Turnip doing is fried bacon and abstain a turnip to work

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( ̄ (labour)  ̄ ) the friend that haing everybody is able to bear or endure in person, old gal good ~

The turnip doing that uses here is the ~ that small female specified amount makes by hand personally

Have above all please luxuriant beautiful leading role comes on stage—-Delicious the Lilliputian ginseng of home of cheap and so-called poor: Zhuo exemplaries

————————–Abstain a turnip to work detailed solution——————————

1. is rectified: &Nbsp; Bai Luobo is abluent, expurgation root is needed, scarcely wants flay oh oh oh ~ ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) ~ cuts strip wide piece, avoid by all means does not want too thin, do not have after otherwise insolation model mouthfeel is bad also

2. is put on the ice: &Nbsp; next the turnip piece had plunged into with polybag, put 12 hours into freezer freezer compartment, refrigerant purpose is to quicken a water of the turnip here=====> > small doohickey <<=======

3. is basked in: &Nbsp; takes out the turnip that has put on the ice, look for a clean household utensils, put the code with even turnip above, place the air below sunshine to bask in to 78 into dry (I basked in 3 days of right-and-left time)

4. bloats: &Nbsp; cleans clean turnip to work, twist dry, undertake bloating with pink of chili of Or of any of several hot spice plants of liquor, salt, candy, bubble be soiled, flip through everyday 1-2 second. Because the jar of be soiled did not bloat in the home, I am buckled with Le Koule will replace, the effect is OK still

… (⊙ ﹏ ⊙ ) … (A, bloat patiently in be soiled process)

Bloat through what a week controls be soiled, the turnip is dry very tasty


(> mouth < ) should firing eventually use shovel

1. Will cut piece evaporate of the boiler on bacon, because bacon is general relative salty and fat more difficult also ripe can have compared below evaporate first so, the cured meat with good evaporate is made a bit clear put cool be used

2. turnip works to be washed with Wen Shuiqing, twist dry, cut paragraphs small

We still need 3. a few garlic piece, scallion paragraph / garlic bolt, bubble any of several hot spice plants

4. firings, do not cheer inside bowl ( ̄ of ╬  ̄ Min) , had better be iron bowl after pulling ~ to burn hot pot, join, the turnip works, right ~ doing stir-fry before stewing does exterior moisture content to evaporate to the turnip, show piece. Bubble any of several hot spice plants, bacon repeats measure of dry stir-fry before stewing

5. heats up boiler cold oil to fall, put garlic piece, duration does not want too big lest garlic piece paper.

6. garlic piece give sweet smell, put bubble any of several hot spice plants to be fried together, rejoin bacon breaks up quickly fry, put a turnip to work, conflagration is fried quickly, the fragrance that should do bacon and turnip is fried come out, put a few sugar, a few soy (not be the sort of very salty) , break up fry ~ to add sesame oil, put scallion, break up fry ~ 2 times to give boiler ~ general situation to need not flavor additionally again, because bacon and turnip do itself,flavour is compared sufficient ~

╰ ( ̄ ▽  ̄ ) ╭ Loud call rice, rice


. . . . ≤ of.o(≥ ω ) O. . . .



Did not come for ages ~ my Hu Han 3 came back again ~

The friend that welcomes to like cate to like music comes Susan kitchen, click enter

Traitorous angel of AK of small plait of fried dough twist

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National Day came home to be done really some goluptious fastfood, want to do fried dough twist a long time ago actually, just making Chinese style snack to oneself all the time is not to have hope very much, the prescription that this does not see flying Jj does fried dough twist returns pretty simple, resolved tried. The result is right really still what ~ regrets a bit nevertheless is to make the fried dough twist that come be inferior to outside those who sell is so fragile, did not know to add the account of honey because of me, a bit crisp crisp feeling, and age is old after mom says her bite immobile moment to suit to eat this kind of food most. Alas, the person has a old day after all, still indulge in pleasures immediately ~ after all People Could Live Only Once, life also does not leave regretful ability good ~

1, flour 250g, egg 2, 2g of a few of candy 30g, honey, salt, mix together

2, the dough that kneads a softness (the accretion with OK and proper midway flour, if the egg compares old saying)

3, take a small dough, rub becomes strip, 50% discount again 50% discount, the figure that became fried dough twist ~ plait of each small fried dough twist, it is very lovely ~^_^

4, it is OK to should put the bomb in oily boiler only next, remember must using small internal heat, very easy flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is otherwise anxious

5, did abdomen become hungry? Not hesitant, pick It Up, and Enjoy Yourself ^_^

Speak of the word of fried dough twist, the picture that is afraid brain is medium piece now is famous Tianjin marijuana flower, had become the stage property that presents relatives and friends, among them the famousest when tens of 8 streets, 18 streets fried dough twist and dog pay no attention to cake of blast of steamed stuffed bun, auditive eye to call ferry door provision 3 absolutely 18 streets fried dough twist and dog pay no attention to cake of blast of steamed stuffed bun, auditive eye to call ferry door provision 3 absolutely. (small complement one, check on the net: The dog pays no attention to steamed stuffed bun to have his exclusive English, ah, go Believe, see had been famous in the whole world)

Nevertheless that fried dough twist is the Huge that comparative really, my suspicion can be used make homicide lethal weapon ~ does not know why, always defy the food with large volume from the bottom of the heart, feel in that way the appetite that the thing accost of Large does not have me, glance, the courage that takes repeatedly also was done not have, the likelihood is do not enjoy in eating course ” I eliminate it eventually ” achievement feels ~ is breathed out. Baidu is a good thing really, have even this detailed process that make unexpectedly, share ~ with everybody

Flour 25 kilograms of plants are oily candy of 12.25 kilograms of Bai Sha 6.75 kilograms of Jiang Pian 250 grams alkaline face is 175 grams black hair, red a sweet-scented osmanthus of each 110 grams 275 grams sesame seed benevolence 750 grams saccharin 5 grams water 7.5 litres

The method that make 1. Make fried dough twist in scamper before today, join 500 grams old fertilizer with 3.5 kilograms of flour, with 4 warm up water air mix is even, ferment make old fertilizer, in order to have morrow is used.

2. uses 2 premium 3.5 kilograms of white sugar, 135 grams alkaline face and 5 grams saccharin change syrup to reserve with slow fire.

3. is used take 3.5 kilograms of flour, with 550 ~ 650 grams heat up oil to iron short range to reserve.

4. takes 750 grams Ma Ren, had ironed with boiled water, keep not wet, not dry degree, preparative rub hemp with.

5. uses the short range that has ironed, join white sugar 3.25 kilograms, green red silk each 110 grams, sweet-scented osmanthus 275 grams, jiang Pian 175 grams and alkaline face 25 grams, put divide evenly of agitate of milliliter of cold water 1 750 again, do surface wash one’s hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water with 500 grams, blend the face soft hard applicable to spend. In rub shop front is used in the process 1000 grams.

6. puts the dry face that remain 16 kilograms knead dough machine inside, enter the old fat mix into that has sent before today next, join the syrup that has changed, divide size according to the water of flour again, different and seasonal, enter right amount cold water, and reserve into bedding face.

7. is good bedding face Tang, cut big, send layering plane big again, press into vermicelli, next hold tight grows those who make an appointment with 35 centimeters is short, arrange consecution. One part serves as light, another part is kneaded on hemp of Ma Ren consummate. Again the short range consummate become reconciled is crisp. By light, hemp, crisp a 3 ∶ of 5 ∶ 1 match, the fried dough twist that rub becomes stringy state (hold good chew) .

8. enters oil boiler inside, come with article baked wheaten cake tepid when, put green compact of fried dough twist the bomb inside lukewarm oily boiler 20 minutes or so, show purplish red scene, body of fried dough twist is not bent continuously, be in after fish out with between add right amount rock candy broken bits, melon wait for little material can.

The norms of fried dough twist has 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams, 1500 grams to wait by every weight a variety of.

Product characteristic crisp is sweet, delicious and dainty, prolonged not continous, not degenerative. </b>

Large hole deep-fried twisted dough sticks

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Deep-fried twisted dough sticks of *** large hole oh ***

Graph / article author: Spend leisurely adrift

The happy Eden ** of pig of ** happy pig

Like to eat deep-fried twisted dough sticks very much all the time, the deep-fried twisted dough sticks that wants firm boiler giving oil, but everybody knows outside the deep-fried twisted dough sticks that sell ate is not too good to the body, plus like to sleep in the morning lie-in, can sleeping one minute more also is good, go out far from possibly to bought deep-fried twisted dough sticks to eat so, but think very much really,eat, especially deep-fried twisted dough sticks is worn congee eats, very sweet. How to do? Oneself are done, so hot weather, in oily boiler of the blast in the kitchen, still not be amused really, can who calls me to want to eat?
Raw material: Flour 250 grams (in muscle) , the bubble that do not have aluminium makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch 5 grams (heft follows temperature on any account and decide) , salt 6 grams, egg 1, pink of 150 grams water, soda 1 gram (can not add)
The process that make:
1, all raw material are put together, rub dough face smooth can, the cap on the lid perhaps lasts on the lid film, wake half hour.
2, after waking, knead dough again, after been knead, press into strip, an oil is brushed in dough surface, brush an oil on dish again, take a polybag to perhaps last film is fine dish and dough outfit, plunge into close bag mouth, put into freezer to refrigerate one in the evening.

3, take the following day, oil is brushed on chopping board and hand, put dough on chopping board, cut dough small, two dough are folded together, can have oily pot first at that time, bit of oil should be put more in boiler.

4, press with the chopstick, impaction, let two noodle be stuck together, spin, twist a little. On my picture seem to be twisted too badly. : )

5, at this moment oil is lukewarm already about the same, you can do a small dough to leave oily boiler first, if small dough is rapid,float removes expand, oily lukewarm solicit comments is good. Deep-fried twisted dough sticks can leave oily boiler. Scamper fizzles out to gold color is OK, not too old oh.
Leave eat, of large hole oh, flower of soya-bean milk, beans, congee is carried along with you!


I also come healthy deep-fried twisted dough sticks

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Do according to the prescription of Candey drop, the insufficient place that I become is the first blast when oil is lukewarm insufficient, from the back good
Tall pink 200G, yeast 5G, white sugar one spoon, water 100G, alkaline.
1: In knead dough machine ordinal put white sugar, flour, yeast knead dough
2: Alkaline face of smaller part spoon, one spoon salt and warm water add become saline buck
3: There is saline buck bit by bit with the hand after the area has been sent, make knead into the face
4: 2 leaven dough after been knead, send 2-3 times big can
5: Case scrubbing brush is oily, dough is put on chopping board, dough roll growing square, cutting
6: Two fold a group, press with chopstick inter pressure, turn round again next
7: Oil is lukewarm want tall, next embryo child scamper, scamper is good can

Do deep-fried twisted dough sticks for the first time, the oil in front is lukewarm insufficient so some older, after I think, redo does not have a problem </b>

Crisp fried chicken piece

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N is long had not eaten chicken, equipment is sufficient when buying material the makings of hot pepper chicken, it is important that the result detects until do ” material member ” dry chili was missing, I search ah search ah that urgent ah ~~~ still misses finally, do not have method to change fresh chili temporarily (small hot) enter the court, do not do hot pepper chicken to change crisp fried chicken! Wait for me he asks after the home comes off work that, gotten answer is: “When buying sheet, I am put secretly, did not take. . . (The reason is dry chili too hot, he does not eat! ) " I am dizzy. . .

1, behead of defrost of gallinaceous wing root, flying water piece, add condiment souse 10 minutes
2, hot pot puts much oil, issue gallinaceous piece blast to give boiler to golden color
3, remove boiler additionally to cheer, explode sweet garlic, chili, Chinese prickly ash, green paragraph, join right amount thick broad-bean sauce
4, enter gallinaceous piece to break up fry 2 minutes, scatter on caraway gives boiler <br><br>

Process graph

Come to a piece again

Abstain green deep-fried dough cake

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[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

: -) self-restrained green oily flat bread

Finished product ~~~~~

Deep-fried dough cake of egg sweet green is blessing of pray of disaster area people

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The safety of disaster area people is affecting the heart of all Chinese, I can do besides for disaster area outside proper contribution, pray silently for all stricken be hit by a natural adversity brethrens only, of catastrophic very can fast past.
Beautiful my today’s dinner — deep-fried dough cake of egg sweet green
Say a process:
Above all knead dough, wake we come to the time of the face the content thing that does cake
Little starch, add water agitate divide evenly
Add two eggs, break up
Pan heats, spread out the egg into thin thin egg cake (occasionally two eggs spread out such 3 pieces)
Egg cake, green is mincing, add essence of right amount salt, chicken, salad oil, mix divide evenly
Roll opens the range that has waked, wipe a few oil, break egg cake with green broken tile is on face cake
Coil next
Dissection, become good agent child, roll leaves, enter pan bake in a pan ripe
Come piece of close-up

1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out only then the face of fried bean sauce that come out

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1000 breathe out 10 thousand call out only then the face of fried bean sauce that come out

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

I this all wool and a yard wide northerner super love eats noodle, want to eat 3 times two every week, feel to seemed what to be short of otherwise, do not be free from anxiety in the heart, begin to miss surface of fried bean sauce suddenly particularly last week, actually at ordinary times old father makes range of fried bean sauce, I need to move only move mouth to tell old father I want to take side of fried bean sauce with respect to OK, next reopen is happy of the heart hold the range into abdomen abdomen in the instant, of final be perfectly satisfied pat pat abdomen to brush brush mouth with respect to everything is just fine, unluckily, unluckily this I want moral integrity, pledge must oneself are done! ! ! A few days ago, that unkind is elfin, know I am greedy obviously face of fried bean sauce, still finished greedy I, this is more so sturdy my determination breaths out ~~~

Today, early get up, come kitchen elite area sought a card, asked potato the elder sister again, hey, with respect to confidence full go into operation. Alas, this knows to eat only at ordinary times advocate feel dishful of cole of face of fried bean sauce is breathed out all the time, cannot think of, cannot think of, this never arrives at 11 o’clock start working, just eat to 2 o’clock all the time on face of fried bean sauce. Mom goes to work, to old father hungry fainted, sleep, face the bread that before sleeping, took to was done last night, still all the time harp, made bread last night fortunately, want hunger to give human life really otherwise. Xi Xi. . .

busy fully 3 hours, ability serve a meal, this that sweet, how so delicious ~ potato sister says area of authentic old Beijing fried bean sauce inside must intentional li of beauty, but besides carrot, I do not eat other unripe turnips, then face of this our fried bean sauce is copy edition ha, as to calculate a few wait to be indifferent to, the abdomen gut that had taken me anyway breaths out ~

Tomorrow is elfin give all corners of the country to reappear the first day when go to work once more again, hope she everything is successful! ! !

Finished product graph

Mix after divide evenly

Raw material:
In muscle flour, salt, water, dry salted and fermented soya paste, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour, water, aniseed (anise) , egg, amylaceous, cucumber, carrot, agaric

1, dry salted and fermented soya paste a few a sweet sauce made of fermented flour water, smooth
(insert sow, dry salted and fermented soya paste and my this a sweet sauce made of fermented flour are the haing ~ that comes from Beijing)

2, Rouqieding

3, oily boiler adds aniseed to explode sweet hind desertion

4, add diced meat, stir-fry before stewing fries an oil

5, the flesh is fried ripe hind, join sauce makings, ceaseless agitate wants in boiling the process that control, paper boiler in case

6, after been boil, fill piece

7, a handful salt water is smooth, knead dough, knead repeatedly, Tang, till smooth

8, press into noodle with the machine that control an aspect, join right amount flour, in case noodle adhesion

9, egg fluid a few is amylaceous, scrambled eggs cake (hey, careless is this egg cake eligible)

10, the noodle that boil, cut cucumber silk, carrot silk, agaric silk and egg silk

Come again the group photo of piece of noodle and fried bean sauce breaths out ~

Old father shut-eye wakes for, just daydream taking a side, hey, look look I this gives old father hunger when the girl. A bowl of big face lays gut, it is old father this of be perfectly satisfied pat take gut. This really sweet…

1, of face of fried bean sauce match dish to be able to match at will according to his be fond of
2, attention of the ten million when knead dough, the area does not live soft, the boiler below stiff dough boils the noodle that go out ability is delicious

Change taste, face of fried bean sauce [kitchen of belle girl girl]

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*** changes taste, face of fried bean sauce [kitchen of belle girl girl] ***
Graph / article author: Kitchen of belle girl girl
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****
** opens wrestle eventually! Everybody comes my hut sits sit **
Introductive: ? of difficult  of bag of form of Qi of tadpole of prostitute of defect of the shallow ń that slaughter lossen soil with a hoe lets  reins Gu I have an idea. I also am done make fried bean sauce, actually fried bean sauce results from China, pass at Korea later… . Is what do not know I say right not? ?
The means that I become seems the way at old Beijing fried bean sauce quite, but I am complex without it however… simple, everybody can be done… . .

Course of action: &Nbsp;
1, noodle is put thoroughly cook in boiler, fish out pours cold water, portion of drop dry water (the purpose prevents noodle to touch even)
A sweet sauce made of fermented flour that 2. supermarket buys cannot instantly edible, because compare salty! A sweet sauce made of fermented flour is put into boiler, add candy, sweet sesame oil. Reach a few clear water. Boil fill piece
3. flesh Mei Jia mixes into egg white divide evenly, oily heat comes 6 maturity, put at the flesh rotten delimit medicinal powder, join a sweet sauce made of fermented flour that just has done next. Stir-fry before stewing of medium baking temperature fries Jiang Mo giving sauce, boil slowly with small fire, to prevent to paper boiler, lie between a little while need to shovel agitate of suitable boiler bottom with boiler, if oil can add water appropriately not quite. Join gourmet powder to give boiler air cold.
4 deserve to go up again cole: Fine of ping of act of predestined relationship of wild  of drag handkerchief the Song Dynasty silk of green of? of exemplarying bandit of handsome ⒑  , reach cabbage silk! ! (Put in the scald in boiled water to had been compared)
Area of delicate fried bean sauce has been done! ! !

The boiler below noodle:
<img SRC= Http://1811.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/11/14/25/119dad0c33c.jpg>
Fry the flesh rotten:

Fry good sauce:

The meat that distribute:

How pretty good still:
<img SRC= Http://1811.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/11/14/25/119dad09b44.jpg>
This is the appearance that has mixed:
<img SRC= Http://1811.img.pp.sohu.com.cn/images/2008/4/11/14/25/119dad08ff2.jpg>
Come a close-up:

[Sweet clew]
1. a sweet sauce made of fermented flour should undertake machining
2. noodle boils cold water of good communications center
3. him cole is built at will

Small octopus fried dumpling [piscine fish flavor]

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We stuffing of abstain from eating meal drips today dumpling. Not lazy, him knead dough, because be steamed dumpling,be dough made with boiling water so. The bag arrives I am tired finally. Think the what that make a point will adjust adjust, did two small octopus foolishly, ketchup lighted two small eyes. Quite lovely still drop is held. . .