too tall oh.

Filter yoke milk fluid, in loading flummery model. Freezer is put to refrigerate 3 two hours after cooling a little with respect to OK.

Slip slippery flummery, taste, labial tine leaves sweet ~~~

Still remain an egg white, guo giving Guo stews a double skin grandma, flummery is I cool eat, he the grandma that stew is hot eats.

The practice photograph that suckles with double skin controls the process of skin on boiled milk lesser than here, so I call the milk that stew, actually flavour mouthfeel is same, why so troublesome. I am all the time so do, very save trouble ~~~

The grandma that stew. . .

Break up of 9. egg white, but do not make too much foam, a few bubble must be cast aside come out to throw away.

10. mixes egg white and 200ml milk, the outfit after filtering takes flummery cup.

Surface of 11. patch cup cheats to last film.

Boiler evaporate goes up 8 minutes to be become namely after 12. water leaves.

The specified number does not want when doing adscititious and saccharic, the ~~ of can good be bored with conserve deserves to eat after been stew. No matter the pineapple sauce of acerbity acid still is sweet strawberry sauce, very beautiful very beautiful drop. . .

You know piscine fish word:

1.100ml milk matchs 15-20gQQ candy the most appropriate. too much flummery will be thick slip not quite. The QQ candy of the supermarket has 25g a packet, when doing, conveniently twists a few are eaten off first, those who remain is firm just.

No matter 2. is to do flummery to still stew a grandma not lazy drop elliptically filter this one pace. Feel true meeting is different.

When 3. does the grandma that stew, do not want again the forehead is adscititious and saccharic. True meeting very of be bored with. Match conserve to eat instead very delicious.


Simple yam brushs those who brush honey to think of an egg advocate make a meal

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The yam with simple *** is brushed Honey thinks of an egg advocate the *** that make a meal

Graph / article author: Honey thinks of an egg
[Achieve formerly] ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** opens a language ****
Autumnal weather is gradually cool, what awake in the morning is particularly early.
Saturday one big early rose.
Hear a song, read a book, went up to meet net.
I ask husband, you want to eat what, husband says, yam is brushed.
I say, good. You will husk.
Yam is brushed brushing is our Shaanxi here a kind very of characteristic eat feed, delicate, almost person of every North Shaanxi can do, follow mom to learn namely as a child, very appetizing, very delicious.
Particular go into operation begins below cough up, close people look careful oh. Where is not clear and OK ask me.

1, will see raw material × first

Feed lumber raw material: Flour, big potato 3 (the potato of bit 4)
Burden: Salt, ketchup (the dressing that abstains a key) , leek, chopped green onion, come again ham of dish of cucumber of cold and dressed with sause
Tool: Brush tomato patch (wait for can see a picture)

2, concrete step
See this tool first above all, brush tomato patch, close people had seen. Ah, do technically brush brush.

Wash husking potato clean, brush with this next brush, brush strip. See a picture.

Namely such, careful hand, do not want rub skin, must take care, when basically remaining small, did not brush, put a basin to be able to be mixed directly staying together, xi Xi, breath out not at all.
Wash through 1 next, accuse water in another salver, be washed clean, washed water did not fall, silent put at the same time, with a ha be used.
Give the potato that washs clean now on scatter flour, the dosage of flour basically is one spoon half, what often cook is close people should OK control, namely can every potato thin thin it is good to wrap a dress, just began to do, do not fall a lot of, come slowly, add bit by bit, take hold freely. Drop even point, begin to be light with handle gently inside next wrap flour divide evenly, do not want to exert oneself to do sth. , like knead dough oh, gently catch, remember, but this is made will brush brush soft soft key oh,

Fiddle with with the hand gently, catch. Let all potato as far as possible can touch bit of flour, not too much, much not delicious also cough up, see a picture, good.
The boiler on now, choose water, the water of evaporate steamed bread is measured, everybody should be OK do well cough up, hydro-thermal, can a moment ago the potato of do well catch steam box from salver, scatter slowly, do not press too solidly, ripe come out not delicious oh. Look such

Go up again a steam box, husband is done potato is more today, what I do is much, one is not put, come to again, ah breathed out husband to blow 3 little potato incidentally, cut small, place on the edge, can reserve make potato mashed vegetable or fruit.

Wanted to a moment ago washed the water of potato now, look, be potato starch.

Had precipitated, poured redundant water, you can see the white below salver east east cough up.

Come with small ladle sweep, brushing smear. Look.

Build boiler shell, begin to time, water should leave, left to time later, need 20 minutes to do calm cough up.

In this paragraph of time, begin to prepare bechamel makings cough up. This is the most important, young scrutiny, very simple.
First enema fine chili is mincing, as far as possible mincing, still tomato cuts small, it is better to break, because want to boil the boiling water that make sauce, build is too so big bad tasty.
Basically need 3 small tomato. A chili, (must hot, otherwise not delicious oh)

Color is very good. Right, will nod garlic again piece, delicious. Section, reserve.

Firing, oily.

Oil is red, OK first chili garlic piece put in, explode sweet, do not fry anxious oh. Flip through a few times

Go in now tomato, break up fry.

Fry patiently. Put condiment, put bit of salt more, flavour is grumous, I put 3 small spoon, according to each one taste, pink of Chinese prickly ash, aniseed pink a few. Good cough up. Fry so that difference did not leave, enter little half bowls of water, remember, like sauce Shang Nong to choose water less, like water of soup soup water, pour a drop more. Cold water hot water is indifferent to,


Build boiler shell now, conflagration, shang Kai, put small fire to boil, about 5 minutes. Have sauce boiling water with ladle dip, thick, can give boiler. Remember putting essence of life of a few chicken. Load small bowl.

Sauce soup ends, begin to cut leek now, chopped green onion. Put pannikin.

Be in order, did ham of cucumber of a dish of cold and dressed with sause quickly piece.
Basically used unripe smoke, sesame-seed oil, vinegar of cold and dressed with sause.

Put souse of a few salt, a few of pink of Chinese prickly ash, gallinaceous essence a few. Garlic is patted broken, put in,

Use a chopstick to mix, tasty.

The pumpkin congee that dinner remained yesterday, regard as congee. Millet and pumpkin are boiled make,

20 minutes go, boil.
With the chopstick clip goes to bowls small, bowls big.
Mix on condiment oh. Ketchup soup, chopped green onion, leek, sesame seed salt, ah. Mix divide evenly oh.
Husband is hungry, had begun to mix, I take a picture busily. Breathe out. Bowls this is big are husband, had mixed. Hey,

Look is worn tea table, the TV opposite side begins ” swallow Li San ” , eat at the same time, look at the same time, still scold at the same time frame, ha,

The hand of husband, very busy

Close people, eat cough up.
Everybody can learn do eat, very delicate, not difficult also, problem having what welcomes to ask.
Hope this card can make cream, do not know qualification. Xi Xi.


The slippery egg of bacterium stay of proceedings of preserve one’s health

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

bird likes edible bacterium stay of proceedings very much kind, nutrition is very rich, and contain a lot ofmicroelement, the beautiful that fight cancer is tasted oh! So the freezer in the home always can have on 2 ~ 3 kinds of bright stay of proceedings, the dish that a hodgepodge type comes to when eating to be not dropped really solves their all.
Ah, this not bird idea, come the dish type of a hodgepodge of bacterium stay of proceedings — slippery egg of bacterium stay of proceedings! Who knows to be done, LG persistently boast is delicious oh! Make bird happy too really!
Have time JM people also try do!

[raw material] bright Xianggu mushroom 3, pig abdomen stay of proceedings 3, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings 1 small, black agaric 5, carrot 1 paragraph small, egg 2 ~ 3, 20 grams of onion, shallot 2.
[flavoring] corn oil, salt.

Graph 1: Stay of proceedings of abdomen of bright Xianggu mushroom, pig, black agaric cuts into shreds.
Graph 2: Heat half boiler water, join stay of proceedings of abdomen of Xianggu mushroom silk, pig and black agaric scald 1 minute or so.
Graph 3: Join scald of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings 1 minute or so.
Graph 4: Fish out of drop dry moisture is stand-by.
Graph 5: Carrot cuts into shreds, onion is mincing grain, shallot cuts a flower.
Graph 6: The egg is hit scatter, join bead of carrot silk, onion and chopped green onion to mix divide evenly.
Graph 7: Mix the bacterium stay of proceedings that crosses water into scald and salt mix together divide evenly.
Graph 8: Boiler burns heat into oil, fry fluid of egg of bacterium stay of proceedings into the medium baking temperature inside boiler make.
Graph 9: The face breaks up to fry after underside bake in a pan is yellow sweet till the egg is fried,become golden look can.

[experience and recall with emotion]
A dish form with ** special very popular nutrition oh! The bacterium stay of proceedings inside can change other breed according to his be fond of.
Stay of proceedings of ** acupuncture needle is easy some riper when so scald is made hind add.
** onion should be added certainly, matching with the egg is special render palatable oh!

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

Tomato egg fine dried noodles

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The son is taken to take photo after coming off work in the morning, make vaccine, come back at 2 o’clock, give did tomato egg fine dried noodles, used big boiling water that remained yesterday. Flavour is OK still, show one’s incompetence is displayed on hair. First last finished product.
Raw material: Tomato, egg, rape, fine dried noodles, soup.
<img Src= >The egg sticks those who did to add up to packet of egg directly.
Practice: Tomato cuts small, rape is cut paragraph, the egg adds up to a bag.
2, oily Hou chopped green onion is put in boiler, put down tomato to fry sweet, add bone boiling water, put salt, chinese prickly ash flavors. After leaving, put down packet of good egg, rape can.
3, remove boiler additionally to heat water, issue fine dried noodles.

Finished product:

Simple and delicate egg crisp cake

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Very simple very sweet crisp egg crisp cake:

Simple raw material: Pink of egg, polished glutinous rice, milk. Still need white vinegar of a little candy, drop

Handsome egg:

Break up egg, add a few milks, a bit candy a white vinegar (can have a lemon sweet) and agitate of pink of right amount polished glutinous rice is become mushy, namely such:

Heat pan, oil pouring a drop:

The egg that enters us suckles paste:

Timely search an area:

Two sides is brown can give boiler successfully, the desk on stripping and slicing:

If like to do brand of crisp small fire,work a bit, if like soft, medium ~ of small fire ~ eats two kinds well, mouthfeel is different, ~ of delicate and changeless ~</b>

The green pepper egg that I love to take piscine pill fries piscine bolus

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Graph / article author: ** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

Did not post for ages, ah, come out to risk a hubble-bubble

Occasionally the piscine bolus that the home likes to eat stuffing of this kind of belt most, touch on supermarket sales promotion, bought one pile, take stuffing sundrily piscine bolus, ah, stir-fry usually, put also not common!


1 fish bolus one pouch, green pepper cuts little place, egg break up

Oil is put inside 2 boiler, had fried the egg of break up, reserve

3 green pepper, piscine bolus enters boiler, fry to 8 minutes ripe (add a few water, piscine bolus sticks boiler easily) , put the egg that has fried

4 break up fry, join right amount salt, gallinaceous energy can go boiler

Tomato egg dumpling

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[millet bucket] exceed detailed and graphic inside stuffing practice - - tomato egg dumpling

*** is permitted without the author forbidden reprint or extract and compile ***

Tomato egg dumpling

Common saying says: ” comfortable be inferior to wearing, delicious be inferior to dumpling “
This word is respecting really 裡 of my the bottom of one’s heart ah. . . .
I am the sort of can sit not to stand, the big dawdler that can lie not to sit
And all 麵 are fed kind in, what I love to eat most is dumpling and green deep-fried dough cake

Lord is in with me Singapore when
We often solve dinner in school dinning hall (exceed what Ha Xiancao water follows meaning rice water. . . . ..
Have one vendor’s stand among them 麵 of fried bean sauce of monopolistic old Beijing (the business but good Lie. . . . ..
The 嚇 嚇 that they sell cries besides 麵 of fried bean sauce, still have tomato egg 麵 and tomato egg dumpling

Wow. . . . I return the novelty that becomes aware really at that time
Arrive as a child big I know the tomato scrambles egg only, it is a vegetable that adult, child loves
Did not think of to still can mix unexpectedly 麵, even at it is to wrap dumpling

嘖 嘖. . . . . . . . . . . . . I am a clodhopper really. . . . . . . . .
So delicious tomato egg dumpling, there just is favour that 29 years old years to eat in me
And eat. . . Still let my fetch pull a dream jade-like stone

Ha. . . . Clavier made word of a fetch, jump out to fly then soul comes loose
Kill my all but to nod a fetch to pull a dream jade-like stone Hit into be frightened out of one’s wits. . . . . . . That with respect to powdery horror. . . .


Dumpling of this tomato egg is I pound those who rouse at random by memory
Alas. . . . I can say only
Delicious thing, 確 fact is more weighty. . . .
The tomato wants first flay has been handled, squeeze juice again come out (otherwise stuffing can spend wet bad bundle)
Next I myself still must knead skin of dumpling of 桿 of 麵, 糰
My ah. . . . .
Dumpling is wrapped. . . . . . . My both hands was abandoned quickly also (the 麵 charter flight that yearns for me. . . ..
Not bad nevertheless, below a chain of torment
Final I still eat melting fruit. . . . . . The hand is again acerbity. . . Worth while also. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tomato egg dumpling
Cookbook origin: Rice bucket is done hard

Material: (Plainspoken. . . . I am done not have special the scale that goes thinking the flesh and tomato, everything is probably probably)
The pig wrings the flesh. . . . .450g
Tomato. . . . .8 (every are even smaller than fist)
Egg. . . . .3

Meat stuffing flavoring: All be below right amount
Mashed garlic

My altogether included this deal 70 many dumpling, every dumpling build returns pretty big
If be the dumpling skin with the off-the-peg carry out that use town, should OK the bag is controlled to 90
The pig wrings the flesh to be able to replace chicken, shrimp. . . Etc
The friend of abstain from eating meal Can single bag enters tomato egg, do not join wring the flesh
Or be with bean curd (press mud) replace wring the flesh, also be very great choice expression of pain

1. crosses gently with the knife at tomato bottom, put into rolling water, iron about 1 minute to rise to leather 捲
2. is scooped, divest tomato skin, dissection with the knife, squeeze a juice again (juice not 丟)

The close proposal of small millet bucket:
The tomato has not been boiled long, lest tomato flesh bate
If afraid meeting packs the tomato,rot, after can dissectioning the tomato so
Dig the part with central soup much juice rise (the juice of this part also stays)

Cut tomato flesh lump of about 1 centimeter, mix again fried dish of 1 big spoon mixes with oil divide evenly, reserve (with balm Yi Ke)
The egg joins right amount salt and agitate is hit even, fry maturity to come loose into boiler next shape

The close proposal of small millet bucket: (Have a key. . . . Have a key. . . . Want to look. . . ..
◎ egg should be fried male a bit, but benefit at absorb juice of overmuch meat stuffing soup
The tomato that ◎ has cut mixes oily reason, because,be by the tomato that oily wrap up stays in, can give water more not easily
And won’t let inside stuffing passes at wet soft, bad bag, and the tomato cannot have been cut small
Once boil,can lose sight of tomato flesh 囉 , so. . . This is a key. . . . Want to be sure to keep in mind. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The pig wrings the flesh to join flavoring to mix after divide evenly, divide tomato juice second, edge agitate edge is joined
Let meat stuffing have the share that drink water, boil the dumpling flesh that come out so won’t male bavin, and still can have soup juice
Everybody can look reach the feeling of flesh of 2 pieces of graphs is very different

Tomato diced meat is added after the pig wrings the flesh to had mixed, scramble egg mix divide evenly, it is tomato egg meat stuffing namely

The close proposal of small millet bucket:
If mix,good chopped meat still passes at wet soft, can put chopped meat freezer, freeze a bit hard
I am to use last bag cent outfit freezes 3 bags, because rectify boiler to freeze together, wait for a bag to arrive second half paragraph when
Meat stuffing 隨 is worn time and temperature, again bate, cent outfit is so freezing
Can wrap a packet of stuffing, reassume is wrapped another packet

In freezing meat stuffing while, I use time to knead skin of dumpling of 麵 糰, 桿
Wrap dumpling again finally, thoroughly cook into rolling water, finish namely

Ha. . . What dumpling wraps is honest too ugly. . . Include more please ha. . . . ..
I become aware the skin that derives from personal 桿 can compare easy bag, because can 桿 becomes intermediate thick, edge thin, but more weighty
And although off-the-peg skin is handy, but. . . Skin relatively without flexibility, and come up against Shang Zhiduo inside stuffing, boil very easily broken
So 囉 . . . . . . Each have advantages and disadvantages

This dumpling should show a bag to be boiled now, the package is nice place too long, the skin will be wet defeat easily
So I am an edge Bao Bian puts freezer 裡 to freeze (dumpling should be free every unoccupied place, can touch otherwise sticky)
Until when wanting to eat, take out a part to thoroughly cook, remain continue to freeze hard
Next reoccupy lasts bag of amount that cent holds one secondary to eat

Dumpling of white 裡 rubicund is touching the sauce with the hot area in acid. . . . Thick. . . The world is delicate
Really pardonable also meeting says. . . Delicious be inferior to dumpling. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Coffee days: Hold a foreign egg. . . . . .

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[achieve formerly] coffee days: Hold a foreign egg. . . . . .

The mould of the decoct egg that the small broken bowl that uses Mai Delong changes with a friend.
Begin to say to let her help my take along sth to sb (say money) , she says: “Feel embarrassed to money receive, you help my take along sth to sb your home bakes that Mai Delong of Chinese prickly ash is small broken boiler ” , with respect to such agree on. . . . . .
Some days, I changed this:

Egg bean curd and violet wild cabbage, series of husband box meal 32

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Egg bean curd and violet wild cabbage, series of husband box meal 32
Graph / article author: The bubble of the dream
** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate
** clicks the foamy fossa ** that enters a dream

Arrive again dragon boat festival, wanted to eat the zhongzi that mom wraps…

Egg bean curd

Raw material: Bean curd, egg

Condiment: Essence of salt, dawdle


1, egg break up, bean curd cuts man, mix essence of the dawdle that add salt

2, any of several hot spice plants of deepfry fragrant flower is put inside boiler, discard need not. Enter egg bean curd, fry fry, fry ripe give boiler

Violet wild cabbage

Raw material: Violet wild cabbage

Condiment: Essence of salt, dawdle


1, violet wild cabbage cuts into shreds

2, violet wild cabbage is entered after hot pot cool oil gives sweet smell into chopped green onion, fry fry fry essence of salt, dawdle to give boiler