[Bask in the bowl NO.17] lovely abnormity that basks in me

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The person that loves the life loves cate certainly, the word says: Cate matchs the United States implement, I love the life, also love cate, same love is beautiful implement — beautiful tableware always can let me fondle admiringly.
When the small home that writes down so that be oneself purchases the first batch of dinner service, we still live in the rented house, do not have the tableware of redemptive a complete set of so. Although be a few so fragmentary and redemptive, but also noticed design and color, and later additional moment, carry an original some to be the same as tableware of design and color as far as possible.
Be in such 0 in buying, have the abnormity dinner service of different convention now and then, the meeting because that one joker is lovely and be held in both hands to come home by me. Still the individual brand in the supermarket can be in sales promotion when give a few tailor-made dinner service, also became the target that I love.
Here reveals a few when I collect lovely abnormity bowls.

This is the bowl of ancient painted pottery of an antic face, that outstanding round head nose is the most lovely.

This is the vitreous bowl that a glittering and translucent get rid of appears much shuttle, I am used commonly fill syrup to drink.

This is a polygon is lovely small bowl, weak I like green color very much.

This is the coloured glass bowl that has horizontal grain only, it is the booty of sales promotion activity.


The small lovely biscuit of happy darling

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Cake of strange interesting pumpkin wishs lovely Ka Ka Laoshi birthday is happy

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** of ** Sohu West Point is permitted without HEHE of author chalk head, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

Cake of strange interesting pumpkin wishs lovely Ka Ka Laoshi birthday is happy
Graph / article author: Chalk head HEHE
Raw material: Pink of pumpkin, polished glutinous rice, white sesame seed, condensed milk, candy, chocolate, carry child dry

About several days ago, saw the card of Ka Mr. Ka, know August 23 is her birthday, I am written down, also wanting to send to give her deliciously to celebrate unripe.
Thought very long, still decide to make pumpkin cake, will still remain a paragraph of pumpkin last, 2 come still feel oneself make pumpkin cake most expert.
Him number, I had sent the card of series of pink of pumpkin polished glutinous rice not little, what pattern can you still reverse?
Was opposite, the cake of the pumpkin body that sees last is very good-looking, that I also clone bout!
Still have the pumpkin cake that I make with new pattern last, everybody’s echo is pretty good also, also become bit of giving Ka Mr. Ka.
Be no good, ka Mr. Ka should feel to do not have new idea, still do redo to nod different — we deserves to go up again bit of other facial expression, will one time innovate smally. Believe Ka Mr. Ka can like.
Finally, look at oneself to pound the work that rouses foolishly, considered a name — cake of strange interesting pumpkin, send Ka Ka, joy of birthday of wishing Ka Mr. Ka, laugh at a mouth to often leave, also wish Ka Ka is mixed pull pull happy, long happy, continue interesting word tissue — I am waiting to look!

Come first graph of a piece of finished product:

(one) boil (evaporate) pumpkin

1, buy pumpkin (if pursue such, of long circle) , flay. Dissection, go seed, put into boiler to put very few water to thoroughly cook.

2, the pumpkin that thoroughly cook does not carry water, explain this one pace is very successful. Put candy agitate, at this moment pumpkin can become rare, if be boiled before you pumpkin can turn into soup if pumpkin carries water. Be sure to keep in mind so, must work. If you can use microwave oven, you also can put pumpkin into microwave oven to do ripe, such pumpkin do not carry water. You are OK still a pumpkin evaporate is ripe, such, the moisture of pumpkin is very few also. Prepare the data of knead dough: Pink of polished glutinous rice and condensed milk.

(2) puppy pumpkin cake
1, put powder of polished glutinous rice first in the basin, join the pumpkin that thoroughly cook next, add bit of condensed milk, knead a group, knead dough not have a hand in, face light. Cent becomes a certain number of portions, roll is smooth, make appearance with the mould.

2, heat melt chocolate, join pink of polished glutinous rice to knead a group.
Undertake decorating on the small cake of all sorts of appearance, the appearance that makes all sorts of puppy (kitten, giant panda… )

(3) small pumpkin
After cent becomes a certain number of small groups, gather first round, again in a way presses oblate form, carry face engrave stripe on the back with the penknife, carrying by on one child dry when melon handle.

(4) chocolate pumpkin coils
Preparative pumpkin dough, chocolate dough each one, open pumpkin dough roll first, put chocolate dough, again roll leaves, furl next strip, dissection finally.

These pumpkin cake or evaporate, or decoct, you think Ka Mr. Ka how to eat! !
Ah! ! Fasten monkey urgent monkey is urgent oh!
Today, our Ka Ka need not crouch one him corner a person spends birthday, our Ka Ka still looks for one corner on the sly smelly beauty goes! The flower is spent the first, I the 2nd, still have certainly, you go with respect to the United States! ! ! </b>

Give lovely armed police officers and soldiers exceed soft bright grandma to say department greatly

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** is permitted without author cabbage caterpillar, must not be reprinted or extract and compile **

*** gives lovely armed police officers and soldiers [exceed soft bright grandma to say department greatly] beauty of ELLEN の cate engraves ***

Graph / article author: Cabbage caterpillar

** life let me know cate, cate lets me more have deep love for the life! ~ **

Life is such flimsy, instant of a catastrophe claimed the life of so much person, these days our family all the time expect is by the side of the television, paying close attention to the situation of a disaster of Sichuan, their life is affecting the heart of all of us, see orderly school building turned one caboodle into caboodle remains, see young life became inflexible body, the past indelicacy that our tear does not stop, aching I besides aching aching still, poor children, why old day should claim your young life, plaint on the storehouse is unjust to yours, these days the good deep feeling of grief with my true mood, see the reporter interviews a famous person today, ask he kisses friend or brotherly elder sister people die in this disaster, he says to have, sichuan so much the person was snatched by this disaster life, the brotherly elder sister that they are me people, say really well, I also feel sure before big calamity to have big love, the national capital in us is a family, no matter you are the it may not be a bad idea of Sichuan person, the it may not be a bad idea of Shanghai person, the it may not be a bad idea of Peking Man, the it may not be a bad idea of Hong Kong person, the Taiwanese’s it may not be a bad idea, the it may not be a bad idea of Tibetan person, we are brotherly elder sister people, before big calamity we cannot shrink back, my everybody wants a rich money, exert oneself strongly, the people that is disaster area gives our love, this is not to say empty talk, say honest, if I am deep at disaster area, I can do justice work certainly, help them rebuild together home gives my scanty power, although our contribution is potential right for them, it is an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation really, but filament twists is inexhaustible energy, we should be before this catastrophe adamancy rises, letting common people see our Chinese won’t be destroyed to suffer a defeat forever.

Do today this exceeds soft bright grandma to say department greatly, I should give be stranded for rescue day and night in disaster area the armed police officers and soldiers of personnel, hope they do not want too took care, their comfort the heart that also affecting us euqally! ~

Lovely shellfish shellfish lays card of gather of day big eat

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Wish me birthday of dear little sister is happy above all!

Wish a little sister again: Love eats not to gain flesh, beauty often is accompanied! Make money much much, pearl heart is changeless ^O^

It is everybody below the birthday big eat that dear sisters get on for Bei Bei, because of Bei Bei inconvenience gets online, the likelihood cannot eat in time, here I replace her to express to be thanked heartily to everybody’s blessing! : )

Click a picture to see Yuan Tie, the rank is not divided early or late, if have,omit ask an a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender to tell me, I can be added as soon as possible ha! ^O^

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Give Beibeiqingsheng’s hemp hot Qiao side Author: The fat hutch woman of Home Betty

Ma Fen of yoghurt blue berry is celebrated to shellfish shellfish elder sister unripe Author: Maple1204

Acid is sweet strawberry sauce wishs Beibeisheng day is happy Author: Midnight flower is not a flower

The expert sauce duck that wishs lovely Beibeisheng day is happy ahead of schedule Author: Yellow is ugly small duck

The daily life of a family fries cake to wish belle of Bei Bei, a small room birthday is happy Author: Wander alluring woman

Cucumber suffers from hemp to coiling to send a longlived person Bei Bei Author: Be angry green raise child

One chicken two eat wish lovely Beibeisheng day is happy Author: Tung Mom kitchen

Pineapple sends Bei Bei! Author: Sit see the cloud rise 00

Almond sago dew sends a small room and Bei Bei Author: Fluffy little potato

Countless ties wishs a small room and shellfish shellfish birthday are happy Author: Flying Xue Moshuang

One chicken two eat wish lovely Beibeisheng day is happy!

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One chicken two eat, wish lovely Beibeisheng day is happy!
Graph / article author: Tung Mom kitchen
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen

When I give all corners of the country again, comfortable meet dear of lovely ~ of birthday of shellfish shellfish community shellfish, you can choose time to breath out ~ really
Having is not to have chicken not to become a banquet, serve this Yi Shang to lovely Bei Bei also fleshy dish, wish Bei Beiqing Chun Yong is stationed in ~ to jump over young ~ heart to think the thing becomes ~ alive more

Material preparation:
1, material assembles:
Earthy chicken a chop a few red jujubes do half jins of dried mushrooms a few times two Zhigong collect predict dried bean milk cream in tight rolls a horse’s hoof 3
Jiang Cong is right amount.
2, chop is abluent the float in next boiler irons 1 minute.
3, scoop up reinstate cold water to be rinsed clean.
4, dry dried bean milk cream in tight rolls is cut paragraph immerse with cold water.
5, dried mushrooms and red jujube immerse with cold water.
6, Gong Luobo and shape of horse’s hoof section.

Bao soup process:

7, in boiler fall enough much water, chicken leaving ground, Jiang Pian, green paragraph.
8, Bao of fire of the make down after conflagration Bao leaves 15 minutes, later cease-fire dip 10 minutes. (time offers reference only, the size that inspects chicken is decided with the mouthfeel that likes to eat, the chicken in the picture is insufficient two jins)
9, 10, good dip chicken scoops up an outfit dish, the green in boiler paragraph also scoop come out to desertion.
11, the chop that has pressed float cold water enters boiler in.
12, enter the Gong Luobo that has cut and horse’s hoof boiler in.
13, will pour boiler via immerse and cleaning clean dried mushrooms and red jujube in.
14, conflagration Bao leaves, bao of make down fire 50 minutes.
15, the dry dried bean milk cream in tight rolls with be joined good via immerse and be being cleaned finally opens conflagration Bao 5 to 10 minutes.

(this soup is finished, add salt to flavor)

Ginger very light blue cuts chicken to make:

1, already the chicken with ripe dip.
2, ginger, green is right amount. (the ginger in the home is insufficient, I added a Sha Jiang) .
3, ginger, green parts chop is sodden, mincing.
4, chop sodden, mincing Jiang Cong is loaded salt is added in a container.
5, add in boiler than stir-frying at ordinary times the Sha Jiang below dotty oil explodes sweet.
6, will explode in the container that Jiang Cong fills before the Sha Jianglian that gives sweet smell heats up oil to fall together.
7, gallinaceous behead hanging wall.

Come piece of close-up:

What Bei Bei eats this dish to must remember me certainly is good oh ~

Welcome to my rich guest

The expert sauce duck that wishs lovely Beibeisheng day is happy ahead of schedule

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The expert sauce duck that wishs lovely Beibeisheng day is happy ahead of schedule

[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile kitchen of ** community cate

April 9 is Bei Bei’s birthday, because a few days cannot get online, give Bei Bei the beatific food of a birthday ahead of schedule so: Also be me most one of dish of expert sauce duck, hope Bei Bei can like! The blessing is not in in the stand or fall of dish intention is breathed out! (outer net suspends a week)

Wish Beibeisheng day is happy!

The handsome young man teachs me to make Spanish food — Tortilla

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The Iago Iago that does Tortilla is a very lovely and virtuous handsome young man. If not be the cousin of he and bradawl, I do not know I can find Cambridge to hold. My so heavy baggage, also thanks to he, see such handsome young man, make me compunctious why take so much baggage continuously. Not only such, he is my cooking very bigly still the first when be in England. . . .