Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

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[apparently severed] lotus root already disconnected, lotus root silk still is being connected. Compare apparently disengage, still have embroil actually. Point to affection of male and female more not absolutely, difficult give up. In the school explain still clear, often see lotus root, can you also think of this term? Think of the person is worldly hard a lot of affection of give up?
Unripe lotus root has disappear Yu Qing Dynasty to heat up, divide irritated satisfy one’s thirst, hemostatic (nosebleed, hematuria, n/med having blood in one’s stool, uterine haemorrhage) , expectorant, treat pneumonic, all disease such as collapse of blood of the have diarrhoea below tuberculosis, enteritis, lienal empty, woman. After lotus root course is thoroughlied cook, quality by cool become lukewarm, lost the property with disappear Yu hot Qing Dynasty; And turn into beneficial to taste, have the method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood that raise a stomach, beneficial blood, stop the effect of have diarrhoea.

We come a hemp hot lotus root: Additional kind have a way, absolutely hemp hot delicacy is sweet, ah

The leading role with abluent flay, beautiful? (prevent lotus root to become angry, can put in the bubble in the water that added white vinegar to wear, do not fry with pure iron bowl the meeting is nigrescent. )

Lotus root cuts reserve:

Oil pours in boiler, small fire fries pink of sweet chili pink, Chinese prickly ash, (must small fire, papered influence colour and lustre otherwise more influence appetite, master dosage according to individual taste) put lotus root, drop little is white vinegar (come lotus root won’t become angry 2 will hold lotus root fragile bright) , the salt that increase a point, a bit candy breaks up fry a few times, balm of a little dawdle essence, drop gives boiler—-

Go up desk, eat ~0~ Hemp hot Xian Xiangshuang is fragile be conquered by you so

The hemp of current state pot-stewed fowl is hot phoenix claw wishs everybody National Day is happy

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The home is in a suburb, around a lot of factory, make garment trade especially most, making garment industry employer perhaps have an in part is Sichuan and Chongqing, so door mouth a driveway, have 100 meters long almost, have hotel of 56 plain flavour however, holiday business is very hot, if not be,have a meal to restaurant, if outside wanting, selling, avoid talk, because chef is busy,did not come over.

The plain flavour that just contacted to Guangzhou work first time is Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, it is near senior bank road, had not built trestle in those days, there still is the southern large building of famed whole nation on the side, the person is angry also the fluctuation unlike today 9 reach Beijing road not anxiety lets more, the person of 779 time comes Guangzhou play, had not rambled not to calculate to southern edifice had come to Guangzhou, the dormitory that I stay in is south people road, walk along an edifice to still be less than a few minutes, trestle be open to traffic when, slowly a section of a highway all round this cold and cheerless came down, the neighbor of understanding says trestle keeps watch for fun water was destroyed. The result of cold and cheerless is a lot of inn were taken away, inn of Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce also does not know a footprint, how many have some of regret now, because of that Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce I had eaten the most delicious Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, sweet, bright, dry, hot not acerbity mouth arrives I am in now other plain flavour inn also fails savor. Till the plain flavour that arrives in door impediment, basically be Sichuan person leave, those who fry is fish of pickled Chinese cabbage of dish of the daily life of a family, hemp hot phoenix claw, Mao Xiewang. Just know to eat before me no matter be,flavour does not consider plain flavour and Chongqing authentic, little a flavor Chinese prickly ash, chili doing is so little also that chili doing have pity on, reform the taste that fits Guangzhou person. The hemp of plain flavour restaurant of mouth of the door at the beginning of last year is hot phoenix claw 15 yuan a jin, those who go is masses course, pork rises in price, the carnivorous with other complicity also follows mad go up, hemp is hot phoenix claw also goes up 20 yuan a jin, especially fish of pickled Chinese cabbage from 15 yuan go up one dish 28 yuan, although price still can bear, but the drop in the heart is very big still.

The Spring Festival passes this year, I get the hot burden of a packet of big hemp that Sichuan sends, although be to take course of half another name for Guangdong Province in one’s childhood half Hunan dish (birthplace closes in beautiful, it is to be apart from the Guangdong with the closest Hunan to visit a town) , oneself also are can eat hot, still give frightened jump greatly, hot burden of really too much hemp, a lot of burden use large half an year in hemp hot ironed, especially the chili dressing of sauce stuff kind, use noodles served with soy sauce every morning to me ate, stayed several be responsible for a task unit until it is completed the burden that tastes chili bead, be anxious really do not know how to be solved, just remember in one’s childhood Hunan neighbour family expenses rolls pink of oily bubble chili later, join soy to be moved together, with will mix the meal reachs next noodle to eat very sweet. The result tries, the hemp hot dressing that follows plain flavour restaurant almost tastes, what use nevertheless is not rape oil however peanut oil. Thinking sometime to buy phoenix claw to boil will try, still worked really, the bittern that does not know plain ingredient should put what kind of flavor, oneself also are disinclined to get online search, just freezer safe has bittern juice, if not be to often boil bittern alimental to suggest not to withhold bittern juice, the hemp that became edition of current state pot-stewed fowl as a result is hot phoenix claw. The family member says not to eat to give a difference with restaurant, only difference is won’t the mouth works, because did not put gourmet powder, golden slab sugar is joined in bittern juice already enough.

1, gallinaceous claw is abluent drop does water, fly next water, the bubble in devoted ice water is cold after float water, again drop does water, such phoenix claw taste mouthfeel is more fragile.

2, old bittern flavour is very full-bodied, want a bit flavor only already enough. Little of the head of garlic, anise, small fennel. The person that the method of old bittern sees carnivorous additionally does not despise, pig head flesh (click examine) .

3, fry flavor with a bit oil sweet, taste after coming out, boil bittern juice.

4, in pouring gallinaceous claw into the bittern that already rolled boil next, move ammunition small, boil slowly, yield meat of pot-stewed fowl infiltration in. Used half hours probably, phoenix claw is not scooped after involving fire, bubble one bubble more tasty.

5, when the burden first time in bittern is boiled, burden can stay to be used next time, had better not exceed a week, had boiled the 2nd times scoop burden broken bits refuse, the bittern juice that has boiled next time so won’t cloudy same.

6, dry article there are chili of 2 kinds of burdens and Chinese prickly ash in chili bead, enter a bowl in, add a bit sesame seed, burn after rolling peanut oil, drench on.

The means lane hemp that uses oneself is hot, its are happy boundless, have Yan alizarin red, the head of garlic, sweet green. Teaspoon is 1/4 salt, unripe smoke, the chili that mature vinegar, sesame oil adds him flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil is oily, mix with respect to OK, oneself like to make food most coltish, want how with respect to how, that is met much more amused.

The course of a few shape that plain flavour restaurant often takes at the door the home, had sent in cate before, look for less than sticking child, send afresh again.

Mao Xiewang

My love fish of pickled Chinese cabbage most

Acetic smooth Chinese cabbage

Chicken giblets of bubble any of several hot spice plants

Sauce of hemp hot beef

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** of kitchen of ** Sohu cate spends leisurely adrift license without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

*** of sauce of *** hemp hot beef

Graph / article author: Spend leisurely adrift

The happy Eden ** of pig of ** happy pig

<P> Follow father to learn to eat as a child hot, had arrived to not have hot not joyous degree. Mom says I play in one’s childhood to Changzhou, wear in shout when dumpling soup eats in inn want thick chili sauce, give amusing other people. Oneself are gotten into the kitchen directly now, also must do what oneself like to eat of course! Is this hemp hot today is beef sauce I am learning <A Href=http://club.baby.sohu.com/read_art_sub.new.php? B=recipe&a=307679&NoCache=1 Target=_blank> should treat as, very sweet really, becameOn our home dining table everyday indispensable, mix the meal dips in dish is extremely delicious, and it is hotter sweeter. When first time is done, remembering me is fierce hot model, wow, ate glibly to be born sweet, can be too hot, the stomach is original bad, be sent me to express elder sister’s husband by my mom. Was being done later is not too hot, taste even if do not have so sweet. </P>
<P>First the finished product below show</P>

<P>Raw material: End of earthnut, ginger, garlic powder, small chili wrings the chili face that break or has worn, a sweet sauce made of fermented flour (of the green spouse that I use) , bittern beef bead, Chinese prickly ash, white sesame seed</P>

>Do pre-construction first: </P>
<P>1, water boils earthnut: Put earthnut into boiler, put right amount water and salt, firing boil, boil hind opens small fire to continue to be boiled a little while, boiled earthnut skin to knit with respect to OK; </P>
<P>2, Chinese prickly ash is abluent, drop does water, the mixer that uses crossed the right spot is molar (I seem to be ground is not very broken, the flavour that grinds Chinese prickly ash nevertheless had come out)</P>
<P>3, white sesame seed is abluent, drop does water, fall into boiler, firing, dry fry, fry more sesame seed skips it is good to rose, fry too again anxious. </P>

<P>Begin to fry hemp thick chili sauce</P>
<P>1, in pouring oil into boiler (I this oil falls a bit more, oil is bit more nevertheless, saved time can grow a bit, but oil is too much bad also, can cover the fragrance of sauce) , firing</P>
<P>2, oil arrives 7 when becoming heat, enter Chinese prickly ash and chili area, break up fry fragrance comes out</P>
<P>3, join a few salt to break up again fry a few times, enter right amount water, in using, small fire is boiled</P>
<P>4, wait for water to close a little a bit drier when, enter beef bead</P>
<P>5, break up into garlic powder again fry</P>
<P>6, join a sweet sauce made of fermented flour of 2 big spoon, earthnut, small boil a little while, pink of rejoin chicken essence, candy, the five spices, Zi like that pink</P>
<P>7, boil white sesame seed is entered after boiling, can give boiler. </P>

; A bit cool hind, put vitreous bottle in sealed perhaps box, put freezer cold storage, can save half month much. This sauce besides mix the meal dips in outside dish, still can noodles served with soy sauce, fried dish is waited a moment etc. . . . . . </P>
<P>Again beautiful a piece</P>

Hemp is hot the indulge in idle talk that the beer of bright Chuxia summer of small crab enjoys the cool is small feed

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Hemp is hot the bright Chu Xia of small crab — the indulge in idle talk that summer beer enjoys the cool is small feed.

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

Summer already the speed of the as sudden as lightning invaded Beijing, speed lets a person quickly do not have time reaction. A lot of people had opened air conditioning, wow, are some too early? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says, the person is in summer when should go out perspire, favour. My perspire the life began. So, current, do not hold to air conditioning, hold to not blowy fan, be no good really take a fan leaf.

The small crab of market lets person covet for a long time, bright Chu Xia, hemp is hot one dish, drink a bit beer, the sense is good. Nevertheless, can be kubla khah dripping wet really.

Raw material: Small crab 2 jins, green, garlic, Jiang Ge is right amount, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, green pepper is right amount, a few of high-grade Shaoxing wine

(right amount means can add dosage at will according to his be fond of. )

Process: After 1 crab is bought, spit in water spit bubble, next scrub is clean;

2 green, garlic, Jiang Qie reserves into broken end;

Stripping and slicing of hob of 3 green pepper;

After the oil in 4 boiler burns heat, next green, garlic, ginger, dry chili, Chinese prickly ash explodes sweet, enter crab next, break up fry struggle no longer to its, join alcoholic drink of a few high-grade Shaoxing, transfer into essence of salt, chicken, continue to break up fry to water is added to had covered a range after color is erubescent, the boiler on the lid builds medium baking temperature to boil 10 minutes or so;

After ten minutes 5, conflagration receives juice, join green pepper to break up boiler can go out after frying.

Must of the idea ha:

1 balata glove is taken as far as possible when cleaning crab, and the intermediate position that should hold crab (where is knowing really) , can get hurt otherwise ha;

2 do this small crab to should open crab from the chop intermediate allegedly, but, it climbs to climb, I leave a sword without courage really.

Hot Zi of anxious sweet hemp like that slices of fish meat

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** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate
Hot Zi of anxious sweet hemp like that slices of fish meat:

Hot Zi of anxious sweet hemp like that graph of process of slices of fish meat:

Wing of hemp hot duck

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Go to a supermarket discovering duck wing is right today, a few more redemptive, made the duck wing that love takes

It is to disclose a plan below:
1. raw material: Chinese prickly ash, cassia bark, anise, aniseed, ginger, soy, salt, candy, chili
2. water is done, scald
Wing of 3. scald good duck is taken out
4. does not rise water pours in boiler, put condiment of the first pace
5. also puts in duck wing, big phlogistic boil (about 15 minutes) involve fire, if water is put little, but comfortable li of small fire
6. takes out the duck wing that has boiled outfit dish, asperse on pink of Chinese prickly ash, chili face (love eats hemp hot can put much drop) irrigate hot oil in the face, boil gives sweet smell.
Good, finished, proposal everybody air became cool it is better to have taste again, our home is to did not wait normally fully cool dispose of, ah!

Hemp is hot gluttonous hemp hot crayfish

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Hemp is hot gluttonous hemp hot crayfish The injustice of crayfish incur.

Be in what in the bookshops circulates about crayfish inedible hearsay can not be, but the Ma Xiaoyi of each cafeteria is old it is to contend for appear on the market, hangzhou Suzhou is more one fervent, had produced hemp essay card to interlink inn actually. does food detect does the branch look on indifferently? I am not professional personage, but through formidable network search system gets a few more the following information:
1 rely on to eat excrement and urine?
The devoted excrement and urine just regards crayfish as to foster plankton bait when breeding expects, crayfish does not eat excrement and urine.
2 processing sewage?
Home handles the technology of sewage without use crayfish at present. Data of major of random search search knew technology of heavy metal processing.
3 like sewage?
It is viability only stronger just, can live in sewage and not be equal to like sewage.
Do 4 heavy metal exceed bid?
The crayfish of our country exports the European Union country and United States, other country such as Japan in great quantities, they detect to Chinese food serious degree is well-known.
Said again, be like what follow fokelore really if really in that way, the country was banned early. Is Sudan snail of birthday of red, blessing, much is treasure fish example? Work blame leaving crayfish.

Material: Crayfish a jin, sweet Qin a small, garlic both ends, ginger 4 the left and right sides, green Chinese onion a paragraph small
Dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, sweet leaf, anise, caoguo, cooking wine, salt, old smoke right amount
Process: The 1 tooth brush that uses clean scrub of langouste whole body clean, especially aperture of ability to walk, when brushing, the attention does not want to be hurt by the forceps of langouste;
2 sweet Qin are abluent, choose sweet Qin lever only, cut off, garlic has pared abluent cut two half, green is inclined cut;
After hot oil is being burned in 3 boiler, next dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, green, garlic, break up with ginger fry a fragrance (graph 5) , the crayfish that falls to had been washed (graph 6) , add right amount cooking wine, break up fry struggle no longer to langouste; (this pace is crueler, the person that cannot bear does not want to participate in please. )
4 join other afore-mentioned condiment, continue to break up fry. Langouste case is stronger, need is longer ability tasty and squashy;
5 add water appropriately, maintain reverse fried position about 15 minutes, soup juice becomes a little thick, enter sweet Qin paragraph break up fry even can.
Special clew:
1 choose langouste, should choose big martial;
2 scrub langouste when the back that should hold it, had better wear balata glove, maintain a distance with its forceps as far as possible, should not play with it more, lest cause needless consequence;
3 fry when making, if chili is much, may comparative choke, oneself think method is solved.
Fleshy meat flavour is very good inside the big forceps of 4 crayfish, must not discard.

The side of hemp hot Qiao that gives Beibeiqingsheng [maigre appointment]

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[Bitter hemp of cucumber of maigre appointment 047] coils send a longlived person Bei Bei

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Shellfish shellfish fast birthday, send dish of northward potherb ahead of schedule: )

Go for a walk in the country in spring returns, the biggest gains is natural potherb.
Bitter hemp (sound) , one northward and common kind is eaten raw ripe eat all but potherb.
Just as its name implies, suffer from Ma Man but not hemp is breathed out, kind of indescribable faint scent and cucumber are fed together very delicate.
Effect of reduce internal heat has surprised, this plant can not be dandelion breaths out ~

The cucumber that has washed and bitter hemp (bleb is used 15 minutes after bitter hemp choose is clean, clean unboiled water should accuse when eating raw)

Cucumber uses tool section ~

bitter hemp round posse, coil with cucumber: )

Next reoccupy a sweet sauce made of fermented flour flavors, still have illuminative effect at the same time.

Close-up issues ~~

~~~ of ~~~ birthday joy

The hemp hot grilled fish that loses heart mad cate sends M, flower, pig, bewitching…

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[break heart mad cate] hemp hot grilled fish

Graph / civil Break a heart mad

** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** to welcome aboard break ** of ana of · of heart mad cate

Have you all the way…

This fish, it seems that bit of ferocious is breathed out, but absolutely and delicious, quite delicious!

Recently, try hard all the time Qi Feng, arrive from yesterday today, experienced wind of relative of head of breach relative wind, dawdle; Experienced cake of light cheese of be marred by a scar again - destroy cake of look light cheese - of cake of face-lifting light cheese bitter…

Have small M, all the time for company me, accompany me to fight bravely, study prescription together, fail together, catch together mad, breathe out madly to do not have the softness of cave in together, the light cheese cake that mourns me to destroy a look then together…

Really good!


Previously, always be the formula that a person follows elder, slowly oneself consider, but, now, small M, small M for company I, let me carbonado the road that earth up more full of humour and wit!

Had said, this grilled fish, send small M! But, I know, small M and I am same, the day type to spending elder sister is solved of Qi Feng and all the time in detail and the heart is put appreciate! So, make me act on one’s own, do not walk along bout by prescription, hey, beautiful a general term for young women breaths out the grilled fish dry of this ferocious along with all the others ~ M, it is not OK to must not say!

Still have a pig, this serious and meticulous person, I do not know how to should convey me to love to yours! You are so serious meticulous, fill my regret to him disposition blemish; And you must come seriously so true and reliable! Close, it is really good to have you!

As to, bewitching, hey, this is like me the person of general make threatening gestures! Learned your grilled fish, can not let you have an opening! I also had been done previously, but did not think of to be able to be scattered unexpectedly on all sorts of sachet again roast meeting is more delicate, viewed your course of action, just had the enemy that is made 95 minutes by dish head hemp hot grilled fish oh!

Still have a lot of a lot of people, hey, did not call-over, tacit haing ~ this fish, cannot mix so much dehisce really! You order dishes, I am done, at most I return next year! Be no good really, still have the year after next, three years from now, big three years from now, big big three years from now!

Hey, have you all the way, true Tmd is good ah ~ of toot of Ao of ~ Ao toot


Raw material:
Grass carp (2 jins) ; Asparagus lettuce (make an appointment with 250g) ; Beautiful dish (make an appointment with 350g)
Pink of dry chili, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash, oily, salt, ginger, cooking wine, soy is right amount

Course of action:

1. Grass carp goes scale, splanchnic, cheek, abluent, to analyse, beautiful knife is hit on piscine body
2. The fish uses souse of right amount salt, Jiang Mei, cooking wine, soy 30 minutes, the area searchs among
3. Asparagus lettuce flay cuts lozenge piece, reserve
4. Beautiful dish breaks Cheng Xiaoduo with the hand
5. Immerse 10 minutes with brine, abluent, reserve, oven 200 degrees of warm-up
6. Bake dish of shop tinfoil, good souse fish is put on tinfoil
7. The tinfoil on the lid, enter oven, 200 degrees, middle-level, 10 minutes
8. Take out the fish from inside oven, open superstratum silver paper, brush on oily, do not build tinfoil, enter oven again, 10 minutes
9. After 10 minutes, take out the fish, brush on soy
10. is brushed again on oily, do not build tinfoil, bake 15 minutes into furnace afresh

Next, use bake make time, make distribute food

Water is added in 11. boiler, join salt
12. adds oil, heat water
13. puts ready asparagus lettuce and beautiful food, scald
14. water again after boil, scoop asparagus lettuce and beautiful dish, reserve
15. takes out the fish from inside oven again, scatter on pink of Chinese prickly ash, bake 5 minutes into oven
16. sits boiler heat is oily, explode chili of smoked bean curd, Chinese prickly ash, burn oil heat
17. fish is taken out from inside oven, get on asparagus lettuce and beautiful dish code in the fish
18. drenchs the hemp hot oil of boiling hot go up in the fish, reentry oven bakes 5 minutes can

Measure graph



Language of mad Yan Feng:

* asks the size according to furnace temperature and fish to adjust accordingly roast temperature, time
When * souse cruelly oppress, because use salt and sauce at the same time, notice heft please
The choice that * distributes food is varied, a kind of any vegetable that can choose you to like or fungus
* if be addicted to is hot, can scattering pink of Chinese prickly ash while, scatter on chili pink


Below period premonitory: Arrive from be marred by a scar destroy a look, from destroy the light cheese cake that allows face-lifting


Click a picture to enter break kitchen of heart mad cate