The taro 頭 of 圓 of 團 of 兩 of 08 people month is crisp [share short skin 製 to make 訣 竅]

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雖 like that, crisp 餅 my 還 is not to be done very well, but compared with last year, I am have a result than 較 .
Accordingly, the 點 that I want to share my 製 to make short skin with everybody drips, hope 對 has 幫 to aid at the friend 會 that wants to make heart of this 類 點.

One pace of my 們 來 . . . . . .

Above all 餡 of 準 備 good 內 . 這 second I want to make egg of taro 頭 鹹.

Practice of & of 內 餡 material:
From 黃 of 製 鹹 egg 6 個 (the 參 of 處 manage 請 of 鹹 egg takes an examination of egg 黃 crisp)
Taro mud 240g
20g of brown granulated sugar
Butyric 20g

1. 將 taro 頭 cuts 塊 evaporate ripe, the 壓 that take the advantage of 熱 becomes mud.
2. Like that candy and butter knead after rejoin 勻 備 is used.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ also can replace butter to suckle fragrance in order to increase with 鮮 butter.
Suckle the friend of fragrance to Wu Buxi 歡, also can use attar of general certain herbaceous plants with big flowers or salad oil to wait.
@ wants slippery 潤 of 緻 of 內 餡 細 , oily deal needs 須 wants to increase again. My recipe is low candy low oil!

Mud of 1. 將 taro is divided into 12 divide into equal parts.
2. divides 別 to wrap 備 of egg of half 顆 鹹 to use.

The material of outermost layer of skin reachs a way:
It is OK that 內 餡 does good after 開 only then do ~ of ~ of 囉 of outermost layer of skin

Tall pink 46g
Low pink 46g
Candy pink 12g
Butter 16g
White oily 16g
Water 48g

But outermost layer of skin of 個 of make it 30gx6

Attention: Feel embarrassed, left 1 reach left I put the 圖 of 2 turned over.
1. The material appreciably beyond 將 water mixes.
2. Join water 將 slowly again its mix knead 勻 .  
3. Chase 漸 knead smooth the 麵 糰 of not sticky hand.
4. Relax of 鬆 of bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 30 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The deal of the water in material of @ outermost layer of skin needs him 調to rectify, need 須 is kneaded.
The butyric 換 of half of @ my 將 becomes white oil, because 歡 of happy event of 較 of 為 my comparing is hard,be fragile mouthfeel. If you are fond of 歡 to compare 較
Crisp, can use butter.

該 of 應 of outermost layer of skin is the 麵 糰 that extends 強 of sexual photograph 當 . Be like left 圖.
Outermost layer of skin of 將 of after of 鬆 relax 過 is broken up, again rub becomes 長 model. Be like right 圖.

The material of short reachs a way:
The 時 of relax of 鬆 of 當 outermost layer of skin is awaited, can 製 makes short.

Low pink 70g
Finest cream (Ghee) 42g

But short of 個 of make it 18gx6

1. Summary 為 mixes 將 material.
2. Mix with the hand knead the short 麵 糰 to 無 pink bead.
3. Break up after rub 圓.

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
@ Finest cream namely butter of 100 % 純 . (圖 piece 請 點: Video 館- - bake material piece)
個 person is fond of 歡 to make short with 製 of finest cream 來 . Fragrance and effect very not 錯. If did not have,also can use
What other 適 closes is oily.
@ In the part of short, oily deal needs 調rectifies him 須 . 務 makes surely the soft 軟 of short 與 outermost layer of skin is spent is very
Adjacent. Short 雖 is not provided like that extend a gender, but very soft 軟 also is on feel. 並 unlike I last year
體 會 , break with respect to 會 forcibly.  
If your short is brittle, 該 of that 麼 應 is too male. Oily deal needs to increase.  

Short skin 製 makes pace 驟

1. Take one outermost layer of skin, 將 兩 carries 壓 of the 間 in going to to close. A little 壓 is flat.
2. Put one 顆 short. 環 of left hand tiger’s mouth-jaws of death lives outermost layer of skin, receive 緊 slowly.
3. The right hand enters outermost layer of skin with 壓 of 時 將 short in, till binding off.
4. Receive 緊 轉 mouth, the outermost layer of skin of 將 much 餘 is by 壓 on 麵 糰.
5. The buy on binding off face at the desktop.

6. Short skin uses a hand summary 為 is pressed flat, like that after by in 間 carries 桿 開 to 兩 . The 長 that big 約 is one 個 palm is spent.
7. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . On binding off face, 鬆 relax 10 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)

8. With the hand summary 為 壓 is flat, by in 間 becomes 長 to 兩 end 桿 model. The 長 that big 約 is 2 個 palm is spent.
9. Rise by next upgrade 捲 . Binding off is gadarene, 鬆 relax 20 minutes of 鐘 . (記 gets bag of 膠 of Fu 蓋 model)
對 of after of 過 of 10. 鬆 relax cuts 開 partly, can 進 luggage 餡.

Bag 餡

1. Take skin of one 顆 short, on tangent plane face, press a little flat, again 桿 becomes 圓 piece.
2. 將 圓 piece the 來 that turn over 過 , put 餡 after, the gimmick that is like the 餅 that include a month with 類 has been wrapped.
Binding off after can be in desktop 滾 one, 調rectifies good look 狀 .
3. Put 預 熱 to 200 degrees oven, the 約 that bake 20 - 25 minutes of 鐘 .

Little hint of 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance:
The rate of short of 與 of @ outermost layer of skin should be taken hold well. 過 of rate of outermost layer of skin is tall, finished product 較 is hard, 層 second also compare 較 not
Clear. If short rate 過 is tall, 則 會 creates the situation with 開 of not easy 桿 or crisp leakage 況.
The 時 of 開 of 桿 of @ short skin is awaited, the force wants all 勻 , 這 樣 make 來 gift is nice.
@ if the 時 of 開 of 擔 heart 桿 awaits 會 sticky in the desktop, can scatter some of hand pink to prevent at the desktop touch.
OK also one 層 of 舖 model 膠 bag.
The 鬆 relax 階 that @ 製 makes 過 Cheng paragraph, it is 為 the 時 in 桿 開 awaits 讓 麵 muscle easy extend.
Bag of 膠 of the model on 蓋 or the film that protect 鮮 is 為 prevent exterior 結 Pi Huoqian to crack.  

Did not have quality of make it 雙, 層 second is seeing a 來 or 許 very bright 顯 ?
Not 過 myself knows, 這 is compared last year a lot of.
這 second did not have completely defeat crisp tired 擾 , also not 會 is awaited in the 時 of 桿 開 touch sticky in the desktop.
Short skin 異 constant good operation.

I am fond of the crisp 餅 of 歡, it is fragile in 帶 is crisp. 內 餡 is 鹹 is sweet, not sweet not 膩 .
Make tea one 壺 tea, laugh at road of 時 seeing 來 .
This year mid-autumn, and 讓 me, 灑 of 瀟 瀟 灑 .

Most after, 預 wishs everybody 節 is fast mid-autumn 樂 ~

點 擊 圖 piece, 進 enters world of my happy 溫 strong and pervasive fragrance

[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

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[Fox hears wall bulletin] the drink month boil that 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games is yellow

Dispatch fox salon publicizes a station: Infinite country Fdlsabc@sohu

Dispatch fox salon (on April 25) : Eat and drink by Sohu channel and the regale of Olympic Games cate that channel of Sohu Olympic Games rolls out jointly- - 5 kinds of health welcome activity of Olympic Games activity, already pulled open delicious and luxuriant big screen now. This a lot of netizens already also took out him ” look after the house skill ” , for a sweet and goluptious pineapple is sweet 2008; For Olympic Games good athlete ” give counsel ” , offer the Olympic Games recipe of a healthy motion.

This ” regale of Olympic Games cate ” of mobile creativity will feed material joint Olympic Games 5 annulus color, and rasorial, egg kind food and corn and belong to yellow or the classify feeding capable person such as orange fruit, vegetable is an Olympic Games the yellow in 5 annulus, the laborious spirit that represented our Asia people and peculiar life quality.

On regale of this Olympic Games cate, yellow kind food relatively grab an eye, the dish that netizen and dining-room roll out respectively is tasted more calculate on develop a school of one’s own tries to be unique. Always some ” sweet clear fellow makes beautiful gas wine, photograph of flame of beautiful cheek wine to. Drunk lean on one pay of green shade Mian. Rouse looks. Bow cabinet is on the beach ” the feeling of drunk happy event of guest of make one’s rounds.

Yellow kind the maize birds such as chicken, duck, goose kind with the egg kind feed capable person, have very high nutrition value, and, flesh of chicken, duck is officinal value is very great also. Chicken has in folk ” medicine of aid world good people ” good name. The dish that with these feeding material rolls out is tasted also is quite rich, for instance: Carbonado of chicken of most famous Chongqing hot pepper, Chinese chestnut, duck of brine of hill of a thick soup of green duck red bean, gold, yellow stew child cupreous goose, etc. Still have the evaporate drumstick that by netizen color this dirt lush rolls out, the lucky pomegranate that makes meticulously by Slqgf is wrapped, the acetic stew chicken that by Ganxieni11 strong feeling dedicates piece. Represented the characteristic of Chinese cate and that sincerity on certain level.

However, to yellow kind the article of cate, have egg of gallinaceous duck goose only not just on these Chinese cookbook famous feed capable person, still have wait for vegetable like stay of proceedings of carrot, acupuncture needle, bamboo shoot, wait for a fruit like banana, Huang Tao, mango, wait for cereal legume like corn, soya bean, earthnut, millet a series of natural cate. So far, by netizen color this world is new box of cooked lucky bean curd and the water that flying Xue Moshuang takes part in the match boil dry silk, match with nutrition acme, wen Wanying of colour and lustre desire and suffer broad netizen fully love.

“Apropos Xin Qing puts wild ship, each gives light gull a pond. One brook green water all rain during springtime, cross-strait green hill half the setting sun. Season just met it is good to choose course, the daughter sees more collect tea busy. Sanded head remnant has peach blossom piece, pour out of a village to come thyme. ” like also hoping to be like this poem, in ” choose course ” offer after season make spring dish. Cheer ~~

Above is infinite country is what you send to stalk of grain only in cate kitchen, be about to know to the detail is examined to relevant forum please or continue to pay close attention to dispatch Hu Shalong stalks of grain only related propagandist station.

Relevant link:
Regale of Olympic Games cate - 5 kinds of health greet an Olympic Games ” the activity is started formally
Box of lucky bean curd
Water boils dry silk

Person month the stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of black candy earthnut of two reunion [dizi manufactures]

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Person month two reunion: Stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup of black candy earthnut [dizi manufactures]

Graph / article author:
[Achieve formerly]** is permitted without the author, must not be reprinted or extract and compile ** cate kitchen
**** opens a language ****

Still having 10 days is the first month of the lunar year 15, it is traditional festival of China- - the festival of lanterns.
The first month of the lunar year is the January of the traditional Chinese calendar, ancient person night is ” night ” , weigh the first month of the lunar year so 15 for the festival of lanterns. No matter this day of our country is southern north has those who eat Yuanxiao is consuetudinary. Yuanxiao is made by polished glutinous rice, or sincere, or take stuffing. Stuffing has makings of sweetened bean taste, white sugar, hawkthorn, of all kinds fruit to wait, boil when edible, decoct, evaporate, blast all but. At first, people makes this kind of food ” float dumpling ” , cry again later ” Shang Tuan ” or ” stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup ” , these names ” reunion ” word sound close, take the idea of reunion, reunion of group of indicative family person is round, harmonious and happy.
Go to a supermarket discovering a lot of person purchases stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup today, actually I do not love to eat bought stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, too avaricious, always feel the stuffing of stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup that buys is too little, actually stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup is done not hard,

Raw material: Defect chases after scald of  of  of Jia  ㄉ to pull  grow to pull  ㄉ  to stop  flesh 

Measure:  of Liang of bandit of  of ぃ of テ of  of Yu of ㄉ  joint of bones blows fade of Xi of  of agitate temple Se to knock  of Wu of brandish fuel continuous flow to be able to bear or endure Qu of  of sew of  of pure Bo  muchs climb the Α that cast  ;
Pink of 100 grams polished glutinous rice, add boiled water of about 50 grams, place 5 minutes, take the advantage of heat to knead divide evenly, use boiled water, because I am lazy,be, do not wish be boiled below hold tight together knead again, the fact proves the result is right still, must place a few minutes to be kneaded again, otherwise special stick a hand, want sizy.
Powdery group kneads strip hold tight to become small agent child, roll (pressure) into the skin, the bag enters stuffing makings, slowly the rub after binding off is round, I am done not quite roundly, anyway appearance does not affect taste.
The boiled water that boil, after water is boiling, put stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, after waiting for float of stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup to rise, boil 5 minutes again, give boiler

Had been boiled, you can be aspersed on medlar, or it is sesame seed, confiture fruit is dry wait for any things that you think to add

Scatter on brown sugar


The skin is thin, a of a lot of stuffing, sweet,

I wish person month two reunion

The month is summed up eventually

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Time is very fast ha.

In an instant, with respect to a month. Summary falls.

The first, who says the foreigner pays no attention to lady age. I had been asked many times, no matter British gent still is each country classmate, total somebody meets me, you are how old. Hey, I myself sneer at first below myself: Those who see me be familiar with what person.

Nevertheless, the family won’t see I ask for the first time, but also was to just see a few times, when still calculating ripe contact absolutely, asked such questions that let me feel very awkward. I know, I should reply only, the family does not have evil thought to me. Ah.

Not bad, the person grows bit more youngly to still calculate gain extra advantage unfairly, in those it is more20In the child caboodle that come forward, still can make up the number quite.

The 2nd, who says “SORRY “Be hanged not always on mouth edge. I remember editing clearly ” Olympic Games English ” say in the manuscript, I remember editing clearly ” Olympic Games English ” say in the manuscript,, SORRY “Err thing states apology just says, let a family allow a way, if also say,borrow a light “SORRY “That is Chinese English, family foreigner says “EXCUSE ME “. Ha, just not. I listen to a family to say to me every day “SORRY “.

The 3rd, fat. Ha, here although prices is very precious. But such I wanting, since prices is precious, have those home certainly expensive also, but here is compared and character does not calculate expensive stuff instead. For instance, the Greek yoghurt that I love most, home has an import only, one dock-glass wants40Multivariate, and here is common yoghurt also is1Pound is some more, greek yoghurt is about the same, ha, drink one big pot every day. Still have sootiness 3 article fish, 100Overcome a bag about3Pound, home also is close friends a few, can be here sandwich of ham of a cheese also wants2Pound is much, so my lunch goes to a supermarket buying 3 article fish and Greek yoghurt simply. Of course, still have Hagendasi, 2Box5Pound, be of the sort of big disclose. Ha, can get along very much. What makes can get along, not be not beautiful money, can spend money however. Breath out like me, this is. Such eating, fat of course.

The 4th, the Englishman does not spend thanksgiving day, at least the person here does not pass. So, the thank sends one’s respects to my thanksgiving joy, but had been done not have occasionally.

The 5th, the thank reads full text patiently, ha, saw be clear about the photograph of the dot a little. Take the chance below narcissism: ) still not be to satisfy you actually, say small plan looks for certain not clear. Hey, really intentional person, narrow fore-and-aft scale2%, that is primitive photograph. I am honest, I look how to feel oneself not pleasing to the eye, give spun2%, ha, the number is good.

Still be that word, the photograph gets beautiful, pleasing to the eye to let a person look namely, what to do according to it otherwise. If achieve not the effect is returned not PS, what to want a number to work? Growl!

Curious really nevertheless, same picture is very fat really on my computer, how to put appear very long and thin here? ? ? ? Perky. Ha, it is sina crafty plot certainly, make a person infatuate send a picture with rich.

Introduce a few homely soup

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Month of pig of Bao of apricot of chestnut north and south is exhibited

Be 24 solar term now ” White Dew ” , ” inside classics ” call: “Dusk of cold wind dawn, steam heat is thin, the wood coagulates smoke, wet change do not flow, criterion cloth of White Dew shade with Cheng Qiuleng. ” visible White Dew is to represent a day gradually cool, the lunt in air often condenses on the wood in night be white dew. Be lost a few days ago the influence of cold air, have a bit drop in temperature, but it is semi-tropical south after all, be about very quickly to enter autumn dry day, month of pig of Bao of apricot of north and south of the lienal chestnut that raise lung exhibits beautiful now Shang Yijian, its odour alcohol is sweet goluptious, beautiful soup of family of Yi Weizhou end.

Chestnut 15 ~ 20, apricot of north and south each 25 grams, candied date or jujube 3, pig month exhibits the flesh 500 grams, ginger 3.

1) chestnut hull, abluent; More than each burden is abluent, immerse a bit, candied date or jujube goes nucleus; Pig month exhibits the flesh abluent.
2) put into made of baked clay Bao with ginger together inside, join rinse 2500 milliliter, after boil of high heat Bao, bao of instead slow fire 2 hours, transfer into right amount salt can. This quantity can offer 4 people of 3 ~ to use, month of chestnut, pig exhibits the flesh to be able to be scooped mix soy is used for be eaten together with rice or bread.

Soup of lean lean of agaric acupuncture needle

With makings:
Pig lean lean 60 grams, day lily 20 grams, black agaric 15 grams, soy, unripe pink 1250cc of each right amount, water;

(1) pig lean lean abluent, section, from soy unripe pink bloats divide evenly; Day lily is abluent, go the base of a fruit, macerate; Agaric macerate, abluent.
(2) puts day lily, agaric into boiler inside, add clear water, boil 5 minutes, put pig lean sliced meat, add is thoroughlied cook, flavor for using.

Fall fat is strong and handsome, step-down prolongs life.

Get used to disease:
The person that fat, tall lipemia, hypertensive disease belongs to blood of taste inadequacy, deficiency of yin with irritability to heat up. Disease sees posture stop up is swollen, facial ministry splash, face bare, be perturbed, impatient, accept is poor, low heat, insomnia.

Soup of cutlet of 滾 of hot pickled mustard tuber

Hot pickled mustard tuber, call hot pickled mustard tuber head, marvellous bamboo shoot again, sexual smooth flavour is hot, it is the breed of a classification of cauline mustard, its flesh pledges the bine can be fed. When appearing on the market, taste with souse more appear, showing those who call hot pickled mustard tuber is to show its souse is tasted, taste for beautiful with what Sichuan Fu hill produces, its flavour delicacy is hot goluptious. Contemporary dietetics also analyses it to contain a lot ofcalcic, phosphor to wait mineral.
Pig lean lean suits everybody edible almost, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks it has the function of intestines and stomach of human body of gas of the beneficial in filling, abundant, unripe body fluid, embellish. Roll lean sliced meat with hot pickled mustard tuber, shang Weixian beauty is small hot, in the autumn heat of this weight in wet base meridian be eaten together with rice or bread drinks water,

Hot pickled mustard tuber lean lean of 30 grams, pig 300 grams, ginger 2.

1) hot pickled mustard tuber is washed with the water that clean out rice clean, cut chip;
2) pig lean lean is abluent, cut chip, with unripe smoke, unripe pink, unboiled oil each 1 spoon mixes bloat a short while
3) clear water is added in Huo 1250 milliliter and ginger piece, after high heat rolls boil, join hot pickled mustard tuber and pig lean lean, boil to ripe, because hot pickled mustard tuber already had hot saline taste, try flavour rear fall or do not play salt. Also Shang Yi dish, this quantity can be used for 3~4 person.