[Bask in the bowl NO.17] lovely abnormity that basks in me

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The person that loves the life loves cate certainly, the word says: Cate matchs the United States implement, I love the life, also love cate, same love is beautiful implement — beautiful tableware always can let me fondle admiringly.
When the small home that writes down so that be oneself purchases the first batch of dinner service, we still live in the rented house, do not have the tableware of redemptive a complete set of so. Although be a few so fragmentary and redemptive, but also noticed design and color, and later additional moment, carry an original some to be the same as tableware of design and color as far as possible.
Be in such 0 in buying, have the abnormity dinner service of different convention now and then, the meeting because that one joker is lovely and be held in both hands to come home by me. Still the individual brand in the supermarket can be in sales promotion when give a few tailor-made dinner service, also became the target that I love.
Here reveals a few when I collect lovely abnormity bowls.

This is the bowl of ancient painted pottery of an antic face, that outstanding round head nose is the most lovely.

This is the vitreous bowl that a glittering and translucent get rid of appears much shuttle, I am used commonly fill syrup to drink.

This is a polygon is lovely small bowl, weak I like green color very much.

This is the coloured glass bowl that has horizontal grain only, it is the booty of sales promotion activity.


[Bask in the bowl NO.1] that basks in me to take an active part in will bask in a bowl

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The activity basking in a bowl that takes an active part in kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances!
These are the bowls that prefer in small kitchen, see a Han Shi first 4.5 inches of straight mouth bowls, bone porcelain is lighter, exquisite, design quietly elegant. Drink soup, congee to perhaps eat rice to use:

This peony bowl, have a lid, also call face of what Han type the bowl, when appropriate when to use:

Rose face bowl, the mouth is bigger, fill wonton likely, can much soup drinks:

Look come out: Before big hind small? 4.5 inches mix 5 inches, like the design and color of its simple but elegant, look very clean

Bowls the apple is small, 10 deserve to have spoon, still have two exactly like big guy

Come from the wooden bowl of Taiwan: More careful

Contain a lot ofthe bowl of a group of glass of ice crystal cool meaning:
Big, a lot of have in the home, the get rid of that took a fancy to it appears:

Small: Mix fruit salad, did not mask fruity left and right sides of multicolored ~~ fluctuation is shown completely, ah

Oneself do yoghurt of big fruit bead to be filled with it, the humor is good:

Besides wooden bowl, completely microwave is applicable, ah</b>

I reduce weight I am happy show of NO55 [picture reduces weight]

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Every MM wants to wear beautiful dress for certain, want to have a slim figure for certain, for the United States, affirmative meeting wants to try to all methods. I disapprove of insalubrious method reducing weight all the time, when arriving, the loss outweights the gain, still must rebound come back, deprecatory also take drug reducing weight, spent money, sufferred a pain, take this bit of money, still was inferior to eating.

The method reducing weight that I like, it is a life that has the law, abstinent food, move more, insist to come down, ability achieves the result that you want, I live with respect to what introduce me one day to everybody, you can understand.

Rise in the morning, drink water of a cup of honey first, can discharge poison already, can raise again colour. Drink bit of 5 lubricious congee, there is violet rice inside, rice, jujube, soya bean, earthnut, namely nutrition is comprehensive, can satiate. Emphasize a bit, morning meal must have, if do not eat in the morning, particularly hungry midday, those who eat is more, can affect your plan reducing weight. And according to hearing, do not eat breakfast, get stone easily. I eat working food commonly midday, can tell without what, to nibble slow pharynx is paid attention to when having a meal, control food, what do not eat is too much, 78 minutes full OK. I boil congee commonly in the evening, perhaps boil noodle of what, meal hind eats bit of fruit.

Light said to eat, the accession midday I go out to take a walk with the colleague commonly, probably left and right sides of a hour.

Above this when, I also cannot be accomplished entirely, sisters are cheered together with me, come hard together, struggle for slim figure.

Unripe child also is exquisite season — Gan dish asparagus

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Actually, no matter marriage still is food, it is unripe child even, be exquisite season.

In one’s childhood, I always am in in the winter when wanting to have cucumber, and in summer when total shout should eat Chinese cabbage. Await in those days, the happy nothing is more… than that I think life is the greatest this: Watermelon eats round burner in big winter.
But, begin to cook for the person of love when me, mix when my taste to please him alimentary his body and begin to turn over a cookbook, when reading book of preserve one’s health, the enjoyment that this ability discovers life is the greatest is to answer actually season and feed: To what season, have what thing with respect to this, for instance spring, namely when asparagus is the tenderest.
Eat a thing to want to pay attention to season, such bodies and these feed capable person square can bring out the best in each other, gas arteries and veins is smooth.
Person and person also want exquisite photograph to close, such each other get along to just can enrage flat energy of life and ground harmonious, this is alleged lot. It is not only in relation of male and female, be in especially bear children on. Once the men and women in marriage is overcome, alarming still can very reluctantly make a thorough break, but of the hematic arteries and veins with children be to should follow you all one’s life however in person, give up does not leave. But, the season that bear children is however most be ignored by us easily.
Season is golden pig, aardvark not merely so simple, still should calculate next season, calculate next month share. I think, if can calculate an appropriate month to be delivered of the child, this world is met many a lot of a lot of love. Make each other can harmonious get along not only because of the season that agree, the child that more important is every season always has the character of a season, although be indifferent to stand or fall, but concern you to accept a manner to this kind of character however. If be the issue did not close not close person of oneself to also stop, but the child of own one’s own cannot pay no attention, always cannot restrain the ground to be able to hope the child becomes the sort of nature in your memory, once not agree with, it is ground of set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve wants to correct him, then bumpy of hard to avoid. So I think, those parents that do so that wish to be enemy to fall out child, clear without calculate season is between father and son. Even if mother of father and son child, I think light has love also is insufficient, still have close.
I was to go to what this law just discovers suddenly when he also should want the child: Every Duan Lian before me loves turn one’s head, with my closest friend, their birth is seasonal center that unexpectedly in 29 month, and let let me have gone through twist or the person that each other extreme misery nots allow, also be those two months that are focussed at a certain season unexpectedly.
So, this lets me think, the person that a season is born always can have a seasonal characteristic, meet the person that finds that most as harmonious as them season, meeting some people always also of course is as antipathetic as them.
So, I think, once I am in a certain I not quite the month of habitual constellation is delivered of a son, this is how big challenge to my general ah — thinking, make me awe-stricken. Then, in the days that this everybody gives birth to a child wildly this year, the last bus that I can look at those helplessly to be live pig child only and the cummer that hasty provision is pregnant is busy, the asparagus that makes a such the right season or time will ask a plan in a low voice to do mom in the most freezing winter them: The cater-cousin that whether had you interacted to be born in the winter.
Of course, the close friend that I know a few people in them is the rich and colorful that does not divide Chun Xiaqiu winter, resemble kidney bean same, every season is good: )
But asparagus, vernal flavour is the most fresh and tender.
This asparagus, also be this week is completely Lenten.
Hey, I am advocating to live healthily. Raw material: Asparagus, lan dish (the bar that sells pickles in the supermarket has commonly)
Burden: Garlic, chop any of several hot spice plants

1, the cuticular meeting of some asparagus has thread, not easy mastication, it is better that with the drawknife that cuts an apple so the thin thin skin that cut a layer is met. Cut asparagus paragraphs small next.

2, a few oil is put in boiler, fry sweet garlic bead.

3, put asparagus to break up fry come survival is done not have completely ripe when put Gan food.

4, itself of Chinese olive dish is salty, need not add salt basically to flavor so.

5, put appreciably of Chinese olive dish to break up boiler can go out after frying, if can eat hot, a few adding some of chop any of several hot spice plants not only render palatable, and color is beautiful.

6, kidney bean of the dish that compare Gan but delicious. The query is fast passageway

[tea of flowers and plants of fat of the Qing Dynasty that discharge poison] : Intestines and stomach gives S after the section Pa (stable-companion concert)

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8 days are lain between when, excited still be no good, the slimy drop You of happiness of this a suit, must speak of from the concert of 30 stable-companion. Watch the tube of rich guest, your be put into trouble opens acoustics, the song that hears this old man together, anyhow cooperates my surging forward with great momentum, the small mental state that feel an upsurge of emotion.

Stable-companion should open a concert, I heard of in July, but in those days allegedly already wooden ticket. Draw near when September 30, my nose pressing flavour, then I go up in Msn threaten, “Cannot see the concert of stable-companion, I go dead ” .

The message is sent, friendly people replies in succession, not specific report, what its narrate put together, clou“Wooden ticket, have wreath. Have wreath..

I feel very gratified to can have such a gang good friends, not crooked I often am set in the home bureau ask their gather meal, I thought, get drug later.

21, I get the short message like Li of a Tian Pi that be like eyeball, at that time from collapse on skip rose, “The person keeps below the knife, the ticket already was done calm, arrive nearly the fine hair on the human body that can see stable-companion.

This person is a good person really, will devote oneself to to offer stable-companion for me all the time for years, the friendship entrance ticket of king humble concert, willingly bear the burden of hard works, do not seek get one’s own back, the car receives a car to send, still have a meal please. Do not ask who I am? I get snow Tibet, did not share with everybody.

30 afternoon, I 4:30 with respect to start off, of think oneself clever went up 4 annulus, insert here sow a brains take a sudden turn the road of 〔 Beijing besides, hit Islamic of a Beijing fastfood? 〕

Used 4 hours to admire the car taillight on 4 annulus road full, a word: Grand. Can arithmetical? That is neat, you should know, I am half ability arrived at 8 o’clock of abundant stage gymnasium ha. Alas, began partly at 7 o’clock, I this anger.

I go up to comfort my ceaselessly in the road, normally a concert, what sing when begin is a few very be troubled by, or very new, or the song that I do not like completely. Good, you do not tell me the song is odd, I do not want to know, thank, the grape is very delicious, not acerbity.

After entering the arena, I know what made applaud to the echo eventually. Hear a concert before, comer is much, use full this morphology look. But empty banquet is almost in gymnasium of 30 abundant stage open air, are you believed?

I am believed, because I kiss what arrive soon, the seat is empty, where is person? Standing. In 1 hour this when estimation arrives late in me, everybody by the not to be pooh-poohed of stable-companion flicker, everybody cheers caper, fast song skip accordingly, slow song follow chant, whole scene resembles a super big KTV.

I search rapidly fall, as senior old song is confused, this composed interest still be some. Till 1 minute hind, he is sung ” have you all the way ” , I also do not sit again.

When crossing, light is satisfied, is those who return 30 good at 21 o’clock? Old day has an eye, rained, open air, my life how so good? Look around all sides, the ground that does not have to be able to hide, scan widely looks, there is a tip above stable-companion, , want him to drenching only went, as his vermicelli made from bean starch of 15 years, I should have this kind of state of mind.

At 10 o’clock when respond to a curtain call, I do not have the station of quality to cry greatly on the chair very much, ask he is returned, of course one the individual’s power is limited, if there is the station that quality does not have like tens of thousands of person and you to cry greatly on the chair beside you, the effect or pretty are pretty good. Be in ” . . . Lamplight went out, music is dormant, distilled tear already did not stop, the rain since the world. . . . . . ” in singing, stable-companion slowly from risked below the stage come out, for a short while, I feel this is set, otherwise, this atmosphere also too in harmony?

Return the in succession after field 8 old songs, each capital sang my bottom of the heart, I stand on the chair to did not come down, shutting an eye to admiring a head, of assume a manner of levity get drunk among them, like crossing the film, in these 8 old songs, the song that after-thought is listening to him 15 this years the time that walks over, with a few people in appearing in me to live in these days. Although rain, water was not put however in nose, physiology structure of the person holds out science really.

From me 16 years old begin to like him, to now 15 years, his special, I did not buy one piece, his concert, I do not have what do not go once, ask you to be not calculated secretly my age? This is a secret. Besides him, I had not liked any man it seems that so long, my pa does not calculate ha.

The person has an image is a favour, besides the life of the Eight Diagrams that abounds oneself, still can acquire a lot of things from God body. For instance the general principle of those publicity, speak out from oneself God mouth, your true meeting goes in past heart.

He says on the concert ” the person works, the most important is to hold to, when you want to abandon, hold to again, the most difficult time can go. The most difficult time can go..

Much simpler truth, be like a timely rain however, drench woke I, when just wanting to abandon to a thing in me. What to say? What to say. I nod, continue to be done, difficult time can go very quickly.

[tea of flowers and plants of fat of the Qing Dynasty that discharge poison]

Raw material: Horsewhip of Chinese photinia of Europe of rose jasmine aloe is careless each a few


1) in putting all dry flowers and plants bottle, immerse 5 minutes into boiled water can drinkable.

2) before drinking, can transfer into right amount honey, but should be in temperature of tea of flowers and plants is a bit a bit cooler, about 60 degrees or so, the nurture in such honey pledges ability won’t be destroyed.

Super 啰 Suo:

Tea of this flowers and plants suits ** very much in the day after eat and drink too much, take 7 days to discharge poison to intestines and stomach repeatedly, still have the effect that clear fat reduces weight. Also suit those soldiers that are stationed for a long time in computer edge to use the body to discharge poison very much.

** has the area that sells flowers and plants technically tea in very much supermarket, you yourself can buy neat raw material, combination is in the home is tie-in, of course every kinds of collocation has distinct effect, I still can introduce after for instance of fine body, of bright purpose and hairdressing.

** if the supermarket does not sell, drugstore also has these raw material normally.

{ decomposes Ing. . . . . }

Reside recipe of home Bao healthy Shang Bada

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No matter be Chinese meal or Western-style food, no matter be to sample big cate, still be common common occurrence, shang Dou is the pet on table. Soup of be addicted to, happy event soup, tasting soup already was vogue, it may be said ” do not become place without soup ” . Work outside busied one day, return the home to drink the boiling water that sweet, nutrition abounds delicacy of on one bowl of flavor, the feeling is really different. However, should make drink Shang Zhen to rising to improve the health, prevent disease to treat a disease, the action that enhances health, in soup make and drinkable when must pay attention to science, accomplish ” 8 should ” .

● choosing expects good is become

Choose material is proper it is the key that makes good Xian Shang.

Use at making the raw material of soup, it is animal sex raw material commonly, wait like bone of upper part of a leg of pork of lean lean of chicken, duck, pig, pig, pig, ham, salted duck, fish, but must little taste sufficient, peculiar smell is small, blood-red little. This kind of food contains rich protein, amber acid, amino acid, nucleotide acid to wait, can dissolve in rasorial carnivorous the content of the soak that contain nitrogen at water, include flesh to coagulate the blame protein such as flesh anhydride, urea and acid of protein, flesh, amino acid contains azotic material, they are the main source of Shang Xian flavour.

● food wants fresh

Fresh not be cultured of place of all through the ages ” the flesh eats delicacy to kill a fish to eat jump ” ” in season ” .

What contemporary place tells is bright, it is the 3 ~ after showing birds of fish, cultivate is killed 5 hours, right now of fish or birds flesh all sorts of enzymatic the material that makes solution of protein, adipose divide into equal parts is the human body such as amino acid, fatty acid to be absorbed easily, right now not only nutrition is the richest, flavour is best also.

● cooking utensils wants to choose

The Shangyi that make delicacy is age the effect of cook over a slow fire of made of baked clay canister is optimal.

Made of baked clay canister is the argil that cooperates by the raw material such as the quartz that conducts heat not easily, feldspathic, clay, become through high temperature fire. It is good that its understand temperament, adsorptive sex, still have conduct heat even, medicinal powder heat is slow wait for a characteristic. When cook over a slow fire makes Xian Shang, deliver outside heat energy made of baked clay canister can be balanced and abidingly to in-house raw material, relative to the environmental temperature of the balance, be helpful for water element and alimental be being permeated each other, this kind of time that penetrates each other is maintained longlier, little sweet part spills over morer, the flavor of the soup that cook over a slow fire gives jumps over Xian Chun, be jumped over by the quality of a material of food of cook over a slow fire crisp sodden.

● duration wants proper

The gist of soup of cook over a slow fire is: Boil of flourishing baked wheaten cake, small fire slow cook over a slow fire.

Such ability make the fresh sweet material such as the protein soak content inside food dissolves as far as possible come out, so that achieve Xian Chun’s delicious goal. Only slow fire ability makes soak content dissolves morely, already clear, thick alcohol.

● matchs water to want reasonable

The dissolvent of sweet food of water since delicacy, it is the medium that food conducts heat.

How many of the change with warm water, dosage, having immediate effect to the gust of soup. Water consumption is 3 times of the main provision weight of soup of cook over a slow fire commonly, should make food and cold water collective at the same time be heated, both neither uses boiling water of boiling water cook over a slow fire directly, also bos road adds cold water, in order to make the nutrient material in food spills over adagio, achieve the result with soup clear color finally.

● collocation wants appropriate

There already was fixed tie-in pattern between a lot of food, make nutriment has complementary effect, namely on table ” gold is tie-in ” .

For example, kelp stews broth, acidity food flesh and basic provision kelp rise ” assorted effect ” , the macrobian area that this is Japan (Okinawa area) ” macrobian food ” . To make the taste of soup purer, general need not the animal food of a lot of breed is the same as cook over a slow fire.

● operation wants careful

The attention flavors with of makings put in order.

When special attention boils boiling water, should not be put salt first, because salt has osmosis, can make the water in raw material divides eduction, protein is caky, little taste is insufficient. Popularly says, the temperature of 80 ℃ of 60 ℃ ~ is easy cause partial vitamin to destroy, and Bao soup makes food temperature is maintained for long in 85 ℃ ~ 100 ℃ . Accordingly, if vegetable is added to should be followed in soup,put along with eat, in order to reduce the destruction of vitamin C. Shang Zhong is right amount put into the dressing such as gourmet powder, balm, peppery, ginger, green, garlic, make its do not have distinguishing feature, but notice dosage shoulds not be too much, lest affect the raw ingredient of soup.

● drinks soup time to want to pay attention to

Saying path: “Anteprandial drink boiling water, slender health ” , ” boiling water is drunk after the meal, drink fatter more ” , this has stated scientific reason.

Before having a meal, drink boiling water first, be equal to on enteron increases a point ” lubricant ” , make food issues pharynx smoothly, have a meal midway often drinks dilute of alimental of conduce of the water that choose boiling water and agitate, be beneficial to a stomach to alvine path is absorbed to alimental and be digested. In the meantime, boiling water is drunk first before having a meal, let gastric part plentiful, can reduce staple food bring into, avoid quantity of heat to absorb thereby overmuch. And boiling water is drunk after the meal, make nutrition easily superfluous, cause fat.

Notable is, think the raw material such as fish, chicken is boiled not one-sidedly ” soup of essence of life ” most nutrition. The experiment proves, no matter you are boiled how long, still nutrient composition stays in ” fleshy broken bits ” in. Drink boiling water only, do not eat ” fleshy broken bits ” it is unscientific.