Cool cake of old Beijing fastfood polished glutinous rice

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Live in Long Fusi in one’s childhood in the street, old name of Long Fusi snack bar, white chief. . . . . . Inside fastfood much

Incomputable. The home is moved now far, long Fusi is fastfood also do not have again in those days flavour, not be my taste changed,

However over there true quality is too poor. Want to eat now fastfood, can go only Niu Jie, flavour is original still

Same, just traffic, time is no-go, also cannot go one year a few times, person greedy how to do? Be in the home


Raw material: Stuffing of polished glutinous rice, beans, cake of green red silk, gold and melon, I also did not put this a few kind, have more than is needed is done in the home much

Little, bought do, the time that go must be thrown. Have in sesame seed home off-the-peg, had fried go,

There is paddy sweet village in freezer of as it happens fry the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn to want to go up in order to use.


1, the bubble after Xian of polished glutinous rice is clean is controlled 4 hours, drop evaporate of the boiler on water 30 minutes, take out, add water agitate

Even, this one pace is called ” take a starch ” .

2, get on the rice that has mixed again boiler evaporate 20 minutes, take a starch twice repeatedly, at this moment softness of criterion of polished glutinous rice, interest having pliable but strong.

3, relapse the polished glutinous rice that evaporate crosses, enter the agitate in the basin again, at this moment of polished glutinous rice agglutinant very big. (of old Beijing

Practice, it is to use wet gauze to touch water to include meal of good polished glutinous rice soft all, I feel such not quite clean, change so in the basin

In agitate)

4, the oil that takes a dish to apply touch, spread meal of a polished glutinous rice, spread stuffing of a beans again, spread again next

Meal of polished glutinous rice stuffing of a beans, cover meal of a polished glutinous rice finally

5, above scatter on the sesame seed that has fried, scatter again on the nutlet that you like and fruit makings, cool cake considers do good, this

Can be to want what cool move eats!

Clew: This fastfood and unfavorable do more than, cannot eat to put the word of freezer, polished glutinous rice can harden, influence mouthfeel


Shandong is fastfood sweet foam ” girl illicit hutch “

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” girl illicit hutch ” Shandong is fastfood — sweet foam

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Dive in jar N is long, actuation today want to rise to surface, discovery, send to stick not allow really

Easy, cook not simply while should take a picture, even photo processing, upload, code word. Ah, you are really

The God of girl. Post for the first time do very coarsely, express jest idol ~~~

What do today is sweet a kind foam is Shandong fastfood, be like authenticly is millet bubble good hit into paste to do, I

Replaced with corn face.

Raw material: Bean curd together, actual I used an in part, a variety of Chinese cabbage two (I am put too much) , corn face (forget illuminated)

Bean curd dissect, a variety of Chinese cabbage is abluent Cheng Mei is cut after be being ironed with boiled water

Cold water is put in the bowl, put corn face to use ladle agitate divide evenly, I put 1.5 smooth spoon, do not put much, otherwise very stiff
Attention: Must move in cold water

Oily boiler burns heat, add chopped green onion to explode sweet hind add water to be burned, pour the corn surface water of mix up, mix is even, burn
The bean curd that has cut is joined after, with green vegetables foam, add salt, gourmet powder flavors, burn again can
Finished product came:

Fastfood edition ice spends decoct dumpling [dizi manufactures]

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Fastfood edition " dumpling of decoct glacial a flower " [Dizi manufactures]

Graph / article author: A Ludi
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**** opens a language ****

Busy move decorates mother of an emperor and old father recently new building, we ate what meal to become long-standing issue everyday, after next coming home, I also am disinclined to stir-fry, break up turn over freezer, discovery still has the skin of a packet of dumpling that buys in the supermarket the day before yesterday, chop dot stuffing, the dumpling that make fry in shallow oil eats
Making skin of roll of dumpling knead dough originally is very troublesome, have off-the-peg skin much faster, who makes me lazy ^_^

Measure: &Nbsp; chop stuffing, bag dumpling need not say more, this meets even me, ask the dumpling of the Chou Chou that I wrap oversight nevertheless

Pan pours some of oil, after heating, dumpling each code is by boiler, small fire heats let oil dumpling bottom simmer in water is clear, prepare a bowl of clear water, add essence of life of right amount starch, chicken, pour amylaceous water into boiler, conflagration of the lid that build boiler is burned, medium baking temperature heats to close to water dry, want to often observe, beware burnt boiler.

Careful shovel gives boiler to come, can see bottom clear case

[The feeling after eating]
All of original dumpling bottom is touched together, form a golden face hard surface, it is fokelore is medium ” ice is spent ” , I part it in Pan Licai to install, this dumpling that nevertheless I do is fastfood edition, allegedly authentic dumpling glacial a flower must be the dumpling skin that makes with dough made with boiling water, the dumpling skin that such decoct come out is not hard, I this dumpling skin is a bit hard really, nevertheless because such, bottom carapace ability is stronger fragile, crooked dozen wear by accident (anyway I this person has A Q mind namely, any insipid things have the gut below excuse) , the mouthfeel that imagines dough made with boiling water should be better, have next time dough made with boiling water does him time to eat

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Of a person fastfood [simple and easy hemp is hot very hot]

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Graph / article author: ** is not one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training
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Be not A> of guest of rich of one’s previous experience of ** of ** regular professional training

The meal of a person is normally bad to do, when husband has, work overtime, make do with respect to oneself make do, discovered the footing that includes chaffy dish suddenly, taste is good, became my person’s fastfood first selection. Go to school in Lanzhou in those days when, still make me now up to now the hemp that unforgettable is schoolgirl building entrance is hot very hot small shop, that hot satisfy a craving, every do not eat the lie that thinks suddenly. Till graduate after 2 - in 3 years, love all the time hot clinking, always want to search in the flavour from plain dish in those days memory!


The 1 vegetable that prepares oneself to like to eat first and the footing of hemp hot pot that had chosen, I like to take piscine pill, the cabbage in rinse dish is pretty good also, build go up some of vermicelli made from bean starch (after chaffy dish footing is bought, should put in freezer refrigerant, when eating, take cut right amount)

Right amount water and the footing that had cut are put inside 2 boiler

3 ordinal put the stuff that should iron, the piscine bolus that I boil first, boil vermicelli made from bean starch again, vegetable, still added some of agaric, one boiler goes out, ok ~ ~ ~

Individual of comfortable syncretic of this kind of practice eats, or two dawdler do not want to cook, also but, breathe out the ~ that breathe out ~

Have vermicelli made from bean starch, have piscine ball, still have vegetable and agaric, course of action and convenient range are similar, but much more delicious than convenient cover, and nutrition is rich, hemp hot hemp is hot, ~ of ~ of growl growl ~

Fastfood jewel the 6th type - - crisp small fried dough twist [flying Xue Moshuang]

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[Flying Xue Moshuang] fastfood jewel the 6th type - - crisp small fried dough twist
Graph / article author: Flying Xue Moshuang
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Mention this fried dough twist, eat with respect to love as a child. Seeming is 5 minutes Qian Yigen is breathed out, take in the hand, glad, eating in the mouth, sweet sweet, crisp crisp, fragile fragile, do not carry have much beauty!
Now although age be good at, but be opposite,that enthusiasm of fried dough twist did not drop, free time, also want to taking a fried dough twist, read a book, before last net, fine fine taste.
Of course compared with at that time year young for me, the mood that identical is at that time, different is now had been oneself are being done, taking the fried dough twist that oneself do, it is exceedingly happy of course. Main is to was not polluted, unlike the fried dough twist on the ave, come with a few not famous oil scamper, although you never see, but also can want to reach that is the oil that scamper crosses 1000 times 10 thousand times. What say oneself are done so is then most be at ease.

Raw material: Face 200 grams, egg 2, oily 25 grams, candy 25 grams, salt 2 grams

1, face 200 grams, egg 2, oily 25 grams, candy 25 grams, salt 2 grams
2, agitate becomes dough
3, the small dose that is divided into 5 grams child, rub becomes strip
4, the two end strip are 50% discount energetically (this one step is very crucial, must energetically, )
5, again 50% discount become fried dough twist (again 50% discount when need not energetically, because the interest on that pace is sufficient a moment ago, at this moment again 50% discount just delay comes over, into shape of fried dough twist)
6, take a boiler issueing oil to try oil lukewarm
7, play 8 this likelihood one case again scamper (writing down want small fire, slowly scamper just goes)
8, at this moment color of fried dough twist already very beautiful, can not take nevertheless, again scamper a minute, ability ensures crisp. (take entirely had repeated a moment ago act again)

My relevant log:

Fastfood jewel the 4th type - - sweet crisp earthnut
Fastfood jewel the 3rd type — deepfry potato chips
Fastfood jewel the first type: Remnant rice is delicate also — recreational and fastfood rice crust
Also make hemp group
My first time - - candy of earthnut sesame seed
Fastfood jewel of <A Href= " Http://" Target=_blank> the 2nd type — pan makes crisp fritter round cake
I also love traditional cate—\ of crisp cake of sesame seed of \ of earthnut crisp cake

Pan makes crisp fritter round cake - fastfood jewel the 2nd type

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Fastfood jewel the 2nd type — pan makes crisp fritter round cake

Graph / article author: *** flying snow does not have frost
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Since doing remnant rice to cook crust of cooked rice last, do a lot of friends want to know fastfood jewel what is the 2nd type?

What I recommend today is pan makes crisp fritter round cake, this prepares to do not have the friend of oven, have oven need not look to breath out.

The characteristic of this kind of biscuit is: Yellow of cereal of colour and lustre, not rawish, sesame seed is even, clear and visible.

Raw material: Flour 140 grams, white sugar 65 grams, lardy 16 grams, egg (50 grams) , black sesame seed 7 grams, milk powder 10 grams.


1, flour 140 grams

2, white sugar 65 grams

3, black sesame seed 7 grams

4, egg (50 grams)

5, milk powder 10 grams

6, lardy 16 grams heat use. (usable also salad oil)

7, mix above raw material entirely (if work,can add bit of water or milk)

8, roll is become piece (touch to prevent can be in board on scatter above pink) the form that make it circle or you like. Had better be the face skin of 1.5 millimeter, diameter 5 centimeters (what I use is Xue Bi bottle cut what one build presses)

9, issue bake in a pan of boiler small fire, look often to be papered in case. (actually I feel to be papered more fragily ha. (actually I feel to be papered more fragily ha..

My individual feels taste is general kind. Resemble a solid food like, ah.


Taiwan is fastfood Ke A decoct

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate hutch


The name with Ke A the earliest decoct cries ” decoct is fed chase after ” , the traditional mug-up that the person that is the older generation that how the area levels the land to be taken south the stage knows, be in order to add the oar of sweet potato pink after water young of wrap up Ke, pork, Xianggu mushroom miscellaneous 7 miscellaneous the cake shape matter that the decoct of the place that feed capable person of 8 becomes.

About its origin, have a interesting stories. Civilian hearsay, a.d. when 1661, holand army is occupational south the stage, zheng Chenggong from Lu Er door rate arms is scored, appetent recover loses ground, defeat utterly of Zheng Jun carry everything before it carries on his shoulder or back army, army of carry on one’s shoulder is under one anger, rise conceal of rice grain all, the Yu that Zheng Jun is short of grain show resourcefulness in an emergency, simply use local materials mixes pink of young of Ke of Taiwan special local product, sweet potato add water and decoct to eat into cake, cannot think of to circulate unexpectedly later ages, those who became fashionable to be saved completely is fastfood. Nevertheless, the book that chinese mainland publishs, have however label Ke young decoct the record with fastfood Fujian, this is another kind of genetic view.



Plan stage:

1. Clean Ke A: &The case that Nbsp; uses A of Ke of edge tool take out (one word screwdriver can be used in common home) , clean clean with water next, here wants to be cleaned quickly, do not wash too long, because Ke A is of sea mile, wash so long can lose original taste.

2. Too whitening and pachyrhizus pink (sweet potato pink) mix add water to scatter on chopped green onion, agitate divide evenly.

3. Hit an egg to hit divide evenly, reserve.

4. Wash the green vegetables that should join clean



4. A few oil is put inside bowl, should wipe even, join Ke A, a little below decoct. Enter panada, before be being entered must panada of agitate divide evenly, avoid precipitation. Turn bowl makes panada even leave gently next come. Wait for panada to close slowly dry, add egg juice, the area can search after a minute, join green vegetables, break up below, hold small fire, avoid to age. Green vegetables became ripe can give boiler ~

5. Should make below irrigate juice (the illicit home that a lot of inn have him flavors, so here introduces to compare popular) , candy of the ketchup of the water of the soy that scale is 1/2, 1/2, 1/4, 2 spoon. Mix these, put bowl inside, burn tick off wet starch. Irrigate the Ke A fry in shallow oil that has made next above, finished ~ with respect to great merit


Vegetable very tastily, Ke A tastes skin of very delicious, face very Q~ irrigates ~ of juice Xian Tian, because the ketchup of my home is not quite enough, irrigated juice color to weigh some of ~ a little so


Want to make delicious Ke A fry in shallow oil, the firstest requirement is to use fresh Ke A, a fat is delicious and huge, clinking, the Ke A fry in shallow oil that makes is big of course and juicily.

Besides fresh Ke A, sweet potato pink also is another when make Ke A decoct delicate important key. The sort of sweet potato pink is very much, but the powdery oar with sweet only full-bodied alcohol of v of ability of pink of pure sweet potato. After adding powdery oar water to tick off Gorgon euryale with proper scale, join scallion, made finished product mouthfeel can sticky Q, and the sweet potato pink with simple essence of life also promotes the little taste of fat Ke young adequately ably, do the most perfect collocation.

Of the egg choosing also is a knowledge, the inn-keeper that takes fragrance seriously can use the earthy egg that color fizzles out greatly, punt-pole of tie-in in the winter Tong, summer is tie-in a variety of Chinese cabbage, and with can carrying scent lardy come decoct gives delicate Ke young simmer in water, when eating, drench again go up to wait for the sauce that boils with flavour Ceng, ketchup, chili, soy can.

Had above the collocation of all sorts of good stuff, the Ke A decoct that although be pauper cate originally,lets also becomes delicate and delicate, the sort of sweet in the belt is salty, salty in the profusion flavor with hot area, buccal mouth teachs a person the aftertaste boundless.

The friend that welcomes to like cate to like music comes Susan kitchen, click enter

Beijing fastfood street

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3 names of Beijing are fastfood I savor. Fry liver (pork liver and bowel are boiled one case, garlic end is put above, draw written complaint of Gorgon euryale a thick soup, acidity having a place)

Bittern boils baked wheaten cake (lung of pig bowel pig, steaky pork, fried bean curd, flat bread, with lacteal corrupt bittern, caraway flavors) very delicious.

Enema is very comical, be element, do with starch, have nothing to do with with bowel. Because,be only poor before, eat not to remove bowel, be forced to become casing with amylaceous lay open, join gules white, pretend to be intestines just. Stream hand down, be called enema. It is again in oil scamper eat. The friend that goes together does not say to go out after all, still be the enema culture that small faker says.

The street of Luoyang is fastfood—Zi like that hotpot coils cake

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In the street of Luoyang, every time when curtain of night arrives, Moon By the barbecue of street edge is big archives, can find this kind is fastfood, thin pancake is to do good outfit to be in a plastic bag beforehand, or of meeting airing, bad to coil dish! ‘ come to coil ‘ ! As call, the boss raises boiler fried dish rapidly, fry at the same time still ask at the same time ‘ does otherwise want chili ‘ ? After been fry, coil dish in thin pancake to had been installed with bag, encounter the mouth to be received urgently come over to be able to go to eat at the same time at the same time ~~ has around my home so an eldest sister, do this fastfood already good old, the person is clean and agile, flavour it may not be a bad idea! I am often patronage oh, The market was torn open later, she moves other place went ~~ is in him home to do because of greediness, but thin pancake often is done bad, this kind of cake is the iron that uses a kind of convention sunken child of bake in a pan, have difficulty too!

Ramble one day home appliance supermarket sees in sales promotion benefit boiler of benevolence card thin pancake, be interested very much bought to come home, because of the electric pressure cooker in the home, electric baking pan also is this brand, (not be to advertise! Did not take advertisement to expend! ) come home to try rapidly, still be quite simple really good with, the much material increasing a point that him ~~ that I like to eat cooked wheaten food makes, the egg was added in panada, milk does the thin pancake ~~ that resembles a roast duck you can add liked raw material, perhaps add flour and water ~~ only

Smile Yock Want to notice: The thickness of cake, work wet be the scale with the quantity that add water and flour matters, you can be adjusted by oneself, my method is what do first is a few stiffer, adding water bit by bit, final position resembles nest bright butter in that way, after panada agitate is good, want the ~~ with can better effect of hour of quiet place 1-2

Raw material:

Thin pancake: Flour A cup Egg Milk 1/3 cup Salad oil One small spoon Water 1/2 cup (increase and decrease of take into consideration the circumstances)

Fried dish: Hotpot 150 grams Green pepper 3 Garlic sprouts seedling 2 Gram bud 150 grams Dawdle 100 grams Salt Zi like that Chili pink (do not eat hot can not add) Gallinaceous essence


Make cake: In putting raw material into special face basin, add water slowly after mix is even hour of quiet place 1-2, warm-up of electrify of the clank that bake when 3 minutes of indicator light are erubescent, turn over baking pan in immerge panada basin, let panada be stuck on cake balance, about 3 seconds retroflexion quickly smooth put, the area searchs when panada is caky, if do not want to search an area, the time that can bake one side is a few longer go

Fried dish: Hotpot cuts into shreds green pepper garlic sprouts is cut paragraph, dawdle is ripped with the hand, hotpot adds a few Zi to mix like that divide evenly bloats 20 minutes, fry boiler to put oil to burn heat to issue hotpot stir-fry before stewing to fry after becoming angry, add garlic sprouts of dawdle green pepper to fry a minute, add gram bud to break up fry, add salt, zi like that, chili pink, gallinaceous essence fries divide evenly to give boiler

English breeding perhaps is a kind of indifferently only — French dish is enjoyed in England

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Before very appetizing eat fastfood, oneself boil shrimp with tomato, put some of vanilla cream estimation to also be not differred, sometime tries a report!

I am the sort of lazier, greedier person. Play to a place, it is the dining room that should take that place above all, as to the tourist attraction, had become completely without time really — the landscape that sees in TV anyway often is returned than be personally on the scene beautiful. But dining-room, be not head for personally cannot, and in dining-room, actually more discrepant region amorous feelings: Different person and different flavour.

Nevertheless, the it doesn’t matter with British true course is delicious.

I ask landlord, Beijing has dining room of a lot of each country. I laugh say, of course, do not have British dining-room nevertheless, have flower type public house only. Landlord also laughs, of course.

Pass a few days, put some of his home dishes to go with rice again you knew.

I all the time be used to still measures one the individual’s situation with the person’s taste business. Always feel to lack a passion to having apathetic person. So, my assume Englishman lacks sensitive, and the Chinese should be very sensitive nation. Ah, so I think, I should be more sensitive than bradawl — when he eats me to make the food of hand of gain and loss, also can feel very sweet.

The Englishman in impression also is the sort of indifferently more it seems that. True. The bus here according to want interval normally10Minute, but often should wait for half hour towards evening even40Minute, but show an anxiety without the person,perhaps criticize fair car to the company should not use scientific method and be brought about wait time is too long. And when getting on a car, examine tickets, buy a ticket very leisurely, because count,you worry surely far from pocket money delays too much time and be urged by the person from the back. When getting off, you can wait for a car to decide with installing a person’s mind reliable rise from the seat again get off, the person that gets on a car is certain on the very quiet ground ability after you get off, although the family has been stridden,come step, you rise suddenly get off, person getting on a car also can remove a the lower part of the body self-effacing you, won’t censure ” what do you do early ” went. In commute time, in downtown station, the car is over there berth10Minute longer even await the each car on the individual, getting off is very common really. Because,often be can this individual draws out money to buy a ticket, issued an individual to be driven again, I had been experienced the longest unexpectedly sufficient 20 minutes.

This is breeding really, but I think, send the breeding from the heart to be concerned with education not only, also be disposition only then like that. Probably, the person here is such disposition, not urgent not impetuous, watch weak everything, expression comes out is breeding.

Ha, myself flimflam. Do not follow me truer.

Nevertheless British dish is indifferently gets coma, basic and recumbent salt and peppery flavor, few is weak it is everybody can eat, unlike chili, some people cannot be accepted.

Even so, be in England, saying exactly is I also must have some of dining room in Cambridge, besides street fastfood, seemPASTY, also want to enter some of dining room that local likes, eat to was mixed Beijing’s different thing.

Local is preferredPIZZAWith meaning side. See a lot of dining-room buys these things. Of course also a lot of sell a fried dish the sort of thing.

The friend of bradawl asks this France that I eat in Cambridge to stir-fry to make me quite happy really: )

This France dining-room is in downtown, there has been the position when going, ability rambles to come back to sit again first after ordering good place then firm.

With all major dining-room here, this dining room is not big, not new, but in compact and old in make a person very comfortable, and very agile.

The one big aspic that plunge into ice can serve lemonade after ordering dishes, one basket biscuit and a bowl of such olive.

Very cold that day, the friend gives extremely chose this onion boiling water, very sweet. What floating in soup is toast piece, cheese melted above. When doing Western-style food boiling water next time, can draw lessons from: After soup has been boiled, sprinkle cheese on thin biscuit face to put oven, contain boiling water into the bowl next, put one melts the fragile sop of cheese enters Shang Zhong. Very different echo.

This inscribes that dish of the graph namely, with the shrimp that tomato and herb stew, very open flavour.

It is cocktail likewise, cheese 焗 dawdle. Nevertheless besides cheese, still put a kind of herb, ability comes out after such into oven putting delicate all the more.

Although make the thing of salad, but hot. Basically be the banger that has heat and potato. Salad mixes something namely actually, irrigate makings juice next, cold of course heat all but.

The fish of entree. My individual thinks, the cooking method that still is Chinese food fish more get my heart.

The baking mutton chop of entree. That hill of mutton chop lean is potato mud. Basically, the staple food here is potato. Had potato, need not take bread, do not eat noodle.

The entree that I eat is leg of orange flavour duck. Ha, the leg of duck of a fruit flavour that wants the introduction later with me is really very picture, can say heroic place sees only be the same as slightly. This dish anyhow very cook like Chinese meal, include to sell even. So I very puzzle, need not soy, they are what to use to come chromatically and v the sort of very salty mouth of sweat and agreeable.

Brush with color gave a small blackboard, coloring strokes gave adornment to draw, very simple, but not pallet, have a kind of taste additionally.

The seat of two people is very much, did not waste a space. Although,do not pass compact but without unwell feeling.

This is upstairs, about the same with respect to such size. Still have one downstair. In a word is not big.