Cake of kidney bean of kidney bean darling

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Without permitting = to must not be reprinted

Before feeling I had been carried, enter 50 hind (be born the fifties) psychological state ~~~

The fellow of Guo Guo says, the person is in young when just can be willing to think of change, when live after 40 years old without mood environment, working environment, human affairs environment these a variety of. Arrived again a few older, a few somes of slight changes in often can living day after day are not willing. So. Old person most fear a change. . .

And I, I present. Be less than me 30 years old, very special and contented current condition, do not want to know new friend, do not want to go to new place experiencing the life, do not want to have any small fluctuant, take a walk not to think another way, have a meal not to want to use another bowls, the desktop does not want to change new color. . . . I present had lived in mood of 50 years old. . . .

Let me carry this kind of mental state a few somes of moment, fill report I can answer me young again, be willing to think of change which I, should put a ~~~ of false cough up to the heart

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Acquire a mug-up the other day. Leading role is kidney bean ~~~

Kidney bean is the burden that in one’s childhood mom takes Bao pig foot only in memory. That moment goods and materials is not resembled now such diversity. Bao pig foot uses besides ormosia be kidney bean. And kidney bean price often crosses ormosia high, so if go to a country, master home end gives foot of pig of Bao of one boiler kidney bean to come, be highest to the guest entertainment. . .

Eat kidney bean, I should pare kidney bean skin eats the beans inside only every time, when having a meal so, always see I eat two meals to put down a chopstick to pare again a few beanses, mom says I eat very disgustingly. Total meeting check I, then I secretly pare, secretly eat, ha. . . Ten years had not eaten kidney bean, this snack just in time is to use pared kidney bean make it of the skin, need not I am again furtive *^_^*


1. looks, can share what going out is, 4 option: The kidney bean darling that water of bubble of? of carry on Kang is brought up overnight. Take off the darling of naked kidney bean of the dress. The kidney bean appearance that is taken off. Can right go up date *^_^*

2. does kidney bean half jins to immerse after one night, the naked kidney bean of the appearance that be taken off.

3. adds water to boil. If be high-pressured boiler can be boiled very quickly,rot, I boiled half hours with electric meal Bao.

4. boils good Yun Dourong, take the advantage of heat to join a few white sugar agitate to leave. Some beanses were not boiled completely sodden, but I did not crush it, in Jia Zaiyun sweetened bean taste now and then eat two very pretty good also.

The gauze that goes up clean is spread in 5. escape unpunished.

6. goes in kidney bean sand.

7. receives the mouth of good gauze. Squeeze a redundant moisture. Do not squeeze too dry, otherwise kidney bean sand can come loose, cannot shape.

8. does good kidney bean sand. Increase the likelihood that on a few red sanded him make it like. The mouthfeel after putting freezer to refrigerate is first-rate. Icy.

It is to want to do a bit more beautiful, when who knows plastics screwy, make sinister in appearance appearance appearance, violated me completely to want to convey the idea of lovely smiling face. Break down ~~ breaks down ~~~

Eat kidney bean opportunely

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Eat kidney bean opportunely- - still do not grow the flesh simply tastily again already
Graph / article author: Gluttonous small hutch woman
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

** ** of my cate rich guest
Summer enrage hot very much person to not be willing to have a meal every day, especially of big fish big meat, look at queasy, at this moment cold dish became a indispensable scenery on table. I do not know how everybody eats kidney bean commonly, our home besides kidney bean of dry stir-fry before stewing, it is the kidney bean potato that stew. Again good thing, changeless change pattern is washed out easily also. Go with the friend some time ago snow mountain eats chicken, wanted kidney bean of a dish of cold and dressed with sause, I lean to me this kind is fond of is the world simply for the person that has the flesh delicate ah. This does not come home I also am pounded accordingly be vacated. Tell the truth those who do is pretty good still, the family member also likes quite, share with everybody today. The way is super and simple, and need not sootiness fire burn, eating to return tastily, the key is not long flesh.

Kidney bean is the food with rich nutrition, a kind of poisonous protein is contained in its seed bead nevertheless, ability must fall to be destroyed in high temperature, so edible kidney bean must be thoroughlied cook boil fully, remove adverse factor, hasten benefit avoids kill, produce its nutrition beneficial result better.

Raw material: Wen of ⑾ of poisonous  of ⑽ of lofty of ⒀ of Cong Ting of billows of Juan of hole of ⑽ of Suan of scepter of ⒋ of  of scull of ⒙ of collapsing Kang a low bank of earth between fields

Manufacturing process: ?
1, kidney bean is abluent, take out the old muscle of two side, on boiler evaporate is ripe (with water the mouthfeel that boil is differred far) , air is cool (before doing not have evaporate)

2, hemp juice adds agitate of water, balm, soy, salt even, garlic pounds mashed garlic, kidney bean cuts what control into 5 centimeters paragraph
3, 2 in all material that has handled is put into the basin, join gourmet powder agitate even, install dish can

**** warmth hints:
1, kidney bean must choose tender white kidney bean
2, it is evaporate certainly do not boil
3, kidney bean must evaporate is ripe

Cake of recreational mug-up kidney bean

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Sent yesterday stick child imposed fine, quite happy, today again show off one’s skill!
Saw on TV with Bai Yun the beans does cake of sweetened bean taste to eat yesterday, cannot help also trying today, etc when finishing, can give me tired bad, look be like do simply not allow really easy ah!

I am sorry friends I forget original shape of white kidney bean to illuminate come down, boil good picture only, it is the sort of become known bean.

Material: Total Kang? 4 51 jins, I bought two fund, stuffing of a bag of sweetened bean taste.


1. first bean bubble a hour, issue boiler to boil about 1 half hours next, (20 minutes are enraged on the word of high-pressured boiler) must give Sha Caihang, do otherwise do not come out.

The air after the bean such as 2. has been boiled is cool, flay, look for a bolt above back and forth rub, leather nature stays in above, the sieve comes out is farinaceous completely. My home does not have steel wire the sort of what I use screen is this kind of screen mesh, it is I wash dish to use usually, the feeling also has held out those who use. Must have patience oh, all sieve is over very tired really ah!

3. cuts open tile with the food bag in the home (also can replace with Qu Bu, take a picture to go to the lavatory, I used food bag, quite good also with. Surely unexpectedly I make an amount little. The shop with good the sieve bean even pink above both sides polybag 50% discount be equal to a bean pink the bag rises, make the same score with rolling pole roll, open squeeze equably aside on sweetened bean taste, borrowing plastic at the same time slowly furl, had wrapped till complete cloth.

4. cuts small even outfit with Dao Zhanshui dish can!

Regard as at ordinary times bit heart eats pretty good, for husband bout:

You do this,

I say: Before

You still can do this, you are more and more marvellous

Is this a form of usury in the old society?

Either, kidney bean face is done

Hum, be delicious!

Although very tired hear these more or less to comfort a bit in the heart, etc next time redo does not know really when.

覓 of 覓 of 尋 of 尋 of kidney bean 捲

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** not 經 龍 兒 allows, 圖 of this post content character piece do not get 轉 載 or pick 編 **

Do not think heart of 這 path 點 originally. . . .
Because of 為 , do not quite good-lookingly; is patted is 難 more look. . .
Not 過 , not 曉 gets 還 to have did not have 機 會 redo, so, 還 is 讓 it gives 來 .

To at. . 題 of that 個 標 , is 覓 of 尋 尋 覓 幹 ?
Namely, I am seeking authority. . .

Search very 麼 person 嗎 ?
Look for your 們 . . . .

Do not know 為 very 麼, each other jump over feeling 覺 來 jumps over 遠. . . .
Those who go go, the 當 class of 當 class. . . .

I did not have QQ, also did not have Sohu rich settle or live in a strange place. . . .

Hum. . . Do not know 還 wants 說 very 麼. . . .
It is anyway. . . 懷 having 點 reads aloud the 時 of my 剛 來 to await, the 氣 atmosphere of 鬧of that 種 熱

Good, 這 of not much 說 some the character 語 of feeling 嘆 .
See material follow a practice ~~

150g (of white sweetened bean taste 無 candy 無 is oily)
紅 sweetened bean taste 75g (city makes work)

The practice of white sweetened bean taste:

Of the previous night of water of bubble of @ 將 white kidney bean, wait for film of take out of 發 脹 after.
@ puts the water that measures with 適 in 鍋 to boil 爛 . (Water but 蓋 過 bean can)

@ boils the 狀 態 that with broach to bean one jab defeats can flameout.
@ is put into 調manage 機 to be hit into 細 slippery 狀 .
@ reoccupy 鍋 child its fry 將 male. (Press 壓 to be able to become 團 塊)
What # 這 裡 uses is the white sweetened bean taste of oil of 無 candy 無.
If # wants sweet, can add the candy that 適 measures.
# if the 時 of Sha Taiqian 捲 awaits 擔 heart white beans to crack 開 more easily than 較 , the 還 that build 議 is to add little 許 oil to increase 潤 to slip degree.

@ uses model 膠 bag, sanded 桿 of 將 Bai Dou becomes the chip of 30×10 Cm.
@ 紅 sweetened bean taste also uses identical means 桿 to become slightly small chip.
On sand of the Bai Dou on 鋪 of sweetened bean taste of @ 將 紅, slowly the 來 since 捲 .
@ 捲 becomes after of 圓 column 狀 , put freezer to refrigerate one small 時.
@ is taken out cut 塊 can edible.

If 進 of your 無 law enters my rich settle or live in a strange place, the means under 請 試 試 :
(Special Yolandallen of 別 feeling 謝 offerred 這 個 way)

Go in first this website Http:// OR Http://
Next inter address column (Web Address) address of guest of that input rich: Http:// can go in

Or 許 needs much 試 幾 second oh ~~

If be no good, also but the 網 location Http:// that 試 試 無 is short of eldest brother to offer
謝 謝 無 is short of eldest brother.

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

Online88 namely 時 chats is 統

Hand roll face (add way of dish of kidney bean face) [dizi manufactures]

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Hand roll face (add way of dish of kidney bean face) [Dizi manufactures]

Graph / article author: A Ludi
[Achieve formerly] permit without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate
**** opens a language ****

Often think oneself make range of roll of turn around and stretch out one’s hand early, saw Candey JJ carefully make the daily record of hand roll face again today, also should contact practice theoretically now.

Measure: Flour probably 669, infiltrate an egg, one small hold salt and alkaline deliquescent in half bowls of water, fall in flour, knead divide evenly, knead fully, into stiff dough group, the lid lasts film wakes for some time. Take dough knead a few times again, roll becomes round cake state.
Coil dough to go up in rolling pole, roll roll face battles ceaselessly, face skin with respect to roll thin, often scatter some of dry flour, prevent face skin adhesion.
The skin of the biggest a piece of face that I dare say to this is roll of my throughout history, originally I think roll arrives counted, want to have a try can see a word through face skin, sweat | | | , see even him hand however not clear, catch roll again then a little while.
The face skin with good roll a cascade rises, tangent plane, wide fine along with oneself, anyway I also do not have that knife labour, cut casually, the area that has cut trembles diffuse, scatter some of flour to prevent adhesion, had fallen to boil for some time too, boiled time cannot grow in that way with the dry noodle that buys, can boil sodden.

Add: Practice of dish of kidney bean face
Noodle is delicious, face dish (face bittern) very important, resemble area of fried bean sauce, fried bean sauce is the soul same. You like what food, OK bittern of make it face, I love to eat kidney bean, make food with it,
Tender kidney bean is abluent, cut granulate, green ginger cuts end, the flesh cuts granulate, raise a little while with starch, the meeting after such good doing is tender
Oil is put in boiler, with stir-frying at ordinary times, fry the flesh first, put green ginger, put acetic sauce, enter kidney bean, break up fry, add salt, continue stir-fry before stewing is fried, put right amount boiled water finally, to kidney bean soft sodden, put gallinaceous essence of life, balm, give boiler, irrigate the noodle that has boilinging to go up

Really common noodle can not compare the flavour of hand roll face, but roll face skin is honest too weighty, that gentleman that invents the machine that control an aspect with respect to one talent, liberated how many labour force, arm still aches to now, still buy later off-the-peg

** more enters my rich guest **

Kidney bean flesh is wrapped- - [collect] board industry room

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Flesh of *** kidney bean is wrapped- - [collect] *** of board industry room
Graph / article author: There is the of great capacity in fokelore (C)
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****
<** loves family, love cate, love is beautiful, love life **/a>

Termed begins have streak. .
At long last what do a thing when the home piece small arrange send. . .
A lot of stuffs can be lost when the person has, but believe me, the Dong Yu that break, the Sang Yu that close. . . Can get compensating. . .
If encounter difficulty. Bold and generous ground laughs. . .
Ceng Ji is denied, my failure and great. . .

Kidney bean flesh is wrapped, family likes to eat most. .

Raw material:
Flour, yeasty, pork stuffing (the hand cuts delicious) , kidney bean, peanut oil, unripe smoke, face of Chinese prickly ash, salt, the flavoring such as candy.

The measure that includes steamed stuffed bun authority is very actually clear. . .
Knead dough of 1. yeasty water, still ferment.
2. pork stuffing first put away condiment is placed a little while.
3. kidney bean cuts Xiaoding, fry in the bowl that puts few peanut oil to, easy ripe.
4. mixes the flesh and kidney bean.
5. is wrapped ah bag, think the bag is what kind of wrap what kind of. . Hey
Evaporate of the boiler on 6. is ripe, eat. . It is in small bowl dried meat 8 garlic. . I do not love

Intention make it is delicate namely.

Of water of the kidney bean of cake of red red kidney bean that boil use effectively

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Weather is gloomy and cold good paragraph of time, I am about the same hibernant, I cold did the feeling of cate to be frozen, cake of this kidney bean still does before, gave the sun inaccessibly today, take bask in bask in.

Hair of kidney bean bubble is thoroughlied cook after 1 day, I was not boiled sodden, but taste already very crisp.

The water of the kidney bean that boil does not fall, join right amount rock candy to boil melt away completely to rock candy. Stand-by.

Currant is right amount, clear water bubble 10 minutes. (this is husband strong demand puts)

Ground rice 200g, 100g of pink of polished glutinous rice.

the kidney bean that thoroughly cook, currant, and right amount lemon juice and ground rice mix.

The water that adds the kidney bean that boil is right amount. (a few a few add)

Compare because of what do much, I am used on the cake model of the 8 Inch that makes cake, after entering the mixture above the mould, press smooth on boiler evaporate 30 minutes.

The stripping and slicing after refrigeration can. When eating, can heat up.

Do not know outside such also doing of the red of the rice cake that sell come out?

Sauce of almond of fermented bean curd moves kidney bean

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Sauce of almond of fermented bean curd moves kidney bean

Practice: Kidney bean choose is very abluent, break two paragraphs, scald is ripe, add fermented bean curd and almond sauce to mix divide evenly can.

Very simple, nevertheless we feel very good to eat, it is the taste that my home likes.

Remembered this time taking the bottle of almond sauce, to on the friend that answers the almond sauce that says to want to see me buy to pack looks, do not have what curious, bake sauce of ripe big almond wear namely, do not have any other part to add.