Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

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[apparently severed] lotus root already disconnected, lotus root silk still is being connected. Compare apparently disengage, still have embroil actually. Point to affection of male and female more not absolutely, difficult give up. In the school explain still clear, often see lotus root, can you also think of this term? Think of the person is worldly hard a lot of affection of give up?
Unripe lotus root has disappear Yu Qing Dynasty to heat up, divide irritated satisfy one’s thirst, hemostatic (nosebleed, hematuria, n/med having blood in one’s stool, uterine haemorrhage) , expectorant, treat pneumonic, all disease such as collapse of blood of the have diarrhoea below tuberculosis, enteritis, lienal empty, woman. After lotus root course is thoroughlied cook, quality by cool become lukewarm, lost the property with disappear Yu hot Qing Dynasty; And turn into beneficial to taste, have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, beneficial blood, stop the effect of have diarrhoea.

We come a hemp hot lotus root: Additional kind have a way, absolutely hemp hot delicacy is sweet, ah

The leading role with abluent flay, beautiful? (prevent lotus root to become angry, can put in the bubble in the water that added white vinegar to wear, do not fry with pure iron bowl the meeting is nigrescent. )

Lotus root cuts reserve:

Oil pours in boiler, small fire fries pink of sweet chili pink, Chinese prickly ash, (must small fire, papered influence colour and lustre otherwise more influence appetite, master dosage according to individual taste) put lotus root, drop little is white vinegar (come lotus root won’t become angry 2 will hold lotus root fragile bright) , the salt that increase a point, a bit candy breaks up fry a few times, balm of a little dawdle essence, drop gives boiler—-

Go up desk, eat ~0~ Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

Golden skin fragile oily thin pancake

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Remove breakfast a little in the morning, can eat on already wholesome delicate oily thin pancake, match on one bowl of gruel, 嗞 is smooth a congee, certain along bowl edge come to, puff and blow a cake, come again at the same place rose fermented bean curd of Wang Zhihe, ate absolutely special content with one’s lot, my this person is special content with one’s lot, ah

Golden skin fragile [oily thin pancake]

Course of action:

1 before today in the evening, with hot water knead dough, slightly a few cold water, after kneading a group the oil on besmear, with last on velar lid, wake one evening

2 turn day morning, open dough roll, the oil on besmear, scatter on right amount salt, the face piece coil, cent becomes 3 agents child

3 take a dose child, two upright heal, roll becomes chip, put into the 6 oily boiler that become heat, two sides decoct is yellow, the beat that wait for cake rises ripe

The thin pancake with good blast is put on chopping board everything 4, make the wafer that come so, cortical crisp, inside and outside is statified, suit to take the advantage of heat to eat most!

Ball of fragile blast shrimp

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******* of ball of shrimp of ******* fragile blast

Graph article author: Sit see the cloud rise 00

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Remember seeing a such words on a magazine: “Rough, resemble air, as long as

You think, its nowhere is absent. Its nowhere is absent..

This rough those who point to is state of mind is lopsided, resemble your bad mood, want you to wish only

Meaning, it can accompany you all the time. What but I also cannot not want these destruction,I live is bad

The mood is accompanying me, affecting my family, I do not want, so, I do not think it, good


Material: Prawn Scamper pink Oily boiler and oil

Practice: prawn abluent go line of head carapace shrimp.

scamper pink right amount (the proportion that there are pink and water at the back of the bag that pack) become paste alive with water.

Treated prawn is put into divide evenly of the work in scamper pink oar. (if time is in in freezer

Refrigerate souse of a few hours. )

Blast of the boiler that enter oil is made. (the shrimp when scamper people can bend naturally, also have do not be willing bent but

Give it in order to use a chopstick to breath out help, roll into is bulbiform more good-looking ha. )

Taste is good still, be restricted only individual taste, can perhaps somebody should not taste? Anyway I

Love to eat with the son.

Again beautiful a piece

Make the case of scamper lotus root of fragile paste with beer

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[Wen Yi] do fragile paste with beer——[box of scamper lotus root]

Click enter - - " cate kitchen of Wen Yi "
Each dear tube, ask calm one’s anger above all, hold next, excuse me please, update the sodden serialize that did not upload me twice continuously.

In this computer bad do not repair, smash the times of hard disk directly, I made an especially big mistake however, lose oneself mobile hard disk carelessly several days ago, search via what spend much day final not if really. And my Ceng Yu wriggles exist serialize character in mobile hard disk, feel to be carried more convenient, but now, increased big trouble however.

Since search,was less than, that abandons thoroughly, be written afresh, zhou Wu uploads certainly.

In mobile hard disk besides serialize, still have a lot of cate the colourful picture that take the door, what what I hope is, they are not afraid of exposure, more what what I hope is, there still is source in the computer in the home, acknowledgment is sacred, amen.

Those tubes that read sodden article people, apologize again, make you white run again today.

Box of scamper lotus root

Raw material: Lotus lotus root 2, meat stuffing 100 grams, sweet green 1, ginger 1, bubble sends Xianggu mushroom 4, soy 1 spoon (15ml) , cooking wine 1 teaspoon (5ml) , saline 1/2 teaspoon (3 grams) , balm 1 teaspoon (5ml) , teaspoon of gourmet powder 1/4 (1 gram)

Flour 100 grams, teaspoon of 1/2 of pink of the five spices (3 grams) , teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate 1/4 (1 gram) , a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt 1 teaspoon (5 grams, dip in edible) , beer is right amount.


Transfer into in 1) meat stuffing chopped green onion, jiang Mo, xianggu mushroom is broken, soy, cooking wine, salt, gourmet powder and balm, delay same way agitate to give interest with the chopstick reserve;

2) will join white of the five spices in flour, sodium bicarbonate, with beer tone becomes panada, allow with touching the condition that the chopstick flows naturally to be can;

Flay of 3) lotus lotus root, the scald in putting boiled water irons 10 minutes, 5 millimeter are cut after fish out thick piece, again from which cut one knife, but do not cut after all;

The lotus lotus root that 4) will cut piece open, intermediate a place of strategic importance enters meat stuffing, touch panada. Wide oil is entered in boiler, oily 8 when becoming heat, put into boiler, scamper comes double-faced and golden can, dip in it is better to feed a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt to use flavour.

Super 啰 Suo:

After ** meat stuffing joins condiment, must along same directional agitate makes an interest, in final burst when just fall off not easily. And, also can make sure meat stuffing mouthfeel is full of flexibility;

Beer of big housekeeping money of this dish proposal replaces ** clear water comes mixing batter hangs an oar, the lotus root case that such making is very can fresh and tender, sweet fragile;

Fried Lotus Root Box


Lotus Root:&Nbsp;2
Pork Mince:&Nbsp;100g
Water-soaked Fragrant Mushroom:&Nbsp;4
Soy Sauce:&Nbsp;1 Soupspoon(15ml)
Cooking Wine:&Nbsp;1 Teaspoon (5ml)
Salt:&Nbsp;1/2 Teaspoon(3g)
Monosodium Glutamate(MSG):&Nbsp;1/4 Teaspoon(1g)
Sesame Oil:&Nbsp;1 Teaspoon(5ml)
Five Spices Powder:&Nbsp;1/2 Teaspoon(3g)
Baking Soda:&Nbsp;1/4 Teaspoon(1g)
Szechuan Pepper Salt:&Nbsp;1 Teaspoon(5g) (for Dipping)
Beer:&Nbsp;proper Amount


1)Finely Chop The Chive, ginger, and Soaked Fragrant Mushrooms, mix With The Pork Mince;

Also Add In The Soy Sauce, cooking Wine, MSG, and Sesame Oil, then Mix All These Ingredients With Chopsticks Clockwise Until This Mince Mix Seems Glutinous;

2)Combine The Five Spices Powder, baking Soda, flour And Beer, mix Well And Make Sure This Flour Mix Is Thick Enough(can Stay Onthe Chopstick And Flow Smoothly);

3)Peel The Lotus Roots, put Into The Boiled Water Blanch For 10 Minutes;

Take Out And Chop Into 5mm Thickness Slices;

And Then At Each Slice, cut Once From The Middle But Do Not Thoroughly Cut Off(i.e. Make A Gap As The Picture Shows);

4)Fill In The Mixed Mince Into The Gap Of Each Lotus Root Slice, then Put On A Layer Of Flour Mix;

Pour Enough Oil Into A Wok, put In The Filled And Floured Lotus Root Boxes When The Oil Is Very Hot(8/10 Heat) , fry Until Golden;

It’s Better To Serve With Szechuan Pepper Salt Dipping If You Like. Finish

New group hairdressing is maigre orchid accompanies fragile yoghurt on the west

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Advocate makings

On the west orchid 300 grams
Yoghurt 100 grams
Xian Niu is suckled 100 grams
Flour 100 grams
White sugar 30 grams

Deputy makings
Amylaceous 100 grams
Do yeast A few
Bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch A few
Agaragar A few

The method that make

(1) first will orchid cuts on the west abluent reserve.

(2) flour 70 grams join a few to do yeast to add water to be moved into thin panada, wait for it to wake hair. About 2 hours or so, bubble of rejoin a few makes pink and starch 30 grams, add a few to refine oil is become fragile sizy reserve.

(3) have pot, 100 grams water is joined to add a few agaragar in boiler, delicacy is joined to suckle 100 grams to add candy after waiting for agaragar to dissolve entirely, add wet starch to hit Gorgon euryale, after hitting Gorgon euryale, keep rotating with dish spoon a short while, add yoghurt 100 grams continue to keep rotating to have burnish teem till yoghurt surface with dish spoon, load wipe beforehand on the Fang Panzhong of purificatory oil, wait for yoghurt fully cool use glyph of penknife cut the whole day reserve.

(4) have pot additionally, purificatory oil is added in boiler, the temperature rise that wait for oil arrives 4 into right-and-left general yoghurt touch a few to do starch to be put (2) those who make is fragile sizy in boil, put oily boiler to go respectively next scamper, scamper fizzles out to gold lubricious fish out.

(5) have pot additionally, water is added in boiler, after waiting for water to leave, put abluent on the west orchid quick-boil teem, after a few spontaneously is being added in boiler, enter orchid flavors on the west hit Gorgon euryale to give boiler, install in dish mid. In will operate (4) in fragile yoghurt answer blast surround in on the west orchid edge can.

Special nag
This is a acid sweet gust new group is maigre, substantial authority is mensal, provide authority one each learns to help. Value of this dish nutrition is quite high, conduce to digest, still can prevent alvine path infection, improve function of human body immunity, calcic qualitative content is high, still contain rich vitamin B2. Red phosphorus. And vitamin B12. On the west orchid name green cauliflower, green beautiful dish, nutrition is rich, contain protein, candy, adipose, vitamin and carrot, nutrient component ranks first of congener vegetable, be known as ” vegetable imperial crown ” . Orchid still has the effect that fight cancer on the west long-term edible can reduce what cancer of breast cancer, rectum reachs the cancer such as cancer of the stomach to come on odds. Apply to old people, child and yoghurt of broad lady friend to still have hairdressing effect especially, prolong life.

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<DIV><FONT Style= "FONT-SIZE:&Nbsp;20px" Color=#ff0000> is clicked enter > > > kitchen of arrange of You Xinsu 藝 </DIV>
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Cake of lotus root of sweet fragile lotus

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Enter a winter, arrived to enter the season that fill again, some people like to fill with animal food, actually, a little maigre nutrition is nourishing also no less than meat or fish are fed, among them, lotus lotus root is a kind of ideal is maigre. Often feed lotus lotus root to be able to fill the empty that heart beneficial kidney, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises blood, filling the five internal organs, strong bones and muscles, enrich the blood raise blood, long feed can calm the nerves, appetizing, blood of filling marrow beneficial, light body is delayed year. I like together with again lotus root eating lotus, so, casual in pound again rouse cake of this lotus lotus root, eating mouthfeel good, doing fast also, can make pretty good breakfast.
Material: Face of lotus lotus root, onion, egg, corn, black pepper, salt,

Practice; 1, chop of flay of lotus lotus root becomes man, onion cuts a few big groups outside, of the others also chop becomes man, add egg, salt and black pepper to mix divide evenly reserves.

2, electric baking pan puts oil, place onion group into electric baking pan inside, put the lake of lotus lotus root of mix up into onion inside the circle, install 4 minutes, break up among can.

Small stick person: Black peppery but because of the person appropriate, in feeling onion, I add black peppery and delicious ability.

Corn face also can change millet face, wheaten face goes.

Outside the potato 夾 with fragile tender 裏

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See finished product ~~ first

1. material: Egg of potato 兩 個 , 雞 pink of one 個 , 麵, water each are little 許

餡 makings: Bead of sea 蝦, Xianggu mushroom, ground meat, 蔥each are little 許

調flavour: 鹽 , unripe pink, pepper, unripe take each 適 amount

Practice: Potato flay cuts 蝦 of chip bubble water, sea to go 殼 蝦 線 , Xianggu mushroom goes 軟 of bubble of the base of a fruit washs 淨 chop each, with bead of ground meat, 蔥 調flavour mixture 來 answers the 膠 since 噠

麵 pink egg water of 兌 of 適 quantity 鹽 becomes egg 漿(hang 來 to drip bead)

Pink of 2. potato chips Chinese hackberrya (讓 餡 stuff is better stick)

3. semi-manufactured goods (potato 夾)

The 漿on 4. semi-manufactured goods (這 個 was not patted, feel embarrassed, hand too 髒) , 鑊 puts 適 to measure oily 燒 熱 , 續 already went up 漿semi-manufactured goods goes down scamper (can use means of half decoct blast) , rise with 撈 of 輕 of 覺 of the feeling since chopstick 夾, farewell 鑊 blast (the skin is more fragile) can

續 sees finished product ~~~

Bite feeling 覺, outside fragile 裏 is tender

P.s 這 dish should take the advantage of 熱 to eat. . . .

Not crisp not fragile egg roll [hutch of lubricious dirt word]

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Today is the anniversary of the death of a parent of Premier Zhou. First stand in silent tribute 3 minutes.

Clue of great person of my it doesn’t matter, also God of it doesn’t matter, but respecting what Zhou En comes is to send from the bottom of the heart.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sang Xie gives my egg roll video the recipe that should be Yang Tao, be interested very much, start work experimented.

First wife is as follows:

182g of 0.3g of pink of 0.7g of 151g of flour of 363g of fine saccharic 302g, entire egg, low muscle, salt, herb, butter

But when making my cannot help doing alter as follows:

1, sugar volume decreases 60g

Reason: 150g low pink matchs 300g candy, this is to mistreating me simply, my taste and body cannot suffer so sweet thing absolutely, more what is more,the rather that husband is defied to sweetmeat itself, do so sweet still do not get myself does a person submit an expense account? ! Meat of that long how many meat oh ~

Sequential: The consequence that reduces candy amount is very serious, that is egg roll finished product not crisp not fragile, taste is good still, but, it is the candy of this 60g, after I ate 45 egg roll, voice also by sweet be bored with gets some afflictive. If you seek crisp result, that can put sugar strongly ~ hey hey · ~ ~

2, sweetgrass pink is done not have, elliptically. This consequence is lax heavy, after all it just is added sweet.

3, change of egg roll model pan.

Reason: Professional egg roll comes with extrude of egg roll machine, in that way finished product face piece the conference is very small. Where do I have that tool, can change pan only.

Sequential: Although I spread out a few thinlier as far as possible, but it is to cannot accomplish finished product after all thin be like paper, hey hey patchy also him move eats ~ ~

4, iron rod changed a chopstick. Iron rod of the family is the accessary product in egg roll machine, we am done not have, I changed the long chopstick that scamper thing uses, only this thing is round rod shape in the home and a little a bit thicker.

5, subtractive odd. Yuanfangzhong was saved with the odd of makings, say not to say to give so exact numerical value to come because of mine. Anyway it doesn’t matter hinders greatly, ah breathe out ~

The prescription after I revise is as follows: Egg of white sugar 60g 180g of butter of 3g of salt of 150g of 6 low pink

Finished product is of this appearance:

If which potential energy eats,got so sweet thing, experiment, tell me the result next, the discuss with sb face to face outside be being resembled tastes same crisp.

The process makes on:

1, flour of 150g low muscle

2, join 60g white sugar

3, infiltrate 6 eggs

4, put butter (the bate below room temperature)

5, hit into mushy

6, after pan small fire heats, put one spoon panada, fast booth is smooth (a when I use small scrip of strickle) , after underside became good, buckle boiler on fire, heat above, after about 20 much seconds, uncover

7, face skin is put on chopping board, furl with the chopstick put cool can.

More and wonderful click the rich settle or live in a strange place that enters lubricious this world please:

Fragile bowel small eat is wrapped

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Fragile bowel small eat is wrapped

Xiaobei rises from last year all the time shout is worn should eat banger to wrap, procrastinated ” two ” year, be done eventually!
Used the crackling bowel that she likes most, prescription is bag of conch small eat, the Chinese style noodle that the method that coil is dew learning dew…

Dough is circled on after banger, face amount is a lot of less, after biscuit has been baked, wrap unlike conch eat so soft, mouthfeel is a bit hard, xiaobei was cold-shouldered again, this guy is really bad lackey, I say those who eat to she cheats banger namely purely!


Tall muscle flour 200 grams
Milk 105-110 milliliter
Dry yeast 1 small spoon
Fine saccharic 25 grams
Saline 1/4 small spoon
Entire egg half
Butter 25 grams

Banger a packet (10)


1, will put together except the other data beyond butter knead dough, join butter again, knead slowly go in to be able to pull a film to dough (knead dough to knead dough as far as possible by hand smoother OK)

2, the dough that has kneaded puts warm and wet place to undertake fermenting for the first time, ferment to original 2.5-3 times big left and right sides finishs first time to ferment namely
(Dip in with finger dry flour, insert into dough, if small hole is answered very quickly,shrink to ferment half-baked, ferment conversely finish)
(Hot water can be put in boiler, or microwave oven, water gives off heat in oven, need barmy dough puts the recipient that size suits, unconscious last film, put bowl inside, or microwave oven, or oven)

3, the dough that has fermented is taken out knead

4, cent becomes 10, rounded, unconscious last film is flabby 10 minutes

5, 6, take a small dough, rub becomes small strip, circling a sausage roll to tighten, intermediate half-and-half dissections

7, 8, the dough that trims good figure puts warm and wet place to undertake the 2nd ferment to original 2-2.5 times big left and right sides
(can dough puts oven, a cup of hot water is put at the same time inside, it is OK to close oven door, also can handle this one situation in microwave oven likewise)

9, 10, dough surface brushs entire egg fluid, oven warm-up 180 degrees, oven middle-level is controlled 18 minutes

Regard bit as the heart, perhaps eat to the child, it is quite pretty good:

The doggie that sees my aunt put my home ask sb to bring up one’s child to everybody ” joyous joyous ” , in the process that I knead dough, she is being stared at helplessly all the time, know to have delicious!

☆ clicks a picture to enter ☆ of guest of delicate concern rich

[video cookbook of Wen Yi] - - - [fragile fry silk of pumpkin asparagus lettuce]

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[fragile fry silk of pumpkin asparagus lettuce]

Advocate makings: Pumpkin

Complementary makings: Red any of several hot spice plants, asparagus lettuce, black agaric, chicken, green, ginger

Condiment: Salt, gourmet powder, pepper, amylaceous

Cook a method:

1, pumpkin, asparagus lettuce, will red any of several hot spice plants cuts silk, after chicken cuts silk, the bath that use Qing Dynasty accuses to do moisture completely, join salt, pepper, amylaceous agitate even;

2, cross pumpkin silk boiled water scald to be ironed take out, sit boiler ignition is oily, put chicken silk to slip fry take out, put silk of ginger of silk of silk of pumpkin silk, asparagus lettuce silk, red any of several hot spice plants, agaric, chicken, green to break up again fry, add salt, gourmet powder to flavor can.