A thick soup of crucian carp fish that I do crucian carp fish

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I do *** the *** of a thick soup of crucian carp fish of crucian carp fish
Graph / article author: Qd sea Hqs

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** often makes cooked food of fish of a few crucian carp, arrange the photograph previously now come on hair, serve as today by order, from the back **** of ~ of ~ of to be continued
I do <a Href= Http://club.chihe.sohu.com/r-food-3429708-0-13-0.html > green relies on one of crucian carp fish crucian carp fish is clicked look please
I do the flesh of crucian carp fish to make crucian carp fish

Crucian carp fish, the top grade in fresh water fish. Produce all the year round.2 ~ April, what 8 ~ will produce in December is most fat. Its flesh is qualitative delicate, flavour is delicious, be full of nutrition. Every 100 grams have the flesh to contain protein 13 grams, adipose 1.1 grams, quantity of heat 62 kilocalorie, calcic 54 milligram, phosphor 203 milligram, iron 2.5 milligram. Have dietotherapy effect. According to [renown cure does not record] account: Dimming? sex is lukewarm, flavour pleasant, avirulent, in be being moved with the stomach, beneficial the five internal organs, prevent floods by water control is swollen… . Bloated to body empty, alvine wind issues blood, gastric disorder causing nausea is spat feed, the puerpera is galactic lack, chronic gastritis has remedial effect.

The flesh is qualitative exquisite, flavour is delicious, be full of crucian carp fish of nutrition, it is the fresh water fish that likes occasionally. Be in every year early spring, deep autumn season, often buy doing eat.

Yuan Mei is in [feed sheet along with garden] in say: &Fish of Nbsp; crucian carp wants be apt to to buy first. Choose its are flat personally and the person that take white, its flesh is tender and loose, ripe hind carry the flesh namely discharge bone and below… . . Tear open next flesh to be able to do a thick soup

Take the place of in Qing Dynasty allegedly be current of cooked food of fish of capital crucian carp at city, a thick soup of crucian carp fish also makes palace name food.

Bought fish of two jins of crucian carp today, did an a thick soup of crucian carp fish. Cruelly oppress is fresh and tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty, ~~ of eating satisfy a craving

<a Href= Http://qdhqs.blog.sohu.com/entry/ >** welcomes to my kitchen sees **

With makings: Crucian carp fish 2 jins

Practice: &Nbsp;
1, choose of choose and buy its are flat personally and the crucian carp fish of the person that take white, go scale, go cheek, go splanchnic, raze inside abdomen black film, clear water is abluent.

2, water is added to be burned inside boiler, put the fish scald ripe.

3, carry piscine fish out with the hand tremble, go fishbone. Cruelly oppress is stand-by.

4, fresh and tender bamboo shoot, water sends Xianggu mushroom, the burden such as ham cuts into shreds.

5, fry boiler to burn heat, put lardy burn ripe hind, add Xian Shang and the boiling water of scald fish, put silk of cooking wine, bamboo shoot, Xianggu mushroom silk, ham silk next, burn, add salt, gourmet powder, put fish and meat of ripe crucian carp, reoccupy water starch ticks off thick Gorgon euryale.

6, scatter finally on pepper, spot sesame oil is filled piece can edible.

Characteristic: &Nbsp; color is white, cruelly oppress is absolutely tender, juice of a thick soup is grumous tasty. </b>

Relaxed not fat zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal [millet bucket]

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[millet bucket] relaxed not fat - - - [zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal]

*** is permitted without the author forbidden reprint or extract and compile ***

Zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal

The flashlight is redemptive the home exceeds half an year, the number that uses is counted with 5 隻 finger. . . . Still have surplus
Basically be to won’t be used. . . . How is the lamp hit, feel not right, exceed factitious
The service instruction storytelling that flashlight place adds. . . . . It is this a book from heaven that do not have a word simply to me
Look do not have me a few times mad gape. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Drip. . . . Want to sleep
Can consult without elder more beside, be forced oneself are frowsty head fumbles (still do not feel give what east)
Before long. . . . Flashlight with respect to lay aside and neglect
This 週 wants to jump over not reconciled to more, the SB800 that does not become me hard is redemptive home tribute the move is good-looking
Still be a manual take reread. . . . . . . But oneself comprehension is real too poor


Take lemonade this to practice
Main light source still is given priority to with natural light, the flashlight fills with Wu Zheng face smooth
It is with left the wall is hit originally jump the lamp, but my wall is weak orange
The light that jumps out is orange, affect Bai Pingheng badly
(I do not want to order Bai Pingheng oneself, the hope maintains the atmosphere with original spot)
Change so jump the ceiling (be white fortunately)
Alas. . . Camera is patted continuously, the angle of the flashlight returns really difficult bridge
(Think rank from machine shined. . . . . . Can not know this where to have the wiring outside selling that. . . . Incomplete reads aloud. . . . . . . . ..

Xi. . . . . . Can very factitious? An useful flashlight that look?
Still will get great exercise henceforth, the limitation that need not be taken a picture later by the cloudy day
Ye. . . Cheer. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Lord of the Mid-autumn Festival swam to Japanese Kyoto with me last year
Eat buffet among them once, 裡 head has the meal that 3 article fish mixes
I still ate at that time very big a bowl. . . .
Asperse the oriental cherry shrimp of crisp of one big spoon especially. . . . Wow wow. . . . . . . . Be too delicious really

This today zephyr 3 article fish mixes the meal is me the 3 article fish that dining-room has modular 擬 at that time mixes meal
Oriental cherry shrimp should add when suggesting everybody eats (for instance: Taiwan east the) of oriental cherry shrimp of harbor, eat to mix now now
Should be to cannot buy oriental cherry shrimp really, can changing those who put and so on of 3 islands sweet 鬆 also is pretty good eat ^^

※ the oriental cherry shrimp that I indicate It is city carry out is packed tear open namely edible the sort of
If cannot be bought really,can fry dried small shrimps sweet hind, mix also go into the meal

Zephyr 3 article fish mixes meal
Cookbook origin: Rice bucket chaos is done in disorder

Material: (Make an appointment with 3~4 person portion)
3 article fish. . . . .200g
Small cucumber. . . . .1/2 root
Egg. . . . .2
Plain cooked rice. . . . .1 1/2 bowl
Oriental cherry shrimp. . . . . Right amount (The Yi Ke of and so on of 3 islands sweet 鬆 )
White sesame seed. . . . .1 big spoon (beforehand with small fire male fried means is fried sweet)
Citric. . . . .1/3
Salt. . . . . Right amount

Sauce of 3 article fish:
Rice wine. . . . .2 big spoon
薑 piece. . . . .2 piece
Very light blue. . . . Paragraphs.1 is small
Salt. . . . . A few

Egg flavoring:
Rice wine. . . . .1 small spoon
Day type firm fish meal. . . . .1/4 small spoon (for instance: Of and so on of boil Great Master. . . Or replace with 塩 directly)

1. egg infiltrates flavoring agitate is joined to hit in the basin even hind, fry maturity to come loose into boiler shape, reserve
Scrub of 2. small cucumber male cut Xiaoding completely, the salt that adds 1/3 small spoon mixes divide evenly, quiet place after 5 minutes
With portion of salt of scour off of cold boiled water, squeeze again gently go water portion, reserve
3 article fish cuts 3. to make an appointment with 2 centimeter piece shape, join flavor with makings, into boiler after evaporate is ripe, flay smashs broken record
Again impact lemon juice mixes divide evenly, reserve

The close proposal of small millet bucket
What can replace 3 article fish fry in shallow oil is crisp the sweet man that earth up a root, ham man, or it is has flavorred ripe chicken man

4. general practice 1.2.3. fish of egg, small cucumber, 3 article and rice, white sesame seed, salt, mix even
Asperse at the surface before edible on right amount oriental cherry shrimp, can(If cannot be bought really,can fry dried small shrimps sweet hind, mix also go into the meal)

The close proposal of small millet bucket
The account that just puts before edible of oriental cherry shrimp, it is the mouthfeel that should maintain its crisp
If mix together with all burden beforehand, also be possible

Relaxed not fat delicate 3 article fish mixes meal. . . .

The daily life of a family stews fish of water chestnut crucian carp

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Today is the last day of 11 long holidays. Will begin again tomorrow early 7 evening the rule of 10 lived, rise before 7 o’clock namely prepare a simple breakfast, the labor that ends one day after 10 o’clock in the evening sleeps become aware! I had had the history that a month got up at 7 o’clock in the morning, unlike resembles be being stuck on the bed before, rise not to come namely! Praise! Preparative breakfast also has the history of half many month, continue to cheer. Breakfast eats in the home, wholesome, nutrition returns economy! ~ holds to all good conventions, OH YEAH! ~ does not pass stealthily say, I seem to do not have what feeling to rising at 7 o’clock tomorrow morning, won’t become again super in that way before bilk a bed? !

Grow a holiday these days I get sense of it doesn’t matter too, watch TV namely, get online, eat, sleep, mobbish. Went seeing me yesterday young sister’s son. A very lovely little boy! Piquant still! Besides sleep, when doing not have simple minded. He still is held out with me close, see I laugh to me, too action person liked. ! Kiss! ~ this is small when darling plays very obedient, but want,compare tangled hard! His mom is holding him in the arms, sing an all sorts of hodgepodge cradlesong that took tone, this thinking that he was asleep, just wanted to put him in small bed, he begins to be troubled by, do not have method his mom still must continue to holding him in the arms his ~~~~~~ repeated take things easy 34 times so, just put what he succeeds in small bed! A word, the Mom of the world is bad to become ah ~~ does not have sufficient thought to prepare to be wanted easily child ah.

Issued rain last night, quite cool today. I am in the home cat a day, went out to buy with big treasure when 6 o’clock in the evening order dishes and fruit, showed a spirit. There is a place when 6 o’clock now black. The pear that buys today is very big, 4 have 4 jins, the juice of pear is sufficient, quite sweet still. Before going out to buy food, I still slept shut-eye. Weather is bad today, stay in the home to feel quite dull, but I am not willing to go out again. The meeting when I stay in the home now thinks, still had gone to work, won’t beyond the mark dull. The plan goes next week sweet hill. This is a few weeks of plans before originally. The red autumnal leaves of sweet hill should be returned very won’t red, the person also can be compared much. Nevertheless, if weather is good, still want to ramble!

Dinner wants to have a fish today, do not be willing to have fresh water fish really nevertheless. It is last when the home, I had a lot of fish, briny fish, in home town, we call it fish of water chestnut crucian carp. According to me old father says, this fish basically is produced be taken in Bohai Sea bay. . . Anyway we when that summer, always fish of many water chestnut crucian carp sells, we are bought always also, use the move that stew to eat. Its build is not very big normally, thorn is particularly much. Nevertheless, the flesh is qualitative particularly soft tender delicious! Special delicacy is sweet, have a kind of special sweet smell! It is last in the home, old father knows I do not have what sea fish in Beijing, bought fish of crucian carp of a lot of water chestnut, I also very not let sb down I am old pa is breathed out, every stew a fish, basic be eliminated by me! My belief is: Eat! Do not eat return Beijing not to eat! !

The daily life of a family stews fish of water chestnut crucian carp

This also is the hand that gives ego old Mom, way of very simple the daily life of a family. Return the home in, old Mom is the home in advocate hutch, I do not move easily, because I am old pa is unaccustomed he eats the dish ~ that eats me to do not be used to I put candy to still put vinegar in dish, and not salty still. Return the home so, we also can cross the garment a few days to stretch one’s hand the meal comes the happy time that dehisce still need not spend silver to buy rice! ! ~

Advocate makings: Fish of water chestnut crucian carp
Condiment: Garlic of ginger of aniseed chopped green onion piece caraway of pink of saline soy Chinese prickly ash (seem with respect to condiment of these the daily life of a family)

Seeing this is the fish of water chestnut crucian carp with sweet delicacy! This is very fat very big! Old father is bought later, either stew this this.

1.Sit boiler enters right amount oil, put an aniseed
2.Oily heat puts green ginger garlic, fry a fragrance to put the fish of water chestnut crucian carp that has washed
3.Gently flip through fish, enter right amount soy, put right amount salt, pink of Chinese prickly ash
4.Continue to flip through into soy fish, right amount water is entered after 35 minutes, just had done not have a fish can
5.Big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn medium baking temperature, when those who wait for soup to close is about the same, caraway of the chopped green onion that drop a point can give boiler

This fish is salty bright olfactory. Although the fish is not big, thorn much, matching rice to eat nevertheless, delicacy is sweet clinking!


Head of fish of dinner chop any of several hot spice plants [beautiful 3 eat on September 27 003]

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All the time very be disinclined to cook, husband’s father and mother is young recently live do not have method to want to be washed everyday again buy burned

Seem to also only I and farther-in-law can eat in the home hot other people are to hear hot color to change

But ask they want what to eat everyday, gotten answer is informal, your yourself that boil likes

So I without giving thought to, food market bought dot seafood butcher to be fooled repeatedly belt cheated head saying a fish is very new, cheap dot gives me

To him laugh arrived, bought head of a fish, prepare the soup that boil originally

But think I seem not to like to drink piscine boiling water Want or the scholar does head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants to look

The recipe is to those who borrowed is in on the net but boil come out to taste pretty good still

But prove to call me to boil me later,liked food is wrong

Intestines and stomach of a respectful form of address for an old person is bad to ate the seafood of one table to be like a bit small have loose bowels

But what I eat is very good however ah the reason that looking is me far from groans

Breathe out breathe out a word not to say piece more

Green ginger and small chili are above graph of on one piece of preparation first first castrate of spay

Fry casually next The graph that finish

Scallop is placed first dish look

Scatter on mashed garlic chopped green onion and soy of vermicelli made from bean starch

Steam The graph that finish

Come again oily razor clam of a green seems to forget put chopped green onion

[Beautiful 3 eat on September 26 one fish of 004] two eat

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Say the fish is high grade protein, having a fish more is a kind of good food convention. Mom goes this morning the market bought 4 jins of heavy bighead, this nature became the protagonist of my home dinner, the first is the head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants that becomes with piscine head, sweet tender hot bright, extremely delicious ~ is piscine body is done redly the 2nd carbonado, very tasty, I what eat extremely ~
Light has the flesh to be no good, vegetable also is little not leading role, the hyacinth bean that heats today, mixed white cauliflower and green cauliflower, two very simple Lenten, but nutrition really very rich ~ still has the young soya bean that boil to drink earthnut, do not know this calculates do not calculate dish, ah
Staple food, today is coarse food grain entirely, evaporate pumpkin, unbroken, sweet, the corn that boil, still have meal of food grains other than wheat and rice, there are all sorts of unpolished rices to drink all sorts of beanses inside, very nourishing ~
Finally is wax gourd soup, this day drinks a dot to warm warm boiling water, very comfortable really ~
Come first ~</b> of a piece of group photo

Head of fish of chop any of several hot spice plants

Strip off chili looks

Fish of braise in soy sauce

Heat hyacinth bean

Mix cauliflower

Earthnut of the young soya bean that boil

Evaporate pumpkin

The corn that boil

Meal of food grains other than wheat and rice


The Dai gust grilled fish with young n/COL the head of a family son’s wife

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The *** of Dai gust grilled fish with *** young n/COL the head of a family son’s wife

Graph / article author: The 80 young son’s wife after

[Achieve formerly] ** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

**** opens a language ****

The closest period of time Want to have the thing with heavy flavour particularly

Consider will consider There was an idea in the heart

Ah Husband also loves to eat certainly But hold Give him is surprizing

What Dai flavour points to is — Dai gust The Dai girl of Yunnan is melting and beautiful Body appearance gracefuls

That pulls the black hair since Long and thin neck Soft soft dialect Still have the beautiful canister skirt that wrapping on that body

Quite raise a key point

Dai flavour cate more raise the mouth Because Dai nationality lives in Yunnan centrally more De Hong, double edition accept is taken on the west

All the year round burning hot Brought up taste of Home Dai food with acid hot give priority to (hit here occasionally tooth bone is acerbity)

Dai flavour grilled fish is one orders dishes surely type If everybody will travel, must not forget the dot is breathed out

Authentic Dai flavour grilled fish must use a kind of place’s feral coriander Compare longly common big

I what use today reckon affirmation is not feral Changed to be bred artificially completely now

Although not be feral But flavour also perfectly

In the meantime Also gave husband ~~~~~~~~ of a surprise really

Everybody has a fish first Ate me to tell us how husband is gone to by Jing again

1, raw material: Collect blame fish 1 (this 400 grams that I buy)

Big coriander, ginger, garlic, millet is hot

This chili is very crucial also the condiments of sex of a mark that is Dai flavour

2, piscine half-and-half sliver

3, coriander, ginger, millet hot, garlic is mincing asperse on the fish Do not do mashed garlic

4, put: Face of cooking wine, Chinese prickly ash, salt, candy, old smoke, peppery face mixes divide evenly

5, use a container of the big drop that has a lid to mix divide evenly

Bask in next the reverse side The cap on the lid

Put freezer 3 to 5 hours of tasty Mine is one night

6, do not have flat place closely with tinfoil bag

7, the whats in bowl are put Put in the fish that has included directly

8, the lid on the lid opens small fire

9, the appearance anger that a face translates to had been baked again after 10 minutes is great still piscine skin is a bit burnt

See interior organize tinfoil to open that sweet

Sweet clew:

1, with millet hot tasting with big coriander is most. If district place is restricted, also can use small coriander (it is caraway) with chili (must have piquancy, cannot use pimiento) will do;

2, what I use chafing dish is double establish a person, remember must the smallest fire;

3, if everybody is provided with the boiler of other trademark, should be careful to paper boiler;

4, if if everybody uses the boiler of other trademark to provide,becoming a success, did not forget to tell me.

How is the husband that I say below worn to Jing by me

I want to do not have a few men not to love to eat the flesh to resemble doing not have a few women not to love draft fruit same

The word says husband came off work yesterday come home wash one’s hands change Yi Gang good serve a meal I had not gone up the fish is held

Husband: Well ~~~~~~~~

I: How?

Husband: How to breath out without the flesh today?

I: Avalokitesvara elder sister crosses birthday not to have meat or fish so today (this is the idiomatic evadable when I do not want to eat the meat)

Husband does not have conversation to prepare to issue chopsticks to two dishes of vegetable

I: You behave the elder brother recently very good and attentive tenderness returns me to wash crural bifurcation is an outstanding husband

Husband: (drop a face) should

I was preparing talking husband to say a word within an inch of to did not let me laugh

Husband: Be judged to be year award of the most outstanding husband just also do two little vegetable not to win a prize then still do not give eat

I am holding abdomen in the arms a giggle this man takes how to follow childlike without the flesh

I ran into a kitchen to carry the fish at once silver paper was opened in the eyes that comes up to expect again in husband curiosity

Husband: Do you do wife of grilled fish?

I: I am done

Husband: Did oven arrive? (I decided an oven to did not arrive all the time)

I: Just can going to this next week is do with pairs small hold

Husband: Look stuff expensive place also has expensive truth to resemble marrying you although same cost is tall but ~~~~~~~`

The word from the back was blocked up to because he sees I begin,go up by cruelly oppress big fast cheeked for fear that has not grabbed me

That his word my revengeful method is: When him preparation of the cruelly oppress since his every clip eats

I: Husband feeds my ~~~~~~~~~~

With a ha breath out haing haing cruelly oppress ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ of true beauty of work of true exceedingly of really tender husband</b>

Water boils slices of fish meat

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Water boils slices of fish meat
Graph / article author: Flying Xue Moshuang
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

** clicks here to enter my rich guest **

** clicks here to enter my relevant log **

Raw material
Fish half, bean sprouts 8 2, green vegetables 1 2, soy 5 gram, salt 7 grams, chili red oil 50 gram
1 , the fish is abluent
2, piece after the half again piece add an in part
3, cruelly oppress is cut piece, slices of fish meat bloats a little while with 2 gram salt, fishbone is cut paragraph
4, water of bean sprouts scald
5, put into big bowl
6, water of green vegetables scald
7, put into big bowl
8, a few oil is put in boiler, put steak bone and ginger stir-fry before stewing to fry
9, join 5 gram salt, 5 gram soy, water is boiled to steak bone ripe
10, take out steak character put on green vegetables
11, scald of slices of fish meat is entered below the Shang Zhong in boiler ripe can
12, fall on the bowl
13, chili red oil is entered in boiler (I have last do oh)
14, issue small fire of Chinese prickly ash to come again sweet, drench go up in slices of fish meat can

Notice slices of fish meat is in piece accession must arrange thorn piece, can have a lot of small broken thorn otherwise.

Like the accession that hot friend is putting red oil to put chili to work more.


Steamed bream reachs the skill of steamed fish

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** of.sohu cate kitchen

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^

Chu Tian two names dish is Hong Shan bolt firstly, bird had appeared for everybody, it is blunt-snout bream secondly. It is supermarket and food market see a bream more only, so bird is replaced to everybody, ah!
In piscine practice, steam look simple, but it is excellent kongfu however. The practice of this evaporate fish is be pleasant to the eye from the video link of sina net in the past ” the skill of steamed fish ” hind, bird continues all the time come down to use. Every times evaporate fish uses this method, flavour is quite differ really kind, recommend everybody strongly!
The skill of 3 evaporate fish although than ever the practice is a bit some more troublesome, but the fishiness that evaporate comes out as expected different oh! Not only little fishy smell also is done not have, cruelly oppress flavour is delicious, pledge even the flesh also very tender slip, it is to call a person really excited oh!
Consult through getting online, knew concerned knowledge of the bream, this kind of bream that so I do is Changchun Bian, ah! Everybody samples together this delicious — steamed bream!

The net of relevant bream is picked (pick net of China of make a fresh start below) –
The bream has ” 3 sisters ” : Triangular bream of round head triangular bream, Changchun Bian, triangle, have triangular bream of among them round head only, just be fencing mouth place produces E Zhou alone, it is true blunt-snout bream. Triangular bream of round head of blunt-snout bream formal name, a kind be a bream, fan Kou enters river office for Liang Zihu, gu Chenwu prosperous. So fencing mouth bream weighs blunt-snout bream again, it is Liang Zihu’s special local product, have triangular bream of Changchun Bian, triangle only elsewhere, without round head triangular bream. Compare in the market much is Changchun Bian.
These 3 kinds of breams distinguish harder, su Dongpo is in Songdai’s allegedly famous epicure the eye also was confused above this.
One day, wang Anshi makes an appointment with Su Shi one case compose a poem to a given tune of ci composes a poem, hold Su Shi generation in the palm to buy a few blunt-snout bream to be promoted in order to aid wine, su Shi agrees willingly, piscine booth chose big bream to buy a few on. After evaporate waiting for a fish is good, wang Anshi gives one fish bone with chopstick clip, in be being thrown into one earthen bowl to rinse, in seeing water only ” grumble ” appear an oil is beautiful, pick up again one also is such. Pick up when last fish, wang Anshi says ” this is blunt-snout bream ” . As expected, after the fish bone of last fish is thrown into clear water, saw 3 oily flowers break up one after another in water only. Grease of original blunt-snout bream is rich and generous for other bream place not as good as, wang Anshi’s course of action is the method of blunt-snout bream of a kind of divisional true and false.
Careful observation also can distinguish when the choose and buy a blunt-snout bream of true and false, side of blunt-snout bream body is flat, grand of head small back, side looks to be shown slightly rhombic, celiac arris is put at ventral fin only base the ministry arrives between floodgate, and the celiac arris of Changchun Bian is long, body of trigonometry triangular bream expresses peculiar without blunt-snout bream black stripe and square end dwell. Allegedly true blunt-snout bream is piscine head small and back bend, scale is white and black film is not had inside the abdomen, the whole body is pricked 13 times, neither more nor less than.

[raw material] bream a 500 grams, ginger together, green Chinese onion half root, a variety of Chinese cabbage 10, 1/2 of red any of several hot spice plants.
[flavoring] corn is oily oil of Chi of fish of 2 big spoon, evaporate is 2 big spoon, crude smoke 1 big spoon, old smoke 1/2 essence of small spoon, salt, chicken, gourmet powder, candy is 1 small spoon, cool boiled water is right amount.

[do Law]
Graph 1: Skill one: The head of handholding fish and rear, bend the fish, a chopstick is filled up in piscine body sinuosity. This kind of action that make is a fish make piscine body more live after evaporate is ripe, the waist submits the vivid form of hump, exterior adds cent.
Graph 2: Skill 2: Fish of the evaporate after water must be burned, take out after 3 minutes, teem dish medium piscine soup. The action that such doing is a fish after evaporate is ripe not raw meat or fish, particularly important one step oh!
Graph 3: Silk of dissect of green, ginger, will red any of several hot spice plants reserves.
Graph 4: Skill 3: Wipe on piscine body on salt, Jiang Si, other entirely need not, in order to highlight fishiness. Continue boiler evaporate is controlled 10 minutes.
Graph 5: Ordinal in small bowl transfer into except the flavoring beyond corn oil, mix divide evenly is moved into flavour juice.
Graph 6: During evaporate fish we can use a variety of Chinese cabbage boiled water scald a minute, a few dribble drip to be inside when scald, fish out is stand-by.
Graph 7: Drop piscine soup again after piscine evaporate is good (important oh! ) , green silk is put on piscine body.
Graph 8: Heat is burned into oil in boiler.
Graph 9: Surrounding edge of a variety of Chinese cabbage is placed trimly in piscine side, silk of red any of several hot spice plants the shop is on piscine body, will hot oil is irrigated can hear in piscine back ” give a talking-to ” , green is sweet spill over, it is finally all round piscine body irrigate on already the juice of mix up.

[experience and recall with emotion]
** the steamed fish of this kind of practice is absolutely not raw meat or fish, because the water of evaporate fish poured twice in the process of evaporate fish, these water often accompany water having blood, fishy smell is dye-in-the-wood, drop not at all regrettablly ah!
** is additional besides above everybody must learn 3 skill of evaporate fish, boiler evaporate goes up again after still have even if wanting to wait for water to be burned oh! This can be big the daily life of a family of constant oversight.

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

Bead of salty fish chicken fries meal early formula

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile ** of.sohu cate kitchen

The two big regrets of match of these two days of Olympic Gameses, it is to make popular feeling tide rough really. Was last night firstly Cheng Fei’s match suffers a defeat, because the injury quited the race,be Liu Xiang secondly.
Cheng Fei is the player that gold of capturing vaulting horse has actual strength most absolutely. When remembering previous reporter interviewing, she has said, she is unaccustomed come on the stage in front, I think vaulting horse final the created her mentality orderly tension of the 2nd, include to be added in the pressure that is controlled on her body to gain the championship, it is to cause the one big reason that suffer a defeat.
“Because come on stage prematurely,cannot consult the expression of main rival, she can be in only at the beginning with respect to exert highest difficulty ensures no risk at all. And the characteristic according to gymnastic competition, come on the stage in individual final often be developed to the movement afore and notch finally metropolis generation is affected certainly. World bright and beautiful was surpassed 2007, cheng Fei is the last in vaulting horse final appear, develop as a result of the adversary before all imperfect, chengfei is well-advised reduced behavioral difficulty to make sure the success of 100% leads successful Wei Mian thereby, but 17 individual final, cheng Fei can anticipate the enemy. Cheng Fei can anticipate the enemy..
A variety of reasons, the play that causes her suffers a defeat, fall in this kind of circumstance namely, she still took bronze medal, enough shows her actual strength!
Defend the game that watchs Liu Xiang beside TV this morning, accident making a person and because the injury quited the race,aching is him. I believe this is the regret of the people of the whole country, it is the regret of his lifetime more. Although he quited the race, but I believe the people of the whole country is had a plenty of to him more understanding are mixed blessing, expect he has the show of the beautiful on more in the match henceforth.
Anyway, august 17, 2008 is to make Chinese people cheer absolutely the day of caper, one day seized 8 gold, created Chinese Olympic Games to seize golden new page, be to make a person happy too really!
The early formula that offers on one special club to everybody — bead of salty fish chicken fries meal & formula of yoghurt of 7 colour grape, hope everybody likes!

[origin] ” fry a meal. Braise meal ” (have alter)
[breakfast breed] (1 person deal) bead of salty fish chicken fries a meal 120ML of yoghurt of 150 grams, grape.
[raw material]
** fries a meal: 400 grams, salty fish does ripe rice of of the previous night 40 grams, chicken bead of 70 grams, corn 50 grams, egg 1, on the west orchid 20 grams, shallot 2.
** grape yoghurt: Grape of mare’s milk of yoghurt 250ML, 7 colour is 200 grams, unripe pink 1 big spoon (clean with) .

 fries a meal: Little taste of corn oil, United States pole shows 2 big spoon, salt small spoon of 1/2 of essence of small spoon of 1/2 of small spoon of 1/2 of small spoon of 1/4 of pink of 1 small spoon, ginger, candy, unripe pink, chicken.
** fries a meal
Graph 1: Will salty fish works with lukewarm bleb soft.
Graph 2: Decoct of the knife that use fry in shallow oil becomes small diamonds.
Graph 3: Boiler burns heat into oil, do small fire simmer in water into salty fish ripe.
Graph 4: Orchid rips small on the west, green cuts a flower, ripe salty fish cuts Xiaoding.
Graph 5: Burn half boiler water to burn oil, will orchid scald irons half minutes of fish out on the west.
Graph 6: Continue to join corn bead to boil to ripe.
Graph 7: Chicken cuts bead, join essence of blueness of salt, unripe pink, egg, chicken to mix tasty of divide evenly souse, the rest of egg agitate are hit into egg fluid.
Graph 8: Boiler burns heat into oil, join chicken to fry sweet break after be born, fill piece.
Graph 9: Reentry little oil, after frying moment into pink of chopped green onion, salty fish, ginger, join egg fluid to fry sweet hind fill piece.
Graph 10: Boiler burns heat into little oil, join rice conflagration to fry submit inattentive form to grain of rice.
Graph 11: Join egg of ripe chicken bead, corn bead, salty fish, salt to fry divide evenly quickly.
Graph 12: Join finally on the west essence of delicacy of orchid, United States pole, candy, chicken mixes divide evenly can.

** grape yoghurt
Graph 1: Clear washed grape is joined to immerse 15 minutes or so after 1 big spoon is being joined to give birth to powdery agitate divide evenly in water.
Graph 2: Food joins yoghurt and mare’s milk grape in treatment cup.
Graph 3: After agitate hits 50 seconds to control can.

[experience and recall with emotion]
** salty fish is dry can change potted fish. My mother-in-law bloats salty fish works, the way is simpler, but sweeter oh!
** rice had better use of the previous night oh! Such rice slants hard spot, fry the feeling of a bead easily.
The recipe that ** fries a meal deliciously depends on the first want high temperature, “High temperature fries the rice that give ability won’t be sticky boiler, and high temperature fries the rice that give soft let grain of rice easily submit inattentive form. ” recipe the 2nd depend on conflagration be being fried quickly. “Of conflagration conduct heat rate is rapid, meal bead is fried more easily fully, but want fire only one big, if give the meal very easily too slow,multiply fried rate fry old, be being fried quickly so is very important, mouthfeel just is met delicate. Mouthfeel just is met delicate..
** gives birth to powdery water to wash a fruit is special environmental protection really, special also to human body health oh! Had better not wash with the essence that wash clean oh!

The welcome clicks the Sohu that enters me is small ^O^ , hope everybody likes oh! </b>

The grail chicken of peacock fish home

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Boudoir honey says my chop is very meaty kind when it is the knife since the hand falls, clean and agile! Continued today such style, a gallinaceous chop of dripping wet of merry and lively become gallinaceous piece, expression very of cruel, husband says to treat my hair style, view my expression and action again, resemble southern meat the eldest sister that there is cigarette to giving client chop meat on a street is big, saying is the woman of that neck selling duck that Tao Hong having a place performs in those days, alas have disgrace too the figure of my Wen Wan
Chicken, tomato patch, green pepper, tomato, dough, green ginger garlic, aniseed, do chili
1: Chicken is abluent chop is agglomerate, tomato patch, green pepper, tomato stripping and slicing, ginger is patted broken, from cut off
2: After boiler burns heat first stir-fry before stewing gallinaceous piece, those who wait for stir-fry before stewing work a little a few fill piece
3: The oil inside boiler 8 into heat, next aniseed blast give fragrance to put green ginger garlic again the chicken that previous stir-fry before stewing pours to pass after stir-fry before stewing is sweet piece
4: Continue stir-fry before stewing fries meeting hind to be put often smoke, do chili, pink of the five spices again stir-fry before stewing is burned a little while add water to stew make
5: This moment is vivid a dough, 幹 becomes an area piece, cut face piece, using hand make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand
6: Be buried beans and tomato are put to stew again after 30 minutes boil, know to green pepper and make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand are put after potato molten, wait for make noodles by drawing out the dough by hand to thoroughly cook can
Everybody can make grail chicken, some puts these spice, some puts those, this is to suit drop of my people appetite most, also be I like to drip most, eat the abdomen strike that this metropolis supports to rouse every time, alas, weight, this problem far-reaching