Beijing is deep purchase, the old fan shell of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch of treatment coming home [scallop loves]

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Graph / the little love with not good article
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What market of Beijing deep seafood can be fried very much recently is hot! 2 years short time, beijing is deep from signs of human habitation exiguous have replenish onr’s stock only, to nowadays one purchases three-layer to machine and the person is the billowy manner that have completely, be to ward off blows hard really!

Go to Beijing buying seafood or content of very exquisite technology greatly, a little one careless, JS of possible back is black together, but the competence that believes each housekeeping amounts to a person to cut price scarcely common, should choosing only and call heavy link much piercing eye, can buy already cheap fresh seafood cough up!

Should say Beijing is deep take a seat at standing by south the situation of 4 annulus, also can every night full fact is belonged to infrequent, cannot book, only able wait, the environment that three-layer machines is too noisy, the person is much, of treatment also coarse a few. Write down so that the Mid-autumn Festival wanted to taking pa Mom to go originally last year old rub with the hands, my good as a result will by spell the awkwardness of the desk with another and so undone that be in a complete mess… see this manner this year then, what does that still think, redemptive him home is done!

Raw material:
Scallop 15 (conch is about 12 centimeters wide, 2 one 5) , dragon mouth vermicelli made from bean starch 2 small groups
Complementary makings:
Juice of Chi of fish of any of several hot spice plants of garlic, shallot, colour, evaporate, salt, cooking wine Right amount


When buying scallop, can ask to sell the home take out of material of the black inside scallop, scallop flesh goes to cheek after recapture home abluent, with right amount salt and cooking wine souse a little while, scallop carapace is abluent reserve.

Lukewarm bleb vermicelli made from bean starch, reserve.
Cut end of garlic end, onion powder, colour any of several hot spice plants, cross oil to fry mature to 7-8.

vermicelli made from bean starch dish in scallop carapace go up, place shellfish meat again above, scatter on the end of any of several hot spice plants of colour of powder of garlic end onion that has fried, drench on juice of evaporate fish Chi, go up boiler evaporate 5-10 minute.

The close-up before evaporate, actually evaporate was over about the same also such ^^ | | | |

Taste of ~~ of cough up giving boiler is very delicious

Of salty still can drench a bit beauty is extremely bright, also be right choice.

Still can buy simple him seafood such as shrimp of skin of a few prawn, crab, skin to come home evaporate evaporate is fried, eventually, perhaps need not spell desk feel disappointed to the seat waits greatly in Beijing again and return, the family is surrounded sit one desk, drink bit of small wine again, enjoy seafood sumptuous dinner to the top of one’s bent!

Above. </b>

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Corrupt, also meet oneself be done with one’s own hands a few simple delicious, come family of reward with food and drink and friend ~~

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Scallop of evaporate of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch

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Scallop of evaporate of vermicelli made from bean starch of ***** garlic Chengdu: Whose delicacy did grab? *****

Graph / article author: The ** of delicate situation reason of the rainbow in wind of ** of the rainbow in wind

The friend comes to the home have a meal, the friend says: Want to eat seafood big food. OK, sure.

Then, with the simplest method evaporate of Chengdu of a 6 scallop, vermicelli made from bean starch, a few garlic.

Put a lot of a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch, say to the friend, you eat scallop, I take vermicelli made from bean starch, see the sincerity that I entertain a guest?

Of feel at ease and justified eating to suck sufficient the vermicelli made from bean starch with scallop delicacy and garlic sweet Chengdu, the friend sees me eat to compare her more with pleasure, went from the clip in my bowl suspiciously the vermicelli made from bean starch with a few not breathtaking appearance.

Next, erupted to contend for the small-sized war that grabs vermicelli made from bean starch to eat on table. Although was put a lot of, still be by us two pieces not the dispose of of small mouth try to be the first of cherry, the fountainhead scallop of little taste, it is however by desolate.

Vermicelli made from bean starch is to absorb confluence only by person flavour, make oneself are full-bodied and inviting most rise. Appearance still is then the portion does not show the native with not roric hill however white temperament.

Had heard a lot of love story, accompany others to date, oneself however by photograph of the other side in
Had heard story of a lot of star, accompany others to try lens, oneself became protagonist however

The destiny is operating worldly joys and sorrows, make life ascertain errant.

Do not want the appearance is not breathtaking unimportant person beside negligence forever, not show one’s feelings perhaps is merely have not decay is finished.

Explicit gentle and simple is proper time only the standard is measured to differ inside the space, who knows again when, who can grab first (bright) ?

****************** of scallop of evaporate of vermicelli made from bean starch of ***************** garlic Chengdu

Material: Scallop 6, vermicelli made from bean starch, garlic, cooking wine

1, clean scallop, purify of all black part, reoccupy flow water is rinsed clean, scallop carapace clean down
2, bloat scallop flesh a little while with a few cooking wine, salt, at the same time bubble vermicelli made from bean starch, garlic mincing or press mud
3, a few oil pours in boiler, garlic Chengdu falls to fry a fragrance to be filled namely after oily heat piece
4, the vermicelli made from bean starch with soft bubble is placed on conch, put the shellfish meat that has bloated again, put garlic Chengdu again
5, with little of oily add of evaporate fish Chi water mixes divide evenly, drench go up in every scallop
6, evaporate of boiled water boiler 5 - 6 minutes
7, like hot, still scattered amid of some of chop any of several hot spice plants two go up


Delicious and juicily garlic sweet chop

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Delicious and juicily garlic sweet chop
Graph / article author: Xie Feng carries on his shoulder or back
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
Guest of rich of the person that examine clicks here please
Long for star to long for a moon, long to be hit to chop eventually folded. Say one jin goes back, I should do a garlic sweet chop, see finished product first — want to eat?

Say to get the materials ready first, say according to the graph
1, chop (a jin) 2, powder of garlic of Jiang Mo of chopped green onion
3, soy and cooking wine 4, powdery Gorgon euryale

Make: 1, chop preexistence rolls Shui Lichao, this one step is very crucial, otherwise chop can have fishy smell of a flesh. The chop that scald crosses puts cooking wine soy to pile up flavour, souse makes an appointment with 20 minutes.
2, domestic oil is hot, powder of garlic of the end that put ginger is fried sweet, issue chop, break up fry to incarnadine and golden.
3, big baked wheaten cake leaves after next cooking wine, soy, water, salt, right amount white sugar, small fire stew. (my be addicted to is hot, put a dot to do chili so, it is ordinarily ought not to put)
4, divide evenly of agitate of water of add of powdery Gorgon euryale, wait for chop to boil boiler is entered after rotting inside, burn upper eyelid giving crab, after Sa Cong is spent, install dish.

[Sweet clew]
1. chop must use scald rolling water, have fishy smell otherwise very insipid.
It is better to be put after 2. chopped green onion, fry easily otherwise black, affect visual result.
Water of powdery Gorgon euryale is put to be able to make dish looks glittering and translucent when 3. receives juice get rid of is appeared, increase appetite. </b>

Scallop of evaporate of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch

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Details of much plan of scallop of evaporate of garlic Chengdu vermicelli made from bean starch solves: Buy Guang Zengcai’s food for domestic banquet together

Southern tube people looked not to laugh at me, likelihood scallop to you it is common, but, grown to be being taken in northwest as a child me, scallop appeared on this table, that is the thing that an add lustre to buys variety absolutely.

Want to say pork of that flocks and herds, be poor and common over there us, but follow seafood to touch the thing by the side of the dot, it is quite scarce. Of course, present traffic develops extremely, even if eat to be not worn also visibility was worn. Eating the litchi with full visible market, the ability of Yang Yu annulus that thinks oneself enjoyed Tang Dynasty actually enjoys the treatment that get, be beautiful really in that heart!

The picture is more also, caught Chinese rhubarb fortunately this v/arc able-bodied man is constructive, acknowledgment.

Raw material: Wine of oil of Chi of fish of scallop, vermicelli made from bean starch, plan, evaporate, high-grade Shaoxing (my gone, converted cooking wine)

Process: 1 vermicelli made from bean starch is half hours ahead of schedule in Wenshui bubble is soft, garlic chop becomes garlic Chengdu; (graph 3, 4)

2 begin to clean scallop: Open scallop, get off along edge gently with the tool fleshy part, take out among them black part (the graph is shown 5 times) ;

The 3 flesh eliminate black part are rinsed clean in underwater of going from place to place, choose a conch to use tooth brush scrub clean; (graph 6, 7, 8)

The 4 shellfish flesh that had cleaned and the conch that had brushed; (graph 9)

5 get on the shop of vermicelli made from bean starch with soft bubble in scallop, put the shellfish meat that has washed again, with high-grade Shaoxing wine small bloat; (graph 10, 11)

6 scallop are in souse process, begin to machine garlic Chengdu right now. Garlic Chengdu is fried in oily boiler to 7, 8 minutes ripe, add a few salt to give boiler; (graph 12)

7 add oil of Chi of fish of right amount evaporate, add mixes juice into agitate of right amount water; (graph 13)

The 8 juice that will mixed are irrigated go up to scallop, conflagration rolls water steam 3-4 minute can. (the size of the firepower according to each and scallop is self-adjusting time. )


Mouth of garlic sweet blueness

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Egg of a kind of sedge of garlic of chop any of several hot spice plants [alluring woman kitchen]

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Change — egg of a kind of sedge of garlic of chop any of several hot spice plants [alluring woman kitchen]

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The complete address of guest of <a Href= your rich, proper form is written for Http://***.com>** on ** of your language of rich guest conduct propaganda


Come home this, feel change is quite big, a lot of respects.

Railway station, left a car, because do not have announcement family, be forced oneself take a taxi come home. Look around square, do not have a car. Pulling the travel before the case continues, wanting to take a taxi then. Visit square among, see in the west of square, a lot of people, queueing up, writing above, the taxi expects a drop. Change direction, queue up, get on a car. When chatting with the driver on the road, know, railway station square strengthens management, must get on a car from where, otherwise wants fine, it is to punish a car of course advocate. The driver says bad, actually I feel to had been held out. To me for such native, be absent square, or the car that somebody will come make multiply them, word of a Shaanxi, the heart that lets them slaughter a guest first is a lot of less, moreover, from railway station the way home, that road is close, that road does not block a car up, I was familiar with too. But to foreigner, centralized still management is better.

Road, when coming back last year, what 3 annulus repair is about the same, come back this year, still do not have complete have transport service, but much is OK. But circumjacent afforest still did not do well. A lot of moment, a loess after the car flies upwards. Let be used to the belt is invisible I of glasses, come back can pick off is invisible the frame on the belt.

Person, pa Mom or in that way. Father says, your Mom more and more chatter. Mom says, your pa is increasing thing. The friend is so good still, the feeling had not parted. Dozen fight noisely be troubled by, remove a day to come a little, did not have time. Metabolic is, those my little brothers, disappeared one year to gain flesh, let me see everybody, want to hold. They are helpless: Eldest sister, can not hold our face on the road not, we also more than 20.

Want to write originally a lot of, be written everyday, as just coming back, wrote, cutout. Continue to write the following day next, continue cutout. Do not know oneself want what to do. Without main threads of an affair, without byelaw. Arrange the home in, face about does not remember be being put where. Cook, go in kitchen, turn circuit comes out, want to want what to do first not merely.

Last week, forecast has an earthquake, lived on the driveway with family next two night. Do not have a circumstance, come home. Think in us, when aftershock is smaller and smaller, yesterday afternoon Qing Chuan 6.4 class earthquake gives take up our flabby nerve again.

Good, did not write. Write down again, not only people looks not to understand, it is me, also looked not to understand.

Egg of a kind of sedge of garlic of chop any of several hot spice plants

I admit, I do not have culture very much, do not know what to call the name, come out raw material row to make dish name again.

Raw material: Powder of garlic a kind of sedge, egg, sausage, garlic

Condiment: Essence of chop any of several hot spice plants, salt, dawdle


1, garlic a kind of sedge is abluent, cut Xiaoding. Sausage cuts Xiaoding

2, egg break up is fried ripe, reserve;

3, explode sweet garlic finally, join chop any of several hot spice plants to fry sweet, put bead of garlic a kind of sedge, break up sausage bead is joined to fry after frying dichotomy bell fry dichotomy bell again, add the egg that has fried, add a few salt and dawdle essence to flavor, break up fry even can. (have saline taste because of chop any of several hot spice plants, so, when adding salt, want extenuatory)

Making the food of dish of go with rice without appetitive moment
All the time since I so do
But after coming home, I thought long thing, I am carried however do not remove appetite to eat
Only alone cool skin, I eat every day
Mom also understands me,
When buying food, bring back to me cool skin
They eat other
I take cool skin
Every day such

Mashed garlic mixes eggplant [maigre appointment]

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Maigre today activity was about to end, feel the food that still has a lot of was not done, but do not have time. Take this dish to end this my activity.

This dish is my home ” ancestral close dish ” , via what I hand down in old Mom hand. Taste is good, the way is simple, very good do.

Material: Aubergine, flour half bowls, egg, garlic valve 3, 4 valve, caraway is right amount

1, infiltrate the egg in flour, add right amount water and panada.
2, aubergine is abluent change a knife, cut 3 — 4mm controls piece

3, eggplant piece in putting panada, boil, even ground is stuck on burnt.
4, pan is entered a few oily, decoct is wrapped above burnt eggplant piece.
5, the eggplant with good decoct piece booth is smooth, air is cool.

6, the eggplant with cool air piece two, put 3 pieces one case, fast knife chop is become. Not too fine, the panada that wraps otherwise is met.
7, caraway cuts end, garlic to be pressed into mud (to do this, my pound garlic implement discarded as useless)

8, the container that takes big a little bit, the eggplant that has cut, caraway, mashed garlic is put in, join condiment: Unripe smoke, the salt of gourmet powder, a few mixes divide evenly can.

When should when making this food, notice:

It is panada rare thick want appropriate, too rare do not hang. Too deep simmer in water is good from the back the skin is thick.
The 2 eggplant that are decoct piece must fully cool change a knife again, otherwise face skin is met, and mouthfeel not beautiful.
The 3 highest states that become play of this dish level are: Cortical decoct gets brown crisp, the aubergine inside is soft sodden without hard heart, mix the aubergine that go out tastes elephantine fat, but fat however and not the mouthfeel of be bored with.

The N that this is aubergine is planted practice. Eating dirt after aubergine of the daily life of a family, might as well try, style another garlic mix eggplant.

Ginger garlic carbonado lets wife joyful

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** is permitted without the author, be not reprinted please or extract and compile **** cate kitchen
I return cole of the daily life of a family is on can careless lane a few flavour, probably very not good-looking, flavour is passable. But I not quite meeting carbonado, although I like to have a fish very much, then important task falls in his humeral head.

Steamed fish is some more healthy, do simple also, the Jiang Cong on the shop, drench some of Chi is oily, 10 minutes or so can do calm. But this kind of practice raises a fish quite, fishy is some heavier, steam come out, do not add up to my appetite so. Carry weever to steam normally so, fleshy qualitative delicacy is sweet, the price also moderate. Actually laurel fish it may not be a bad idea, but a bit expensive. Want to change pattern, he changes kind of method carbonado to eat to me.

Can buy fish of two true porgy to burn occasionally. The flesh is qualitative pretty good, his fishy that burns a law to also can mask a fish greatly. Match a bowl of rice, wife with respect to joyful.

I can exhort designedly he does not receive piscine juice very drily, because be met in that way saltier, my taste is more delicate than a lot of people, and feel to eat the satisfaction in mouth to compare it is beautiful and much more important to look at.

Raw material: True porgy fish 2, ginger garlic is right amount

Flavoring: Cooking wine, vinegar, candy, soy, pepper is right amount


1 fish is washed clean, will splanchnic clear clean, absorb the water of piscine surface with paper with the kitchen. Ginger garlic section.

The heat inside 2 boiler is oily, the pink of blast of exterior Tu Xie in the fish (flour also goes) , in boiler decoct comes two sides is golden, fill piece.

3 will right amount cooking wine, vinegar, candy, soy, a few pepper adds a few water to move juice in small bowl.

4 boiler are washed clean, put a few oil, oil is hot, join ginger green stir-fry before stewing to fry a fragrance.

The 5 juice mix up enter boiler inside, add a few water, put the fish with good decoct next.

6 build, piscine stew ripe can.

If like full-bodied smell, do not be afraid of again salty, can conflagration receives piscine juice dry reload dish.

I am afraid of salty, let him do not receive juice.

Outfit dish good.

Combine him taste, just be the most delicate.

Gizzard of chicken of garlic a kind of sedge

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Gizzard of chicken of garlic a kind of sedge What resistance disease does the slave that builds pyramid rely on?

Caption of my this article, how to wear look at a word especially big.
Actually, before 4600, ancient Egypt gives the slave that builds pyramid to enhance physical power artificially, body fights a disease, let its edible garlic kind food. And, garlic kind the table that food published people with respect to flourish when Gu Ai reachs the first dynasty really, its value is reflected not just go up in edible, inside medical domain Yi Youxiang should be used extensively.
Chinese generation Zhang Qian takes garlic China, accept common people favour very times more quickly. Later, when flee from a calamity of advance benefit emperor, take between Ceng Congmin eat garlic be eaten together with rice or bread, this matter ” peace and tranquility previews ” ever had account: “Chengdu Wang Ying acts according to Hui Di to return Luoyang, abandon at the guest in the path feed, gong Ren holds meal of more than bottles of rice to come in order to offer honour, garlic, salt, Chi arrives, obtain fine; City thick rice, cover with tiles jar is filled. The emperor eats two jar, dry garlic is counted, saline Chi just. Saline Chi just..
To the Tang Dynasty, the wind that feeds garlic goes in for sth in a large scale, end of street alley well is seen everywhere, till today, the Xi’an person of Ceng Weitang capital eats a face not to have garlic not sweet.
Song Yuanming is clear till today, garlic kind food is rich all the time our table, and garlic a kind of sedge, because its are not like garlic,be old more tartly so little all appropriate.

Spring at the beginning of end summer, be the season that fresh garlic a kind of sedge appears on the market, perhaps you had rectified the so not fresh garlic a kind of sedge of the cold storage of course low temperature that had one winter in the winter last year, so, what to still wait for?

Raw material: Garlic a kind of sedge (or weigh garlic bolt) a bunch small, 10 the left and right sides, green Chinese onion, ginger, Chinese prickly ash mixes gallinaceous gizzard any of several hot spice plants of each right amount, Bai Hu, cooking wine mixes dry chili amylaceous a few
Process: 1 green ginger washs clean section, paragraphs those who do chili to become 1cm gradually is small;
2 wash gallinaceous gizzard clean cut an account, mix with green Chinese onion, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, dry chili, amylaceous, cooking wine white peppery souse is controlled half hours; (graph 3)
3 right now garlic a kind of sedge abluent cut paragraph reserve;
Hot oil is burned in 4 boiler, pour the gallinaceous gizzard that has bloated, urgent fire is fried quickly after becoming angry rapid fish out;
5 pour a few oil again, explode gizzard of the chicken below about 30 seconds turns over a kind of sedge that fry garlic together salt is added to fry divide evenly after frying a minute can.
Special attention: The gizzard that fry chicken must urgent fire is fried quickly;
Garlic a kind of sedge is unfavorable fry too for a long time, lose nutrition of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of among them hot element easily otherwise.

Add the data of a kind of sedge of a few garlic, baidu comes:
Garlic a kind of sedge contains C of A of carbohydrate, crude fibre, carotene, vitamin, vitamin B2, vitamin, Nick acerbity, calcic, phosphor, wait for composition, contain some crude fibre among them, can prevent constipation. Rich vitamin C is contained to have in garlic a kind of sedge fall apparently hematic fat and the action that prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis, can prevent thrombus form. It can protect liver, revulsive liver cell takes off the active with enzymatic poison, can block is broken inferior saltpetre amine the synthesis of carcinogen, prevent the happening of cancer thereby. Garlic a kind of sedge contains hot element, its are antiseptic ability can achieve penicillin very one of, to bacterium of cause of disease and helminth Dou Youliang exterminates action well, can rise to prevent flu, avoid cut infection and helminthic effect.

Sauce burns garlic sprouts bean curd

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Material: Thick broad-bean sauce of county of old bean curd, garlic sprouts, Pi, soy, white sugar, dry chili, Jiang Si


What 1. cuts bean curd 2 centimeters of square is small, garlic sprouts is cut big inclined piece reserve;

2. puts bean curd the simmer in water in boiler to two sides golden, use the oil that keep next, thick broad-bean sauce, will dry chili, Jiang Si fries small fire together a fragrance;

3. puts bean curd piece, right amount water is added after frying divide evenly, did not cross material 1/2 to be accurate;

4. joins white sugar of one spoon soy, one spoon, after big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn into Shang Zhishou of general of medium baking temperature thick;

5. puts garlic sprouts finally, break up fry 10 seconds can.

Can buy off-the-peg scamper beans bubble to replace, such time with respect to bean curd of can managing decoct;

Also can cut bean curd agglomerate hind, put into boiling water, join one spoon salt, scald is ironed a little while, can prevent bean curd to become broken so, suit to fry particularly, the method such as braise.